MKW Chapter 989

Chapter 989   [Title below]

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Little Black in the sky keeps roaring making it sound like thunder and lightning are erupting continuously, causing people to be shocked.

“Has he lost his rationality?”

Liu Yi raises his head as he looks at Little Black in the sky and cannot help but sigh lightly, “You becoming like this is partially because of me.”


The Little Black inside of him seems to have some reaction making Liu Yi slightly shocked.

Little Black no longer has a soul. Does he still have a bit of consciousness?

It is like he is saying, can master, please liberate me.

“Is it you who is speaking to me?”

Liu Yi looks at Little Black, who is using his roar to break the structures, “Are you telling me your real thoughts through the other you?”

Let me liberate you? Fine then. As your master, I am responsible for you.

The avatar behind him disappears. The fire-ice armor is very majestic, and now the avatar turns into a golden clock that floats behind the armor.

Liu Yi stretches out his left hand, and a spear immediately appears within his hand, pointing slanted towards the ground.

Sky Splitting Golden Spear is the best weapon that Liu Yi possesses. It came from Thunder God of the Six God Race, and now it has become Liu Yi’s weapon.

Trial lightning is flowing on the spear, making it tyrannical; other weapons cannot compare to it.

“Little Black, wait for me!”

Liu Yi kicks his spear, and the spear body immediately stabs forward. It is like he was being dragged by the spear as he shot towards Little Black arriving in front of him instantly.

Little Black lets out a roar, and the shockwave batters Liu Yi.


Liu Yi sweeps out with his spear creating a black wind that warps the shockwave.

Little Black had lost rationality. He opens his mouth and suddenly shoots out an enormous black skull at Liu Yi.

This skull is tens of meters big and is formed from densely packed small skulls.

These small skulls form a big skull hiding the sky and covering the earth. It is going towards Liu Yi head-on like it is going to swallow up heaven and earth.

“Trial Lightning!”

Liu Yi holds his spear with both hands as he sweeps the spear fiercely at the incoming enormous skull.

Red trial lightning immediately arcs all over the place, attacking those small skulls scattering them. The enormous skull collapses and falls apart along with it and starts dispersing in front of Liu Yi.


Seeing this scene from beneath, Liu Yuelian cannot help but exclaims, “Father is so powerful…no wonder mother likes him so much…”

“The first time I saw him, he was still a young rookie who did not know anything.”

Li Biyue’s eyes are filled with memories, “However, in a blink of an eye, I can only look up to him from far away.”

“His growth speed cannot be compared to us.”

Ai Ling also has lingering fears, with my current memories when I just saw him, my strength could oppress him. If it was not because I had him in my heart, perhaps he would have been killed by me. While now, he had cultivated the God Race Undying Body. If I fight him head-on, I might not be able to defeat him.

This era is Liu Yi’s era. His God Race Undying Body can sweep the world.

If I can also learn the destructive power, that would be good. In this era, if a realm crosser does not have destruction power, they will not be able to deal with other cultivators. Even if these people are only cultivating different abilities, they can possess the strength that is comparable to a realm crosser. Human’s wisdom indeed cannot be underestimated.

“Little Black don’t struggle anymore. Let me liberate you!”

With that, Liu Yi stabs out at Little Black rapidly.

At this moment, Little Black is only reacting according to his instinct. He roars as his body slightly leans to the side, letting Liu Yi’s attack pass him before grabbing the spear body with his left hand.

Little Black is very strong and actually grasps the hold of the spear, making Liu Yi unable to pull the spear back.

“After absorbing so much evil qi, it looks like you are powerful now.”

Liu Yi sighs, “But your inner heart is weak, and you are not an expert.”

With that, two red lights emit from Liu Yi’s eyes as the spear trembles.

An enormous force erupts out, jolting both of Little Black’s hands away.

“A real expert can even control a devil! You cannot even control the evil qi; how can you be considered an expert!”

Liu Yi stabs the spear at Little Black again, and Little Black repeats his skill again. He lets the spear slip by and captures the spear body again.

While Liu Yi is holding the spear with a single hand while his other hand slaps out a palm on Little Black’s chest.

A black-light erupts out as a golden-black sun tattoo appears. It is Desolate Flames.

Little Black was blasted away and flew out several hundred meters away before crashing into a building in the city!

This building was pierced through while Little Black continues to fly and smashed through several more buildings. Finally, he crashed into a building and became motionless.

His body is still emitting black smoke. Clearly, this attack was not light!

“Time to end it.”

With that, Liu Yi flashes over the large distance and appears in front of Little Black.

The spear in his hand turns into a black light and stabs through Little Black’s chest.

While Little Black roars as he suddenly pulls his arms out from the wall and grabs hold of the spear.

The spear was stopped and is wedged between Little Black’s skeleton hands.

“How tenacious.” Sighed Liu Yi as that golden-black sun tattoo between his brows became even clearer.

At this moment, his strength had reached the stage of a realm crosser! Although his mental state is still too weak, his strength is comparable!

Liu Yi’s spear jolted away Little Black’s hands before stabbing into his sternum and finally stabbing into the building behind.

Red trial lightning immediately arcs across the entire building. This trial lightning is incomparably strong and disintegrates the building.

Little Black‘s body is wrapped up by this red trial lightning as the evil qi in his body strenuously contends against it!

Their two power clashes against each other as the war of attrition starts.

Golden light emerges prominently in Liu Yi’s solar plexus. This is the steady flow of power that is supplied to Liu Yi by the Dragon Mausoleum!

Liu Yi, who possesses Dragon Mausoleum, does not care about a battle of attrition. Contrary, the longer the fight, the more advantageous it is to him!

While Little Black seems to no longer able to fight back. The amount of evil qi that he had absorbed earlier is limited, and with his current consumption, it is about to run out soon.

“Final attack.”

Liu Yi suddenly tosses Little Black into the air and sits down cross-legged. He places his hands together as Buddhist qi springs up from his body!

When Little Black starts falling, Liu Yi hits out with a Buddhist palm seal at him.

Instantly Little Black’s body explodes with layers of golden light. The layers of Buddhist qi is like laundry liquid cleaning his body purifying his soul!


Little Black’s hands hang down as he looks at Liu Yi while muttering, “Please……”

“I know…”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath, “This is the last thing that I can do for you, that’s why, put down your butcher’s knife!”

With that, Liu Yi let out a loud shout as a verse of Buddhist Sanskrit notes was said out!

Fierce golden light batters against Little Black’s body as that evil qi in his body trembles before being pushed out of his body. They scatter into the air before being purified by the powerful Buddhist qi.

Liu Yi’s strength has been urged to its peak; furthermore, all of it was converted to Buddhist qi, which batters Little Black’s body.

The extremely pure Buddhist qi might is out of the ordinary. Very quickly, all of the evil qi in Little Black’s heart was expelled. In a blink of an eye, Little Black’s body starts to grow tender flesh and skin, and a completely new man is born in front of Liu Yi.

This man looks very similar to Liu Yi. After all, he is the original form in his heart.

“Amitabha Buddha…”

A golden kasaya suddenly drapes over Little Black as he sits down on a Seven Lotus Flower. The lotus flower is emitting seven different colors.

This is the so-called, lay down butcher’s knife and become a Buddha on the spot.

Liu Yi’s powerful Buddhist qi ferried Little Black and transformed him into a Golden Body Luohan!

This Luohan is sitting in front of Liu Yi, with his hands placed together surging with Buddhist aura.

A dazzling Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss appears high in the clouds far away as pleasant to hear Buddhist Sanskrit is being chanted continuously.

When everyone hears this Buddhist notes, their originally chaotic thoughts slowly become tranquil. A lot of animals also kneel down as they worship piously towards the West.

Miracle! This is a miracle!

“He transformed into buddha?”

Liu Yi looks at Little Black, who had become Luohan Golden Body, while feeling somewhat dumbstruck.

I can take a devil king and turn him to a buddha! Liu Yi, you are too awesome! Indeed you are your own idol!

“Benefactor, you are on your own.”

Unexpectedly when Little Black turns to a Luohan, he performs a Buddhist etiquette to Liu Yi before saying some baffling things and turns around and flies towards the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss.

Who knows how many gods and buddhas are waiting to receive him there.

What the heck is the meaning of that. He ran away too fast! Why can’t he clarify!

“Black Devil King…crossed over and became a buddha?”

Li Biyue is also astonished as she did not expect that a devil king can become a buddha. Younger brother’s strength is a bit too powerful!

Lei Long had long been scared silly. Even if he was beaten to death, he did not expect that such a thing would happen!

How can he tell this to other people? Black Devil King turned into Buddha? Fuck, if this was told to others, who would believe it!

“You are mine!”

At this moment, a guy suddenly flies over and transforms into black smoke and surges towards Little Black, who had become a Buddha in the air.

This person who transforms into black smoke is none other than Gui Tongtian, who had faked death once using his Ghost Puppet.

“Damn it!”

Li Biyue exclaims, “He wants to swallow Black Devil King!”

Chapter 989   [Become a Buddha on the spot]

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