MKW Chapter 988

Chapter 988   [Title below]

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That woman is not an unknown person. Her good-looking face and lolita figure could not be any more familiar.

Bai Xiaowei! It is her.

The current Bai Xiaowei is dressed in white leather clothing. At the same time, weird tattoos are revealed on her exposed skins.

Her eyes are unclear like she no longer recognizes Liu Yi anymore as she punches at Liu Yi.

This punch lands on Liu Yi’s shoulder, and Liu Yi’s shoulder is frozen with a layer of ice.

“Ah! Father!”

Seeing this, Liu Yuelian subconsciously let out a shout.

While Ai Ling only pats her on the shoulder and comforts her, “It is okay. Liu Yi is only doing it on purpose. He had cultivated the God Race Undying Body; thus, this bit will not do anything to him.”

Indeed Liu Yi only trembles, and with a shake of his shoulder, he breaks the ice.

He looks at the exceptionally violent Bai Xiaowei and reminds her, “Xiao Wei, Bai Xiaowei, what is the matter with you. It is me, Liu Yi.”

Liu Yi is not shouting for fun. He is also accumulating Buddhist qi and filling his voice with it.

Buddhist Qi can wash a person’s soul, waking up their consciousness. When Bai Xiaowei hears this voice, she screams as she holds her head as her scream becomes louder and louder.

Those tattoos on her skin suddenly light up and seem to take the form of chains that twist around her body, binding her.

“It is useless. You will not be able to awaken her.”

Li Heqing says in delight, “I have remodeled her into a hybrid soldier. Within her body is a fusion of eastern and western dragon power. I must say, this hybrid’s strength is powerful. Liu Yi, have a good taste of my God Dragon’s might.”

With that, he points at Liu Yi and orders, “Kill him.”

Bai Xiaowei lets out a deep roar before swiping out with both hands at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi frowns. With a hand kept behind his back, his other hand slaps away Bai Xiaowei’s attack.

Looks like she is under his control. The qi in her body is mixed very badly. Eastern and western dragon hybrid…Li Heqiang must be mad. Isn’t he afraid of killing Bai Xiaowei?

Liu Yi seems to see tears appear on the edge of Biao Xiaowei’s eyes.

“Save me…”

A voice seems to be speaking in his ear, “Ten Step Milk Person…save me…”

Ten Step Milk Person is the name that Liu Yi used in the past when he was in Hunter Organization. Not many people know about it, and Bai Xiaowei is one of them.

She’s calling me?

Liu Yi looks carefully at Bai Xiaowei and notices that she is still expressionless as she keeps attacking.

“Is it your soul that is letting out the request for help?”

Liu Yi sighs. It is all my fault. When I was showing my might during the World Dao Gathering, it seems like I had forgotten about Bai Xiaowei’s matter. At that time, she should have been under the control of Li Heqiang. It is a pity that I did not know.

If I had saved Bai Xiaowei back then, she would not have become like this.

Looks like there is yet another matter that I need to get done when I go back to my time.

“Wait for me. I will go back and save you.”

Liu Yi whispers into Bai Xiaowei’s ear, and at the same time, he suddenly hits out a palm on Bai Xiaowei.

Bai Xiaowei is unable to take Liu Yi’s force and was forced back a few steps.

While Liu Yi raises his hand and forms a seal with both hands before shouting at Bai Xiaowei, “Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra: Glazed Tile Pagoda!”

Snow suddenly falls from the sky around Bai Xiaowei. The snow finally freezes into an enormous ice pagoda. It is ten meters tall and exceptionally beautiful. At the same time, it carries exceptional charm.

Bai Xiaowei is frozen inside this ice pagoda. Liu Yi had sealed her, preparing to release her from the past.

History cannot be changed, bullshit!

Liu Yi does not believe that if he goes back to his timeline and kills Li Heqiang, Bai Xiaowei would become like this. Liu Yi had never believed in fate. Fate can be changed as long as I work hard.

He gently touches that beautiful pagoda, “Wait for me. I will rescue you. It will not be too long.”

“What did you do, my god dragon.”

Li Heqiang is startled. My God Dragon is the hybrid of east and west! It’s resistance to spells should be very high! How can Liu Yi seal it in ice!

This is impossible.

“What can a summoner without its summon?”

After Liu Yi sealed Bai Xiaowei, he raised his head and looked at Li Heqing in the sky, “The next one shall be you.”


Li Heqiang got a huge shock that his god dragon was so easily defeated. He is no longer able to be arrogant and turns around, trying to escape.

He is unable to understand. It is Liu Yi from the past. Why is he still stronger than the current me.

Could it be that he is destined to be undefeatable?

“Where are you escaping to.”

Liu Yi’s avatar appears behind his hand holding a fire-god spear, which it tosses at Li Heqiang, who is flying away.

Like a shooting star chasing after the moon, the fire-god spear draws a beautiful arc in the sky and finally pierce through Li Heqiang’s body and carries his body until it knocks against one of the castle’s towers.

That entire tower immediately was smashed as dense black flames started fluttering everywhere like the dancing of a reaper.


“Dragon God Envoy has also died.”

Little Black, who is sitting on his throne, is trembling, “No one can win against him…he cannot be defeated…”

Gui Tongtian creases his brows as he says in his heart, what a weak and inept person.

He sighs and says in his heart. Although the evil qi is not fully gathered, it looks like there is no choice but to use it now.

“My king. Since that is the case, I can only take out my final move.”

As Gui Tongtian speaks, he stands up and walks towards Little Black.

“What other moves do you have.”

A trace of hope flickers in Little Black’s eyes, “Can it save my life?”

“Of course it can. Furthermore, it can let you become the supreme king, the real king.”

With that, Gui Tongtian stretches out his arm from the sleeves of his robe and pulls out a delicate small pot.

Evil Spirit Pot. Back then, Gui Tongtian had relied on it to absorb countless evil qi. While at this moment, he stuffs the spout of the Evil Spirit Pot into Little Black’s mouth, going against the tide.

“Let the evil spirits pour into your body and become a killing weapon that only listens to my orders.”

Little Black was being controlled as the black smoke flew out from the Evil Spirit Pot and formed small claws that grabbed hold of him, making him unable to move.

Little Black widened his skeleton eyes, and his intentions cannot be clearer.

He is asking Gui Tongtian why he is treating him like this.

“Hahaha, I was only using you all this time.” Gui Tongtian laughs, “You are a perfect vessel that can hold countless evil qi. I nurtured you until this day and shattered the final goodwill in your heart, letting you turn into the absolute evil spirit body to receive the power. This way, you can become the Evil Spirit King and then accept my control. Originally I was going for your master, but it is a pity that his goodwill is too stubborn. Thus I can only settle for the second-best.”

Little Black’s gaze is filled with suffering. So, in the end, I was only being used by other people.

I am nothing but an avatar…only a substitute…fine then. Then let’s become a real killing weapon and kill all of the people in this world. After all, all of them are insignificant to me, and there is no meaning in my existence.

Little Black suddenly roars as anger and despair rise. He actually takes the initiative to consume this evil qi.

Those black qi accelerate the speed of entering Little Black. In a blink of an eye, all of them were sucked clean from the pot, and all of them had entered Little Black.

Little Black’s body suddenly expands and becomes over two meters tall. After this, he is covered with his black armor as his scarlet cloak appears as well.

This black armor is very weird, and its surface is filled with distorted faces. This represents the evil thoughts and grievances, filled with negative power.

“Hahaha, perfect, too perfect.”

Gui Tongtian is very excited and very happy. That kind of happiness cannot be expressed with words, “My Evil Spirit King, you are finally born, hahaha! Fight for me.”

Before he can be too happy, Little Black suddenly punches out and through Gui Tongtian’s chest. His hand comes out from his back, holding a beating heart.


Gui Tongtian stared at Little Black in disbelief. The Evil Spirit King should listen to my orders…why did he attack me?

I went through so much effort to turn him into Evil Spirit King, allowing him to evolve until he possessed the strength of a realm crosser. However, is everything merely a dream?

Little Black no longer has any consciousness. He is relying on his wrath to kill now.

In his eyes, everyone is an enemy, and all of them should die.

He wants to become the devil king of doomsday and massacre until no one is left.

Little Black says with pain, “Destroy…this world.”

He crushed Gui Tongtian’s heart before throwing his corpse to the side. After which he turns around and knocks away the wall before flying out.

Gui Tongtian’s corpse lies there and slowly transforms into the appearance of a wooden puppet.

Little Black does not know this as he jumps out of the castle and flies into the sky.

He stands in the air as he looks at the enormous city below him and suddenly roars.

This roar instantly lets out an enormous shockwave, which batters the city below.

The entire city is unable to take the power of Little Black and starts to sink down.

“This is bad!”

Ai Ling and Liu Yi glance at each other, “His power…had strengthened.”

In the short time of less than an hour, this fellow had become a real realm crosser.

This is the first time Liu Yi will face a realm crosser…can defeat Little Black?

Chapter 988   [Evil Spirit King]

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