MKW Chapter 987

Chapter 987   [Title below]

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Cold sweat drips down Liu Yi’s forehead. Although what she said is indeed a bit crude, that is indeed my intention.

Right now, Black Devil King is fearful of me. As long as I announce myself first, I will create some psychological pressure in him. This way, even if he is recovering from his injury, he will not recover in peace.

This intention is to overwhelm him in vigor. But the crucial reason why Liu Yi did this is that he is strong enough to do this. If he does not have this strength, creating havoc with such great fanfare is seeking death.

This world is like this. As long as you have strength, you can be arrogant. If you do not have strength, then you can only be low-profile and hide your tail as you conduct yourself.

Indeed this kick from Liu Yi attracted a huge reaction. Densely packed flying life forms fly out from Black Devil King’s castle. All of them have a bat-like face, but their body is bigger than a human-size youngster. They flap their wings as their small red eyes glare at Liu Yi.

“Vampire Gargoyles!”

Li Biyue knits her brows slightly, “They are a vampire mutation, and they are a troublesome species.”

Lei Long’s complexion turns ashen as he says with a lifeless look in his eyes, “Gods…so many vampire gargoyles…there are at least a hundred thousand of them…we are finished…”

“What are you afraid of? With my father here, no one can do anything to us!”

Right now, Liu Yuelian is starting to have blind worship toward Liu Yi. She believes that as long as Liu Yi is around, everything will not be a problem!

Earlier, didn’t he defeat the Black Devil King? In the territory of the one he defeated, what is there to be afraid of!

Looking at the densely packed vampire gargoyles in the sky Li Biyue says, “These vampire gargoyles take action as a group. Just two of them are already troublesome. Now that there are over a hundred thousand of them, it will be thorny.”

“Leave it to me.”

Liu Yi does not place these weaklings in his eyes. Little Black has a heavy taste to raise these nauseating organisms to protect his courtyard.

“Vacuum Cleaner.”

He ordered Sky Swallow Turtle to carry out the spirit beast transformation! After the spirit beast transformation, The spirit beast’s strength can be brought out to its max.

Dark power in Liu Yi’s body keeps flowing throughout his entire body.

Four black foundations extend out from the ground surrounding Liu Yi. While a pair of cannon cylinders extend out from the foundation aiming at the sky.

With a snapping sound, a target lens covers Liu Yi’s eyes like an exaggerated turret!


As Liu Yi speaks, he stretches out his hand and grabs the trigger. After this, he aims at the sky at those flying vampire gargoyles and starts firing!

Red fire serpents keep spraying out continuously. How can the vampire gargoyles endure this attack!

The artillery shells formed by the dark power explode on their bodies, tearing their flesh to shreds!

These vampire gargoyles scream in pain before evading Liu Yi’s artillery shell.

Their flying speed is dissatisfying. Liu Yi pushes the turrets as he continues to fire calmly like he is playing a shooting game as he massacres these vampire gargoyles.

“What is this ability…how perverted…”

Seeing how Liu Yi easily takes out a turret, Lei Long does not know what he should say.

This ability that allows him to casually create stuff, could he be a creator god?

Watching these, Liu Yuelian starts to feel envious and yells out, “Let me play as well!”

“Sure. Have a go.”

How would Liu Yi reject his daughter’s request? He immediately jumps off the turret and helps Liu Yuelian into the seat.

Liu Yuelian is very smart and swiftly understood the controls. After this, she starts firing the turrets!

“Hahaha, so fun!”

Seeing how the vampire gargoyles explode, Liu Yuelian becomes very happy.

“A pair of violent maniacs…”

Li Biyue cannot help but shake her head, “What kind of father-daughter pair are they…”

While Lei Long feels like crying but has no tears. The vampire gargoyles that Black Devil King had reared are treated as targets in like a game!

This is too…unreasonable!

Noticing that the vampire gargoyles are turning around and flying back, Liu Yuelian shouts, “They are going to escape!”

Liu Yi snorts, “They can’t escape.”

Today he does not plan to let off any of Black Devil King’s people.

Liu Yi waves his hand towards the vampire gargoyles’ corpse, and instantly their bodies start warping and turns into a white bone sword. After this, Liu Yi controls the sword and causes it to float.


Liu Yi waves his hand, and the sword shoots out. The bone swords are very swift, like lightning, and instantly arrive among those vampire gargoyles piercing through the stomach of one of the vampire gargoyles.

That vampire gargoyle screams and after which its body explodes, transforming into millions of small bone swords which shoot out in all directions!

Any vampire gargoyles that are hit by the small bone swords also explode into a small bone sword rain! It is like a viral infection as one wave follows another, spreading out!


Lei Long is startled. To have such a cruel technique…Liu Yi is indeed the devil in the legends.

Perhaps, I should exercise some restraint. I must not provoke him…otherwise, it might cause me to die…

“What a scary technique…”

Even Ai Ling cannot help but feel curious seeing this, “This kind of technique should be destroyed by human dao and should not exist in this world.”

“Actually, sometimes, my point of view is the same as yours.”

Liu Yi winks at Ai Ling, “But…this kind of technique is quite useful.”

He points and, indeed, all of the numerous monsters from Devil King City who were preparing to charge over from the city escape after seeing this scene.

Damn it. Who is the monster! That guy is too fucking scary!

“Little Black, where are you! Quickly come out!”

Liu Yi shouts using his qi, making his voice spread throughout the entire city.

“Do not play hide-and-seek!”

When Black Devil King hears this voice, he is no longer able to concentrate on recovering as his heart turns cold. He trembles as he hides on his throne.

“Liu Yi is indeed a ruthless person!”

Gui Tongtian snorts before passing his order down, “God Dragon Envoy. I leave the rest to you.”

“As you order…”

That guy called God Dragon Envoy laughs coldly, “I have waited a very long time for him. I do not believe that Liu Yi from the past can win the current me!”

With that, he leaps out from the window.

After shouting for a while and not seeing anyone, Liu Yi already knows clearly and says to Ai Ling and the rest, “Looks like he is afraid.”

The Black Devil King knows fear?

Lei Long does not know what to feel in his heart. If this matter is said out, who would believe it? But this person did such a thing!

“Liu Yi, don’t be arrogant! My king merely can’t be bothered to pay attention to you. Let me chase you off!”

A man’s voice came from far away, making Liu Yi, and the rest turn around to take a look only to see a guy wearing white robes descending from the sky slowly.

“Li Heqiang?”

Liu Yi immediately recognized this person. After all, he had seen him a few times thus was very familiar with him.

“Hehehe, not bad, Liu Yi. To remember me.”

Li Heqiang had recently turned to rely on Devil King City and become a dog of Black Devil King.

“How can you be my opponent.”

Li Heqiang laughs weirdly, “You coming to the future is throwing away your life!”

“Forget it. We also have some debt to clear up.”

Liu Yi sighs, “When you become a disciple of the Solo Sect, you gave me a bit of trouble. But do you really think that you can defeat me?”

“In the past, I was afraid of you but no longer!”

Li Heqiang shouts, “This Devil King City shall be where you die! Come out, my pampered god dragon!”

With his shout, a dragon roar came from the sky! Everyone looks up at the sky at the same time to see an enormous white dragon flying over from deep within the castle.

Seeing this, Liu Yi says, “A western dragon?”

“Although its external form resembles it, I sense a trace of eastern immortal qi from it.”

Ai Ling reminds Liu Yi, “You must be careful. There is something weird going on.”


Liu Yi nods his head while at this moment, the flying dragon in the sky had already arrived in front of him.

The enormous western dragon flaps its wings as it opens its jaw and breath out a dragon breath at them!

This is an ice dragon breath that carries absolute cold!

Before the cold air completely lands on them, the lake surface behind them had already started to freeze into ice!

“Good god! Let’s quickly escape!”

Lei Long subconsciously wants to dodge but realizes that the rest of the women did not move.

Are all of them scared, silly?

Liu Yi stands still as he faces the incoming ice dragon breath. He opens his mouth and takes a deep breath.

The incoming ice dragon breath was sucked into Liu Yi’s mouth!

“What a scary fellow…”

Lei Long is utterly convinced. You can also do this? What a monster!

Who is the real dragon!


Seeing the dragon’s breath being sucked in by Liu Yi, Li Heqiang felt his hair standing up.

Do you have to be so exaggerated? How perverted!

“Let me return it.”

With that, Liu Yi opens his mouth and breathes the breath towards Li Heqiang.

This ice breath rushes towards Li Heqiang, scaring him badly. He subconsciously controls his enormous dragon to open its wings and block in front of him.

One of the enormous dragon wings was frozen in ice, but it is an ice attribute dragon; thus, it was not really injured.

“Indeed, you have some moves!”

Li Heqiang clenches his teeth as he glares at Liu Yi, “But it shall end here. You are unable to defeat my god dragon! Go!”

As he speaks, he urges the enormous dragon and charges at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi prepares to use Glorious Sun Palm, only waiting for that enormous dragon to come down and kill it with a palm!

While the enormous dragon in the sky suddenly transforms into a human form and slowly becomes a woman.

Liu Yi got a huge shock as he forcibly took back his palm force!

Chapter 987   [God Dragon Envoy]

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