MKW Chapter 986

Chapter 986   [Title below]

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What the, a gatekeeper is also considered as a general?!

This big shark is too teasing!

Liu Yi suddenly feels like he does not know how to roast. 

While Liu Yuelian, who is still young, says, “After talking for so long, you are watching a door! Tsk, and here I thought that you were an impressive person. How disappointing.”

“Little doll, you do not know the immensity of heaven and earth! A gatekeeper is a key person of Devil King City! Did you know? You ignorant and powerless people, I shall thread all of you on my prong and roast you all to eat!”

With that, his aura surges as a qi wave erupts out. Steam rises from the whirlpool and revolves around his body and does not fall.

Looks like this big shark had become angered.

Liu Yuelian suddenly recalled something and asked, “Ah, right, I have a very important question that I want to ask you!”

“Little doll, what else do you wish to know before dying? Ask me now!”

O’Neil appears to be very magnanimous as he holds his trident and says, “After all, you are going to die soon, I might as well satisfy your curiosity before you die!”

“I am curious, aren’t sharks supposed to live in the ocean? Why did you run over to this lake? Could it be that you are abnormal?”

Liu Yuelian tilts her head as her eyes look at the O’Neil with naivety.

“Lian’er! Quiet!”

Seeing the O’Neil turning pale with anger, Liu Yi immediately chides, “Why don’t you have any culture. That is not called abnormal. that is called transsexual.”

O’Neil vomits blood and roars, “Bastard! That is called variation! Ahhh! What Variation! I have cultivated into a demon; thus, freshwater and seawater are no different to me! The two of you dare to tease me in such a manner; I want your lives!”

With that, he waves his trident as the lakewater under him immediately forms a waterspout, which whistles towards the sky in an astonishing manner!

Lei Long is slightly afraid as he hurriedly cups his hands as he steps forward and says, “This gatekeeper, don’t be angry!”

He says in his heart, you all wish to die, but I still do not wish to die! This kind of situation can be outsmarted, but you guys are stubbornly infuriating him, just what do you wish to do!

Watch how my silver tongue does it with no blood on the men’s swords!

“You damn powerless person! What other thing do you want to say!”

O’Neil is already angered and only wishes to kill them to vent his anger! He, the grand door god of Black Devil King, was teased by these fellows, which cannot be forgiven!

“Dear Mr O’Neil, they do not have brains and are saying nonsense! You must not lower yourself to their level!”

Lei Long started by scolding the rest, making Liu Yuelian slightly unhappy. Just as she was about to speak, she was stopped by Li Biyue, who said, “Listen to what Team Leader Lei has to say first.”


Liu Yuelian snorts like she does not like Lei Long. This fellow keeps taking opportunities off work to chase after mother but does not know that mother’s heart only has father!

Right now, he is showing off his eloquence. If he has the ability, then fight for real! This time we are coming here to kill Black Devil King, not here to negotiate with our enemies!

What the heck is he doing! Really!

“It is you who has some experience!”

O’Neil becomes slightly satisfied, “They indeed do not have brains and dare to provoke me, Big Shark O’Neil! Right now, I am very unhappy and must kill a few people to vent my anger!”

“They should indeed be killed, but Mr O’Neil, you are magnanimous; thus, there is no need to lower yourself to their level.”

Lei Long feels that this O’Neil’s mood has become somewhat relaxed and hurriedly says, “Earlier they did not know your honorable identity, but now that they know it, they will feel remorseful for offending you! Liu Yuelian, apologize to O’Neil!”

“Hmph! That’s right! Make that doll apologize to me!”

Lei Long is delighted. As long as I convinced this Big Shark O’Neil, he might let me enter.

Black Devil King’s subordinates might not be that loyal to him. As long as I can rely on my silver tongue and continue on with no blood on our swords, afterward when we arrive in front of Black Devil King, I can make Liu Yi and the Black Devil King fight until both sides suffer, I can reap where one has not sown and obtain a huge advantage!

At that time, other people will say that it was me who is the loyal subject who killed Black Devil King! Hahaha, at that time, when we reestablish the government, I might become the president!

Lei Long, why are you so smart! You are a genius!

As long as we smoothly take down Black Devil King like this, I can get promoted and become the president, as well as marrying Li Biyue and walk into the peak of my life! Thinking about this, it makes me feel a bit emotional!

But before all of these, I must first deceive this O’Neil. This O’Neil’s intelligence is not that high and is like a kid. As long as I coax him a bit, it is possible for him to become a turncoat and fight against Black Devil King with me, hahaha!

Thinking to here, Lei Long’s face is filled with delight.

But who is Liu Yuelian, how would she apologize to O’Neil!

She turns her head away and pouts as she says, “I am not going to apologize. It is not like I did anything wrong. He is the abnormal one!”

“It is a variation! Ahhhh! This matter is not an important point!”

Seeing O’Neil’s complexion is somewhat wrong, he hurriedly says, “Our noble O’Neil was humiliated by your words! You must apologize to him!”

“I am not going to. If you want an apology, then apologize for yourself.”

“Liu Yuelian, stop acting willfully and making a scene! You are my subordinate, and you must obey the orders of your higher-up!”

Lei Long flies into a rage out of humiliation and finally pulls his rank to suppress Liu Yuelian.

“Who wants to listen to you. I only listen to my mother!”

Liu Yuelian does not give in at all, making Lei Long angered. He raises his hand and is about to give Liu Yuelian a slap.

Li Biyue immediately pursues her brows as the black blade in her hand becomes faintly discernible.

While Liu Yi is a step faster and appears in front of Liu Yuelian and grabs hold of Lei Long’s wrist.

“No one can force my daughter to do anything.”

Ferocity filled Liu Yi’s eyes, “If I hear you shout again, I shall bury you here!”

Liu Yuelian looks at Liu Yi’s back and feels warmth in her heart. This father…indeed is worth relying on…

“You, you, you are unreasonable!”

Lei Long feels like his wrist is being clamped by iron pliers. He is both angry and furious as he scolds, “You can’t win against the Black Devil King this way! There are countless experts here! How are you going to fight them all!”

Liu Yi snorts and says with disdain, “But I do not wish to beg as we go.”

“Damn it!”

Lei Long’s face turns red and white and only feels like Liu Yi’s gaze towards him is filled with ridicule. In comparison, Li Biyue, by the side, is also looking at him with a disdainful gaze.

Why, why am I still being looked down upon by others despite working so hard?

What did I do wrong!

“You are very good; they are all stupid, powerless people.”

O’Neil raises his trident and says loudly, “After I kill them, I shall chat with you! I like to listen to you talk!”

Liu Yi laughs in his heart; this person is bootlicking. How would you not like listening to it!

Like the saying, flattery will get you everywhere!

“Lord O’Neil…”

Lei Long is moved in his heart. To think that an enemy would empathize with me.

Liu Yuelian says out a word that makes Lei Long angered, “Traitor.”

“Enough. Don’t start taunting anymore.” Ai Ling cannot help but laugh, “Can’t you see that he is about to go mad with anger.”

“I shall help him deal with all of you!”

With that, O’Neil waves, and that waterspout immediately engulf them as the sky above the lake turns dusky!

The so-called darkness is like this!

“Finished, finished…alas, it is you who was asking for it…”

Lei Long feels that it is Liu Yi and the rest asking for trouble. O’Neil’s strength is not weak!

“Lian’er retreat!”

Liu Yi’s expression did not change, and slaps out a palm at the waterspout above him.

In a blink of an eye, that overbearing waterspout was neutralized by Liu Yi’s strength and disappeared.


O’Neil’s eyes nearly pop out. How is this possible! I am a shark demon that cultivated for over a thousand of years! My control over water is perfect!

But right now, it was neutralized like this; this is simply impossible!

“Could it be that you are a water attribute cultivator?”

O’Neil can only make this guess. But how would he know that Liu Yi did not rely on his ability to control water to neutralize this move but is relying on absolute strength!

“You were just watching the door; thus, I did not plan to make things difficult for you.But, you are forcing my daughter to apologize to you, which cannot be forgiven.”

Liu Yi stands there with his hands in his pocket as he says to O’Neil, “But, I can still give you three seconds to escape.”

“Hahaha, what a joke!”

O’Neil laughs loudly, “Who can make me escape? Watch how I kill all of you and eat you!”

Li Biyue and the rest feel a chill in their heart; this fellow has a heavy taste!

When Liu Yi heard this, he suddenly flashes and appears in front of O’Neil and says, “It is you who gave up the opportunity!”

With that, he kicks O’Neil’s waist ruthlessly like kicking a ball.

O’Neil did not even manage to shout anything before being kicked away by Liu Yi!

His body travels far and finally crashes into the castle, creating a lot of dust.

Lei Long swallowed his saliva, this great shark…was sent flying with a kick?

Li Biyue cannot help but ask, “Why did he kick in that direction? Wouldn’t it alarm them?”

“He is telling those people that he has come.”

Ai Ling does not know why, but she understands Liu Yi’s intention very well.

“He is telling them to wash their butt clean and wait for him!”

Chapter 986   [Wash your butt clean and wait for me to come!]

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  1. oof, liu yi being liu yi.
    though this make me wonder, if little black can convince some demon to work under him. does this meant the gate to demon world opens? what happen to our demon queen? O.o that loli liu yi saved back then.

    thank you for the chapters~
    stay safe and healthy everyone!


  2. That gate opens regularly and demons have always been show to just be around, many are even born on earth, like the butterfly. Demon seems have two separate meanings in this novel, there are the ones who are animals that evolve into “demons”. Residents of the demon realm demons (demon race, aka ones born demons, includes dragons). Devil has three separate meanings, a race, a state of dapravity and inner evil, and Japanese (because racist author)
    Honestly we may need a term list soon.

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