MKW Chapter 985

Chapter 985   [Title below]

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Little Black is hiding in his castle. He sits on his throne as he trembles with fear.

Gui Tongtian kneels in front of Little Black and asks, “My king. Why are you so frightened?”

“Gui Tongtian. You said that I am the strongest under the world and the king of everyone.”

Black Devil King raises his head as his skeleton eyes lands on Gui Tongtian as he asks, “But right now, I realize that I am not the strongest and no one treated me as their real king…is what you said true?”

“My King. It is those ignorant people who are confusing you!”

Gui Tongtian immediately says, “Needless to say; you are the strongest. That Liu Yi had only won you because he had disturbed your heart! There is no need for my king to fear him. Wait until he comes to our Devil King City, then it will be his death date! At that time, My King, you will consume his body and become the strongest!”

“Consume him?”

“Right! Consume him!”

“What you say is right, is right…only by consuming him, I will become the strongest…the current me, is not complete…”

Black Devil King was once again convinced by Gui Tongtian, “What you say is right…I shall recover my strength and wait for him to send himself to die!”

“That’s right, my king. There are countless experts in Devil King City. That Liu Yi will not be able to even see your face and die! Even if he arrives in front of you, his strength will be more or less used up, and he will be easily killed! That is why there is no need for you to worry and leave everything to us!”

“Good! Go and do it.”

Black Devil King waves his hand, “I shall cultivate now!”

“As you order!”

Gui Tongtian turns around as a smile appears.

Strongest? Hahaha, that shall only be I, Gui Tongtian!


“This is Devil King City? So it is hidden here.”

Liu Yi and the rest broke through an illusion barrier and came in front of an enormous lake.

In the center of the lake is a small isle, and Devil King City is established on top of the isle.

Devil King City is over a hundred meters tall and very stylish, making people unable to look down on it.

“Then let us go!”

With that, Liu Yuelian prepares to use her teleportation ability to teleport through the lake water and onto the isle.

But her body trembles but remains in its original spot.

“What? What is this?”

Liu Yuelian exclaimed in shock as she did not understand what was going on; why did my technique fail?

“Something is strange.”

Liu Yi sensed something. He pulls out his Firegod Sword and tosses it out.

After being tossed out, his Firegod Sword falls into the lake and starts boiling the lake, making steam rises.

“This lake water is protected by a formation.”

Ai Ling is smart and immediately guessed what was going on, “Any flying or movement technique will not work.”

Liu Yuelian becomes anxious and puffs up her mouth, “Then how do we go over?”

“Leave it to me.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and uses his dark power.

A small black bamboo raft immediately appears on the water surface. It drifts slowly as it moves up and down along with the water flow.

Ai Ling pouts and asks, “Isn’t your dark power very powerful? Why didn’t you make a bigger boat instead of this small bamboo raft? You are too petty!”

“This is called interest!”

Liu Yi coughs, “Not to mention; we are going to fight against the devil king not to be a guest. Why make such big momentum? Everyone remember, we are going to sneak into the village, not fight our way in.”


Li Biyue cannot help but starts giggling first, “You are trying to be a devil sneaking into a village!”

“I see that he is!”

Ai Ling also supports Li Biyue’s point of view.

“You cannot put it like this!”

Liu Yi waves it off and justifies himself, “Female comrades, your point of view is wrong! Back then, the devil entering a village was a war of aggression! Right now, we are fighting to defend! It is righteous; you cannot discuss the two of them together!”

“Less of this nonsense, stop being glib. Still not crossing the waters?”

As Ai Ling speaks, she jumps onto the bamboo raft first. She is as lithe as a swallow as she lands on the bamboo raft. The bamboo raft only shook slightly and did not create a ripple.

“Lian’er, let us go.”

Li Biyue holds her daughter’s hand and brings her on the bamboo raft.

Lei Long did not say a word and followed onto the raft. He feels like him being here is the same as being a transparent person!

“Good, I am coming as well.”

Liu Yi floats gently onto the bamboo raft before slapping out backward.

His palm wind sweeps the lake water surface and pushes the bamboo raft slowly forward.

“This lake’s scenery is not bad.”

Liu Yuelian and the rest are not like they are coming here to challenge Black Devil King. Instead, they are like they are on a scenic tour.

Currently, Liu Yi’s darling daughter has removed her shoes and uses her small feet to kick the water.

“Hehe, the water is very cool! So comfortable!”

Liu Yi feels that his daughter is too mischievous; thus, he teases her, “Be careful of your toes being bitten by fish.”

“Hmph, that will not happen. Fish do not like to eat toes!”

While she is speaking, the calm lake water suddenly starts boiling.

Following which an enormous sharp toothfish leaps out from the lakewater and flashes over their head and lands on the other side of the lake in a blink of an eye!

The splash went very high up into the sky and nearly reached all of them.

As Liu Yi uses his palm strength to push down the splash, he continues to search the place where that big fish was earlier.

Liu Yuelian and the rest look at each other before swallowing their saliva.

“Looks like…there is a fish who likes toes…”

“That is not a fish but a demon.”

Liu Yi, who activated his golden true eyes, saw through the fish and warned them, “These fellows are inside the lake. Furthermore, it is not just one but a group!”

Liu Yuelian asked in shock, “A group? How many of them are there?”

Relying on his feelings, Liu Yi says, “At the very least…over a hundred…”

“So many…can fight them?”

Recalling that 4 meter long big fish with a mouth full of sharp teeth, Liu Yuelian cannot help but feel afraid.

“We will kill, however, many that come.”

Li Biyue holds her black blade as she looks around, seeking traces of the enormous fish.

Ai Ling, on the contrary, is indifferent. As a realm crosser, these small fishes are nothing!

While they are speaking, a big fish leaps out of the water surface again with its jaw aiming at them like it wants to swallow up the four of them!

Liu Yi’s avatar leaps out from behind his back. It swings out with a Firegod Lance and pierces through that big fish’s mouth like a roasted fish!

Very quickly, a large part of the lake water turned red, and Liu Yi sensed that the group of fish underneath had turned crazy!

The blood seems to make them crazy!

Looks like…this will be fun!

Over a hundred of big fish leap out of the water biting towards them.

This scene is too big! Liu Yi says in his heart, even horror movie special effects are only merely so!

His avatar immediately took out six Monarch Shields, preparing to protect everyone.

The hundreds of fishes bite the Monarch Shield before landing back into the water. They then leap out and attack again.

This kind of attack continues for half a day, and Ai Ling finally becomes unhappy and says, “That fishy smell is the worst…all of you go and die!”

She stretched out her hand and pressed down.

Red lightning instantly falls from the sky and clacks on the lake surface!

The entire lake starts boiling as red arcs swim all over the place.

Very soon, those big fish that went mad started floating up with their bellies up on the water surface.

“Well, if you go electric fishing, you will earn money quickly!”

Liu Yi cannot help himself and give Ai Ling a thumbs up.

“Get lost! Who wants to go fishing! How would that be a thing that this miss would do!”

With that, the two of them paused.

Ai Ling thinks for a bit before explaining, “Looks like my memories might be slowly recovering.”

Perhaps it is because I saw Liu Yi’s memories back then; thus, it gave some stimulation in me.

This is good news, which makes Liu Yi joyous.

Recalling that she is in the future, Ai Ling immediately asks Li Biyue, “Big sister Li, did I recover my memories later on?”

Unexpectedly Li Biyue’s expression turned heavy.

“What is the matter?”

Ai Ling is a smart woman and senses that something is wrong, “You can tell younger sister anything.”

Li Buyue does not like to tell lies. Looking at Ai Ling’s exceptional looks, she sighs and says, “Ai Ling is no longer around in this timeline.”


This causes Liu Yi and Ai-Ling to both get a huge shock. No longer around? What does this mean?

“You are already dead.”

Li Biyue hesitates a while but still says, “You died in Gui Tongtian’s hands.”


Liu Yi cannot take it and curses. Behind him, the water surface immediately exploded with an enormous wave, which was caused by his power.

“Gui Tongtian? Very good. Another reason to kill him!”

“Be careful. It is hard to deal with him.”

Li Biyue reminds, “If not for his help and all kinds of crafty plots and machinations, even if Black Devil King was even stronger, he would have been killed by our plans. Gui Tongtian is very weird. Furthermore, he is very despicable and likes to play dirty. We must be careful!”

“I understand, big sister. Let us first send that Gui Tongtian a huge present!”

With that, Liu Yi waved his hands backward.

A wave lifts up as the bamboo raft is carried forward by this wave and speedily moves forward towards the city.

“Who dares to charge into my Devil King City! You must pass me first!”

Just as the bamboo raft is getting close to the city, a whirlpool appears on the water surface and a bald old man holding a trident, drills out from the whirlpool!

Having his path blocked by a person, Liu Yi immediately asks unhappily, “Who the hell are you?”

“I am the number one general of Black Devil King, Big Shark O’Neil!”

What the fuck, and I am Rocket Yao Ming!

Liu Yi wishes to roast.

“You are a general? You are already so old, what kind of general are you?”

“I am the number one gatekeeper!!”

This big shark says in delight, “Killing you is a matter of seconds!”

Chapter 985   [Big shark]

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