MKW Chapter 984

Chapter 984   [Title below]

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“I created you and can destroy you as well!”

Liu Yi creases his brows as he says to Black Devil King, who was raised by him.

“Your days of tyrannical abuse shall end today.”

With that, Liu Yi raises his Firegod Sword and prepares to kill Little Black, who had turned into a devil.

Little Black wides his eyes and suddenly begs, “Master…master, don’t kill me…I am your Little Black…your natal pet…if you kill me, you will get injured as well!”

Liu Yi smiles, “The one who will be injured is not me but that person who has already become the Great Cosmos God.”

Little Black’s complexion turned stiff, “So…you came from the past!”


Liu Yi nods his head, “That’s right. I came from the past to condemn you.”

“You cannot be like this!”

Little Black screams, “Do you know hard it was for me to be born? Do you know how much suffering I experienced? I am the king…I am the king of this world! All of the people respect me, worship me!”

“They do not respect you but fear you.”

Liu Yi reminds, “Wake up. You are not the king but a devil!”

“No…I am the king…I am the king…you see, these, these are my citizens.”

“Is that so?”

Liu Yi holds Little Black as he turns around and lands on the ground.

He stands in front of a group of citizens who luckily survived and says loudly, “This is Black Devil King who has been defeated! Right now, he can be dealt with by you.”

“Damn Black Devil King!”

“Ahhhh! My daughter died in his hands!”

“Kill him!”

These citizens reach down and pick up stones that they pelt at Black Devil King.

Black Devil King is stunned as his body starts shivering.

His heart is alarmed, and feels like he had seen a different world.

All of these are the citizens who are respectful towards me normally but now, they treat me like a sinner! Seeing their expression, it is like they are itching to swallow me whole, eat my flesh, and drink my blood!

Are these.. the people who are respectful towards me?

Didn’t Gui Tongtian tell me that I am a natural king, and the people need to rely on my strength to exist!

But…why did is it like this?

Liu Yi asked, “Do you understand now?”

“Kill me.”

Black Devil King laughs bitterly, “What is the point being alive?”

“Okay. As your master, this is the final matter that I can help you with!”

With that, Liu Yi stabs his sword at Little Black.

But at this moment, a shout came from the sky.

“Stay your sword!”

At this moment, Liu Yi senses the entire world being slowed down. Following this, it is like the time was frozen, making him unable to move.

The other people also become immobile, but Liu Yi senses that he can still think,  but his body cannot move.

A man suddenly descends from the sky and lands in front of Liu Yi.

Liu Yi remembers this guy!

Cheng Wenhang! It is that Taoist!

Liu Yi’s eyes widen, but he is unable to move.

Cheng Wenhang is holding a copper clock in his hand.

He pats Little Black that Liu Yi is holding.

Seeing this person, Black Devil King smiles bitterly, “You? Gui Tongtian, you deceived me.”

“This is not the place for us to talk. My time fix cannot last very long. Let us go back!”

With that, Cheng Wenhang pulls Little Black and disappears.

After this, time restored to normal, and Liu Yi finally regained the ability to control himself.

He is slightly stunned, so Cheng Wenhang is Gui Tongtian?

But isn’t Cheng Wenhang a very famous Taoist?

Liu Yi hurriedly questioned Meng Xi.

{Meng Xi, was Cheng Wenhang famous in the past?}

Meng Xi asked Liu Yi in confusion, {Cheng Wenhang? Who is Cheng Wenhang? I have never heard of this name before.}

Damn it!

Liu Yi suddenly understood what was going on. This Cheng Wenhang must have some technique that can influence the memories of people!

He relied on this technique and changed their memories!

Thus they treated Cheng Wenhang as their own friend! And treat him as a famous Taoist! But his real identity is Gui Tongtian!

So everyone has been lied to…

Liu Yi clenches his fist. Looks like I did not come to the future for nothing.

Cheng Wenheng, just wait for it. After I return, I shall kill you! Let’s see how you can be cocky!

Seeing Black Devil King suddenly disappearing, Li Biyue asked in a great rush, “Where is Black Devil King?”

“He was saved by Gui Tongtian.”

Liu Yi chuckles, “But no worries. I already planted a tracking unit in Little Black. They will not be able to escape.”


Li Biyue lets out a breath of relief, “Then let us prepare and overthrow Black Devil King’s headquarters!”

“It gives me feeling like I am a warrior.”

Liu Yi winks at Li Biyue, “Looks like I have the fate of a warrior!”

“You, are still so mischievous.”

Li Biyue smiles warmly as her gaze towards Liu Yi is filled with gentle feelings.

I don’t need to kill him now…how great…

In this world, other than Liu Yuelian, Li Biyue only loves one other person, and that is Liu Yi. He completely occupied her heart.

Originally she planned to kill Liu Yi to save the world before dying along with him. If that happened, Liu Yuelian might no longer exist.

Now that there is no need to do this, it is great…truly…

Li Biyue lets out a long sigh in her heart. Without you in this world, there is no meaning in continuing to live.

But seeing so many people suffering daily, I had no alternative but to make this plan.

Younger brother…I hope that you will not blame me.

Although Li Biyue is thinking like this in his heart, she does not tell it to Liu Yi.

Liu Yi says to Ai Ling and Li Biyue, “Little Lass, Elder sister. Let us go together.”

It seems like it is not bad to be a warrior that pushes down the devil king!

“Me, me! I also want to go!”

Liu Yuelian hurried forward while Lei Long, who was hesitating while standing at the back, gave up in the end.

This…is not a fight that I can participate in!

“Boss Lei Long, it is time for you to perform now!”

One of the resistance members says to Lei Long, “With Boss Lei Long taking action, Devil King City will not be able to survive!”

“That’s right, that’s right! Boss Lei Long, didn’t you always say that you wish to destroy Devil King City! Now your opportunity has come!”

With his subordinate shouting such things, Lei Long felt his scalp turn numb.

What the fuck. I was only boasting in front of Li Biyue! Why did these people believe it and say such things now!


But with so many eager gazes from people, Lei Long can only summon his courage and says, “Attacking Devil King City….is the responsibility of everyone in the resistance army…I am taking part as well.”

Liu Yi wishes to laugh. This brother doesn’t mind dying for his face. He does not wish to go, but he can only take the initiative to volunteer himself.

At this moment, Li Biyue says, “There is no need for you to go.”

This makes Lei Long feel like she is like Guanyin, “This side still needs you to deal with the aftermath. We will be enough.”

“Let Lian’er stay here as well.”

Liu Yi does not wish to let his daughter be in danger.

“No. Lian’er is coming along as well.”

But Li Biyue insisted on it, “Gui Tongtian’s Sanskrit Clock can stop time. The only one who can break is Lian’er.”

Liu Yuelian’s ability is time. To let her ability grow, the resistance army had spent countless manpower and resources.

But they only got to know that in the end, it was they who personally weave this nightmare!

It is a good thing that Liu Yi appears with the identity as a Savior.

“Fine then. Lian’er, follow behind us and don’t run around. Do you understand?”

Right now, Liu Yi’s appearance is like a father.

Liu Yuelian feels warmth in her heart. She cannot help but recall her childhood.

When she was young in school, she saw a lot of classmates that have a father who came to pick them up when they were dismissed from school. At that time, she felt very envious.

“Liu Yuelian, you are really pitiful!”

“How am I pitiful?”

“You don’t have a father, so you are pitiful!”

“I, I am not pitiful! I have a mother!”

“I also have a mother. I also have a father, that is why you are pitiful!”

“I, I am not pitiful…not pitiful…”

Liu Yuelian cries as she goes back home. When she sees her mother, Li Biyue, she asks, “Mother…why do I not have a father…”

“Your father is at a faraway place.”

Li Biyue squats down warmly and gently rub Liu Yuelian’s forehead, “Lian’er be good. Wait till your father is done with his thing, he will come back to see you…”

At that time, Liu Yuelian felt that in this world, the most precious thing should be her father…because she had never seen her father.

Li Biyue brushes Liu Yuelian’s hair, “Lian’er, what are you thinking about?”

Liu Yuelian breaks out from her thoughts and shakes her head, “Ah, no-nothing…”

“It has been hard on you…”

Li Biyue gently hugs her daughter, “I am not a competent mother…sorry…”

“Not at all, mother…”

Liu Yuelian says obediently, “The one who suffered the most should be you. I can see that you love father a lot…”

“I almost made a grave mistake.”

Hearing what Liu Yuelian says, Li Biyue becomes even disconsolate. She holds her daughter and says slowly, “Lian’er, in the future, when you meet a guy that you like, please believe in him…”

“Mother, why would you say this?”

This is the first time Liu Yuelian had seen such a weak appearance from her mother. In the rebel army, she is the commander who keeps her word. When had she shown such a weak appearance?

Liu Yi gently grabs hold of Li Biyue, “Big sister. Let Lian’er decide. Right now, we should go and deal with the devil!”

Chapter 984   [I am a warrior]

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