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Chapter 982   [Title below]

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“Go back? Why should I go back with you?”

Little Black, who had become Black Devil King, cannot help but laugh, “Master. You are no longer that Liu Yi from the past! While I have become the king of the world!”

“Your soul has degenerated.”

Liu Yi says, “The past Little Black only wished to become a person and never thought of becoming king.”

“Aren’t all humans like this?”

Black Devil King gently touches his cheek, “Yearning for right and status. Isn’t it the desire of all humans? To become a human, one must first have desires. Furthermore, humanity is too stupid. Only with me becoming the king can I save them.”

“Humans have their own path as well as their own choices.”

Liu Yi says impolitely, “They are not up to you to destroy!”

“You are wrong.”

But Little Black shakes his head before pointing at the surrounding, “Look at the current Earth that is filled with harmony and growth. The homeland that is filled with desolation is slowly being healed. Isn’t this even better?”

“This comes from the cost of the lives of several billion living beings! Don’t you feel that it is too much?”

“Even if there is no one, sooner or later, they will suffer this kind of natural disaster from their severe destruction of Earth! I, am their Savior!”

Little Black laughs in delight, “Furthermore, this feeling of me being supreme is too wonderful. Master, why don’t you want to come and enjoy it?”

“I am no longer your master.”

Liu Yi’s frown deepens, “You are no longer my Little Black. The current you, is a devil!”

“That’s right. I am a devil. 100% a devil. But, I am also the king of this world, the supreme king!”

With that, he raises his hand, “This world is mine!”

“Wake up.” Liu Yi sighs, “You have fallen to the demon of temptations.”

“Whatever you say is useless!”

Black Devil King laughs, “After I have swallowed you, I will become complete!”

With that, his body suddenly transforms into smoke and appears in front of Liu Yi as he scoops his hand towards Liu Yi’s chest.

Liu Yi tilts to the side and slaps out with Desolate Flames!

Their palms clash against each other, causing that space to start shuddering!

Their bodies did not move, and only their clothes were fluttering unceasingly.

Their strength is mutually colliding against each other, while Liu Yi and Little Black seem to be of similar strength.

“So, your strength is also close to a realm crosser.”

As Liu Yi urges his qi to his palm, he can speak casually, “You possess this kind of strength but became stagnant. Instead of going to challenge the Nine Layers of Heavens, you abuse the people f earth. Is this coward really my natal pet? It must be wrong!”

“You only allowed me to be born. As for the rest, they are not related to you!”

Black Devil King suddenly opens his mouth and breathes out a black squall!

The squall instantly swallows up Liu Yi causing the rebel army members below to become worried!

Don’t tell me he would die just like this?

At this moment, the black squall suddenly came to a stop. Liu Yi had stopped the squall with a wave of his hand and appeared in front of everyone again.

“I have seen your ambition.”

Liu Yi clenches his fist, “But it shall end here!”

“Be consumed by me! Why are you saying so much nonsense!”

Little Black is also impatient as he snaps his fingers. Densely packed black swords suddenly appear in the sky with their tips pointing at Liu Yi. The black swords start shooting down towards Liu Yi like they are going to pierce several holes through him!

Liu Yi stands there and uses Moon Dream Sutra. The sword rain instantly turns around and shoot towards the other direction.

“Moon Dream Sutra, is it? Really is a good technique. I also want it.”

Little Black appears behind Liu Yi and slaps his hand at Liu Yi’s temple.

“Give me everything! Give me everything!”

“I’ll assist him!”

Watching all of this, Liu Yuelian becomes anxious. She takes out her clock treasure and wishes to go and help him. But Ai Ling stops her and says, “When Liu Yi is fighting, he hates other people interfering.”

“Eh, how do you know?”

“I guessed it…”

Ai Ling also says it subconsciously and does not know the reason.

While Liu Yi had already activated his technique. He uses Moon Dream Sutra to drag Little Black in front of him. At the same time, his avatar emerges behind him and waves its six fire-god swords preparing to stab all six swords into Little Black’s heart!

Liu Yi did not show mercy when he took action. This person is no longer Little Black but another person. Indulging him is murdering myself!

Being pulled over, Little Black roars and transforms into an enormous dragon that bare fangs and brandish claws as he crashes over.

This fellow shadow transformation is very powerful. It appears like he had inherited Li Biyue’s style! Even if he gives him a few stabs, Liu Yi will also not have a good time. God Race Undying Body is not undefeatable. Especially this kind of power, it will still cause a certain degree of injury to Liu Yi.

Liu Yi puts on Monarch Armour as he uses his hands to guard in front of him, forcibly taking Little Black’s crash head-on.

Liu Yi’s body turned into a black light and was smashed into the ground underneath.

Liu Yi crashes through a row of ground while knocking down countless buildings.

Luckily most of the people around here had already escaped. Otherwise, there might have been deaths.

The two of them are monsters. When they start fighting, their destruction to the surroundings is too large.

“Hahaha, hahaha!”

Black Devil King is holding a black sword as he faces the ruins below him. He keeps swinging his sword, sending out countless of black crescent moons flying down, chopping at the place where Liu Yi was smashed into the ground earlier.

Very quickly, that place turned into a mess.

“Damn it!”

Ai Ling, who was advising Liu Yuelian earlier, was the first to take action. Red god lightning falls from the sky and strikes Little Black!

Black smoke immediately flies out from Little Black’s body from the strike, but he is fine.

God lighting is fatal towards the God Race. But towards other living beings, its power is a lot weaker.

After being struck, Little Black becomes angered. He turned around. Seeing Ai Ling, a smile suddenly appears.

“You are his woman, right. How nice. Right now, I shall dominate all of his women. I shall let him know who is the real king!”

With that, Little Black suddenly lands on the roof and stretches his hand towards Ai Ling.

Ai Ling got a huge shock. She who had yet to learn the destructive power is not Little Black’s opponent!

But at this moment, a building suddenly flies over and slams into Little Black, sending him flying away until he cannot be seen.

“You dare to touch my women? Fuck off!”

Liu Yi pushes away a ruined building and climbs out from the ground and dust off the dust on him.

“You are still alive!”

“I thought that he couldn’t do it…can Liu Yi really defeat him?”

Everyone starts discussing.

Earlier, that building at Liu Yi tosses to smash Little Black fly away was turned into fragments by a roar from Little Black!

“You will die! I want to consume you!”

With that, Little Balck suddenly transforms into an enormous black python, which opens its bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl and bites towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi stood there and did not move. He only stretched out a hand and pressed his palm against that snakehead.

Liu Yi’s figure cannot be compared to that enormous snake. But it is this kind of contrast of an ant-like person using a hand to block that enormous python!

The python has such huge strength and causes the ground underneath Liu Yi in a radius of a hundred-meters to skin down!

Numerous tall buildings in the surrounding collapse, adding a few more construction roof tiles to the ruins.

“That’s enough from you!”

Liu Yi’s other hand grabs the top of the snakehead before swinging out, smashing this hundred-meter long snake onto the ground.

An enormous hole appears in the ground with the snake no longer moving.

“Gods…he actually defeated the Black Devil King…”

“This person is too powerful. The Liu Yi in the legends is out of the ordinary!”

Seeing Black Devil King be beaten up without any power to retaliate, everyone becomes excited like they had seen the light of victory. A lot of the resistance army members start singing and dancing, preparing to celebrate!

But before they can be happy any longer, that black snake raises it’s body again.

“He is still alive!”

The people who were going to celebrate earlier nearly peed in their pants from fear and hurriedly hide as they do not wish to be punished by Black Devil King!

“Indeed, that is the strength that I wish to obtain. It is not bad.”

Little Black transforms back into his human form before wiping away the blood on the edge of his mouth, “But it shall end here now… I shall use my full strength and kill you!”

With that, a dense black smoke surrounds Little Black’s body. Like girls changing their attire, Little Black’s clothing keeps changing its style.

Very quickly, the armor that Little Black is wearing turns black in color! His figure also expands until he is over two meters, nearly three meters! A bone sword is held in his hand, making him look majestic.

While his body also loses its flesh and once again turns back into black bones.

“Monarch Skeleton?”

Liu Yi suddenly becomes rueful, “I do not know why, but seeing you like this, I feel that it is familiar.”

“But, I am no longer that puppet that risked my life for you!”

With that, Little Black pulls out a long spear as well as a shield before leaping over at Liu Yi.

A black horse suddenly appears underneath him and becomes his majestic ride.

“What the, your pretending to be prince charming?”

Liu Yi sneers, “Right now, that is no longer popular. Right now, what you need is a BMW, a BMW!”

“Of course. This one was a precious horse!”

[TL: BMW is 宝马 which also mean precious horse in chinese]

“What I said is a brand!”

“What bullshit brand! I shall turn you into a dead horse!”

With that, Little Black rides the black horse and stabs forward with his spear!

Today, I must take Liu Yi’s life! Otherwise, I will not be a complete person!

“Let’s see who will become the dead horse then.”

Liu Yi also uses his best technique and prepares to start the real fight!

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