MKW Chapter 981

Chapter 981   [Title below]

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The building suddenly starts shaking as a wall shatters into small pieces as the broken walls land all over the palace.

An enormous black devil stretches his hand towards the people in the room and grabs them.

“Damn it! They have discovered our hideout!”

Li Biyue knit her brows, “Everyone, prepare to evacuate!”

While she is speaking, that palm stretched in front of them. The devil’s finger is about to touch the face of a resistance member.

“Don’t think about it!”

Li Biyue pulls out her black sword and swings it.

That devil’s finger was instantly chopped off, making it cry out in pain.

But that devil’s life force is very powerful, and it’s finger swiftly regrows.

“This fellow’s lifeforce is too tenacious!”

Li Biyue is still frowning as she continues to wave her black blade, disintegrating the devil’s attack.

The devil suddenly withdrew his hand and breathed out black fog through the hole.

“Everyone, stop breathing!”

Li Biyue hurriedly reminds everyone before covering her mouth.

The rest of the people hurriedly stop breathing as they know that this black fog contains poison.

Liu Yi shakes his head, “These Patroller’s method is rather ruthless.”

He then stretches out his hand and slaps out his palm.

“Coloured Glass!”

Using Glorious Sun Palm, that space instantly shatters as an enormous black hole appears!

This black hole releases a powerful suction and instantly sucks all of the poison gas in the room!

“What is this ability… so powerful!”

“This brother is not bad!”

Seeing how easily Liu Yi dealt with the black fog, the resistance army members admired him.

Lei Long is very unhappy, but Liu Yi has indeed done what he is unable to do. Where did this fellow come from? Why make it so mysterious? Seeing his ability, it does not look like anything used by the resistance army!


Seeing that its move is not successful, the devil seems to be angered and roars. It then grabs the entire building and uses its strength to shake it.

A large number of people in the room are unable to stand firm on their feet and fall onto the ground. If it shakes a few more times, the entire building is likely to collapse.

Liu Yi snorts and stomps the floor.

The originally shaking building immediately stops. Clearly, it was due to the might of Liu Yi’s stomp.

How strong is Liu Yi? After cultivating 300 years in the Asura Realm, he can almost fight against a realm crosser.

Although this Patroller looks terrifying, its strength is only around 26 starjades. Liu Yi can easily take care of it.

When the building stabilizes, it shocks the resistance army members even more.

This guy is very powerful! Could it be that he is a hermit, a great expert?

The Patroller roars and claws at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi only uses his only palm to forcibly clash against the enormous palm.

With a boom, Liu Yi did not move; the Patroller in the sky shrieks as it was forced backward and nearly fell.

“What the fuck. He repelled the Patroller!”

“I…I did not see wrongly, right!?”

The rebel members exclaim, and some of their eyes nearly pop out from shock.

What is the identity of a Patroller? How strong are they? All of them are very powerful!

If it was not for their heaven-defying strength, how could they help the Black Devil King patrol the human world!

Among the rebel army, the only one who can fight against the Patrollers is Li Biyue. Lei Long is unable to and is not the opponent of these Patrollers.

Right now, this stranger who appeared, casually beats a Patroller into retreating, which is very powerful!

Liu Yi mutters as he stands there, “Are all of Black Devil King’s henchmen of this strength?”

Suddenly three crows fly over, and another three enormous devils appear.

“Four Patrollers! Gods! Quickly escape!”

“Hey, brother! Quickly escape with us; otherwise, it will be too late!”

The rest of the rebel army members start advising Liu Yi while Liu Yi does not have any intention of escaping.

A black golden sun erupts out from his forehead. Following which his eyes emit red light as his entire pupil turns scarlet.

Opening devil dao, an enormous devil flies out behind Liu Yi and stretches out four arms, which grab each of the four devils by their necks and raises them the sky.

“Gods…what, what is this…another Patroller?”

“It seems…to be even scarier than a Patroller!”

The rebel army members nearly peed from fright. Patrollers are scary enough. Where did this terrifying person come from!

Liu Yi’s devil grabs hold of the four Patrollers with four arms. Its remaining two arms pull out a golden-black Firegod Sword. After which, like chopping watermelons, it easily beheaded all of the Patrollers!

In a blink of an eye, the four Patrollers were killed.

The devil behind Liu Yi roars before disappearing.

“Just, just which sacred place did you come from?”

Lei Long feels like he is about to be frightened as his earlier arrogance disappears.

“This one is the savior of our future.”

Li Biyue introduces seriously, “He is Liu Yi.”


Everyone present is shocked. This guy is that devil that liberated the Black Devil King…Liu Yi?

Gods to think that Li Biyue brought back Liu Yi from the past during her trip! This method…seems to be possible!

“More Patrollers!”

“Is this doomsday…”

A densely packed murder of crows suddenly appears in the sky. All of them are Patrollers, and their number is truly startling!

“Where…where should we hide…”

“Who will come and save us…”

These people cannot help but wish to cry while Liu Yi shouts loudly, “There is no need for everyone to be startled. I am here. I will not let you be in danger! Little Black. Regardless if you are going to obey me, come here!”

Liu Yi poured his powerful qi into his voice, causing it to spread out in all directions.

The entire city echoes with his voice!

It is still not evening yet as the voice continues to spread out in cohesion.

Inside an enormous castle, Black Devil King, who was sleepy, suddenly raises his head as rays of delight flickers in his eyes.

Sitting opposite him, Gui Tongtain, who sensed the difference in Black Devil King, immediately asked, “What happened?”

“He came.” Black Devil King licks his lips, “I shall go and find him.”

With that, he did not care about his castle and leaped up. Crashing through the ceiling, he flies out.

“Who is he?”

Gui Tongtian frowns, not understanding Little Black’s meaning. He stretches out his fingers and starts calculating.

The moment he finished, he nearly fell off his chair.

How, how can it be him…shouldn’t he be the Great Cosmos God? What is going on! Everything is messed up now!

In front of everyone’s gaze, Liu Yi stands there.

Among these, gazes are filled with reverence, filled with fear. Everyone regards Liu Yi’s attitude differently. Some treat him as a hero, while others treat him as a monster.

Talking about this, it is weird that with Liu Yi’s shout, all of the surrounding Patrollers immediately stop moving and no longer attack.

While Liu Yi is also standing there, not moving as he stares far away like he is waiting for a person.

Liu Yuelian cannot help but ask, “Will he really come?”

“Relax. Hearing that it is me, he will come.”

Liu Yi smiles towards his ‘daughter,’ “If he wishes to become complete, it is impossible without me.”

“That sounds very sinister…”

Liu Yuelian starts smiling.

“Damn it. You are so young, where did you learn such rotten things!”

Liu Yi is mad but has nowhere to release his anger. Thus he can only glare at Li Biyue. 

“Look at this good daughter that you taught!”

“Don’t blame me.”

Li Biyue shrugs her shoulders, “When she returned to the past, she read too many BL books and become rotten. It is society that is too scary!”

Liu Yi cannot help but cover his forehead. Looks like our teaching method was lacking!

“Lian’er. In the future, you are not allowed to read these. Otherwise, how can you marry in the future?”

“Eh? Marry? I need to go and find a girlfriend?”

“What the! You need to find a boyfriend!”

“But, how does the opposite sex get married?”

“Fuck, how can the same sex have sex!”

Ai Ling starts sweating as she listens to their conversation, “I feel like this pair seem to both be lacking in moral principles.”


Li Biyue also has lingering fears, “Looks like not letting Liu Yi bring up our daughter is the right thing…I must make Lian’er stay far away from him!”

“I support you.”

“Thank you!”

The two women swiftly came to a united front while Lei Long by the side clenches his fist.

This damn Liu Yi…why would he appear in this era! Why did Li Biyue bring him back!

I could have properly developed my relationship with Li Biyue …. damn it!

Just as these people have their own thoughts, the Patrollers in the sky suddenly start crowing weirdly.

Following which the Patrollers turn into streams of black fog and gather together in the sky.

“So, these Patrollers are your power.”

Liu Yi immediately understood, “I was guessing. Why would so many impressive experts appear out of nowhere? So all of them are your avatars.”

“That’s right. Isn’t this technique very mystical?”

A man slowly walks out of the fog. His figure is more or less the same as Liu Yi, but his appearance has a slight difference.

The edges of his face are clearer than Liu Yi’s while his eyes are tan in color while his pupils are black!

He is wearing an emperor’s robe with a cloak fluttering behind him, making him look impressive.

This person is none other than this current era’s Black Devil King.

He has a weird smile, “We finally meet. I… waited a very long time for you!”

“When a pet is disobedient, naturally, the master needs to come out to teach it a lesson.”

Liu Yi exercises his bones, “Little Black, there is still time if you go back with me.”

Chapter 981   [Finally, we meet]

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3 thoughts on “MKW Chapter 981

  1. Hm , so i now see where the author was going with this, first no little black never had the ability to revive, the ability he had was after taking enough damage he grows stronger and regenerates, taking new forms as he does. That hunter back then hit little black and though he died because he fell apart, so was just him assuming he was dead not actually being dead.

    But i digress, the author plans for Lui Yi to absorb or reconnect with little black here to repair the souless little black he has. Which just sucks, this will be the second time travel arc where Lui Yi losses a familiar in the past and reconnects with it in the future. Whats worse is that using a plothole it will be made convoluted and extra dramatic. That plot hole, Lui Yi somehow still has his dead pet whose soul was consumed. So rather than Lui Yi taking in this Little black as a replacement, he will consume it to revive the old one, probably with the very technic that killed it, despite it not being supposed to work on strong individuals, aka cultivators or any non standard moral. So we will get some sob story where this little black realize he was manipulated and all the terrible things it has done, and decids to sacrifice itself for its purer past self. This will likly start when the future little black sees Lui Yi use the husk of past little black and asks what the fuck happened to it.


    • tbh, the current timeline also dont have liu yi finding old scrolls for wine sword technique when he gone to the past.

      just assume its multi-world-line thingy. time travel is always a problem in stories.. and physics..

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  2. thank you for the translations~
    stay safe and healthy everyone!

    liu yi vs liu yi alter, will the black devil king be absorbed? or will he reign supreme?


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