MKW Chapter 980

Chapter 980   [Title below]

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No matter what, Li Biyue is my woman!

Being hugged by another guy in front of him, Liu Yi’s jealousy starts burning up.

But Li Biyue, who is an iceberg woman, did not have much resistance. Instead, conversely, she pats that guy on his shoulder.

“Lei Long. It has been hard on you, when I am not around.”

“Hahaha, how can you say such things.”

That guy called Lei Long laughs before separating from Li Biyue somewhat unwillingly.

“We are all comrades who are fighting for the freedom of humanity. How can it be tough.”

Although the way Lei Long speaks appears to be strictly businesslike, Liu Yi can easily that his gaze towards Li Biyue is filled with adoration.

Hey, hey. Don’t lack integrity! Li Biyue is already a mother!

Moreover, she is my wife!

Liu Yuelian also pouts like she does not like this Lei Long. She secretly tugs the corner of Liu Yi’s shirt and whispers into his ear, “Un…uncle…I support you…”

Hearing the term uncle, black lines float above Liu Yi’s forehead. This lass. Looks like she is still indisposed of my identity.

Indeed I am unfamiliar with being a father. But I still feel a strong sense of responsibility.

I didn’t expect that in a blink of an eye…my daughter had become so old. She must be at least 15 years old…

Damn it; it seems to be. This is the future. During my own timeline, my daughter is rolling in her mother’s stomach.

[TL: that is horrifying, to be honest. babies should not roll in their mother’s stomach cause it might cause them to strangle themselves on the umbilical cord!!!]

Liu Yi cannot help but sigh with regret. This fate is teasing and playing with me!

“Did your mission fail?”

Lei Long asked, “Right now, it is still ruled by Black Devil King. Everyone is still in the abyss of suffering.”

“That’s right. Our plan for changing history failed. Furthermore, there are only us few who returned.”

Li Biyue’s complexion is heavy, “Furthermore, Dragon-mouth Scorpion had betrayed us. He tried in vain to control the Black Devil King to become the future king.”

Lei Long shouts in anger, “What? That scumbag! He caused nothing but trouble! It is good that he died! If he did not die, I will still go and kill him!”

This shout is not soft. It scared the wanderers outside into shivering.

“It is good that you came back safely. Let’s think of other methods! Ah, right. Who are these people?”

Liu Yi wishes to smile. Now you see us? There is only my Elder sister left in your eyes…ah wrong; it is my sister wife!

Eh, this address seems to be good?

“These few people…are the saviors that I invited back.”

A trace of delight finally flashes across Li Biyue’s eyes as the haze scatters a lot.

She walks over to Liu Yi’s side and gently holds his hand. Seeing this, Lei long’s expression changes.

What does this mean? Why is there such an intimate action! What is the relationship between the two of them?

“Who are they?”

Lei Long frowns deeply while one of his underlings, who is quick-witted, immediately understands his intention and hurriedly steps forward in place of Lei Long and mocks, “Boss Li, are they reliable? Who is Black Devil King? He is an epoch antagonist! How is it possible for the two people whom you brought back from the past to deal with Black Devil King? Stop joking.”

But Li Biyue smiles and says, “But the two of them ought to be reliable. I don’t believe what other people say, but what they say, I will absolutely believe in it.”

This confidence that Li Biyue has towards them makes Lei Long burn with anger. I worked with Li Biyue for many years and made how many sacrifices, but I did not obtain this kind of trust!

“Boss Li. What you say is definitely wrong!”

That smart little brother helps Lei Long speak again, “Our big brother Lei Long had done his utmost for the resistance army for so many years. Could it be you that he did not obtain Boss Li’s trust? Now outsiders come, and you give them such trust. It hurts our feelings! Don’t say Bro Li, even us people below cannot take it as well!”

“Zhang San. Don’t speak. All of us are brothers. It is right for us to serve the organization. Don’t say this kind of thing.”

Lei Long pretends to be dissatisfied as he chides his subordinate to pretend to be a good person to butter up Li Biyue.

Zhang San is smart and knows that Lei Ling is putting on an act on purpose but did not expose it. He continues to say with righteous indignation, “Boss Lei, I am only helping you be outraged by the injustice! You see, every day, you risk your life, but today, you are inferior to two outsiders! How is this conforming to common sense? Brothers, let me ask all of you do you feel that this is reasonable?”

“Not reasonable!”

Some of Lei Long’s subordinates shout together, making Leng Mo and the rest frown.

These fellows are shouting blindly for no reason!

“What protagonists do you think the two of you are?”

One of Lei Long’s subordinates steps forward and shouts at Liu Yi and Ai Ling, “Where do you think this place is? A place where you can come as you wish? The two of you could be spies that the Black Devil King sent!”

“Chen Wu. What nonsense are you saying!”

Liu Yuelian is unhappy now. How can you say such things about my father! 

“Oh my! Our Miss Liu is so protective of you. Could it be that the two of you are together?”

Chen Wu’s mouth is not clean, and he said a sentence that angered Liu Yi.

“Seeking death!”

Liu Yi’s eyes release a savage light as he raises his hand.

Using Moon Dream Sutra, he lifts up Chen Wu’s body into the air. Chen Wu’s complexion turns pale, and looks like he is going to faint from being choked.

“Don’t be impulsive!”

Li Biyue hurriedly called out. “Although his mouth is a bit dirty, he is still a soldier of the resistance! Give him a chance to atone for his sin!”

“This person is crafty-looking with a sander in his heart. He is not any good person.”

Liu Yi’s killing intent is stifling, causing everyone in the room to freeze.

Chen Wu’s strength is around 23 starjades! He is considered as one of the very best experts in this base!

But right now, he is casually lifted up by another person like a little chick, unbelievable!

Could it be that this guy is an expert?

“Furthermore, this person dares to humiliate Lian’er. He deserves to be killed!”

To dare humiliate my daughter? How can I let this kind of person off?!

“Quickly let go!”

“Outsiders, you all wish to die?”

“Too arrogant! They might be Black Devil King’s people! Kill them!”

A large number of people among the resistance army immediately took out their weapons and surrounded Liu Yi and the rest.

“What are you!”

Li Biyue becomes angered. Aren’t these people just seeking death?

“All of you stop!”

“Boss Li! He has captured our people!”

“That’s right! Chen Wu is our comrade!”

“Chen Wu is your comrade, could it be that Liu Yuelian is not your comrade?”

Liu Yi is smiling mockingly as he says coldly, “That is why when Liu Yuelian was being humiliated by other people, you could be indifferent, and laugh along, right?”

“This, this…”

The surrounding people are like they have swallowed something that makes them unable to speak.

“This brother. My friend has a slightly dirty mouth, but he is a good person. Please give some face and let him go.” Lei Long steps forward and cups his hand before saying, “If he has offended you, let me take his place to apologize.”

With that, he bowed towards Liu Yi with his hands cupped.

But he is not apologizing sincerely. When he bows, Liu Yi immediately senses a wind pressure coming towards him.

Good youngster. You are shady. To dare use hidden strength to deal with me!

Liu Yi smiles and waves his hand, letting Chen Wu down.

Lei Long’s hidden strength hits Chen Wu’s lower backbone, and instantly, the sound of bone breaking can be heard. Chen Wu cried out in pain before fainting.

“Oh my. Too inhuman.”

Liu Yi looks at the fainted Chen Wu and clicks his tongue in wonder, “Boss Lei. You are really ruthless. You also treat your own brother so mercilessly! Fine then. Since you are so earnest and sincere in helping me teach him a lesson, I shall be compassionate and forgive you.”

Lei Long’s complexion is ashen. I was being played!

If this can be tolerated, what cannot!

Throwing away his face in front of everyone, especially Li Biyue, Lei Long becomes greatly angered. He immediately throws his fists at Liu Yi’s chest.

Liu Yi did not even dodge as he allowed Lei Long’s fists to smash into his chest.

With a boom, Liu Yi’s body did not move, but Lei Long’s fists turn numb from the recoil and were forced back two steps.

“What, what is this…”

“That’s enough, Lei Long!”

Li Biyue walks over and blocks Lei long, “Stop messing around.”

“Based on what! Li Biyue, I want to know who this fellow is! Why are you so protective!”

“Stop messing around. Calm down first.”

Given that he is a person of outstanding service among the resistance army, it is not that good for Li Biyue to be hard on him.

“Calm down? How can I calm down?!”

Lei Long is indeed about to blow his top. This kind of ambiguous attitude from Li Biyue is like dirt covering his heart!

“If you do not give an explanation today, then you can forget about concluding this matter!”

“You really wish to know who he is?”

Li Biyue knit her brows slightly as she looks at Lei Long.

“That’s right!”

Lei Long nods his head heavily, “What is there that you do not dare to tell us. Could it really be that he is one of Black Devil King’s people?”

“You are thinking too much!”

Li Biyue finds it both ridiculous and slightly angered, “How would it be possible for me to lead the enemy in! Even if you do not trust them, are you unable to trust me?”

“Then, who are they?”

“They are…”

Just as Li Biyue started speaking, a racket came from outside.

“No good! The Patrollers have found us!”


The people in the house were greatly shocked while the wanderers at the entrance started escaping in all directions in desperation.

“Damn it; Patrollers have come!”

“Quickly escape!”

“Save us!”

These people run away while the resistance army stays behind.

“Damn it, how did the Patrollers find us!”

“Prepare now!”

These people cannot be bothered with Liu Yi as all of their attention was placed outside!

Chapter 980   [Dirt covering one’s heart]

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  1. [TL: that is horrifying, to be honest. babies should not roll in their mother’s stomach cause it might cause them to strangle themselves on the umbilical cord!!!]

    lmao, that might be a saying in chinese. idk what it meant though XD

    liu yi, as usual, getting into a fight very fast. but i suspect his daughter is discriminated upon due to their knowledge of her background.. the child of the black devil king owner..

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