MKW Chapter 979

Chapter 979   [Title below]

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“This is the future?”

Looking at the desolated city, Liu Yi feels like he is inside the game <Radiation City>.

“That’s right. This is the future.”

Li Biyue nods her head, “Do you see those abandoned buildings? The current city should be called a primitive forest. During the day, wild animal groups will pass through here; thus, there is some vitality. But it does not belong to humans.”

“Is that so? Can I take a look at this world?”

Liu Yi glance at a building by the side, and Li Biyue nods her head.

He immediately leaps up and uses Shadow Step. Almost like teleporting, he instantly appears on top of the 30 stories tall building. Ai Ling follows closely behind him and stands behind Liu Yi as they survey the scene from an elevated position together.

With this survey, immense visuals instantly impacted their sight.

Although there are still tall buildings far away, everywhere is adorned with green! The formerly dull gray city is, at this moment overflowing with green. Plants are growing all over the place, dense but vigorous.

While a group of giraffes is free and unconstrained as they walk pass from the side, quiet and content.

All of these are like the opus of nature.

“After Black Devil King started to rule the earth, 90% of humanity died. As for the remaining 10%, either they live while being enslaved by Black Devil King or they do their best to hide. The place where we are residing right now is New York City.”

“What the fuck. This place is New York City?”

Liu Yi is astonished.

“I feel like this seems to be not bad.”

But Ai Ling actually blurted out, “At the very least, it allows the earth to once again recover its vitality.”

“Perhaps after losing something, it brings about some reciprocation.”

Li Biyue also came to this conclusion, but she does not feel that it is a matter that is worthy of rejoicing. After all, too many people died.

“But under the rule of Black Devil King, perhaps all of humanity will die.”

“I did not see any humans.”

After looking around for a while, Liu Yi cannot take it and ask, “It is like there is only our aura in this entire city.”

“That’s right.”

Li Biyue nods her head, “Since a while back, no one lives in this place. Right now, those few people who are alive under Black Devil King’s control are living in their set city. When we arrive at those cities, perhaps you might see the genuine appearance of the future.”

“Then, where are we going now?”

“To Waste Water City.”

Li Biyue points to the east. “Our base is over there.”

“You guys set up your base in a city that is under the control of the Black Devil King?”

Liu Yi felt shocked.

“Of course. Like the saying, the weakest hermit will retreat into the wildness while the greatest hermit will retreat into the noisiest fair.”

Li Biyue smiles faintly, “Ever since Black Devil King’s regime started; humanity immediately set up numerous resistance organizations. In the beginning, these organizations were also hiding in the overgrown abandoned cities. But it is very hard to hide the aura of a living being inside the city; thus, they were very easily found. Later on, everyone thought of a method. Why don’t we hide among the city that is filled with people? This way, Black Devil King’s patrollers will not discover us.”

“Okay. Then let us set off now.”

Liu Yi wishes to immediately deal with Black Devil King, which is a changed Little Black.

Unexpectedly after I became the Great Cosmos God, Little Black created such a huge mess!

A pet being disobedient is hard to manage!

Liu Yi asked, “Why are we not finding Black Devil King now? As long as we kill him, I can save the future.”

“We do not know where the Black Devil King is.”

Li Biyue nods her head, “We can only find a method to sneak into the castle that Black Devil King is residing in. Furthermore, to the best of my knowledge, Black Devil King is very powerful. He is not weaker than a realm crosser, so you must not be impulsive and slowly plan it out.”

“I will not be impulsive. I will follow your plan.”

Liu Yi looks at Liu Yuelian as he says in his heart, as long as my daughter does not need to take any more risks. Looks like I need to find a method to stop this calamity when I go back to my own timeline.

Right now, Little Black no longer has a soul and is my puppet. The current him should no longer have the thought of ruling the world, right?

Most importantly, Little Black’s thoughts have always been very simple. What provoked him to this step.

Liu Yi recalls that shadow that he had captured within Little Black’s body and immediately frowned.

“In this world, other than Black Devil King, are there other people ruling together with him?”

“That’s right. Black Devil King has a military counselor who is called Gui Tongtian.”

This sentence causes Liu Yi to tremble.

It is him? Gui Tongtian?

That old fellow cheated Ai Ling out of her true blood, and now he lead my Little Black astray! Looks like if I do not wish for this future to happen, there is only a single method, and that is to kill Gui Tongtian.

But it is not the top priority. Let’s eradicate this world’s ‘Black Devil King’ first.

“Let’s not delay things and set off now.”

Li Biyue looks at the time, “Let’s return before the sky turns dark. After dusk, the entire world will change.”


Although he does not understand what Li Biyue means, Liu Yi did not hesitate as he flies after her.

After reaching Waste Water City, Liu Yi finally understood why this place is called Waste Water City.

The entire city is practically swallowed up by the fishy stink of wastewater, revealing only the top section of the buildings. Inside this city, bridges can be seen everywhere, linking every hub together.

A few people had already changed their clothing. The gray earth material as well as a woolen cap, not eye-catching at all.

What is out of Liu Yi’s expectation is that he did not see any enemy guarding the surroundings of the city.

Ai Ling cannot help but ask, “Oh? Why are there no armed forces?”

“There used to be armed forces in the past.”

Leng Mo explains, “But later on some of the armed forces grouped together and betrayed the Black Devil King. In the end, all of them were executed, and henceforth, Black Devil King no longer believes in any armed forces. Instead, he created the Patrollers.”

“What are the Patrollers?”

“Raise your head to see them.”

Li Biyue points at the sky as they look up at the same time.

In the sky, an enormous black crow flies down. It circles once before landing on top of a building.

This crow is not small at all and is almost the size of a large passenger plane!

One of the crow’s eyes emits red light, which scans the entire city.

“Let’s hide.”

Li Biyue pulls Liu Yi as well as Ai Ling and hides behind a wall, covering up their figure.

That red light scan passed the wall while at this moment, a man hiding in a corner secretly smoking was suddenly illuminated by this red light.

“Finished, he is dead.”

Li Biyue sighs, “Right now all humanity is banned from smoking.”

“Banned from smoking?”

While they are talking, sensing the red light, that man instantly climbs up from the ground in fear as he screams while trying to escape.

The black crow suddenly twists its body and transforms into an enormous devil. The devil stretches out its hand and grabs hold of that man who is trying to escape. With a cracking sound, it breaks that man’s arm.

“Based on Black Devil King’s law, anyone who smokes shall have an arm broken.”

“What the fuck, that is too much!”

Liu Yi feels that it is inconceivable, “It is just smoking. It is not like it is a major crime. There is no need for such cruel punishment, right?”

“Black Devil King had enacted several peculiar edicts.”

Li Biyue says, “So much so that one cannot masturbate. Otherwise, if caught, that person will be sentenced with death penalty.”


Liu Yi becomes utterly speechless; this Little Black seems to be controlling such a wide spectrum of things. Does he even want to manage masturbation?

Liu Yi finally understood why 90% of humanity died.

“This Black Devil King is very cruel.”

Liu Yuelian finally gathers her courage and says, “That is why, I, I wish to kill him…”

“Lian’er. Didn’t you have Absolute Time, why were you still unable to kill him?”


Liu Yuelian, who was clever and eloquent, is currently unable to communicate with Liu Yi.

Absolute Time cannot be used as she wishes. There are limitations.”

Li Biyue helps her explain, “She can only use it on everyone once. After that, one time, that person will gain immunity to it. In the past, we used it once on the Black Devil King, but we were unable to successfully kill him. Instead, we intimidated him. Thus he posted wanted posters all over the place. If the Patrollers discover her, Lian’er life will be worrying.”

“I will not let anyone harm my daughter.”

At this moment, Liu Yi immediately burst out with his strong side, “Since it is a calamity that is caused by my pet, let me settle him!”

“Let’s go to our base first.”

Li Biyue pats Liu Yi’s shoulder lightly, “After we reach the base, let’s formulate a concrete plan.”

“Is it far from here?”

“It is not.”

Taking the opportunity that the Patroller had left, Li Biyue leads them forward. While Liu Yuelian cannot take it and feeds that man, whose arm was broken, some hemostatic medicine before following after them.

Liu Yi says in his heart, my daughter still has compassion. Looks like she is still not bad. It is just that she should be enjoying her life, having a normal campus life. She should not be involved in this kind of fighting and killing. Liu Yi. You must prevent this kind of future!

Even if it is for your daughter, you must change all of these!

The base is actually a worn-out small building. After entering it, Liu Yi sees numerous people squatting at the corners as they keep themselves from boredom by counting the number of lice on their bodies.

“They are wanderers.”

Li Biyue says, “They are people who have no desire to live. They have abandoned themselves to despair as they live their lives.”

“Despair is even scarier than death.”

Liu Yi says, “Looks like there need to have a hero step forward in this era.”

Li Biyue shrugs her shoulder, “Dragon-mouth Scorpion was once their hero, but he was killed by you.”

“Fuck! So be it if that fellow dies!”

Liu Yi says in his heart, heroes are not that perverted!

“Boss, you finally came back!”

While a guy wearing military guerrilla warfare attire walks out from inside. Seeing Li Biyue and the rest, he immediately steps forward and gives her an enthusiastic hug!

Liu Yi’s gaze immediately turned sharp.

Chapter 979   [Who is this brother?]

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