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Chapter 978   [Title below]

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“Little lass, calm down first!”

Liu Yi is gloomy, not wishing to be bothered with her.

Thus he swings his hand and uses Moon Dream Sutra and lifts Liu Yuelian into midair. He then pushes her body away and presses her against a wall making her unable to move.

“Wuwuwu, repulsive bad person, quickly let go of me!”

Liu Yuelian struggles with all her might, but how is she Liu Yi’s opponent!

Recalling the first time when he met her, he got teased by her, Liu Yi cannot help but ask Li Biyue, “Where did this lass come from? Why does she lack manners.”

“Be nice to her.” Li Biyue sighs faintly, “She is your daughter.”

[TL: took so long for the truth to be revealed.]


Liu Yi’s eyes widen while Liu Yuelian stops struggling.

“Mother, what, what are you saying? I, I am this devil’s daughter?”

Ai Ling is also stunned. Liu Yi already has a daughter? But he also seems to be very shocked! A love debt?

“Elder sister…when…the two of us…”

“It is when you were saving me at the general headquarters. But you didn’t remember what happened.”

Li Biyue points at Liu Yi and says, “Otherwise, where did that shadow power in your body come from?”


Only then did Liu Yi understand. He should have thought of this point! But back then, I thought that nothing happened between elder sister and me; thus, I did not think towards that…alas, Liu Yi. You are a rotten person!

Then counting the time, Li Biyue of this timeline is currently pregnant!

Liu Yi suddenly thought of a question and immediately asked, “Then why did you not look for me!”

“How should I have told you?”

Li Biyue lets out a bitter laugh, “Tell you that I have your daughter and you must marry me? Little brother. Although you have a favorable impression towards me, I know that the women that you wish to marry are not me. I only wished to raise my daughter on my own.”

“Elder sister…”

Liu Yi glanced at his daughter, whom he is still controlling with Moon Dream Sutra by him with some bitterness in his mouth.

He finally understood why her qi is so messy. So it was inherited from me…

It feels like… I have become a bastard.

“Liu Yi, in the future, the entire world was destroyed due to you. That is why I must kill you.”

Li Biyue’s gaze once again turned heartless. “If you do not die, your natal pet will keep existing. He will become the Black Devil King and conquer the cultivation world. He will then kill all those who resist him and carry out a cruel, bloody regime!”

“The future went like that?”

Liu Yi frowns, “But are you really able to change the future? If I did not remember wrongly, only the spirit vein and Great Cosmos God could alter the progress of history. No matter what other people do, they can never change history. Ultimately, history will still progress onto its original trajectory.”

“No matter what, we must attempt it!”

Li Biyue clenches her fist, “Other people can’t do it, but Lian’er is your daughter. She can do it!”

“Why can Lian’er do it?”

Liu Yi does not understand the logic.

“Liu Yi. You do not know, right?”

Li Biyue points at the sky, “A lot of people from the future thought that you were killed by Black Devil King. But in reality, only us who are close to you know that you were not killed by Black Devil King. Instead, you had broken through and became the great cosmos god!”

The moment she said that, Liu Yi became stupefied.

What the fuck. I am the great cosmos god? The future me is so awesome! Isn’t that like sweeping across the entire cosmos?

“That is why Lian’er, who possesses your bloodline, can change the future!”

“It is impossible.”

At this moment, Ai Ling cannot help but speak up.

“The laws of the cosmos are guarded by a single person, and that is the Great Cosmos God.”

She does not know why, but she knows all of this in her memories. Most probably, it is from some ancient records that she had seen.

“While you all thought that Great Cosmos God can change the history, instead it is the opposite. He is the guardian. Even he is unable to change history. Perhaps it might even mess up history even more. The one who can change history is only me, the Spirit Vein.”

“Why, why is it like this…”

Li Biyue is also in despair, “Could it be that earth is going to be destroyed…Liu Yi,…if that is the case, those who you are protecting…all of them will be killed by Black Devil King…”


Liu Yi immediately frowns. Just thinking that Murong Die and the rest would die in the future, it causes Liu Yi to feel heartache.

“Didn’t I already become the Great Cosmos God? Why did I not go and save them?”

Li Biyue forced out a smile, “You ask me, but who do I ask? When things reached that stage, who can save the future?”

“Why don’t you kill me?”

Liu Yi looks at Ai Ling, making her angry, and slaps him.

“Pig head! What are you thinking! And I thought that you were smart. In the end, you are still so stupid! Since they travel through time, we might be able to use their method to travel to the future! Didn’t you wish to stop Black Devil King? Can’t you do it?!”

“That’s right!”

Liu Yi claps, “Why did I not think of it!”

“Lord’s brain is so stupid. Without Little Lass, what’s to be done about lord!”

Ai Ling seems to be grumbling subconsciously, which causes Liu Yi to tremble.

Ai Ling trembles, and the two of them look at each other.

After this, both of them smiled bitterly. This memory, when will it be restored.

“Okay, then. Big sister, bring me back to the future. There is no need for you to go, Ai Ling.”


Ai Ling gives Liu Yi a puzzled look, “Could it be that you are worried that this miss will meet with a mishap? Don’t joke around? This miss possesses the cultivation of a realm crosser! Under the nine heaven and in the six realms, who can threaten me?”

“Didn’t the people from the future possess other destructive power? Other than God Race Undying Body, no one else can block it.”

“That is not the case.”

Li Biyue explains, “This kind of power is called Great Destruction power. It is a power that was comprehended by the people from the future. Let me teach the two of you, and you can generate immunity to it.”

Ai Ling says hurriedly, “Really? Quickly teach me!”

“Cannot! Even then, you cannot go!”

Liu Yi prevents it resolutely, making Ai Ling angry.

“Why! Are you afraid that I will drag you down when we go to the future?”


Liu Yi is gloomy. He does not wish to bring Little Lass to time travel again. After all, the price for it the previous time was too high. Ai Ling is the Spirit Vein. If a situation occurs and Ai Ling can only stay in the future, wouldn’t it be worse?

Liu Yi does not wish to let Little Lass suffer again.

“Relax. Our time travel is very safe.”

Li Biyue seems to have guessed Liu Yi’s thoughts. Her gaze lands on Liu Yuelian by the side.

“Do you know why she is called Transmigater?”

“Leave it to me, mother!”

Liu Yuelian actively volunteers herself for the task, “I shall go back to structure the transmigration door.”

She does not dare to look at Liu Yi. She just got to know that this guy is her father…the impact of this matter is like a nuclear explosion to her!

She can only place all of her thoughts on the task to scatter her attention.

“Will it be dangerous?”

Although he did not have the preparation of being a father, Liu Yi is still worried about Liu Yuelian.

“Relax. She is an old hand at it.”

Li Biyue smiles, “The first time this lass time traveled, she brought back a young T-rex.”

“I’ll go back first…”

Liu Yi had released Liu Yuelian. She closes her eyes and lets her AI lock-on to the time in the future.

After this, a mysterious lighting arc surrounds her body. With that, her entire person is encircled with white light before disappearing from the laboratory with a whoosh.

“It will be done within a minute.”

Li Biyue lowered her head and looked at her watch, “After a minute, I shall rely on you to save the world.”

Liu Yi nods her head and starts waiting for the time. He finally cannot take it and asks Li Biyue, “Elder sister…is it very hard for you to live on your own?”

“There is no need for you to think anymore. Later on, don’t try to find me.”

Li Biyue says, “Because you will never find me. I already planned to raise Lian’er up on my own. Only by my side will she live happily. If she follows you, it will be dangerous.”

Indeed. I have too many enemies. If they know that I have a daughter…the consequences will be unimaginable.

“Elder sister. Relax. After everything is sorted out, I will immediately go and find you.”

Liu Yi has decided, “I will not let the two of you leave me!”

“Let’s talk about it again.”

Li Biyue waved her hand while saying faintly in her heart, in the future, Lian’er had already grown so old, but you did not come back after becoming the Great Cosmos God. Could it be that the Great Cosmos God’s position is so good that it made you indulge in pleasure and forget home and duty?

Just as Liu Yi still wishes to say something, an enormous radiance suddenly appears in the laboratory!

These rays of light form an oval black hole, which generates a bizarre attractive force.

“Let’s go!”

Li Biyue takes the lead and jumps into the black hole. Leng Mo did not hesitate and followed behind.

Liu Yi and Ai Ling look at each other. Ai Ling says, “I’m going back with you. I will hold your hand tightly.”

With that, she stretches out her hand and takes the initiative to hold hands together.

“Mm. Let us enter together.”

Seeing Ai Ling in this manner, Liu Yi also gathered his courage. Avoiding is not the method. If I wish to resolve it, I must face it courageously!

The two of them jump into the black hole together and immediately have the feeling like they are as fast as lightning!

It is that weightlessness like a plane suddenly taking off from the ground. It is like the sky is spinning as the earth goes round. But the two of them hold their hands together tightly.

Until the world once again lights up.

Liu Yi and Ai Ling stand back again. In front of them, everywhere they look, wild grass growing all over the place. The surrounding buildings are overgrown with moss. It looks like an abandoned city.

Li Biyue stands in front of them and says slowly, “Welcome to the future.”


Chapter 978   [My daughter?]

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  1. so the future is Fallout: Liu Yi Edition..
    man, i wonder how the arc will end, but in the end they time travels to the future.

    though, if he become the great cosmos god, who the heck is devil sect leader…?! is this some kind multiple-worldline esque story. that would be epic.

    thank you for the translations~
    stay safe and healthy everyone!


  2. So lui yi became the keeper of time, that is very odd. Its just so random and not something he cares about. Also events clearly aready changed, so what became of that?


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