MKW Chapter 977

Chapter 977   [Title below]

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“Stop wasting your breath.”

Ai Ling, who is standing by the side, suddenly snorts as she curls her lips and says, “This guy is mine.”

When Liu Yi heard this, he was slightly shocked. What is wrong with Ai Ling today? Why do I feel like her temperament has undergone huge changes! Should she hate me a lot? Why say such things now?

Even Ai Ling is slightly shocked. Because what she had just said seems to be said out subconsciously from her heart. Hey hey. It is from my memory, but I can’t recall it. This kind of feeling is too hateful.

Black Cavalry crosses her arms as she looks at Ai Ling and Liu Yi.

“It seems like history can be changed.”

“What happened in the future?”

Liu Yi immediately put aside Ai Ling’s matter and asked, “Why did you all go through so much trouble to come back to kill me?”

“Aak yourself what happened in the future.”

Black Cavalry says emotionlessly, “Liu Yi, you are the source of all sins. That is why you must die. But don’t you worry. After you die, I will accompany you.”

“Accompany me to die?”

Liu Yi is even more at a loss. Who is the girl in black attire and mask? Why does she treat me like this?

But I sense something familiar from her.

“Who are you?”

“You will know after you die.”

“You can’t kill me.”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “I have cultivated the God Race Undying Body successfully. Your powers will no longer deal with me. Furthermore, my AI has already obtained enough resources to upgrade itself. After she has upgraded, all of your data will be mine. At that time, you will no longer be able to hide your identity.”

“You will not be able to.”

Black Cavalry says, “We still have methods to deal with you.”

With that, she turns around and looks at Liu Yuelian by her side.

The girl nods her head before saying to Liu Yi, “Uncle, don’t blame me for being impolite…”

With that, she takes out her clock treasure and circles it with a finger before saying, “Absolute time!”

A watch face appearance-like formation immediately appears under Liu Yi’s feet. Liu Yi instantly sensed everything in front of his eyes turned blur as an unprecedented weak feeling shroud him.

“Uncle, within these 10 seconds, you are now an ordinary mortal!”

Liu Yuelian says, “You must strive to survive for 10 seconds!”

What the, this is saying, can do it and immediately do it?

Liu Yi wants to cry but has no tears. Why does this lass have such a bug-like ability! Although 10 seconds seems to be short, to experts, they can kill me several hundred times!

“Let me protect you!”

Ai Ling immediately blocks in front of Liu Yi. She raises her right hand as red god lightning immediately was grasped within her hand, releasing eye-catching radiance.

Ever since she was struck by the god lightning, Ai Ling had obtained the ability to control god lightning. She can summon the god lightning as she wishes and controls it. Although god lightning is the bane of the god race, it is fatal to all other lifeforms!

“It is useless.”

Black Cavalry shakes her head, “Although your god lightning is powerful, it is unable to harm us.”


Ai Ling suddenly smiles as she spits out a mouthful of immortal qi.

The red blood fog flies out from her cherry mouth. It is Fog Qi Real Body!

Liu Yi’s fog qi is golden in color while her fog qi is red in color!

This red fog qi swiftly coils around the god lightning, making the god lightning look even weirder!

“Fog Qi Real Body…”

Black Cavalry is emotionally moved.

“What a smart girl. To learn Liu Yi’s best skill in his arsenal.”

“If I didn’t have this bit of ability, then how can I come out to society!”

Ai Ling relies on the prestige of her god lightning to guard Liu Yi.


While Black Cavalry can no longer wait. She suddenly flashes and disappears from her spot.

“Be careful! It is Shadow Step!”

Liu Yi hurriedly warns. While Ai Ling as an expert who is already a realm crosser, how would she need Liu Yi to warn her? She had determined the attacking method of her opponent.

A black radiance appears in the sky like a black moon blossoming with radiance!

While Ai Ling’s body was warped into fragments by this black moon, but Liu Yi is not worried. Because it was only Ai Ling’s afterimage that was warped.

But this black moon ability, why is it so familiar…

Liu Yi frowns slightly. Black Cavalry did not show herself as a black crescent starts shooting out, chasing after Ai Ling.

Although Ai Ling is holding god lightning in her hand, she cannot attack and can only be forced to dodge.

The opponent’s attack is too savage. If she is careless, she might die!

While taking advantage of Black Cavalry stalling Ai Ling, Dragon-mouth Scorpion, who is standing by the side, smirks and uses Shadow Step, appearing in front of Liu Yi and grabbing hold of his mouth before force-feeding him a black pill.

Liu Yuelian cannot help but ask, “Why did you not kill him?”

“This person is too powerful.”

Dragon-mouth Scorpion flashes back. His movements are very swift, like he had planned for it.

“Even if I kill him now, after the time has passed, his vitality will once again revive! Thus, why don’t I take advantage of the opportunity to feed him my latest breed of infant! And through him, I can control the Black Devil King!”

“Control the Black Devil King?”

Liu Yuelian does not understand, “Aren’t we going to kill the Black Devil King? Why control it?”

“Hahaha, you stupid girl. Why do we need to kill it?”

Dragon-mouth Scorpion smirks, “Only by controlling Black Devil King can we control the future! At that time, the world will be ours!”

“Mother! What is he saying!”

When Liu Yuelian heard this, she got a huge shock as she hurriedly asked her mother, “Why did the plan turn into this? We are going to control the future?”

Black Cavalry also frowns as she reappears from the darkness while glowering at Dragon-mouth Scorpion.

“What are you doing? Planting the infant is to make him and Black Devil King massacre one another. When did it turn into control?”

“Black Cavalry. You are wasting natural resources recklessly!”

Dragon-mouth Scorpion laughs weirdly, “Did you really think that I followed you to save the world? Controlling this world is my final objective!”

While at this moment, Liu Yi is kneeling on the ground dry coughing.

Ai Ling is beside him, patting his back continuously in worry.

“Liu Yi, Liu Yi, what is the matter with you. Force it out with your qi! You cannot let that pill control you!”

“Hahahaha! My medicine has been improved!”

Dragon-mouth Scorpion laughs loudly, “Unless it is the Black Devil King from the future, no one else can resist this drug property! Liu Yi is mine! All of you are now useless already. Go and die obediently!”

With that, he waves his hand and orders Liu Yi, “My servant kill all of them.”

“Why…should I listen to you?”

What shocked Dragon-mouth Scorpion is that although Liu Yi is kneeling there with cold sweat covering his forehead, he can speak normally.


Dragon-mouth Scorpion got a huge shock, “How, how can you resist my medicine! The infant is planted into your body. It should already have taken over your nervous system!”

“Infant…is it this thing?”

With that, Liu Yi forcibly dug his hand into his solar plexus before pulling out a fist-size black infant that is covered in blood.

The infant’s eyes are closed and have a twisted appearance. Its small hand is also clenched, making it look very scary.

After being pulled out by Liu Yi, it immediately opens its mouth and starts crying loudly.


Dragon-mouth Scorpion is about to fall apart. How is it possible for the infant that I had planted be so easily pulled out?

“Idiot. I thought of the method to defend against it.”

Liu Yi burst that infant with a clench before mocking, “From that instant, the pill entered my body, the fog qi in my body had wrapped around it. Little lass’s Absolute Time is indeed very strong, but it is unable to influence my qi. As long as my Fog Qi Real Body is still around, you can just dream on if you wish to use this kind of thing to control me.”

“Damn it!”

Dragon-mouth Scorpion’s expression changes greatly as he immediately runs around as he tries to escape.

While Black Cavalry appears in front of him as she slowly sheathes her blade back into the scabbard.

Dragon-mouth Scorpion’s upper and lower body starts to separate. He had been chopped into two by Black Cavalry.

“Traitor. Your life shall end here.”

Black Cavalry’s voice is cold, “When you go down to hell, remember to repent.”


Dragon-mouth Scorpion lets out a final scream, “I, I want to become the king of the world! I am…”

Before the finish, his head had fallen off.

Looks like Black Cavalry did not slash out only once. This causes Liu Yi and Ai Ling to feel their blood run cold. This woman’s swordsmanship is very scary.

“Looks like ultimately, there is only us left.”

Black Cavalry looks to the left and right. By her side remains two girls. One is Liu Yuelian, while the other is Sky Swordmaster.


“I pledge my life to follow Lord Black Cavalry!”

With that, Sky Swordmaster pulled out her silver light sword.

Black crescent moon, silver light sword ability…

Liu Yi sighs lightly, “Elder sister, Leng Mo, it is the two of you, right.”


Black Cavalry and Sky Swordmaster look at each other. Seeing Black Cavalry nodding her head slightly, Sky Swordmaster takes off her mask.

Indeed it is that iceberg-like face of Leng Mo.

“That’s right. You have guessed correctly.”

“Why…why did the two of you want to come back to kill me…”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand towards Li Biyue blankly, “Could it be that…I had done something wrong to Elder sister?”


Li Biyue becomes taciturn. She finally takes off her mask and reveals that familiar beautiful face that Liu Yi knows.

“Younger brother…”

“Tell me what is going on!”

At this moment, Liu Yi is truly angered. He does not dare to believe that his elder sister actually came back from the future to kill him!

Liu Yuelian immediately jumps up and starts attacking Liu Yi, “You devil. How dare you be so fierce towards mother!”

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