MKW Chapter 976

Chapter 976   [Title below]

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Wind Listener is a blind person.

But since young, he was exceptionally gifted. His hearing exceeded others thousands of times and is like a bat!

His hearing is so good, being able to hear the sounds of grass growing even from a thousand meters away.

That is why he is in charge of guarding this laboratory’s door. The moment the enemy approaches, he will immediately notify everyone.

Almost as he just sent out the alarm, the door to the laboratory was kicked open.

That guy from the legends who is wearing a black and white robe walks in majestically with a beautiful girl carrying a quick-witted aura following behind him.

No matter which one, both people from the legends in the future. Perhaps they should be the ones who saved the world, but in this era, they can only be enemies.

“The road forward cannot be entered.”

Wind Listener is holding two blades in his hands. He raises one of them horizontally and blocks their path forward.

Seeing the ribbon tied around his eyes, Ai Ling mutters, “A blind person?”

“My eyes are blind, but my heart is not blind.”

Wind Listener says faintly. He can hear the movements of the two of them, including the sound of Liu Yi clenching his fists.

“If you do not move aside, perhaps your heart will also become blind.”

Liu Yi does not wish to waste time on these small fries. According to the data that he had obtained, their leader should be a woman called Black Cavalry. As long as he finds her, this matter will no longer make Liu Yi feel troubled.

Truth. What this world wishes to know the most is forever the truth!

“Your heart is very irascible.”

Wind Listener says, “This kind of irascible heart will be shrouded by smoke.”

“Stop telling me profound theories!”

Liu Yi pursed his brows, “I already warned you once. I will not warn you a second time.”

“If you have the ability, then breakthrough.”

Wind Listener waves his blades, “But I cannot guarantee that you will leave alive.”

“Good! Then let’s give it a try!”

Liu Yi immediately turns into a black light and instantly appears beside Wind Listener.

Wind Listener snorts coldly as his blades start dancing like splashing ink! It is marvelous as it defends his entire body from being harmed while blocking Liu Yi from moving forward.

Liu Yi pulls out two Sunray Sword as his avatar appears behind him, holding six Firegod Sword and start attacking Wind Listener!

Wind Listener is calm as his two blades were like they are spiritual, chopping left and right as he blocks Liu Yi’s attack continuously. Liu Yi had attacked with over a hundred moves in an instant, but not a single move landed on Wind Listener!

This fellow indeed is a master at defending!

“I know that you have cultivated the God Race Undying Body.”

Wind Listener continues to say, “Although I am unable to defeat you, you can’t defeat me.”

“Is that so?”

Liu Yi will not agree to Wind Listener’s viewpoint. After all, he still has not entered God Transformation and is only casually crossing blows with Wind Listener, testing out his strength.

This Wind Listener strength is roughly around 24 starjades. Along with their Superhunter’s ability, it is indeed thorny for ordinary people to fight against him.

“I must admit that your hearing ability is indeed very interesting.”

Liu Yi suddenly stops attacking as he chuckles, “But don’t you feel that it is also your greatest weakness?”


Wind Listener immediately shakes his head, “My powerful hearing ability is my trump card skill. It allows me to become incomparably powerful!”

“Is that so?”

Liu Yi uses his darkness power, which allows him to create any kind of item to create an enormous gong, which is nothing difficult at all.

“You took out something,” asked Wind Listener immediately when he sensed the changes in the airflow.

“That’s right. It is something that will make you delighted.”

With that, Liu Yi raises the gong hammer, and ruthlessly strikes the gong.

This gong sound is like a bomb exploding out loudly!


Wind Listener immediately cups his ears while blood starts flowing out from his eardrums.

“Your strong point is naturally your weak point.”

Liu Yi sighs as he looks at Wind Listener, who is kneeling on the ground wailing in pain, “In the future, you must never bet everything on a single thing.”

“Damn devil! You source of evil! I will kill you!”

Wind Listener suddenly endures the pain and jumps up. His blades are covered with a peculiar radiance as they chop at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi moves backward as a silver crescent moon appears on his forehead.

Using Moon Dream Sutra, Liu Yi immediately stops Wind Listener in place and tosses him to the side.

Wind Listener crashes into the wall creating a large hole in the wall.

Inside the hole is the laboratory.

Seeing this, Liu Yi walks into the laboratory as he says, “Thank you for helping me open the door.”

Behind him, Ai Ling blinks; this fellow does have some patterns. In the past, I liked this kind of person? How interesting…

A faint voice says, “This place is not where you all should come.”

Immediately after, Liu Yi realized that he had appeared in a cemetery, although he had just entered the laboratory!

This cemetery is very strange, with shabby gravestones erected all over the place.

A chill wind blew over, brushing against Liu Yi and Ai Ling.

“Seriously. To come to such a damnable place. It is disturbing my mood.”

Ai Ling pursues her brows with some resentment in her eyes.

“No worries, we will leave very quickly.”

Liu Yi gives Ai Ling a smile to put her at ease before looking at a tombstone on the left and says, “Since you have come, don’t hide. Could it be that you want me to invite you?”

That weird voice speaks again, “Indeed, you are the devil. To find the real body of me, Tomb Guard.”

After this, a palm break through the soil of the grave as a skinny man climbs out.

“Hehehe…you are very suitable to become a corpse in my burial chamber.”

This superhunter called Tomb Guard keeps smiling coldly, making Liu Yi very uncomfortable.

“That girl is also not bad…after turning her into a mummy, she shall be my bride!”

This sentence undoubtedly enraged Liu Yi. Fucking hell to dare to have plans on my Little Lass! This fellow is seeking death!

“Let me choose a tombstone for you!”

With that, Liu Yi pulls out a Firegod Sword.

“Hehehe…no one can kill me!”

Tomb Guard laughs strangely, “This place is my world. My servants will kill you!”

With that, he kneels on the ground and stabs his hands into the soil.

Instantly the wind in the surrounding starts howling unceasingly!

Numerous corpses outdo one another as they climb out from their graves before charging at Liu Yi with a roar.

All of these corpses carry a scary power and are not the same as ordinary corpses.

Liu Yi snorts coldly as he waves his Firegod Sword as he uses Wine Sword Technique, “At the borders of Qin and Han dynasty, the war at the endless borders never ends!”

Wine Sword Technique created streams of black sword shadows that shoot out immediately. It is like an automatic guided missile as it chases after each and every single moving corpse, beheading each of them!

These corpses are like delivering vegetables to Liu Yi, unable to harm him!

“My servants…my servants…”

Seeing his attack not have any effect at all Grave Guard is very angry.

But not only did Liu Yi cultivate the God Race Undying Body successfully, but his cultivation had also broken through, and Grave Guard’s current strength is unable to do anything to him.

“Kill him!”

Grave Guard suddenly vomited blood and sprayed it on the tombstone in front of him.

That tombstone immediately exploded, and an enormous corpse pulls itself out from the ground. It then slaps out a palm at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi keeps his Firegod Sword and points his hands at the enormous corpse before pulling his hands apart.

Using Moon Dream Sutra, that enormous corpse was instantly torn into two and collapse onto the ground.


Grave Guard turns pale with fright as he does not dare to believe in what he is seeing.

“This is reality.” Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “It is time for you to return to your grave.”

Without any trace of politeness, he raises his hand and lifts up Grave Guard into the air by his neck with Moon Dream Sutra.

“Now, you can forever accompany your corpses. Pervert.”

With that, like following a set pattern, he tears Grave Guard into two.

Grave Guard’s system was immediately swallowed up by Little Jade, and Little Jade entered her upgrading process.

“Finally got rid of this pervert.”

After killing Grave Guard, Liu Yi did not have any psychological burden.

To have the cheek to humiliate my Little Lass. Seeking death!

Ai Ling, who is standing by the side, watches all of these silently. He is still that protective of me. Perhaps, he feels that I will still return to his side.

This guy seems to love me very deeply.

To Ai Ling, who had forgotten all of these, she felt deeply guilty.

With the death of Grave Guard, the illusion also slowly disappears. The original appearance of the laboratory appears in front of the two of them.

In front of them is four more superhunters. One of them is Liu Yuelian; the other is Sky Swordmaster. As for the remaining two, the woman on the left wearing black attire as well as a mask should be the head Black Cavalry. The perverted guy wearing a lab coat on the right who is looking at me like looking at a first lover should be Dragon-mouth Scorpion.

All of these superhunters each have their own code name.

“Hey, brother. Can you not use this kind of gaze to look at me? It makes me feel that your orientation has a problem.”

“My orientation does not have any problem.”

Just as Dragon-mouth Scorpion’s sentence makes Liu Yi feel relieved, his following sentence instantly causes him to be very scared!

“I like men.”

Motherfucking hell! He is gay! Fuck! Could it be that there is also a gay among those that came from the future?

Liu Yi feels that it is not him who is sexist. He merely feels that the odds are little….making him speechless?

Could it be that there is no longer any talent in the future?

“You will scare him, Dragon-mouth Scorpion.”

Sky Swordmaster’s mouth that was exposed under the mask starts to curl up, “But I am willing to support the love between the two of you.”

Liu Yi roars in his heart, support your sister! What the fuck are you messing about!

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  1. the last part is so hilarious XD
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  2. Yeah no Liu Yi is totally sexist (is that the right word for this even, feels like it shouldn’t be but cant thinkof a better one) and the reason is simple, he is hating the guy for the wrong thing. Its fine to hate someone for unwanted advances, but Liu Yi is rather clearly hate gays in general.


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