MKW Chapter 974

Chapter 974   [Title below]

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Li Cha is an elder from Dragon Tiger Gate. His cultivation had long achieved Heaven Realm.

This old man had been in seclusion, but this time, he had no choice but to exit his seclusion.

Because his sect’s junior brothers had actually been defeated by a young kid! This is simply preposterous!

Dragon Tiger Gate is a major sect that has been famous for a long time. Furthermore, martial cultivators are the strongest cultivators. How can we be defeated!

I shall exit seclusion and teach that stinky brat a lesson! I shall let him know, what is a real expert!

Li Cha looks at the Dragon Tiger Gate disciples kneeling in front of him while being flushed with success.

“Junior brother. You disappoint me greatly.”

Li Cha had just broken through 22 starjades and became very arrogant. He crosses his arms as he looks at his junior brother, who is in charge of the sect and asks, “Back then, the Dragon Tiger Sect was handed over to you, and you still have not let it become number one in the world?”

It is not Dragon Tiger Sect being weak, but the enemy is too formidable…”

The junior brother replied honestly, “That cultivator called Liu Yi, is simply a pervert! None in the cultivation world are his opponent…”

“Shut up!”

Li Cha roars in anger, “Enhance other’s spirit while extinguishing our own might! Junior brother! I see that your time has been cultivating to feed your dog!”

That Junior brother has some anger in his heart, but with his senior brother’s identity and strength, he can only bear with it.

But he thinks in his heart, if you feel that, then you go yourself!

Thinking to here, he thinks rapidly and says, “It is indeed junior brother whose strength is incapable!”

He cups his hands towards Li Cha and says, “Senior brother. It is only you who can achieve the important task of obtaining number one!”

“Hmph, of course!”

Li Cha nods his head, “What is my cultivation? 22 starjades! It can practically let me do anything I want in the human realm! That whatever sect has only emerged for a few years, not to mention that its predecessor is the Raising Immortal Palace Hall, that sect that was in dire straits. Junior brother, this time, senior brother shall let you show a real expert.”

With that, he plans to start heading towards the Massacre shrine.

But a figure suddenly flies over from the sky, and it is a cute looking girl.

“Who dares to trespass my Dragon Tiger Sect! You don’t want your life anymore?”

Seeing that even a girl dares to charge into Dragon Tiger Sect as she wishes, Li Cha becomes even angrier.

Indeed we don’t have any more fame! Now anyone dares to offend my Dragon Tiger Sect! I must let Dragon Tiger Sect’s fame resound in the world!

After Li Cha decided, he prepared to take it out on this lady!

“Looks like I did not come to the wrong place.”

This young girl is none other than the Transmigater among the Superhunters Liu Yuelian.

“Okay, let’s quickly settle you guys. I still need to make a trip to other sects. All of you be obedient and don’t move!”

Liu Yuelian’s tone makes a lot of the Dragon Tiger Sect people smirk while Li Cha starts laughing from anger.

“What an arrogant doll! Good. Today I shall let you know what is called strength!”

With that, the old Taoist stomped on the ground. He lets out an unblockable aggressiveness as he whooshes into the sky with a leap.

At the same time, he raises his palm and hacks down at her head.

If his palm hacks down on, any ordinary cultivator would explode into pieces and die!

This is how martial cultivators are. If they claim themselves as number two in close-combat, no other cultivators dare to claim themselves as number one.

But Liu Yuelian floats there. She did not have any intention of dodging.

Li Cha cannot help but smile. Perhaps this doll got frightened stiff. So be it. Let me send her off swiftly!

It is a pity for such a beautiful doll to die.

While Li Cha is thinking about these, his palm descends.

When there is only a finger-width spacing between Liu Yuelian and the palm, a golden energy shield appears and blocks Li Cha’s palm.

Li Cha’s enormous palm hits the energy shield, but it only trembles slightly.


Li Cha got a huge shock as he did not expect that his attack was ineffective.

When the envoy of the Dragon Tiger Sect, who was formerly stationed at MS, sees this energy shield, his expression undergoes huge changes.

“It, it is them; they have come!”

These people were practically undefeatable! Didn’t they go to trouble MS? Why did they come and look for our sect!

“What protective treasure are you carrying? Hand it over to me!”

Li Cha thought that Liu Yuelian possessed a powerful treasure and instantly became greedy. He wishes to kill her to obtain the treasure.

Dragon Tiger Qi gathers in his palm and slaps towards Liu Yuelian again!

He has confidence that he can break the shield with a palm strike, then kill that doll, and snatch her treasure!

But Liu Yuelian did not allow herself to be hit again this time. She takes out a clock-like object.


When her palm clenches on it, Li Cha’s figure was frozen in midair.

“Hateful old man! To still wish to take my treasure. Hmph, you are a bad person. Let me teach you a lesson!”

With that, she shakes her clock lightly.

The middle-aged looking Li Cha suddenly starts to swiftly grow old. Instantly, he turns old and white-haired while his sideburns turn grizzled. He had instantly aged by several tens of years!

It is very hard for this kind of cultivator to wish to become old. This move of her’s scared the people from Dragon Tiger Sect badly.

“Aiyah…it seems like I had overdone it!”

Liu Yuelian sticks out her cute little tongue as she shakes her clock again.

The old man that had become so skinny that he is almost like a dried corpse immediately becomes younger and becomes an old man that looks around his sixties.

“Not bad. This looks pretty good now!”

Liu Yuelian keeps away her clock while Li Cha stares at his hands as well as that long white beard in horror.

Li Cha becomes angered as he prepares to kill her, “Why, why did I become like that…demoness, what, what demonic technique did you cast one!”

But how is he Liu Yuelian’s opponent? Liu Yuelian freezes him in midair again before taking out a little black pill, which she tosses into his mouth.

After he had eaten this pill, Li Cha’s gaze immediately turned glazed. After which his gaze becomes bewildered becomes similar to a newborn infant.

Liu Yuelian says loudly, “From today onwards, you are my underling! Call me master!”

The arrogant Li Cha lowers his white head and says, “Yes, Master!”

The people from Dragon Tiger Sect were all astonished. What, what is this pill! To control the mind of people!

“Leave my senior brother behind!”

Li Cha’s junior brother is greatly alarmed. Although he does not like his senior brother, no matter what, he is still their sect’s cornerstone! He cannot allow him to be snatched away by others!

He immediately jumps up, wanting to snatch his senior brother Li Cha back.

Liu Yuelian gives her first order, “Beat him.”

“Yes, master.”

Li Cha faithfully complies with his order. He raises his palm and hits out a dragon shadow, which hits his own junior brother, instantly beating him up so badly that he is vomiting blood as he collapsed onto the ground.

Li Cha’s junior brother’s face is pale as he shouts in despair, “Finished, finished…we are finished now…”

“Not bad. Let’s go. Follow me to the next place.”

Liu Yuelian nods her head in satisfaction. My mother should be satisfied now! 

She did not even look back as she led Li Cha and flew towards another direction.

Sooner after this matter, this news also spread to MS.


“Sect Head Liu, I beg you, I beg you to save our Elder Li!”

“Also, save our Elder Shangguan!”

“Sect Head Liu, only you can save us now!”

Liu Yi creases his brows as he looks at the large group of people kneeling in front of him.

These people are from sects from both inner and outer pavilion. Almost all of them had the strongest expert in their sect captured; thus, they ran over to lament.

“Strange…just what do they want to do? Why did they capture experts from the sects…”

Liu Yi is sitting on his golden seat as he gently massages his temple. These fellows really did not play their hand like what I expected. I originally thought that they would continue to trouble me, so I had already made preparations for the second fight. Unexpectedly, they take action against other sects, which is weird.

Don’t tell me that these people wish to catch me off guard?!

If that is really the case, then this is thorny.

Liu Yi is not afraid of them fighting him head-on; instead, he is afraid of them playing tricks from the darkness.

Especially these people below him who are buzzing incessantly wanting him to go save them. This causes him to start to have a headache.

Poison Jasmine is standing obediently behind Liu Yi while massaging his temple for him.

Whereas for Chen Keqing, she is standing by the side as she scolds, “That’s enough from all of you. A few days ago, when our sect was in danger, all of you ran faster than the others! Right now, when it is your own sect that is in trouble, you change your face and run back to cry for help? Does your sect know how thick your face is?”

“Elder Chen, a while back, it is indeed us acting like a snob. As the superior, be magnanimous, and please don’t lower yourself to our level!”

“That’s right, that’s right. We know our mistakes! You cannot sit idly and don’t lend a helping hand!”

“Everyone here are people from your sect; you must defend the alliance!”

Chen Keqing is about to go mad from anger; these people don’t have any face!

Just as she wishes to ridicule them again, Liu Yi stretches out his hand and stops here.

“Senior sister. Let me speak.”

“Yes, sect head.”

How would Chen Keqing dare to be disobedient to Liu Yi’s wishes? She hurriedly retreats to the side.

Liu Yi also let Poison Jasmine withdraw before saying, “Fellow Taoists, fellow Daoists. I know of your difficulties. I also do not wish to see such misfortunes happening to everyone’s sect. It is just that even if you beg me, I’m also unable to help; however I would like to.”

“Sect Head Liu, don’t be so heartless. Could it be that you are going to watch us die?”

“Sect Head Liu, I respect you as a hero, could it be that I was mistaken?”

The people below start shooting sentence after sentence making Chen Keqing indignant.

Where did the face of these people run to?

Liu Yi himself is unconcerned. After cultivating, no matter what these people say, it is just perfunctory to him.

He had always been tempering his mental state. As long as his mental state is raised, he would be able to achieve even higher cultivation.

“Everyone has misunderstood. Being unable to help does not mean that I am unwilling to help.”

“Then what does Sect Head Liu mean?”

Chapter 974   [Unable to help however much one would like to]

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