MKW Chapter 973

Chapter 973   [Title below]

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Ghost Monk jumps into the air and blasts down a burst of giant palm seals.

Liu Yi crosses his arms as he stands there unmoving.

The giant palm seal hits his body and only causes his clothing to move slightly while his body is fine.

The giant palm seal that made Liu Yi wretched has become like a breeze now. It did not leave an injury on Liu Yi.

This is the God Race Undying Body that Liu Yi mastered. It can completely disregard the attacks from other people. Back then, Ai Ling’s God Race Undying Body was also incomparably powerful and could completely disregard Liu Yi’s attack. Right now, Liu Yi is also the same. Relying on this powerful flesh body, he negates Ghost Monk as well as Nine-tailed Turtle’s attack.

Superhunter’s actual strength is similar to Liu Yi’s strength before he entered seclusion. If it was not for them possessing that destructive power that cannot be resisted, they would not have bullied him so badly.

But right now, Liu Yi not only found the method to resolve their destructive power, but his strength had also improved as well. This makes him have the upper hand during the fight.

Ghost Monk had hit out countless palm prints but realizes helplessly that his attacks are ineffective. He takes a deep breath before summoning out his natal pet!

Bodhisattva, who possesses thousands of arms, once again appears in front of the crowd. It causes a lot of Massacre Shrine’s disciples to feel horror subconsciously. After all, the previous time, this thing had displayed its prowess in front of Massacre Shrine and injured a number of disciples.

It can be said that this thing’s degree of terror had exceeded an atomic bomb.

But looking at Liu Yi’s figure, these disciples calm down. With Liu Yi around, they believe in their sect head that there will not be any danger!

As long as Sect Head is around, there is nothing to fear! Sect Head is their god in their eyes!

“To be honest, this Ghost Bodhisattva of yours is ugly.”

Liu Yi mocks, “It insults the words sacred statue!”

“This is a Bodhisattva that gives its life to enter the devil!”

Ghost Monk says sternly, “His existence is to purge all of the evil in this world! You are the source of evil! That is why you must disappear!”

With that, all of the hands of the Ghost Bodhisattva let out blacklight and gathers together!

An enormous palm print immediately falls from the sky smashing at Liu Yi’s head.

The momentum of this palm print is very tumultuous like it is going to flatten the entire Massacre Shrine!

While Liu Yi stands there without any fear on his face, instead, he is indifferent.

“If you feel that this is Buddhist qi, then let me show you what real Buddhist qi is.”

With that, Liu Yi places his hands together and starts chanting Buddhist scriptures.

An enormous arhat real body stands up behind him and raises its arms.

That enormous palm print was raised up by the arhat like arhat raising the sky.

“What a pure Buddhist qi…”

Even Ghost Monk is startled seeing this astonishing Buddhist qi of Liu Yi.

In the legend, Liu Yi is proficient in several schools of sutras. Demon, Devil, Buddha, Immortal, and more! I originally thought that he was only being exaggerated, but today, after experiencing it for myself, the legends are not fake!

“Arhat snoozing!”

Liu Yi controls that arhat. Holding the giant palm print, it suddenly twists it’s waist and collapses towards Ghost Monk. It is like it is going to smash Ghost Monk into meat paste.

Ghost Monk turns pale with fright as he does not have any method to deal with this kind of attack! Ghost Monk could only use Shadow Step and blinks away from his original spot and appears far away, almost leaving Massacre Shrine.

Liu Yi lets out a shout, “Where are you going!”

After this, he stretches out his hand and pulls back in the direction of Ghost Monk.

Ghost Monk still had not reacted when he was pulled over by Liu Yi’s Moon Dream Sutra from several hundred meters away like he had lost control over himself!

“Ahhh!!! Stop for this monk!”

Ghost Monk keeps tumbling in the air as he attempts to control his body.

But Liu Yi’s Moon Dream Sutra is too powerful. That golden black sun on his forehead had already turned into a crescent moon.

Ghost Monk’s cultivation was a lot weaker than Liu Yi. After Liu Yi had exited seclusion, it had exceeded his by even more!

He is unable to control his body and can only allow Liu Yi to pull him over. Ghost Monk’s heart is filled with horror as he subconsciously summons out his recently revived Natal Pet and plans to use it to protect himself!

Ghost Bodhisattva shrieks as it flies over. Its thousand hands hit out giant palm prints at the same time like a battery bombardment!

While Liu Yi stands there calmly, ignoring those palm prints, allowing them to hit him. His palm that is aiming at Ghost Monk in the sky suddenly turns into a fist and pulls downwards!

Ghost Monk still has not understood when he feels a wrenching pain in his chest.

In his gaze, a scalding heart flies out from his body towards Liu Yi.

“Since you are a monster, why do you still need this human heart?”

With that, Liu Yi crushed that heart.

Ghost Monk vomited blood from his mouth. Although he is a cultivator, his flesh body is still very important to him. Without a heart, Ghost Monk’s flesh body is equivalent to being ruined! He shrieked as his soul left the flesh body and flew out. It then enters Ghost Bodhisattva’s skeleton!

Liu Yi praises him, “Possessing your Natel Pet? This is an interesting technique.”

Ghost Monk is very angry. Now that he is fused together with Ghost Bodhisattva, his voice becomes very hoarse, “You destroyed this monk’s flesh body!!! This monk wants your life!”

Ghost Monk’s body charges over as over a thousand palms grab at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi talks a step forward suddenly and places his palm on Ghost Bodhisattva’s sternum.

He did not use Glorious Sun Palm as he uses an ordinary palm move.

Ghost Bodhisattva’s rib instantly cracked into several pieces, and then it was slapped away by Liu Yi, flying several meters away.

A lot of bone fragments fall from the sky. Even several arms behind Ghost Bodhisattva were broken.

Ghost Bodhisattva screams in anger. Looks like Ghost Monk is really angered.

When he lands on the ground, it starts to expand!

The bones start to grow and extend crazily, and very quickly, it turns into an enormous monster!

With this, every time he tosses out a giant palm print, it is like an aoe attack! Massacre Shrine’s disciples are bound to suffer a calamity!

“Die already!”

Ghost Monk is about to go crazy. He controls all of the palms and prepares to release a giant palm print that covers everything!

“Don’t think of it.”

The crescent moon between Liu Yi’s brow turns back into a golden black sun. At the same time, an enormous devil flies out from behind his back!

This devil’s figure fled into the sky before looking down from the sky. It then crushed Ghost Monk’s skull with its mouth!

This causes Ghost Monk’s body to sway for a while as his attack also stops.

“Demons and ghosts, henceforth, you are not allowed to approach my Massacre Shrine!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he once again uses Moon Dream Sutra and aims at the side before raising his hand.

The several hundred-meter tall Massacre God Pagoda immediately rumbles as it rises up. It was raised into the sky by Liu Yi before falling from the sky and pressed down on Ghost Monk’s body!

No matter how big Ghost Monk’s body is, it is only several tens of meters. This Massacre God Pagoda nails down his Ghost Bodhisattva’s body, firmly pressuring him down below!

With a rumble as Massacre God Pagoda reaches the ground, the earth also trembles.

“Sect Head…is really powerful…”

All of Massacre Shrine’s disciples exclaim in admiration as they look on in admiration of Liu Yi’s strength.

Those people who oppress them bitterly were beaten up like one two three! They are weak!

Sect Head is awesome! Who could compare to him, only experts can!

The most startled one is Sky Swordmaster. Liu Yi’s improvement speed had broken away from her era’s! Originally history should not have developed like this. Is this us changing history? But Liu Yi did not die; what if Black Devil King was revived?

Recall the horrifying fellow who destroyed the world; Sky Swordmaster cannot help but tremble.

Looks like I need to input the Infant? But this thing has just been bred. What if there are issues with it?

“Lord Black Cavalry…Nine-tailed Turtle, as well as Ghost Monk, have died in battle…”

Sky Swordmaster can only report the news up to Black Cavalry. Black Cavalry becomes silent for a while.

“Since that is the case, prepare to input the Infant.”

“Are we really going to do this?”

“Are you disobeying my orders?”

“I do not dare to…then I shall immediately execute the Infant program…”

Sky Swordmaster hangs up the call before looking at Liu Yi.

“Let’s meet again next time.”

With that, she prepares to leave.

Looking at the woman wearing a mask, Liu Yi stretched out his hand.

“You think you can leave!”

Sky Swordmaster knows that Liu Yi possesses the scary Moon Dream Sutra. She did not hesitate and released an ability.

Densely packed sword light instantly falls from the sky. The radius is very big and envelops the entire Massacre Shrine!

This sword light possesses the destructive power of a superhunter. If ordinary disciples were touched by it, they would die very miserably.

Liu Yi does not dare to think of anything else. He tosses out Monarch Shield before blowing immortal qi onto Monarch Shield.

This Monarch Shield instantly starts expanding, and in a blink of an eye, it turns into an incomparably enormous shield. It is like a sky lid, directly sheltering above the entire Massacre Shrine.

The sword rain falls heavily and speedily, crashing onto Monarch Shield, creating lots of sparks.

But Monarch Shield’s defense is very strong. This sword rain can only cause a few sparks but is unable to do any actual harm.

The sword rain is densely packed. It continues for over a minute before stopping.

When Liu Yi put away his Monarch Shield, Sky Swordmaster had escaped. As for that woman who sneaks attacked him, her strength was indeed higher than the rest of them. Furthermore, Liu Yi does not know why, but he feels like this woman is very familiar…perhaps he had seen her before.

“No matter where you escape to, I will find you!”


Chapter 973   [Counterattack]

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  1. O.o initially i thought black cavalry is the older sister liu yi did in his rampage to save her from being executed by the hunter organization..

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      • i’d be shocked if its the truth.

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        i do wonder what makes liu yi become a demon that destroys the world.. is.. his.. foxsister… gone..?


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