MKW Chapter 972

Chapter 972   [Title below]

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Although the barrier that is created by Nine God Fire Staff is very powerful, it needs to rely on Princess Dragon Lotus’s strength to exist.

Right now, Princess Dragon Lotus has received heavy injuries and is unable to call up all of her strength. Thus the amount of qi she can supply to the barrier is not a lot.

In a while more, the barrier will be broken.

Nine-tailed Turtle is delighted as his attack speed becomes faster and faster!

“Damn it…is this guy a monster?”

Chen Keqing is almost about to grind her teeth into pieces. It is a pity that Princess Dragon Lotus’ body is unusual and is unable to accept qi transfer from other people. Otherwise, this barrier would persevere for an even longer time.

Right now, the light of the barrier is becoming dimmer and dimmer like it is going to extinguish any moment.

“Hahaha, your doomsday is coming soon!”

Nine-tailed Turtle is so excited that if he is a bit more excited, he will peak.

He raises his nine tails and stabs them down together!

The barrier can no longer take any more burden and finally breaks.

The red stars flutter all over the place. Princess Dragon Lotus sprayed out a mouthful of blood before fainting on the ground.

“Princess Dragon Lotus!”

“Damn it! Quickly think of a method to protect Massacre Shrine!”

Chen Keqing and the rest hurriedly thought of emergency measures, but a lot of Massacre Shrine disciples were already in despair as they stood there blankly like they were waiting for the coming of death.

Chen Keqing looks at the sky as she mutters, “Liu Yi…where are you…”

Nine-tailed Turtle is very satisfied. The next moment is the time for him to wipe away his disgrace! A dragon head tail flies out from behind him. It spits out a dragon lance and stabs towards them.

Just as Nine-tailed Turtle is preparing to start a massacre, a black gold light falls from the sky!

This light nailed down on top of that dragon head and made it unable to move!

Nine-tailed Turtle got a huge shock as he took a closer look. He realizes that what falls from the sky is a golden black sword!

“What…is this?”

At the same time, a man’s figure falls from the sky as well and stands in front of the disciples from Massacre Shrine.

“Sect Head!”

“Liu Yi!”

When the crowd sees this figure, they instantly exclaim as delight appears on their face.

“Apologises. I came late.”

Liu Yi is wearing a black and white robe. His eyes are red pupils which are slightly sinister.

While his skin had also turned slightly white, above his forehead is a golden black small sun that attracts the attention of the people.

Seeing Liu Yi’s appearance, Ai Ling is the first to be startled.

This fellow…isn’t this the appearance of falling onto the devil path? Could it be that he was still unable to endure it and become a devil? Then, is his rationality still there? But his speech seems very normal!

“Not too late…but we have been waiting…”

Chen Keqing is a very stubborn woman. But right now, she cannot take it anymore and starts crying, “Princess Dragon Lotus has fainted to help us protect Massacre Shrine. You must give her justice!”

“No one can harm my sect’s guest and get away with it.”

Liu Yi does not know Dragon Lotus has an ephemeral love affinity with him, but he has a favorable impression towards Dragon Lotus.

Seeing that Dragon Lotus is injured, Liu Yi becomes angered.

“Nine-tailed Turtle, right? Remember to tell Yama to make you a good person in your next life.”

With that, Liu Yi suddenly uses Shadow Step and instantly appears in front of Nine-tailed Turtle.

“Hmph. I thought that you had run away! You coming back, is seeking death!”

With that, one of Nine-tailed Turtle’s tails turned into a dragon head and crashed into Liu Yi’s chest.

While Liu Yi did not move as he stood there.


Nine-tailed Turtle is shocked as he did not expect that his attack would be ineffective!

He hurriedly uses all of his dragon heads to attack Liu Yi, which lets out a lot of vicious slamming sounds.

Liu Yi’s body is like it was cast from steel. Copper skin and iron bones. He does not pay attention to Nine-tailed Turtle’s attacks and allows them to land on his body.

It is like Nine-tailed Turtle is not hitting him but giving him a massage.

“This, this…”

The expression of Ghost Monk and Sky Swordmaster, who is floating in the air, change when they see Liu Yi standing there, not moving.

“This is…God Race Undying Body!”

“Impossible! He has no way of cultivating it!”

Sky Swordmaster’s expression turned alarmed. “His God Race True Blood is incomplete. That is why he had always been unable to cultivate the God Race Undying Body! This, this is impossible!”

“But…if this is not God Race Undying Body, then what is it?”

Ghost Monk’s face also turns pale. It can be said that Liu Yi, who mastered the God Race Undying Body, is tantamount to mastering the method to deal with the Superhunters.

But history recorded that due to Liu Yi using his God Race True Blood to nature Ai Ling’s Blood Lotus Flower; it was incomplete. It is because he did not master the God Race Undying Body; he finally allowed the Black Devil King to become arrogant and bring about the end of the world!

But…this Liu Yi mastered the God Race Undying Body? This, this has gone against our plan!

Our plan is to kill Liu Yi; this way, they can chop off the origin of the Black Devil King’s strength! This way, the end of the world will not occur.

But right now, Liu Yi has mastered the God Race Undying Body…then…can we still kill him?

This causes Sky Swordmaster to start to hesitate. She can only report everything to Black Cavalry through her AI.

Black Cavalry’s voice seems to be surprised. “He has mastered the God Race Undying Body?”

“That’s right,….lord, what should we do now. Do we still continue to carry out the plan?”

Black Cavalry only hesitated slightly and soon decided, “Continue.”

“We cannot guarantee that Black Devil King will not be born. Thus we can only eliminate Black Devil King’s source. This is the priority of the mission!”


Sky Swordmaster feels a little chill in her heart. Looks like this time, Lord Black Cavalry has steeled her heart.

Alas, Lord Black Cavalry is also doing it for the future…

Sky Swordmaster orders, “Nine-tailed Turtle, use your full strength to attack him!”

“I am already using it?!”

Nine-tailed Turtle’s voice is carrying exasperation, “Why did this fellow seem to have changed his bones! He is even fiercer than the Liu Yi that I had fought before in the past! It is like…he is not just one grade higher!”

What Nine-tailed Turtle does not know is that Liu Yi had undergone 300 years of cultivation. Not only did he completely fill up his 6th sun jade, but he also subdued his devil qi! In the past, Liu Yi was always controlled by the devil qi, but now, Liu Yi takes the initiative to steer the devil!

This way, when urging the devil, Liu Yi can guarantee that his rationality will not disappear!

Liu Yi’s current strength when he activates God Transformation as well as using his devil qi, along with the rest of his assortment of sutras, is 28 starjades!

He does not know if this strength can fight against a realm crosser.

Although Liu Yi has a very powerful cultivation base, he has a huge flaw. Although he has strength, his mental state is unstable. Who are realm crossers? They are experts who possess 28 starjades and, at the same time, possess the corresponding mental realm!

Liu Yi had only fulfilled one side of his cultivation.

Mental state cannot be achieved by relying on cultivating. It needs opportunities.

But it is enough to deal with these people who possess weird powers.

In a blink of an eye, Nine-tailed Turtle lets out countless attacks, but Liu Yi does not have any injury.

God Race Undying Body is very powerful. Nine-tailed Turtle feels like he does not know if he is really hitting steel or not as Liu Yi is even harder than steel and is motionless.

Liu Yi asked, “Did you enjoy hitting?”

“Because you possess God Race Undying Body, you think that you are impressive? Go die!” Shouted Nine-tailed Turtle as his nine tails stab at Liu Yi at the same time.

While Liu Yi only raises his palm aiming at the nine tails in the air.

Using Moon Dream Sutra, the nine tails of Nine-tailed Turtle was stopped in midair, unable to move!


Nine-tailed Turtle got a huge shock as fear appears on his face.

Liu Yi smiles faintly and says, “These tails of yours are too ugly. Let me do a good thing and take them away.”

With that, he pulls his palm backward.

The nine tails were torn off at the same time as blood spray several meters high!

“Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! MY TAILS! MY TAILS!”

Nine-tailed Turtle scream in pain while Liu Yi appears in front of him and presses a hand on his head.

“Help me greet Yama.”

With that, he raises Nine-tailed Turtle up with his right hand. His other hand stabs the golden black Firegod Sword into Nine-tailed Turtle’s heart.

The golden black Firegod Sword is carrying devil qi. After it had pierced through Nine-tailed Turtle’s heart, it started to swallow his soul frantically.

Very quickly, Nine-tailed Turtle’s soul was consumed, leaving nothing.

At the same time, Little Jade says, {AI starting to evolve! Preparing upgrading sequence, Sequence package 1. Still need 2.}


Liu Yi is shocked. So by absorbing their strength, it can allow Little Jade to complete her promotion?

But I still need to kill two. How nice, there are still two people in the sky. Heaven is rather caring for me.

“Nine-tailed Turtle was killed!”

Ghost Monk and Sky Swordmaster look at each other, feeling that the situation has turned bad. They can see the worries in each other’s eyes.

While all of Massacre Shrine’s people cheer. How an expert who bullied them badly was so easily killed by their Sect Head now! Massacre Shrine is indeed the world number 1 sect! Sect head is indeed the number one expert of the six realms!

Long live Sect Head!

“Looks like he achieved it.”

Ai Ling is also somewhat rejoiceful. He has mastered the God Race Undying Body, this perverted technique. How much did he go through?

Perhaps, this fellow is somewhat different from the rest.

Liu Yi crosses his arms as he stands there and asks slowly, “Who is next?”

“It has only been a month. So what even if you completed the God Race Undying Body?”

Ghost Monk is planning to take revenge. Last time he was defeated by Liu Yi and was nearly executed by Black Cavalry

This time, he wants to let Lord Black Cavalry know that he is a real killer weapon!

This monk can save the future!


Chapter 972   [This monk wants to save the world]

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