MKW Chapter 971

Chapter 971   [Title below]

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As Nine-tailed Turtle speaks, nine tails suddenly shoots out from his back.

This time, these nine tails did not appear as snakes but in the appearance of a dragon!

These dragons swim all over the place, ripping the sword qi incarnations with their teeth! The enormous dragon is covered with black light. These black lights are like iron cloth, blocking the attack of the sword qi.

The nine enormous dragons breathe out digital lightning from their mouth, which hits disciples, defeating numerous disciples in a row.

Although the energy shield’s durability is dropping, Nine-tailed Turtle’s attack speed is especially fast. Before his energy shield was broken, the 120 Deity Generals were almost all defeated.

“Leave it to us!”

Yang Mianmian and the rest take action at this moment. Yang Mianmian is holding a black ax as she leaps up.

Yang Mianmian, who possesses god strength, is incomparably valiant. With this leap, she jumps over a hundred meters into the sky and appears by Nine-tailed Turtle’s side. After which, she twists her waist and cleaves her black ax with both hands at Nine-tailed Turtle!

“It is useless.”

Nine-tailed Turtle does not fear the attacks of these cultivators. Their energy shield is practically without rival.

While Yang Mianmian cleaves at his energy shield fiercely and causes the entire energy shield to distort violently.

The energy shield instantly loses 50% of its durability! It scared Nine-tailed Turtle into sweating

What the fuck is? Why is this woman’s ax so fierce! She knocked off such a high data value!

How would Nine-tailed Turtle know that this woman had cultivated the Fog Qi Real Body attack method successfully? Thus she can do a certain amount of damage to their energy shield!

“One more time!”

Sensing the horror of that Nine-tailed Turtle, Yang Mianmian becomes delighted. Borrowing the force from the previous cleave, she twists her waist again and sweeps out with her ax again.

This ax seems to want to chop Nine-tailed Turtle into two.

“Do you think that I will be hit again?”

Nine-tailed Turtle snorts as a tail suddenly flashed over and knocked into Yang Mianmian.

Yang Mianmian does not care and is not concerned as she continues to attack Nine-tailed Turtle like she does not mind his attack.

This is Kunlun Mountain’s Strong Man attacking manner. They only care about attacking and disregard defense!

But the Nine-tailed Turtle attack carries a powerful destructive nature and is something that Yang Mianmian’s flesh body cannot withstand!

But at this moment, a female figure appears in front of him.

Womanland’s Princess Dragon Lotus uses her avatar to block Nine-tailed Turtle’s dragon attack.

The avatar instantly exploded, causing Princess Dragon Lotus to vomit blood.

While Yang Mianmian’s attack lands on Nine-tailed Turtle, it tears away the remaining durability of his energy shield!

After the energy shield was broken, Nine-tailed Turtle temporarily loses control over his body and immediately falls towards the ground.

A deep hole was smashed out on the plaza ground as Nine-tailed Turtle lies inside it.

Ghost Monk crosses his arms as he floats in the sky. Looking at Nine-tailed Turtle, who was beaten up slightly wretchedly, he says with disdain, “You really are trash. To be so easily beaten up by this era’s people. You are throwing away the face of Superhunters.”

“They possess a strange attacking method.”

Sky Swordmaster, this woman’s observation, is very attentive. She says, “This era has started walking onto a different trajectory. Perhaps, if this happens, the Black Devil King might not appear.”

When she mentions about Black Devil King, Ghost Monk shivers.

“This monk remembered that that guy summoned out Black Devil King back then…and let him attack this monk.”

“Why did you not mention it earlier?!!!”

Sky Swordmaster turned pale with fright, “By this time, shouldn’t Black Devil King had broken away? Why is it still under Liu Yi’s control!”

“This monk does not know…”

Ghost monk shakes his head. Although he likes fighting, his brain is not that useful.


Sky Swordmaster clenches her teeth, “Forget it. After all, we still need to kill the master of Black Devil King. As long as we kill him, Black Devil King will no longer exist.”

“Yes, yes…today we must exterminate Massacre Shrine.”

Ghost Monk wipes away his cold sweat and breaths out in relief first.

I must have been foolish to actually forget about such an important matter!

At this moment, Nine-tailed Turtle is climbing out from the hole with anger in his eyes.

“Damn it…you ignorant ants! To dare injure me!”

Nine-tailed Turtle is super unhappy. Today he wished to seize the opportunity to wipe away his past shame. But unexpectedly, he was beaten up!

I will be laughed at by Ghost Monk and the rest! Fucking hell!

Nine-tailed Turtle is angered. After climbing out of the hole, he waved the nine tails behind him.

It is like half of the nine tails suddenly disappear. When one of them suddenly appears out of nowhere, crossing a long-distance and bites Yang Mianmian’s shoulder.


Yang Mianmian shrieks miserably as she holds her shoulder while falling from the sky.

Chen Keqing and the rest hurriedly grab hold of Yang Mianmian before checking her injury.

Yang Mianmian’s injury keeps worsening. No matter how Chen Keqing and the rest try to treat it, there is no effect.

“Damn it!”

Chen Keqing stomps a stone brick under her feet into pieces.

“It does not matter. I can still fight!”

Yang Mianmian does not care about her shoulder and grabs hold of her ax again as she stands back up.

“You are mad!”

Chen Keqing is greatly shocked. Does this woman not fear death? Or is it that the girls in Kunlun Mountain are this swift and fierce?

“All of you must die!”

Nine-tailed Turtle did not plan to let off Yang Mianmian. Another tail behind his back disappears.

“Be careful!”

The avatar behind Princess Dragon Lotus was formed again. But this time, she did not use her avatar. Instead, she throws out her Nine God Fire Staff!

The weapon that was left behind by Tang Sanzang is very powerful. The moment it was thrown out, it stood vertically in the sky!

An awesome looking Buddhist Monk flies out from the fire with his hands together, chanting Buddhist scriptures.

Nine-tailed Turtle’s tail was immediately forced out by the Nine God Fire Staff. It is being burned by flames as the dragon head keeps screaming as it twists.

Nine God Fire Staff is too powerful. It burns until that Nine-tailed Turtle also feels unbearable hurt.

“Nine God Fire Staff?”

In his database also recorded the info of this weapon; thus, he immediately recognized it.

“That’s right. It is Nine God Fire Staff!”

Princess Dragon Lotus nods her head, “Prepare to die! Monster!”

With that Nine-tailed Turtle was suddenly burnt by golden-red flames! These flames are like maggots attached to bones as it sticks to Nine-tailed Turtle No matter how he tries, he cannot get rid of it!

“Damn it!”

Nine-tailed Turtle wishes to expel these flames, but he realizes that the flame attribute is too strong. It makes him unable to get rid of it!

His energy shield was also broken; thus, he is unable to reform a new one!

Although the injuries that these flames cause to him are not big, it is like restriction magic that makes Nine-tailed Turtle temporarily unable to call up his strength.

Princess Dragon Lotus shouts, “It is time! Everyone take action!”


Poison Jasmine drinks a mouthful of immortal wine before swinging her sword at Nine-tailed Turtle!

“Ask gentlemen how much worry can he have, an entire Jiangdong river flows eastwards!”

Wine Sword technique!

“Don’t ask the nine layers of heaven; one sword cleaves through 9 lands!”

By the side, Ma Yuanyuan also uses Wine Sword Technique as well. Their Wine Sword Technique combines together and becomes even stronger.

Gu Yu, Mo Lon, Yang Mianmian, Chen Keqing as well as the disciples of Massacre Shrine all attack together!

A huge amount of attack lands on Nine-tailed Turtle like they are not resigned if they do not blast him into slag.

All of the Massacre Shrine people were mobilized at this moment.

The attacks that fill the whole sky all fall on Nine-tailed Turtle.

Nine-tailed Turtle was instantly submerged by the attacks, and soon, his figure cannot be seen.

The dense smoke covers the place like it symbolizes death.

Massacre Shrine people were all very delighted as a few girls actually hugged each other.

Finally, they killed a person! This is too great!

“We have succeeded!”

Chen Keqing cannot help but cry emotionally.

But at this moment, the smoke slowly dissipates. Nine-tailed Turtle’s body is very miserable looking. His clothes are very tattered. His body is covered with blood, but he is still standing there.

Instantly everyone from Massacre Shrine was stunned. How…how can he stand!

“Damn it…all of you damn ants!”

Uncontrollable anger flashes across Nine-tailed Turtle’s eyes, “All of you shall die!”

Nine enormous black dragons fly out from the sky as they twist in the sky before frantically attacking the people from Massacre Shrine from all directions.

“Damn it!”

Poison Jasmine and the rest were startled as their faces turned pale from fright.

We worked so hard….but we are still unable to kill him!

The other two enemies are still in the sky and have not descended! Is Massacre Shrine really finished?

“Nine God Fire Staff!”

Princess Dragon Lotus wiped away the blood on the corner of her mouth and stubbornly straightened her body and sent all of her qi in her body into Nine God Fire Staff.

Although Princess Dragon Lotus possesses powerful cultivation, if she does not rely on Nine God Fire Staff, she is unable to use her qi. It can be said that the Nine God Fire Staff is Princess Dragon Lotus’s medium to launch her techniques!

Back then, the powerful barrier that protected Womanland instantly appeared, covered the top of the Massacre Shrine.

Massacre Shrine people were being protected within. When the nine enormous dragons descend and crash onto the barrier, the barrier ripples before the dragons are shot back.

“Womanland’s barrier?”

Nine-tailed Turtle frowns when he sees that his attack did not succeed.

“So you were still hiding this move. But you are already heavily injured. Let’s see how long you can last!”

With that, the nine enormous dragons spit out nine dragon spears and start to attack the barrier.

Ripples appear on the barrier and start undulating very fiercely. This shows just how powerful the attacks are.

In a short while, the barrier becomes weaker and cannot last for any longer before breaking.

“Is Massacre Shrine…going to be finished?”

Even Poison Jasmine is also stunned, holding her sword with a lifeless look in her eyes.

Although Ai Ling is a realm crosser, she can only sigh at this moment. She had just used God Lightning to attack, but it was ineffective towards Nine-tailed Turtle.

These people who emerge from nowhere are too perverted.

Right now, who else can save them?


Chapter 971   [Where is the savior]

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