MKW Chapter 970

Chapter 970   [Title below]

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“Love saint, ha! Your manner is sending the gays their best present!”

Liu Yi is strengthless to roast Chen Cai. Looks like this brother is going mad chasing after girls.

Chen Cai is about to cry.

“Then what should I do boss. The book clearly says it, and it is the most well-received book for the past two years!”

“That is the book that fujoshis are reading!”

Liu Yi rolls his eyes at Chen Cai, “Do you dare read a more decent book?”

“What is a decent book?”

“My Beautiful Teacher and the like!”

“Ohhh, boss is erudite and multi-talented! Making this little brother admire!”

Chen Cai prostrates himself in admiration. Indeed he is boss. Even the book name that he gives is high-end, stylish quality.

“I am not joking!”

Liu Yi says seriously, “I had read the comment online. There was a brother who was very introverted without any girlfriend. But ever since he read this book, he started to have an easy time with several girls! Youngster, your path is still very long, and you still need to work hard!”

“As you order boss!”

Chen Cai nods his head, “Since it is boss’s powerful recommendation, I will take a look at it. Moreover, I will revere it as a holy book!”


Liu Yi is very satisfied, “I help you choose a good book, and you also help me with this matter. Help me open the door to enter the Asura Realm. I will come back a month later.”

“Boss…are you really sure that you are going to do it?”

Chen Cai says with some worries, “I can only help you pull open the door and am unable to accompany you inside. After becoming an Asura Emperor, the moment one leaves the Asura Realm, they will no longer be able to return. Otherwise, the moment they return, they will never be able to leave and will become a real undying Asura!”

“No worries. You just need to help me open the door. After which, you just need to receive me later.”

Liu Yi pats Chen Cai’s shoulder lightly, “As for the remaining matters, leave it to me to handle.”


“Relax. Nothing will happen.”

Liu Yi says, filled with self-confidence, “ The Asura Realm is no different from my backyard. Could it be that there are still people who can harm me inside?”

“Fine. Let’s take 30 days as the limit then.”

Chen Cai says in his heart, 30 days…that is 300 years in the Asura Realm! Looks like boss treats the Asura Realm as his own backyard!

Fine then. If, at that time, boss does not come out, even if I risk my life, I must pull him out!

After Chen Cai decided, he stretched out his hands.

An enormous Asura Spirit emerges from behind him and scatters the downpour of rain.

That Asura Spirit stretches out both its hands and forcibly tears a crack in the air!

Liu Yi immediately recognized it as the technique that Ma Long had used to allow them to go to the Asura Realm!

“Thank you!”

Liu Yi did not hesitate and immediately leaped into that crack!

“Boss, good luck!”

Chen Cai waves his hand as he watches that gateway to Asura Realm closes slowly.

Liu Yi enters it wearing his black and white robes with a reminiscing smile on his face.

I have finally returned here. I feel slightly emotional. The amount of time that I have spent here is even longer than in China!

If it was other people, they wish to never to come back to this place where birds don’t even crap!

But Liu Yi still returned. For his sect, for those people who protect him as well as those people that he wishes to protect.

“Undying body. I am coming.”

Liu Yi had hardened his heart. While at this moment, a few asuras suddenly smash over from the side.

These asuras smash into the ground, creating a few deep holes.

A slightly stronger Asura General jumps over, holding a sword as it roars loudly, “All of you shall become my food!”

The sword in his hand easily chops off the head of a few asuras before his red eyes glare at Liu Yi, who is watching the show by the side.

After consuming the power of those asuras, that asura general laughs sinisterly, “Hehehe…looks like there is something even more delicious…”

“Apologies, I do not wish to become your dinner.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulder, “Eating me will make your front teeth drop.”

“Hehehe, give me your life!”

That asura general jumps over as he chops his sword at Liu Yi. Liu Yi shakes his head as his body tilts to the side, easily dodging that sword. At the same time, he stretches out a finger and jabs at the forehead of that asura general.

That asura general’s head instantly exploded as his strength flowed into Liu Yi’s body.

Liu Yi tosses the corpse of that brother to the side before saying regretfully, “Like I said, this dinner will break your teeth.”

“It, it is Liu Yi who has come back!”

“What?! Liu Yi? That horrifying Asura King?”

The asuras by the side who were planning to come over to fight were all scared out of their wits when they saw Liu Yi’s appearance.

His vicious name in the Asura Realm is very resounding! Even Asura Kings would evade when they see Liu Yi.

Liu Yi, on the contrary, becomes idle. He orders, “Sky Supporting Pillar, Washing Machine, Vacuum Cleaner, Pikachu. All of you come out and help guard me!”

Liu Yi sits on in a lotus position on the ground.

His four protector gods immediately fly out from his body and sit in the four points of the compass of Liu Yi.

The enormous water qilin, strong diamond ape, mysterious sky swallowing turtle as well as that slender black flood dragon!

These bodyguarding mythological creatures form a protection formation, guarding Liu Yi within.

“All shall rely on you.”

Liu Yi feels very gratified, looking at these loyal mythological creatures. While Meng Xi and Lin Tong fall over each other in their eagerness to jump out to guard Liu Yi.

With so many experts, Liu Yi indeed feels safe. He enters his inner world and starts cultivating his entire body, tempering his God Race Undying Body!

To cultivate the God Race Undying Body, one must first temper one’s true fire to the peak! Liu Yi’s god race true fire is still not strong enough. Especially since he had fed Ai Ling’s blood lotus flower a few times; thus, it is very weak.

Thus the amount of time needed to cultivate God Race Undying Body is not short.

All of the qi in Liu Yi’s body starts moving, revolving around that god race true fire as they temper and refine the true fire.

Just as Liu Yi is cultivating, some asuras who do not fear death charge at Liu Yi only to be torn apart by those guarding him.

Lin Tong is holding a Firegod Sword in her hand as she chopped an asura, which was sneak attacking, into two. She glances at Liu Yi and says with some worries, “Big idiot…you must succeed!”

Liu Yi is unaware of the external situation as he wholeheartedly cultivates his God Race Undying Body.

During these 300 years, I must cultivate the God Race Undying Body to its peak!

300 years in the Asura Realm is merely a month in the Human Realm!


During these one month, Massacre Shrine becomes even quieter. The front yard, which was as busy as a marketplace former, is currently completely deserted.

But Yang Mianmian, the princess of Womanland, even Ai Ling had all come over, waiting to guard Massacre Shrine.

“The deadline of a month is coming soon.”

Poison Jasmine looks at her handphone and says with a slightly heavy heart, “Soon, our struggle shall come.”

A disciple cannot take it anymore and ask, “Can Sect Head rush back in time? It has been so long since we last saw Sect Head…”

Although there are 120 Deity Generals remaining, a rumor which spread out by an unknown person is starting to sway the self-confidence of these Deity Generals.

That rumor is that Liu Yi is afraid of those mysterious people, thus he had escaped.

One must say, this rumor is rather formidable. It actually causes the will of the people in Massacre Shrine to be anxious.

Chen Keqing is filled with confidence towards Liu Yi, “Relax. Sect Head will rush back in time. We must believe in Sect Head!”

“What you say is right.”

Poison Jasmine nods her head and looks at the surrounding disciples before saying, “Believe in our Sect Head. He will rush back!”

“I always believe in him!”

“That’s right. Sage Ruler will not disappoint us.”

The experts from other sects also say so, making Chen Keqing and the rest grateful.

“Someone has come.”

At this moment, Ai Ling suddenly raises her head and looks at the sky.

“Has the time finally come?”

Momentarily, all of the Massacre Shrine’s people become nervous.

Poison Jasmine instantly raises her sword and shouts loudly, “All disciples, prepare!”

The 120 Deity Generals raise their swords together and roar.

This sound is very loud and charges up the sky!

Yang Mianmian and the rest also took out their own weapons, preparing to fight!

A few figures appear in the sky. Of the three people, the people from Massacre Shrine recognize two of them!

Ghost Monk, Sky Swordmaster, and the remaining one is Nine-tailed Turtle.

“Hehehe, looks like they have prepared to die!”

Seeing these disciples, Ghost Monk instantly becomes delighted, “Looks like we can slaughter as we wish!”

“Today, you can slaughter to your heart’s delight.”

Sky Swordmaster, who is holding a black ball in his hand, says, “After all, we have Infant in our hands. No one present can defeat us.”

Ghost Monk licks his lips and says delightedly, “Hahaha, this monk wants to play!!”

“Leave it to me. Let me go first.”

Nine-tailed Turtle, who had failed once, is anxious to gain merit to make amendments immediately fly over towards the ground.

“Damn it. Why can’t you let this monk go first!”

Ghost Monk is slightly annoyed, but he disdains to besiege the opponent with another person and feels that it is losing face.

“Prepare to receive the enemy!”

Yang Mianmian and the rest look at each other, preparing to take action.

“The first defensive line!”

Chen Keqing is sitting in the center of the formation as she commands the 120 Deity Generals who were deployed around her.

“Massacre formation!”

120 Deity Generals stretch out their hand one by one as an enormous figure formed from sword qi emerges behind them and urges their sword!

128 swords point at the descending Nine-tailed Turtle while Nine-tailed Turtle is laughing loudly as he waved his hand, letting his energy shield protect himself.

When the swords chop on the energy shield, it causes the energy shield durability to drop.

Nine-tailed Turtle did not place it in his heart. You do have some ability! You can leave your name in hell!”


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