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Chapter 969   [Title below]

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Liu Yi did not pass down the entire technique to them. He only imparted to them the portion on attacking, just like those Demi-dragon people in the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum.

With this method, their hope of winning will become bigger! After all, prior to the other party’s attack and even their energy shield durability cannot be knocked off. Only by learning this Fog Qi Golden Body’s attack method can they break their defense!

“Within a month, help me find these people.”

After passing down the technique, Liu Yi passes a name list to Chen Keqing and says, “I shall enter seclusion. The other party did not say when they would come within one month. Thus I am worried that they would come when I am in seclusion, and no one can stop them.”

“Understood, junior brother.”

Chen Keqing looks at Liu Yi with some worries, “Can we really pass this crisis smoothly? Why don’t we hide? After hiding for a while, then we can decide. Or maybe we can set up a large illusion barrier! That way, no one can find us!”

Her eyes suddenly brighten up, “Right, I remember that there is a book that was on researching formations. In the book, there seemed to be mentions of Qin Imperial Palace’s space flying formation! We can set up one for the sect, and at that time, no one can find our position!”

“Senior sister, we cannot do it like that.”

Liu Yi smiles and pats Chen Keqing’s shoulder lightly, “My sect cannot be like Qin Imperial Palace and be a turtle that pulls its head in. If we cannot rely on real strength to pass through this crisis, then how can the sect’s prestige still exist? Furthermore, look at the surrounding disciples. They are filled with confidence in the sect. Could it be that you want me to tell them that we are incapable and must hide like a turtle? Senior sister, I am unable to say it.”

Chen Keqing became taciturn. What Liu Yi says is indeed right. If we hide, even if we can preserve our life, we will let down the sect’s disciples.

“That is why, no matter if we die or live, we must fight till the end!”

Liu Yi says heroically, “I do not care who they are. If they wish to touch my sect, they must first ask me, first, ask our 120 Deity Generals! Senior sister, you must also learn this technique as soon as possible. Later, when I am not around, make Poison Jasmine hurry back and manage the daily affairs of this place.”

“Alas, you…are going to be an arm-flinging shopkeeper again.”

“This time, it is not to run around.”

Liu Yi hurriedly explains, “I am going to enter seclusion and cultivate to find the method to defeat those people.”

“Where are you going to enter seclusion?”

“A place that you all do not wish to go.”

Liu Yi pretends to be mysterious. After giving Chen Keqing a few more orders, he turned around and left without looking back.

“This fellow…likes giving people headaches…”

Chen Keqing lets out a soft sigh, but her expression is slightly infatuated.

“Perhaps with him around, the sect will no longer have any other problems…I shall believe in you. You must come back safely…”

After Liu Yi flies out of MS, he flies to Keda. He wishes to find a place to cultivate his God Race Undying Body. But a month is simply too short; thus, he needs to find a place that speeds up time.

“Boss. I am waiting for you at the soccer field.”

Chen Cai had heard what happened to Liu Yi through the phone. It is not a hard matter for him who had become Asura Emperor, to enter or leave the Asura Realm.

But what makes Liu Yi unable to understand is that Chen Cai, who is one rank higher than Asura King Ye Hanshuang, does not have the ability to teleport. If he has this ability, there is no need for him to run all the way back to Keda.


At this moment, Ghost Monk and Sky Swordmaster had returned back to their mysterious gathering place.

Ghost Monk is kneeling there, holding his cheek.

Black Cavalry is standing in front of him, gracefully shaking her wrist.

“You have ruined the plan.”

Black Cavalry says faintly, “Do you know what result is.”

“This monk, this monk was wrong…”

Ghost Monk’s face is pale as he trembles.

“This monk…is addicted to fighting…and forgot to stop momentarily…”


Black Cavalry says coldly, “You have already forgotten our task and forgotten your identity!”

As she speaks, she stretches out her hand and grabs the air.

The black world suddenly appears, carrying a mysterious sucking force.

Ghost Monk is badly frightened as he kneels on the ground, kowtowing repeatedly.

“Lord, Lord! Give me another chance! Let me atone for my crimes with meritorious acts!”

“That is a must, but there is no exemption from punishments.”

When Black Cavalry finishes, that shadow world seems to stretch out numerous hands that grab hold of Ghost Monk. As he screams in horror, the hands pull him in.

“Do not let this happen again.”

Black Cavalry claps her hand.

Sky Swordmaster, by the side, reminds, “Lord…let us prepare the matters for the next month.”

“It is time to prepare now.”

Black Cavalry nods her head before asking the other guy by the side.

“Dragon-mouth Scorpion, how is the cultivation of the ‘infant’?”

“Reporting Lord Black Cavalry, everything is going smoothly.”

That guy called Dragon-mouth Scorpion smiles, “Within a month, it will be mature! At that time, our task will be complete!”

“Very good.”

Black Cavalry nods her head, “Soon, everything will show results.”

“We pledge our life to follow lord!”

These people kneel down.


Tantric Sect. This pilgrim holy land is currently very peaceful. Living Buddha is currently sitting in the room, relaxing with his eyes closed. His body is releasing faint golden light like he is cultivating his buddha qi.

After some time, he finally says, “Come in.”

The moment he finishes, that door to the room suddenly opens on its own as a female walks in from outside and stands in front of the Living Buddha.

Although the person in front is the legendary Living Buddha, that female does not have any respectful intentions. Instead, she has a bit of arrogance.

“Looks like my Tantric Sect’s fate with this miss is not shallow. A thousand years ago, you stole my Tantric Sect’s King Ming Real Body. Now you came, here again, to make me answer the doubt in your heart.”

“You do know quite a bit.”

The woman that came is none other than Ai Ling.

“The reason why I come here is indeed to seek the things that I have lost. Many say that you are omnipotent. Then why don’t you help me find the memories that I have lost?”

Living Buddha did not open his eyes as he sat there and said faintly, “Other than yourself, no one can find the memories that you lost.”

“What are you saying?”

Ai Ling is very unhappy, “I am here to clear up my confusion. Not to listen to you playing taiji!”

“It is not that I wish to play taiji, hahaha…”

Living Buddha laughs bitterly, “It is because that guy who cast the curse on you, their cultivation far surpasses mine. I believe that even if Buddha comes personally, he could not undo that spell…”


When Ai Ling heard this, she frowns deeply.

That Great God Sect Sect Leader is so powerful? Even Buddha himself cannot undo it?

“That is why if you wish to undo this curse, it needs you to break it from inside yourself.”

Living Buddha continues to laugh bitterly, “As for whether or not you can break it, it shall depend on your opportunities.”

“What you say is equivalent to not saying anything!”

Ai Ling becomes gloomier and feels like she made this trip for nothing.

“Actually, right now is also an opportunity.”

Living Buddha thinks for a bit before saying, “If you can solve this opportunity, maybe your memories will be restored.”

“What opportunity?”

“Today a calamity happened in Massacre Shrine. The sect head Liu Yi lost an arm and fainted. The mysterious expert left behind a message that they will come back a month later to destroy the sect. Thus, Massacre Shrine, which was rich and powerful, only has a hundred people left.”

“What! Liu Yi got injured?!”

Ai Ling feels pain in her heart. This is her subconscious reaction deep in her heart.

She feels even sadder when Liu Yi is injured compared to herself being injured.

“That’s right. If you wish to recover your memories, why don’t you go over to his side.”

“How do you know about the matter that happened today?”

Ai Ling is naturally cautious. She is not in a hurry to leave and instead questions, “Could it be that you are misleading me?”

“Amitayus Buddha!”

To counter Ai Ling’s suspicion towards him, Living Buddha stretches out his hand and pulls out a handphone from his pocket and shows it to Ai Ling.

“Isn’t it the information era now?”

Damn it! Why is a monk playing with a handphone!

Ai Ling is powerless to roast. She cannot be bothered to continue this pointless argument with this old monk and left this Tantric Sect.

“One cannot get what is denied by destiny, no matter how hard he tries.”

Living Buddha shakes his head before continuing to relax, with his eyes closed, no longer speaking.


Kede’s soccer field is not small. Frequently the Didu chooses to have the soccer competition here.

But today, due to the weather, the stadium is temporarily closed.

It is drizzling, making the lawn of the stadium become slippery and wet.

Chen Cai is standing in the middle of the stadium as the drizzle automatically lands by his side like they had met an invisible qi wall.

Although the weather outside is very cold, Chen Cai does not seem to be affected by it. He is only wearing thin sportswear as he glances around the entire time like he is waiting for someone.

At this moment, the rain in the sky suddenly parts as a man’s figure falls from the sky and stands in front of Chen Cai.

“Boss, you finally came!”

Chen Cai grumbles faintly, “If you came later, I would catch a cold.”

“Go die! An Asura Emperor can’t catch a cold!”

Liu Yi says in his heart, why are you acting cute!

“How is the preparation?”

“Alas, you are not even a bit concerned about my health…”

“What the heck. You can’t find a girlfriend and finally decided to walk onto the abnormal path?”

“Fuck! I am only acting weak!”

Chen Chai hurriedly says, “A lot of people say that right now girls prefer bottom! Boss, say, am I considered as a love saint like this?”


Chapter 969   [New generation’s love saint]

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