MKW Chapter 968

Chapter 968   [Title below]

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A Massacre Shrine disciple points at that envoy and scolds, “Li Yunlong, our Massacre Shrine treated you well. Today You dare say such things; you are too much!”

A lot of Massacre Shrine disciples also point at him and scold nonstop.

But Li Yunlong does not feel any shame. He stands there with his arms crossed and says with disdain, “Husbands and wives originally are with the forest bird, in the face of imminent disaster flies away, respectively! Your Massacre Shrine and I only have dealings through our sect. Don’t tell me that you want me to offer my life?”

Ma Yuanyuan finally cannot take it anymore. With her sword behind her back, she walks forward and berates, “Right now, it is time for us to be united. Do you think that what you say is reasonable?”

“When there is danger, you turn around and run! Which sect’s coward are you from! If you have the guts, tell us the distinguished name of your sect! We want to see just what sect groomed trash like you!”

Ma Yuanyuan placed a hand on her waist with her other hand dangling down by her leg. Like the saying a girl’s teenage years, during the teenage years of a girl is around 13 years old. While Ma Yuanyuan was already a captivating young beauty at that age. Right now, she is getting close to adulthood; her figure is becoming even more attractive while her appearance becomes even prettier.

Liu Yi dares to guarantee that this girl will become a generation’s temptress when she matures! They really are sisters! Ma Yixuan’s seductive charms are almost succeeded by her own sister. But luckily, Ma Yuanyuan has well-defined likes and dislikes and will not walk down the path of her elder sister. Otherwise, this pair of beautiful sisters’ destructive power would be too big.

Hearing Ma Yuanyuan berates him, Li Yunlong immediately became slightly terrified.

But he is still unresigned in his heart as he summons up his courage and says, “It, is not like I am greedy for life and am afraid of death. If my sect is in danger, I will use my full strength to protect it! But right now, the one that is in trouble not my sect but Massacre Shrine! For what reason should I help Massacre Shrine!”

“Tsk, vile person!”

Ma Yuanyuan knows that right now, it is useless, that guy has a vile character!

“Do you dare to say your name?”

“Hmph, I am who I am, and I’m not ashamed. My surname is Li, and my name is Yunlong!”

Liu Yi is startled, Li Yunlong? Good fellow. Isn’t this a well-known regimental commander?

“You were named blindly!”

As a city person, Ma Yuanyuan has seen that TV play that was revised. Thus she sneers.

“This has been my name for several hundred years!”

Li Yunlong is feeling wronged; it is not like I purposefully followed other people’s great name. Who asked for this TV play to be so famous!

“Enough. Everyone stop quarreling.”

Liu Yi feels that there is no need to quarrel over this matter. He waves his hand and placates Ma Yuanyuan and let her calm down first.

“Yuanyuan, I know that you have a heroine’s righteousness heart, warmhearted and considerate, and speaks for us. But one of Li Yunlong’s sentences is right. This matter is indeed the Massacre Shrine’s matter. We should not drag other sect’s people lives in.”

“Hey! I like hearing this sentence!”

Li Yunlong slaps his tight, “You said it right. You are indeed the Sect Head!”

Ma Yuanyuan immediately glares at Li Yunlong, making him shrink his neck, no longer daring to speak again. He cannot provoke this girl.

“That is why I convened this meeting today. It is to see who is willing to pass this crisis with my Massacre Shrine. Those who wish to leave can tell me. For those who remain, my Massacre Shrine will take you as noble guests, and from now on, we will be eternal friends and will never infringe on you. But if you leave from this point on, in the future, everyone shall mind their own business, and we will have nothing to do with each other. After that, whatever happens to the noble sects, my Massacre Shrine will not help.”

“Sect Head Liu.”

A Fuxi Palace Hall’s disciple says, “For this crisis, it is still unknown if your sect can pass it. Don’t you think that it is useless to threaten people?”

“What I say is not to threaten.”

Liu Yi chuckled, “Fuxi Palace Hall. Before you speak, you must learn how to listen to the main point. If I am threatening, then I would say this. ‘Whoever does not help me, then right now, I shall go and exterminate their sect!’.”

This sentence scared a number of people. What the hell, Liu Yi would not do this, right?

He is very powerful. If he really wants to play this hand, who can stop him!

That Fuxi Palace Hall’s disciple also became nervous as cold sweat covered his forehead. My showing off of my speech…will not provoke the calamity of exterminating my sect, right?

“Of course. I will not do this.”

Liu Yi’s next sentence makes the crowd feel relieved. Damn it. This guy made it too scary! It makes us sweat!

“Although I hope that everyone will cross a river in the same boat, and pass-through this crisis with my Massacre Shrine but this crisis is indeed somewhat terrifying. Even I have no guarantee of surviving completely. Thus, we will welcome those who are willing to stay in Massacre Shrine and will be grateful. Those who do not wish to remain, we will not blame you, and you can leave now.”

The moment Liu Yi finished, he looks downwards silently.

The people below are hesitating slightly. Only Li Yunlong steps forward first and says what he is holding in his mouth, “I was just waiting for this sentence of yours. Then I, Li Yunlong, shall not wait anymore. Goodbye!”

He cups his hand and steps onto his flying sword and leaves.

“Vile person!”

Ma Yuanyuna stomped her foot in anger, but along with the leaving of Li Yunlong, it is like he had created a maelstrom. A lot of people also follow along and leave as the number of people in the plaza becomes less and less.

Originally Massacre Shrine was a large sect with over a thousand members, but now, half had left. Among them, a number of those who left were disciples from the Massacre Shrine. These people came to Massacre Shrine to seek fortunes and do not wish to die together with Massacre Shrine. Thus they left Massacre Shrine.

The number of people who left keeps increasing. Basically, all of the people who were deployed here to guard their individual embassy also left. Those who remained were die-hards who have extraordinary relationships with Liu Yi like Womanland, Kunlun Mountain, and the likes.

Fengdu City’s Sect Head also walks over and embarrassedly cups his hands towards Liu Yi.

“Sect Head Liu, that…I am sorry…this…my Fengdu City still has not recovered our strength. We are powerless to start a war with other sects…please excuse us…”

“Sect Head Tao! What do you mean?”

Liu Yi did not say anything but Chen Keqing is the first who disagree.

“Your entire sect was saved by our Sect Head! Now that my Massacre Shrine has trouble, you want to run? Benevolence, righteousness, honor, and shame. Which one do you remember?”

“This, this…”

Tao Cheng’s face flashes between red and white, “We also have the will, but we are powerless…my Fengdu City does not have any experts…”

“How can you have the cheek to say that !”

Chen Keqing is very angry, but Liu Yi waves his hand and stops Chen Keqing’s remaining scolding words.

“Sect Head Tao. Being able to save you guys is also considered as our fate. Right now, this fate has come to its end; I shall not detain you. In the future, your noble sect is on your own.”

“Thank you, Sect Head Liu!”

Hearing this, Tao Cheng becomes delighted. This Liu Yi is easy to speak to. Hahaha, we have skipped the step of quarreling and breaking off relations!

Make us go and fight against that group of scary, mysterious people? Impossible! The reason why we stayed at Massacre Shrine is to take advantage of Massacre Shrine and borrow Massacre Shrine’s fame!

A lot of people said goodbye and left, causing the scene to be slightly messy.

“Senior brother, why do you want to leave?”

“Junior brother. My mother only has me. I must go back home to do my filial duty!”

“Senior sister, where are you going?”

“I, I seem to be pregnant. I want to go home to raise my child!”

Everyone has all kinds of excuses to say before leaving this place.

Very quickly, Massacre Shrine starts to become cold and cheerless. In a blink of an eye, there are less than 200 people remaining, and several tens of them are external envoys who are stationed here.

Chen Keqing is slightly disappointed. Massacre Shrine, which was bustling in the past, had in the blink of an eye become like this.


But Liu Yi is satisfied, “I didn’t expect that there were still so many people who were willing to stay and live or die together with Massacre Shrine. I am very gratified.”

He thought that there would only be several tens of people remaining or even around a handful! But unexpectedly, there are still so many remaining.

A disciple shouted loudly, “Sect Head, alive we are Massacre Shrine’s people, dead we are Massacre Shrine’s ghosts.”

“That’s right! We pledge our lives to defend Massacre Shrine!”

The rest of the disciples become fired up.

“Thank you all.”

Liu Yi is rather touched, “At present, those who remain here are the disciples that are truly loyal to my Massacre Shrine. I counted, and in total, there are 120 people. All of you will be my sect’s elites among elites. Elders among elders. I confer upon all of you, the 120 Deity Generals.”

This name is rather imperious. At the same time, Liu Yi spoke again, “The remaining friends from other sects, you had also obtained Massacre Shrine as well as my, Liu Yi’s eternal friendship. No matter what danger you have in the future, as long as you need our help, Massacre Shrine, as well as I will assist you!”

These disciples start speaking.

“Sect Head is too polite!”

“That’s right. Everyone is an ally!”

The rest of the people from the other sects laugh. 

“With Sect Head Liu here, what is there for us to be afraid of!”

“Liu Yi. All of us are your good friends. When you have trouble, helping out is what we should do!”

Liu Yi is gratified. With these people, why is there a need to worry about how strong the enemies are?

He feels that at this moment, he is especially powerful!

“I will not let everyone fall into danger. My Massacre Shrine will pass through this crisis! After this, we shall show all of those sects how much regret they left! 120 Deity Generals, right now, I shall pass down to all of you the ultimate technique of Heaven Dragon Race, Fog Mist Real Body!”



Chapter 968   [All are comrade-in-arms]

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