MKW Chapter 967

Chapter 967   [Title below]

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“Sect Head!”

Chen Keqing got a huge shock as she did not expect that she would be pressed down below Liu Yi!

She is here to comfort Liu Yi, using my thoughts to placate him…not using my body to placate him…but why is it that I am feeling a bit excited being pushed down by junior brother…

Gods, Chen Keqing, you damn lass! What are you thinking about! You are too much! You are a virgin, a maiden! A female cultivator who wishes to cultivate to become the strongest expert! Why are you making such a principled mistake!

Chen Keqing, you wretch. You are too wretched y…why did I not realize in the past that you were such a female rogue!

Being pressed onto the bed by Liu Yi and feeling the aura from Liu Yi, Chen Keqing is a bit unable to control herself.

She suddenly recalled the first time when she met Liu Yi…it was at that damn… Book Pavilion…Back then, I was reading a book on dual cultivating…after which, I, I…comforted myself…

Damn it…so the first time we meet each other, it was over such a loathsome matter…what should I say….is it fate or…

Chen Keqing is momentarily at a loss and bashful. At the same time, she thought of other matters. Perhaps in this lifetime, I am destined to be his woman? If this was the case…then it is nothing much for me to hand myself to him …

Just…why must it happen at this moment, at this place…

Recalling this matter, Chen Keqing is slightly unhappy. I had countless fantasies of my first time..but absolutely not in this kind of situation…

“Junior brother…can, cannot…”

She immediately stretches out her hand and wishes to push Liu Yi away. But with how heavy Liu Yi is, how can she push him away

“It will not work if you call out to him like this.”

The soul of a fox suddenly flies out from Liu Yi’s body and lands on his shoulder.

In the past, when Liu Yi was having sex, Lin Tong had never revealed herself. Although she is slightly jealous in her heart, after all, he is her man; thus, it is very usual to have a harem. The most important point is that she is a spirit body and is unable to satisfy that need of his.

But this time around, Lin Tong has no choice but to come out. Because Liu Yi’s current situation is very dangerous!

Of the nine suns behind his back, one of them had already turned black gold! This is not a good sign!

If she allows him to do Chen Keqing, he might be unable to recover!

That is why Lin Tong came out to help Chen Keqing extricate herself from Liu Yi, who had lost consciousness!

“Persevere a while more! You must not allow him to have his way!”

Lin Tong says, “I will release a Buddhist technique and rouse his consciousness!”

Lin Tong and Liu Yi are using the same body. After obtaining Heaven Dragon Mausoleum, naturally, she also possesses his technique.

Right now, she can rotate his Buddhist qi! Lin Tong places her hands together and starts reciting Buddhist scriptures.

Golden Sanskrit characters start to appear around her!

“Big idiot. Right now is not the time for you to be wanton! Quickly wake up!”

As Lin Tong speaks, she urges her qi and, with a spurt of energy, hits that row of Sanskrit characters!

When the row of Sanskrit characters crashes onto Liu Yi, it immediately causes his body to tremble!

Chen Keqing’s figure was knocked flying away and landed by the side.

At this moment, a Buddhist aura appears around Liu Yi! The nine suns, which were about to be stained into black gold, slowly start to lose their black color and reveal its original golden splendor!

“Worthy of being called Buddhism’s Heart Sutra! Indeed it can drive out devils and guard against evil!”

Lin Tong lets out a sigh. As a soul, using Buddhism Heart Sutra actually injured herself as well.

Her complexion turns bad as she orders, “Big Sister Chen. The matter here shall be handed over to you now…”

With that, she transforms back into her fox soul and returns into Liu Yi’s body.

“Where did this fox come from…”

Chen Keqing does not know about Lin Tong’s matter and is only slightly curious, “Could it be another mythological animal that the Buddhist had subdued?”

By now, Liu Yi had regained his awareness. He sits on the bed with a sluggish look.

Chen Keqing starts to feel sorry for him. She no longer cares about how she was nearly bullied by Liu Yi and walked over. She embraces him lightly before patting his back.

“Sect Head…junior brother…it is fine now. All were in the past…”

Liu Yi laughs bitterly, “Senior sister…just now. I was very unsightly…”

“It still, still okay…”

Chen Keqing recalled the mistake that had nearly happened, and her face turned red. But she endured her bashfulness and continued to advise Liu Yi.

“Man…it is inevitable that you will feel hot-blooded…it is very normal…have you forgotten that in the past, I had also done some…unmentionable matters as well…”

“But….this time round, it was different…”

Liu Yi’s mood is somewhat serious, “I was starting to turn into a devil. Perhaps, I might lead to the end of the world …

“Impossible. How would I not know about my own junior brother?”

Chen Keqing feels that Liu Yi is worrying too much. “Although your temperament is somewhat prejudiced, your intention has always been very good. Which cultivator has never had a heart devil? You will conquer it!”

“Let’s hope that what Senior Sister says will happen.”

Liu Yi took a deep breath and decided to forget about this matter. After which he asked Chen Keqing, “After I had fainted, what happened? That woman, what else did she do?”

Although he had fainted, Liu Yi still recalled what happened before that.

A mysterious girl used a sharp technique to sneak attack me and even chop off one of my arms. As for what happened next, I do not know. 

“That woman seems to be a comrade of that monk.”

Chen Keqing started to explain to Liu Yi what happened afterward and told him what that woman said word for word.

“Wants to exterminate my Massacre Shrine?”

When Liu Yi heard this, his temper appeared! Damn it. Why are there so many people who are against my Massacre Shrine!

With that, Liu Yi pulls out his Firegod Sword and leaps off the bed. He carries an unblockable aura as he says, “No matter who dares to touch Massacre Shrine, they must first ask my sword!”

“Sect Head still has the same temper.”

Chen Keqing cannot help but smile, but her expression is slightly worried.

“Although Sect Head is not afraid…the disciples in the sect are not the same…”


Liu Yi seems to understand something and says, “Looks like a lot of people have become afraid, right?”

“This… there are some who are worried, I guess…”

Chen Keqing comforts, “It will be fine after a few days.”

“When the tree falls, the monkeys scatter. This is human nature.”

Liu Yi says, “Senior Sister, help me convene all of Massacre Shrine disciples as well as those envoys. I want to hold a meeting with them.”

“Understood Sect Head. I shall convene them now.”

With that, Chen Keqing walks out of the room and releases a signal firework.

The fireworks blossom out with glory in the sky. When Massacre Shrine disciples receive the news, all of them drop the things that they are doing and start making way towards the Massacre God Plaza that is used to hold a gathering.

Massacre God Plaza is enormous, and there is also the statue of Liu Yi erected there.

“What does the sect head want to do in the middle of the night?”

“Who knows. Most likely, it is because of the matter that happened earlier.”

The rest of the sect’s envoys gather together and start muttering.

Liu Yi is standing on top of that statue as he looks at those people below. There are more than a thousand people; some are Massacre Shrine disciples, while others are envoys from other sects.

Gu Yu, Mo Lan, Ma Yuanyuan as well as Yuan Tong, whom he had karma with during the World Gathering back then, are standing among them as well.

There are also a number of familiar faces from the inner pavilion people. But most are unfamiliar faces. Looks like they are rotating groups of people to be posted here.

Liu Yi, who is standing on top of the statue, is standing very high up. Thus he can see everyone below.

The people below are also looking at him as they discuss none stop spiritedly. Their voices entered Liu Yi’s ear. They are talking about anything making Liu Yi’s heart even heavier.

“Can Sect Head defeat those weird people?”

“It is hard to say…his arm got chopped off and back then he had fainted as well…”

“Alas, looks like Sect Head is also not undefeatable…is it really the best thing for me to join this Massacre Shrine?”

“Hey, the lot of you are not allowed to talk ill about Sect Head!”

These sentences cause Liu Yi to feel that the burden he is carrying on his shoulder is heavy. But these are his responsibilities.

“Big idiot…do your best…”

Ma Yuanyuan, who is standing among the crowd, looks at Liu Yi with some worry and silently cheers for him.

“Can Liu Yi get through this?”

Gu Yu asks Mo Lan, who is beside her softly.

“What do you mean?”

Mo Lan glares at Gu Yu, “You are worrying too much! Liu Yi is the man that I fancy. How can he not even endure this bit of suffering? If he is unable to endure, then I might as well dig out my eyes.”

Gu Yu shakes her head as she says in her heart, Mo Lan is starting to have a kind of near-blind confidence towards Liu Yi. This crisis is not a joke. We don’t know their identity, nor do we know their numbers. The degree of danger is unmeasurable.

If Massacre Shrine can pass through this current crisis, Massacre Shrine will once again greatly increase its reputation. And from there, reach an even stronger summit!

If they fail, then…Massacre Shrine’s prestige will drip down the valley.

Liu Yi. What do you plan to do now?

“Everyone, the reason why I convened all you is because of an urgent matter, so I ask all of you to forgive me.”

Liu Yi cups his hand towards the disciples below and says, “Right now, we are at the important moment of our life and death. That is why I have convened all of you to discuss this matter and pass the crisis together.

“Sect Head. I do not like this sentence.”

A minor sect’s envoy walks out and sneers, “We came to Massacre Shrine mainly because we admire Massacre Shrine’s fame in fighting prowess. We came here to look for protection. Right now, Massacre Shrine is on the point of death, for what reason should we live or die together with you?”

This sentence provokes the anger of a lot of Massacre Shrine disciples.

This sect envoy usually makes a pig of himself in Massacre Shrine. Massacre Shrine reception is also not bad and usually treats its guests well. Right now, he dares shows such a vile character! How repulsive!


Chapter 967   [Live or die together with all of you]

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  1. What happened to so many being able to sense power levels before? Early one it seemed like many could tell how many jade stars someone had. Liu yi even had said power, but no mention of it anymore. Sure it got in the way of stupid fights but it would also be a key factor here, if a ton were like “oh that was a realm crosser he lost to” they wouldn’t be looking down on him for losing, but praising him for houlding out and downing the first. Author probably just forgot about it.


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