MKW Chapter 965

Chapter 965   [Title below]

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As long as Liu Yi has the thought, this bone spear will pierce through Ghost Monk’s body!

Even if Ghost Monk is horrified, there is no use in being afraid. Because the current Liu Yi only has a single thought remaining, and that is to kill him!

If Ghost Monk does not die, Liu Yi will not give up!

Just as Ghost Monk is about to be executed, a white sword light suddenly sliced at Liu Yi’s arm!

With a sharp cutting sound, one of Liu Yi’s arms was chopped off and dropped onto the ground.

“Sect Head!”

“Quickly protect Sect Head!”

Seeing Liu Yi getting injured, Massacre Shrine’s disciples turn pale with fright and no longer care about themselves. They flew over and stood guard around Liu Yi to prevent anyone else from sneak attacking him!

While at this moment, Liu Yi, who had lost an arm, also loses his consciousness at the same time.

A female figure flies over directly and grabs Ghost Monk, who is on the ground, before looking at Liu Yi.

“Put him down!”

“You can forget about leaving my Massacre Shrine!”

The Massacre Shrine’s disciples glared at her. After sneak attacking my sect head, you still wish to escape?

“A month later, we will return back to Massacre Shrine.”

The woman is none other than Sky Swordmaster that was arranged by Black Cavalry. She is floating on top of a few silver sword lights. At the same time, her slender hand is holding on the massive body of Ghost Monk. “Your sect only has a month left. Enjoy your time.”

With that, Sky Swordmaster, along with Ghost Monk, instantly turns into sword light and rushes into the sky, disappearing.

“What is their background?”

“How would I know…ah, the elder is awake!”

Seeing that Chen Keqing is slowly regaining consciousness, the crowd was like they had found their pillar. They surround Chen Keqing striving to be the first to speak as they start buzzing around her.

“Elder, it is bad!”

“Sect Head is injured!”

“Someone wants to exterminate our sect!”

These voices make Chen Keqing vexed and annoying. One sentence after the other bombards her making her unable to decide who to listen to.

Without any choice, to stop the disciples from quarreling, she can only shout, “All of you shut up! Speak one by one!”

“Elder, it is like this…”

A disciple who is rather quick-witted normally immediately walks forward and salutes Chen Keqing respectfully before saying the course of the entire situation without any mistake.

Chen Keqing scowls as she listens on. Her unhappy mood became greater.

Originally she was very happy hearing Liu Yi display his might and defeat Xiao Shiyi and Wang Long.

But later on, when a strange monk who emerged was so violent. No matter if it is Wang Long or Liu Yi, neither of them was his opponent when fighting alone!

The matters in the cultivation world are becoming stranger and stranger. Chen Keqing feels like she is unable to keep up with this era.

“A month deadline. Can we live on?”

“Should, should we stay in Massacre Shrine…”

The disciples of Massacre Shrine start discussing with one another, not knowing what they should do.

One must say that the words from this mysterious woman indeed frighten these people. Even their sect head had one of his arms chopped off, what do they count as?

The slightest shockwave in the battle between gods is not something that these people can withstand. It is very likely that they will die in Massacre Shrine.

“Let’s send Sect Head back to heal first.”

Without any other choice, Chen Keqing can only order the disciples to carry Liu Yi back to the room.

A disciple points at the few people from Ancient Sword Sect and asks, “What should we do about the people from the Ancient Sword Sect?”

Wang Xinyi and the rest of them start to become slightly nervous. Wang Long and Xiao Shiyi had fainted, leaving no one behind who could make decisions for them.

“We have decided to stay in Massacre Shrine.”

At this moment, Wang Xinyi stood out and said, “Part of the responsibility of this matter lies with us. We are willing to stay and help Massacre Shrine rebuild and offer a portion of our manpower.”

“Hmph, who needs your help!”

A Massacre Shrine disciple snorts and says, “Cat weeping for the dead mouse!”

[TL: basically crocodile tears]

“That’s right. Hurry and scram. What a disgrace!”

The moodiness of these disciples seems to be very bad. They follow up with one another, making the Ancient Sword Sect people ashamed and unable to show their faces.

But Chen Keqing looks at the unconscious Liu Yi before waving her hand and stopping the racket from the disciples.

“All of you stop speaking. I have the final say in this matter.”

Chen Keqing speaks up, making the disciples stop clamoring immediately and look at her.

“Young Sect Head still has not returned while Sect Head is unconscious. I shall decide on this matter.”

Chen Keqing’s gaze lands on Wang Xinyi and the rest, “Since Ancient Sword Sect is considerate enough to lend a hand, we shall be thankful. Since that is the case, there is no need to be so polite. Please stay. Furthermore, noble guests are also wounded and need to recuperate. Wait till they have recovered; it is not too late for you to depart.”

Chen Keqing’s magnanimousness makes the Ancient Sword Sect’s disciples even more ashamed.

Chen Keqing sends people to help Wang Xinyi and her people to settle down while she herself stays by Liu Yi’s side, guarding the unconscious him.


Liu Yi realizes that he is sitting in a small floating boat. The small boat is drifting on top of a lake, but the shore cannot be seen from any direction.

Why have I come here? Ah, wrong…it seems like when I am fighting against that weird monk, I was careless and had been sneak attacked.

My arm also seems to have been chopped off…that means that this place should be my inner world.

Although his arm had been chopped off, Liu Yi is not worried. I have a dragon body and also a 50% energy body. As long as my head did not fall, any part of my body will be regrown back after being chopped off. That means that even if my little brother got chopped off by other people, it will still grow back again!

As for the reason why I had entered my inner world, perhaps it is due to my body needing to heal up swiftly. But, this small lake is really peaceful…how nice would it be if I can stay here forever.

Liu Yi takes a deep breath before lying on the small body, allowing himself to drift on top of the water at will.

He is unable to understand who that weird monk was and who is the one who sneak attacked him? But the one thing that he can confirm is that the two of them are together with the Nine-tailed Turtle.

“Alas, so many questions. Too vexing.”

Liu Yi sighs, “How nice would it be if someone can tell me the answer.”

“Do you wish to know the answer?”

At this moment, a voice suddenly speaks in Liu Yi’s ear, making him shocked.

He opens his eyes to see a beautiful girl leaning over him.

This girl is none other than Ma Yixuan.

Ma Yixuan is wearing a purple qipao with a bulging bosom that is pressing against his chest.

The neckline of the qipao is very low, completely revealing a deep, captivating ravine in Liu Yi’s eyes, making him entranced.

Why is it that in my inner world, Ma Yixuan’s figure is still so seductive? Could it be that my three outlooks are not proper?

Liu Yi. You ought to start chanting Buddhist scriptures.

He closes his eyes again and starts chanting Buddhist scriptures, trying to calm himself down.

“Liu Yi, you can not lie to yourself.”

Ma Yixuan’s voice rings out softly in Liu Yi’s ear. It is like a small hand covertly scratching his heart.

Damn it…this woman ended up becoming my heart devil?

“Didn’t you desire strength? As long as you have obtained strength, nothing can be concealed from your eyes.”

Liu Yi says, “Strength does not represent wisdom, Ma Yixuan.”

Although he knows that this Ma Yixuan is only a person of his imagination, it is not merely this simple. This girl, from his imagination, possesses a portion of Ma Yixuan’s real soul.

She can influence me at any moment and make me fall into the devil path.

But that is not my path!

“Wisdom is not worth mentioning in front of absolute strength.”

As Ma Yixuan continues to speak, she is like licking Liu Yi’s earlobe, making him feel slightly itchy.

“As long as you have strength, you will have everything…if you had such strength back then, I would have long been your woman…”

As she speaks, she suddenly stretches a hand into Liu Yi’s shirt and gently touches Liu Yi’s chest. Like a girl, a man’s chest is similarly sensitive. With Ma Yixuan doing such thing, Liu Yi is almost unable to control himself.

A beginner can’t control himself…but I am a great cultivator. I will not be tricked by this small temptation!

“Even if you chant Buddhist scriptures, it is useless.”

“I am a part of you. Why do you want to reject a part of yourself? Let us two fuse together. Using my intelligence to complement your strength. That way, in the world, who could be your opponent?”

“Stop dreaming. Who wants to fuse with you!”

Liu Yi closes his eyes and says with anger, “I don’t have such heavy taste.”

“Aren’t you injuring my heart with what you say?”

Ma Yixuan says coquettishly, “No matter what, I am still a girl…did; you forget how much you liked me back then?”

“That was the past. I was blind back then.”

Liu Yi said coldly, “No matter how you entice me right now, it is useless. I have long seen through your real character.”

Ma Yixuan smiles, “My character? Don’t you forget that right now, I am just a soul. The current me is not that Ma Yixuan, who made a lot of mistakes. I, am that pure Ma Yixuan’s soul, no ambitions.”

This sentence causes Liu Yi to pause. What she says seems right…but is the matter so simple?

Liu Yi keeps feeling like there is something wrong. Is Ma Yixuan just an ordinary soul?

“I am already a part of you. I am inside your soul. You can never leave me, nor will I be able to leave you.”

Ma Yixuan leaned close to Liu Yi’s ear and breathed out, “As long as you dual cultivate with me, you will obtain unparalleled strength…”

Unparalleled strength…

Red light slightly slowly starts emerging in Liu Yi’s eyes.

If I possess unparalleled strength…would all of these change?


Chapter 965   [Let’s merge together]

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