MKW Chapter 964

Chapter 964   [Title below]

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The enormous demon stands up from behind Liu Yi. He is over a hundred meters tall as it’s six arms grab hold of six black Monarch Shields!

Every single Monarch Shield is as tall as a small mountain. Liu Yi controlled it, and when it touches the ground, the ground trembles.

“What is this…”

“So shocking!”

The six shields gather together and form an enormous space-time surrounding Liu Yi and Ghost Monk inside. Other than the sky, it is separated from the outside world. This way, Liu Yi can guarantee the safety of others.

“Do you think that you can block me like this?”

Recalling that right now, the Black Demon King has not been formed yet, Ghost Monk laughs loudly, “This monk’s power is filled with destructive nature. This small barrier of yours can’t block my attack.”

With that, the Bodhisattva skeleton behind him continued to swing its arm endlessly. Over thousands of palm, prints started the second round of bombardment!

Liu Yi strengthened Monarch Shield defenses!

The six wall-like Monarch Shields received huge attacks as sparks keep erupting off it as palm prints smash onto them.

Ghost Monk’s power is really strong. If he keeps defending, Liu Yi might be able to continue for another 10 or so minutes!

But Liu Yi did not plan to keep receiving attacks. Otherwise, he would not have released out his natal pet Little Black.

With Fog Qi Golden Body surrounding Little Black, it becomes a clone of Liu Yi!

The Skeleton Monarch raises both its hands, and several black shadow swords immediately appear in the surrounding! Liu Yi has seen the might of these shadow swords, which are filled with destructive nature!

Under Liu Yi’s double control, Little Black waves his hands, and all of those shadow swords fly out, shooting towards Ghost Monk.

“Mere tricks!”

Ghost Monk mocks with disdain as he controls his own natal pet to use its giant palm prints to smash those shadow swords.

But those shadow swords are like they were alive and draw out their own arcs in the sky and dodge the densely packed giant palm prints to get close to Ghost Monk.

Ghost Monk snorts coldly and turns on his energy shield.

The shadow swords are indeed the sharpest attack method. It swiftly drains Ghost Monk’s energy shield’s durability at high speed.

Ghost Monk finally starts to panic. This is the first time he had seen such an attacking method.

Why is this demon moves different from the ones in the records? The moves are unusual, making it hard for people to guard against it.

Especially this Black Devil King. According to the records, isn’t it ought to be independent already? Why is it still being controlled! This is really non-scientific! Could it be that the records have mistakes?

Seeing that the energy shield is about to empty soon, Liu Yi is delighted in his heart. If this continues, I can take down this weird monk.

But Ghost Monk’s figure flashes and disappears from his original spot.

Shadow step again. This move is damn awesome! In the past, I felt that it was very useful using it. But now, seeing other people using it, it is still awesome.

Liu Yi immediately turns on his black and white world and starts seeking Ghost Monk’s figure.

Ghost Monk’s speed is very fast, and uses Shadow Steps very skillfully. Even when activating the Black and White world, Liu Yi finds it hard to capture his figure. Why are this old monk’s feet so agile?

While he is moving around, his energy shield’s durability is swiftly restoring to full.

This restoration speed is… heaven-defying!

It seems to be even faster than the Nine-tailed Turtle from before. It looks like, among this group of people, there are those who are stronger and weaker.

But, there are hardly any discrepancies with me. But they possess a strange ability. Not only did they possess super strong destructive power, but they also have an absolute defensive ability! Damn it!

A row of densely packed giant palm prints flies over, giving Liu Yi a feeling that he is going to be blasted into pieces!

As Liu Yi roasts unhappily, he lets Little Black flies in front of him, “Asshole! Are you a machine gun?”

Little Black controlled his shadow ability and created an enormous black centipede that clashes against that row of giant palm prints.

The centipede’s figure was being cut down bit by bit. The giant palm prints are too savage. It is like a meat cleaver, carving up the centipede segments by segments.

“Do you see this? You can’t resist. In front of this monk, get slaughtered!”

Seeing Liu Yi being beaten back, Ghost Monk becomes happy in his heart.

The Devil in the legends is merely so!

“The current you is too weak!”

Ghost Monk says with disdain, “You are not this monk’s opponent! Did you think that you could defeat this monk? Don’t dream of it. It is impossible! This monk possesses absolute strength!”

With that, the Bodhisattva behind him suddenly spread open it’s thousand arms. Intense radiance gathers in each of the palms before all of the palms suddenly attack in the same direction at the same time.

An enormous palm print instantly flies out. It is over twenty meters wide and attacks one of the shields.

That shield was torn apart by the attack revealing the Massacre Shrine’s disciple behind it.

“Weak. Too weak!”

Ghost Monk shouts in disdain, “So weak. You are making this monk very disappointed! This monk still has a bellyful of anger, so this monk shall attack all of you!”

With that, he suddenly stretches out a palm and hits out a giant palm print towards that hole!

This time, the giant palm print is slightly different. A giant palm print descends from the sky and presses down on those disciples.

“Be buried along with your useless sect head!”

The giant palm print is about to press down onto the ground. Chen Keqing is also lying there. If the giant palm print continues, Chen Keqing will die. Perhaps, she might not even leave behind a complete corpse and might be turned into minced meat!

Liu Yi’s eyes had already turned red. This damn monk is too arrogant!

Despair filled the eyes of those disciples as they kneel there like they are waiting for the arrival of their death.

“Save me…”

“Sect Head…save us…”

The imploring voices of the disciples entered Liu Yi’s ear making his heart even more in a mess!


Liu Yi roars, but those densely packed giant palm prints make him unable to respond and unable to lend a hand to the disciples!

While those disciples who wish to resist gather their qi together. Using sword qi taking shape, giant men stood up as they used their arms to prop up that descending giant palm print.

For a moment, several tens of disciples prop up that giant palm print. They brace strenuously, but they can only slightly resist the descending giant palm print.


Ghost Monk laughs loudly, non stop, “All of you go to hell! You ants, use your life to become this monk’s nourishment!”

A lot of disciples can no longer resist and start collapsing onto the ground.

Silvery radiance, that is, their soul power flows out from their ear, nose, and throat. These soul power all flow towards the sitting down Ghost Bodhisattva.

As their soul becomes weaker and weaker, a lot of people start to scream.

That giant palm print can absorb spirit qi, which is too scary.

Ghost Monk is delighted. My Ghost Bodhisattva is simply undefeatable!

What devil. He is weak! Wouldn’t it be better if I kill him today? That way, everything in the future will never happen! But before that, I must destroy everything that he protects!

Looking at Chen Keqing, who is lying there, Ghost Monk suddenly stretches out his hand, sending out a surge of power to pull Chen Keqing over in front of the Ghost Bodhisattva.

Ghost Bodhisattva stretches out two hands and grabs hold of Chen Keqing’s arms and legs individually and raises her in the air.

“Right now, this monk shall absorb this doll’s soul. This doll’s soul is a good thing. The Ghost Bodhisattva is delighted!”

As Ghost Monk speaks, he starts absorbing Chen Keqing’s soul.

Chen Keqing lets out a groan as her expression turns into suffering. Silver soul flowed out from her ear, nose, and throat and was sucked into Ghost Bodhisattva through its nose.

Ghost Bodhisattva has become more and more excited as its sucking speed has become faster and faster.

Chen Keqing’s expression becomes even more painful like she is going to die at any moment!

“Damn it!”

The anger in Liu Yi’s heart finally burns to its peak as his eyes start to turn red.

A female voice is faintly discernible in his ears like she is enticing him.

“What are you waiting for? Why are you still not using the power that I gave you? Use the power that I gave you, and you can kill him!”

The power that this woman gave me…

The red light in Liu Yi’s eyes is becoming even more exuberant.

Chen Keqing is right in front of me. I cannot let her die! To protect my senior sister, so what if I use the power of the demon?

Liu Yi’s body suddenly trembles as the demon, which is in the sky protecting this place, suddenly stores all of its enormous Monarch Shield!

Following this, a few white bone spears appear in the demon’s hand. That demon waves its arm, and one of the bone spears instantly descends from the sky. It draws out a silver light and stabs into that Ghost Bodhisattva’s body, nailing that bone body onto the ground.


Ghost Monk got a huge shock as he did not expect that Liu Yi would actually be able to tear through his energy shield and stab Ghost Bodhisattva!

The bone spear also carries a power that horrifies Ghost Monk. He realizes that his Ghost Bodhisattva’s soul is eroding bit by bit like it was eaten away by something.

While Liu Yi’s power is actually becoming stronger and stronger. Impossible. What is this power?

Although Ghost Monk wishes to break away from this predicament, he realizes that he is becoming emptier. Furthermore, a surge of acute pain is starting to spread out throughout his entire body.

This is because Ghost Bodhisattva’s soul is dying, which is causing an even horrifying injury to him!

“Don’t, don’t be like this!”

Ghost Monk finally starts to feel afraid as he kneels down and begs Liu Yi, “Don’t kill me…this monk does not wish to die…”

At this moment, Liu Yi is about to lose his intelligence. How would he let Ghost Monk off?

The demon in the sky raises a bone spear and points the tip at Ghost Monk below him.



Chapter 964   [Falling into demon path]

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  2. Let’s go back in time to stop the MC from becoming a demon and destroying the world. How? Killing everything he loves until he has no choice but to become a demon. -_-


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