MKW Chapter 963

Chapter 963   [Title below]

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Although Liu Yi has a mind-reading ability, it is useless against these people.

He guesses that it is most likely they created a kind of barrier using their Super AI to prevent me from reading their memory. Right now, what he can see are the fake memories that were created by the super AI.

This matter gives Liu Yi a headache, who suddenly realizes that it is inconvenient to be unable to read other people’s minds.

Ancient Sword Sect people were still stunned while Liu Yi had readjusted his state. After this, he swings out his Firegod Sword at the monk in the sky.

“To the ends of time, this hatred will never end!”

Firegod sword carries endless rays of light as it swings towards Ghost Monk!

Ghost Monk is only laughing weirdly the entire time like he is not afraid of Liu Yi’s Wine Sword Technique.

Indeed when the sword that crashes into Ghost Monk’s shield, it stops!

But the Firegod sword is still doing its best to break through the energy shield. Thus it exploded out with even dazzling light. While the energy shield’s energy keeps dropping and swiftly becomes around 20%. But Ghost Monk is still calm. He suddenly uses Shadow Step and instantly leaves.

Without any obstruction, that Firegod Sword suddenly speeds up and pierces through Ghost Monk’s afterimage and finally pierced through flew to the sky!

Wine Sword Technique is still urging Firegod Sword, causing it to fly high into the sky.


“This place is earth, right?”

Gaogaoer is an observer from Planet Gaojixin. He had followed the requirement from Gaojixin’s mission and jumped to the Solar System through a wormhole to seek planet N787, which possesses life. And that is commonly referred to as ‘Earth.’

Gaogaoer bears great criticism because Gaojixin is currently developing colonies. If Earth’s civilization is backward, then it will become a colony planet of Gaojixin! I heard that Earth’s natural resources are still quite rich. Furthermore, from the looks of its outwards appearance, hmm, quite lovely. It is really beautiful.

“Gaojixin Year 9882, 5th month 22 day, Observer Gaogaoer. I have arrived at Earth and am preparing to land. From the analysis of the satellite, Earth’s technology is lagging. A preliminary evaluation is 99% of being turned a colony.”

As Gaogaoer records, he prepares to descend.

While at this moment, the detectors are saying that an intense force is approaching.

“It seems like the earthlings have discovered me and had shot a weapon at me.”

As Gaogaoer speaks, he turns on the spaceship’s defense shield.

He seems to be unworried. Because, based on earth’s technology, their weapon is unable to break the defensive shield.

It is a pity that the exploration ship does not carry any weapon. Otherwise, with their technology, they can rely on a single spaceship to defeat the backward Earthlings. Gaogaoer looks through a screen at the beautiful blue planet with a trace of greed in his eyes. From the looks of it, he only needs to wait for his mother’s planet to receive the report and bring their enormous colonial fleet to conquer them.

Gaogaoer is satisfied in his heart. While he is preparing to continue to probe Earth, he realized that his shield was easily torn apart!

That unknown weapon had pierced through his spaceship before instantly running through the moon and flew into space.

“Gods…The earthling’s weapons are so scary!”

Before the spaceship drops, Gaogaoer only has time to send out a final message.

“I, I am going to fall! Earth is very scary! Colonial probability is 0!”


Naturally, Liu Yi does not know that his spell had unintentionally saved Earth. At this moment, he is under pressure.

Ghost Monk had appeared behind him using Shadow Step!

Towards this kind of technique, Liu Yi cannot be any more familiar with it! The very first hunter technique that he learned from Li Biyue was this move!

“Hehehe, eat my palm!”

As Ghost Monk laughs weirdly, he hits out a giant palm print!

Liu Yi suddenly clenches his teeth and uses his shoulder to receive this palm print!

Liu Yi flies away as black smoke emitted from his shoulder!

A surge of power tunneled into Liu Yi’s body frantically and started destroying his body. But at the same time, Liu Yi is also analyzing the property of this power as he attempts to find the method to defeat this kind of power!

How to resist this power?

As Liu Yi still does not comprehend it, the true blood in his body starts emitting faint blood radiance.


Liu Yi suddenly understood, God Race True Blood!

If I succeed in cultivating my God Race Undying Body, their attacks will be ineffective.

Liu Yi becomes delighted, that’s right. God Race Undying Body!

“Your body is quite sturdy.”

Seeing Liu Yi receiving this attack, Ghost Monk laughed weirdly, “But how many more palms can you take?”

With that, a giant palm print starts condensing on his hand as he prepares to launch his next attack.

“Enough from you.”

Now that Liu Yi had found the method to deal with him, now it is time to let Ghost Monk pay the price.

“You broke into my Massacre Shrine and destroyed my building. Today if I do not make you remain, where will my prestige go?”

Liu Yi had decided to be ruthless. If I do not make him pay the price, I will not be Liu!

“Just you?”

Ghost Monk seems to not place Liu Yi in his eyes as he keeps sneering.

“I am a bit disappointed with you. You are not as impressive as the rumors.”

“Relax. What will make you excited is coming!”

With that, golden light erupts from Liu Yi’s eyes, “God Transformation!”

Nine golden sun flies out from Liu Yi’s back. Massacre Shrine was changed from night to daytime! Liu Yi stands above the nine suns as a sun seal appears between his brows. His black and white chang pao attire, the words Massacre Shrine on its back.

Five Firegod swords float around Liu Yi, releasing an unblockable killing aura.


Ghost Monk finally frowns as he senses a pressure that he had not felt before on Liu Yi.

So this guy actually kept such powerful strength in reserve? But my power is also not this bit as well!

“What a bluff!”

He rubs his bald head before forming seals and attacking with palm prints with both hands like a machine gun at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi did not retreat. He stretches out his hand and pours his qi into the fire-god sword.

At the same time, the power of the Fog Qi Golden Body wraps around the fire-god sword and increases the attack power of the fire-god sword.

The five fire god swords spin swiftly and break down the palm prints.

Right now, Liu Yi is unable to defend against that Ghost Monk’s power. Thus he can only rely on attacking to offset it. Therefore Ghost Monk’s sharp giant palm print is ineffective.

Ghost Monk frowns even deeper, but soon, he starts laughing loudly before withdrawing his palm and place his hands together.

“Looks like you still have some ability. Good. Very good; this way, the fight will be exciting!”

With that, he releases rays of eye-catching golden light as a surge of familiar power reaches Liu Yi’s side.

“Come out, natal pet!”

Hearing Ghost Monk’s shout, Liu Yi’s heart tremble. It is indeed, a hunter’s ability! What is this strange old monk doing? Why is it that everything that he knows are hunter’s skills?

Liu Yi is unable to figure things out and feels like a dense fog is covering his eyes.

Looks like to uncover this riddle, I must take down this monk and interrogate him!

While the golden light on Ghost Monk’s body becomes brighter and brighter when suddenly, a three meters tall skeleton rises from behind Ghost Monk!

That skeleton is very weird! Clearly, it is a skeleton, but it is wearing a golden kasaya with a solemn Bodhisattva’s appearance!

This skeleton has a lot of unclear arms like it is Thousand Hand Guanyin!

“Good fellow. Your natal pet is very exaggerated!” exclaimed Liu Yi.

Why do I feel like it is a bit handsome as well?

“Hehehe…let’s have an enjoyable fight!”

With that, Ghost Monk controls his natal pet and makes the Thousand Hand Guanyin skeleton move its arm and keep throwing out giant palm prints!

Momentarily, dense palm shadows pelt down at Liu Yi!

This way, Liu Yi cant use his God Sword Protecting Body to block it.

But using the power of Falling Rain or Thousand Shadow is not enough to block these giant palm prints.

Liu Yi can only use his avatar to block in front of him using the six Monarch Shield.

The giant palm print keeps blasting on Monarch Shield while Liu Yi was bombarded backward, leaving two marks on the ground.

A lot of giant palm prints fly out to the surroundings.

The surrounding Massacre Shrine disciples and some of the other sects envoys who were watching the show, became unlucky as they were all affected by the giant palm prints.

Everywhere is in flames as disciples are screaming, making Liu Yi’s heart tremble.

This is my Massacre Shrine…to those disciples, I am their patron saint!

While right now, I can’t help them and can only watch them being bullied! Damn it!

This time, Liu Yi is going to go mad!

“Who can defeat my natal pet?”

Ghost Monk keeps mocking as he laughs loudly while attacking.

“You think that you are the only one with a natal pet?”

Liu Yi roars, “Little Black!”

A black formation emerges underneath him. Following which, Little Black once again appears as Liu Yi’s natal pet.

[TL: erm confused? I thought Natal pet cannot revive??? The moment it dies, it is permanently dead?]

[TL: Ah nevermind, I remember that in one of the earlier chapters, his natal pet can revive continuously, which is different from the rest of the natal pet. Or something along that line]

Little Black’s jaw moves a few times, but no one knows if he is saying anything.

He is wearing black bone armor with a red cape. He is also wearing a crown, like the king of skeletons.

“Black Devil King?”

When Ghost Monk sees Little Black, his expression undergoes huge changes, and he nearly falls on his ass.

Liu Yi does not know why this person had such a huge reaction, but it is time to let Little Black take action.

Liu Yi passes fog qi to Little Black’s body before taking a deep breath and releases his demon qi.


Chapter 963   [Powerful enemy invading one’s territory]

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  1. o.O isnt lil black.. ugh.. what.. author.. please..
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  2. You really think the author remembers that? Plz he just rights what he thinks sounds cool, he has never cared about consistency. Like saying higher cultivation always wins, then saying if a martial cultivator gets in melee range they always win. The best way to make some sense of this series is rather than treat it as one long story treat it more episodic with many soft reboots. The author clearly takes heavy inspiration from other series he sees and forces them in, he clearly saw a drama revolving around a machine getting self awareness and used little black to imitate it. In other words that arc was just filler and not part of his “planned” story. Many of the story arcs are like that.


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