MKW Chapter 962

Chapter 962   [Title below]

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Wang Long became ruthless and wanted to kill Liu Yi!

He does not hesitate to use all of this thousand-year cultivation qi. Although in this way, his body will receive some injury, but to obtain the number one title, getting some injury is nothing!

After all, what their Ancient Sword Sect cultivates is sword qi. By letting their sword qi into their body, it is unavoidable to cause some injury.

Hmph, I’m actually giving this kid face! To sacrifice so much for a mere Massacre Shrine, is not worth it!

Just as Wang Long plans to attack, he realizes that there is a bald monk in Massacre God Pagoda.

This monk is also staring at him as they gaze at each other.

That monk is also wearing a strange bone mask. Normally a monk should be free from human desire and passion, but right now, he is bearing a trace of a weird aura, which makes people unable to see through him.

“Who are you!”

Seeing this monk, Wang Long sensed that something was wrong. He immediately yells as he erupts with sword qi!

“If you do not wish to die, then scram! This Massacre Shrine has all kinds of people to even have a monk here!”


Unexpectedly this monk’s laughter makes people feel their hair stand on the end even more. Wang Long became scared from hearing it!

“Where did you come from! Die!”

This kind of person is best if killed immediately!

Thinking about this, Wang Long swings out his finger, jabbing with all of his sword qi at the strange monk.

Liu Yi chases after Wang Long flying towards the hole that was created on the Massacre Pagoda from his previous attack. 

That Massacre Pagoda was just established recently and placed inside it is the wooden tablets that the Ten Heavenly Stems left behind when Liu Yi killed them.

Originally Liu Yi planned to carry those wooden tablets on him. But Chen Keqing and the rest feel that these are the evidence of Liu Yi defeating the Qin Imperial Palace. Thus they constructed this Massacre Pagoda, which will be used to place the tablets of those enemies that Liu Yi had defeated.

The wooden tablets were placed there, being protected by formations.

Liu Yi does not wish to allow Wang Long to realize that there are some rewards there; thus, he flies faster.

The 100-meter distance was covered in an instant!

But at this moment, the pagoda suddenly starts trembling again!

Following which, Wang Long’s figure flies out wretchedly from the pagoda. It brushes by Liu Yi and lands onto the plaza by the side!

A ten-meter deep hole immediately appeared in the enormous plaza!

Wang Long lies on the ground. He had already fainted! This shows just how horrifying was the attack that he had received!


“Sect Head!”

The ancient Sword Sect disciples were greatly shocked as they do not know what happened to Wang Long.

Liu Yi also frowned as he looked at the Massacre Pagoda. Could it be that there are other people in the pagoda?

The monk reveals his figure from the window and looks outside.


My Massacre Pagoda has outsiders! Fucking hell, Massacre Pagoda’s defensive methods are too bad! How can this do!

The monk wearing a bone mask starts laughing weirdly again, “Hehehehe….If you do not wish to die…then scram.”

“Damn it! Threatening me again!”

Liu Yi has had enough. Why does everyone like to play this style! Could it be that all of them learned from the same teacher?

“To trespass my Massacre Pagoda, I see that the one who wants to die is you!”

Liu Yi becomes direct as he moves with qi and instantly appears at the hole on the Massacre Pagoda. After this, he prepares to attack that strange monk!

“Desolate Flames!”

Liu Yi sent out a palm slapping down on the monk.

At this moment, a golden shield appears and blocks Liu Yi’s palm!


Liu Yi is also shocked because he is too familiar with this shield.

It is the energy shield that Nine-tailed Turtle was using a few days ago! Why does this monk also possess it?

Liu Yi questions, “Could it be that you are a companion of that Nine-tailed Turtle?”

“Go and ask Yama.”

This person is none other than Ghost Monk.

His target is those wooden tablets. If these wooden tablets were left with Liu Yi, it will be bad for the future!

But Ghost Monk is a very ambitious person. Not to mention, he is also a combat maniac. The reason why he returned to this era is not to save the world. What he wishes to do more is to fight against the experts of this era!

In his era, there was only one expert. But that expert is too scary, and no one could win against him!

The rest of the experts were all killed by him!

Upon hearing that there are still a lot of experts in this era, Ghost Monk wants to fight with all of them!

“Buddha Palm!”

He raises his palm and slaps at Liu Yi!

That palm print is completely made up of data. It is also a move for Superhunters.


Liu Yi had long wished to experience for himself the technique pattern of these groups of people. Seeing the incoming palm, he immediately uses his own Glorious Sun Palm: Illusion Extermination to receive it.

His palm wind clashed against the palm print and exploded in the air, turning into eye-catching sparks.

“Hehehe, satisfying, really satisfying!”

Ghost Monk becomes delighted as he stands on the pagoda. Falling Liu Yi below him, he slaps out his palm print continuously.

The data power behind each palm is huge. It contains a surge of strange power, which can restrain the power of Liu Yi.

That is why although their strength is merely so, they can restrain cultivators.

Otherwise, how would Nine-tailed Turtle bully Ai Ling so miserably! How strong is Ai Ling? She is a powerful Realm Crosser!

But luckily, Liu Yi controls the real usage method of Fog Qi; otherwise, he would not be able to do anything to these weird people.

“So enjoyable! So fun!”

Ghost Monk is so happy fighting as he keeps hitting out huge palm prints. He is like a mortar shooting artillery shell crazily.

An avatar emerges behind Liu Yi. It waves its six arms and hits out Glorious Sun Palm at the same time frantically like a cannon!

These palm prints carry formidable might. Liu Yi was not in time to cancel out some of them, which smash onto the ground and the surrounding, wrecking the place with holes and ruins!

“Too scary!”

“Who is that person?”

The surrounding people start discussing again as they had never seen Ghost Monk before.

The Ancient Sword Sect people were stunned seeing this situation. How would they have the chance to see such top-class techniques?

That strange monk had defeated our sect head, who is still unconscious.

While that young disciple from Massacre Shrine can fight him to a standstill…how shocking!

How did he cultivate to be so powerful?

The large palm print that was formed from buddha plus super hunter power, while the other is Glorious Sun Palm plus Fog Qi clash against each other continuously. Sparks exploded in the sky, which was caused by the clashing of their two powers!

While both sides are at a deadlock, Wang Long, who had fainted, finally woke up.

“What…what happened to me…”


A disciple immediately said, “You had fainted from the attack…”


Wang Long got a huge shock as he tried his best to recall what happened earlier. He realized that after crashing into the pagoda, he prepared to attack after seeing that monk.

But he vaguely recalls that his attack seems to be completely ineffective. Instead, that monk blasted him out of the pagoda with a palm print!

“Damn it! There definitely must be something wrong with that pagoda!”

Wang Long is unconvinced in his heart. He regathers his sword qi before grabbing the two swords formed from sword qi and flies into the sky.

“Both of you go and die!”

He sweeps out his two swords, one to the left the other to the right at Liu Yi and that strange monk!

This sword is too long. If it hits them, Liu Yi and that monk will be chopped into two!

“Don’t mess around!”

Ghost Monk does not place this Sect Head in his eyes. As he uses his energy shield to block the enormous longsword, he slaps out a big palm print and scatters the longsword.

While Liu Yi is even more direct, he raises his right hand and uses Moon Dream Sutra. He forcibly snatches over the longsword from Wang Long’s hand before raising it to the sky and pulls it out with both hands!

That longsword instantly breaks into several pieces like it was shattered as it falls.

“What is this strength!”

At this moment, Wang Long finally understood something. His cultivation is way below the two of them!

“Just…just who are you…”

Wang Long stares blankly at Liu Yi, who tears his longsword apart.

Before Liu Yi can speak, Ghost Monk suddenly takes action again.

He seems to sense that if the two of them continue to fight one, there will not be any result. Thus he raises his hand and slaps out a giant palm print at the group of people by the side!

Liu Yi got a shock as he flashes in front of the palm print. His avatar behind him raises six Monarch Shields and combines them to block this attack!

The palm print’s might is not small. Black smoke emits out from the shield while Liu Yi was sent flying back several meters from the attack. He finally lands on the ground, creating two deep footsteps.

The surrounding Massacre Shrine disciples went forward in concern and asked.

“Sect Head!”

“Sect Head, are you fine!”

The Ancient Sword Sect people’s eyes stilled. What the heck. This fellow is the sect head of Massacre Shrine!

No wonder he can defeat Wang Long so badly…Ancient Sword Sect was unlucky this time.

“So…he is the sect head of this Massacre Shrine…”

Wang Xinyi stares blankly at Liu Yi, who is in the sky, “I had thought that he would be an old man with three heads and six arms…unexpectedly, he is a youngster…”

At this moment, Liu Yi no longer cares how Wang Xinyi evaluates him. His body’s condition is not that good.

Even Monarch Shield seems to be unable to withstand the power of that palm print! A certain part of the power attacks Liu Yi’s body and is continuously destroying the vitality in his body!

This kind of strength…is unreasonable!



Chapter 962   [Ghost Monk]

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