MKW Chapter 961

Chapter 961   [Title below]

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That star is formed from sword qi. Its might is out of the ordinary as it falls on Liu Yi’s head.

The star falls very quickly and instantly arrives above Massacre Shrine. At this moment, everyone finally sees the shape of this star!

It is an enormous sword qi air mass. Its diameter is nearly a hundred meters wide! If such a horrifying big attack lands on Massacre Shrine, it will cause major destruction!

“Go and repent!”

Wang Long controls the star formed from sword qi and attacks Liu Yi with it.

Liu Yi finally frowns. He does not mind Wang Long’s attack, but he feels that he is too much!

If this move succeeded, not only Liu Yi will be affected by the shockwave. The entire Massacre Shrine will suffer a calamity!

If he wants to establish his prestige, there is no need to do such things!

Wang Long is too much! To let his sect become number one, he doesn’t mind sacrificing countless innocent people. Even if such a person becomes number one, it will only be a disaster for all of the cultivators or even the entire six realms.

Liu Yi does not wish for another Emperor Qin to appear in Six Realm!

That fellow did not come to save the six realms but to exterminate all humans!

“Use your soul to pray for your sins.” Wang Long says, “Soon, you will understand what is real strength.”

While he is speaking, the enormous star is almost touching Liu Yi and is about to crash into him.

The star is very big like it is going to swallow up Liu Yi.

“Wang Long, your ambitions shall end here.”

With that, Liu Yi raises his palm and clenches the air.

The enormous sword qi immediately stopped in midair and can no longer descend.

“How is this possible?!”

Sensing that he is no longer to push his sword qi down, Wang Long is astonished.

This sword qi was created by him and under his control. But now, he lost control over it.

This causes him to be unable to accept it and believe it. Could it be that my power was snatched away by that person?

How is that possible. I cultivated for so many years. How many years has this youngster cultivated for?

“Sect Head Wang, remember.” Liu Yi raises his right hand as he uses Moon Dream Sutra to control that sword qi and says, faintly, “You will never become number one!”

Wang Long yells like he is very dissatisfied, “You doll! Who do you think you are!”

“Because I am here.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he clenches his fist!

The enormous sword qi mass immediately was crushed, and bit by bit vanished, becoming small specks of stars!


Wang Long is astonished and does not believe in what he is seeing.

How did my enormous sword qi gets extinguished by a youngster!

I am the sect head of the Ancient Sword Sect and have cultivated for over a thousand years! My cultivation base is almost at the peak!

Something must have gone wrong! That’s right. It must be this case!

Thinking about this, Wang Long’s expression carries a trace of anger.

It is like an emperor who thinks that he is very impressive. He had always received the highest reverence and felt that he was undefeatable in the world, the most supreme ancestral.

But suddenly, one day, he met the emperor of an even bigger country, which made him at a loss of what to do, and did not dare to even fart in front of him. Naturally, he will be mad.

Wang Long is like this right now. He is the sect head of the Ancient Sword Sect, and his strength should be the number one in the world!

How could a youngster exceed my might!

Wang Long does not believe it as he becomes ruthless and urges his sword qi.

The remaining six stars in the sky all descend, one chasing after the other as they fly swiftly like they are chasing after one another to see who can destroy this palace first!


Liu Yi only yells, “To the ends of time, this hatred will never end!” As he tosses his sword into the air.

Sword qi suddenly erupts out from Liu Yi’s body as his clothing dances from the wind.

The sword flies in front of him as it keeps revolving.

Liu Yi’s sword qi flows into the sword, making the sword brighter and brighter like a lamp in the night!


Facing the six descending enormous sword qi, Liu Yi’s hand trembles as his sword lets out a dragon cry and drills into the sky!

The rows of stars formed from sword qi were pierced through by Liu Yi’s sword shadow! After countless explosion sounds, the stars all exploded and disappeared.


This is the first time Wang Long’s Seven Star in Sky was so easily defeated by others, which makes him unable to accept it.

This is impossible. This cannot happen! Why!

“What demonic technique did you use!”

Wang Long shouts unconvinced, “Or is it that you are using some exceptional sword?!”

“You have already lost. Why are you unwilling to accept your loss?”

Liu Yi sighs, “Wang Long, could it be that you are not going to ”

Wang Long says, “I don’t believe it! What abilities and capabilities do you have to defeat me? I am an expert who has cultivated for over a thousand years! When I started cultivating, you still were not born!”

“Taking advantage of seniority.”

As he speaks, he points at Wang Long, “When people give me three-inch of respect, I give him back a yard of respect! If you are impolite towards me, fine then, I will also not let you off!”

With that, his figure suddenly turns into an illusion and instantly appears in front of Wang Long.

Wang Long is stunned as he did not expect that Liu Yi’s speed would be so fast.

While Liu Yi does not have any intention to attack. He only pressed his sword against Wang Long’s neck.

“Let me warn you for the final time. There is still time for you to leave.”

“Fucking brat! Don’t be arrogant!”

Wang Long becomes angered as he lets out a roar.

His sword erupts with intense sword qi. This sword qi coils around his body like he is wearing a silver battle attire!

His long black hair starts fluttering and turns silver!

“Quickly watch, sect head is going to use his full strength now!”

“That’s right, that’s right. Massacre Shrine is finished now!”

The people from the Ancient Sword Sect become delighted as they emotionally watch the show.

“Today, Massacre Shrine, as well as you shall die in by hands!”

As he speaks, he swings out his palm, as the seven-star sword in his hand starts disintegrating bit by bit.

Following which, seven stars with formidable might appear around him, which was formed from the fragments of the sword. 

“This seven-star sword can behead both gods and Yama! Killing you is like killing an ant!”

Liu Yi says coldly, “What rights do you have to declare others as an ant? Based on you living longer? On the basis that you are not wiser despite being older than other people? Let me tell you, all of these does not mean that you can disregard other people.”

As he speaks, he swings out his sword and stabs towards a star in front of him.

With a loud sound, the sword that Liu Yi is holding breaks into fragments.


Wang Long laughed as his laughter spread throughout the entire Massacre Shrine.

“You stupid kid. I had thought that you were using an impressive sword. So it is just ordinary goods! My stars were formed from the fragments of my seven-star sword. Along with the sword qi that I cultivated my entire life, how is it possible for you to resist it!”

“Is that so?”

Liu Yi waves his hand and grabs his fire-god sword.

The fire-god sword was covered with Fog Qi and can conquer all obstacles!

The star that was floating in front of Liu Yi cracked. It was instantly broken by Liu Yi’s sword!


Wang Long’s expression undergoes great changes as he does not believe in what he is seeing.

The stars that I had cultivated with great effort were so easily destroyed? This is impossible!

What demonic technique did this person use?

Wang Long shots, “How can you break my stars? Who are you?!”

“A nameless disciple from Massacre Shrine, that’s all.”

Liu Yi also does not wish to reply to Wang Long. To him, all these identities are pointless.

The reason why he established Massacre Shrine is not to become number one but to fight against Qin Imperial Palace in the future!

Wang Long and Ancient Sword Sect clearly have powerful strength. But it does not wish to resist Qin Imperial Palace. Instead, they want to obtain the number one title at all costs, so much so that they do not mind sacrificing the lives of other people.

What a joke.What a huge joke.

Liu Yi laughs coldly, while Wang Long cannot take it anymore. The sword light on his body becomes brighter and brighter and finally reaches its peak before jabbing at Liu Yi with the two fingers.

An astonishing sword qi was gathered at his fingertips. If Liu Yi was jabbed by it, a bloody hole would appear in his body!

But Liu Yi is not the kind of person who allows others to trample over him. He stretches out his fire, god sword, and blocks Wang Long’s attack.

Wang long’s fingers jab onto Liu Yi’s sword and let out a ringing sound.

“Sect Head Wang, sorry!”

With that, Liu Yi shakes his sword and flicks away Wang Long’s fingers. After this, his palm presses against Wang Long’s chest as he uses Glorious Sun Palm: Desolate Flames.

With a boom, Wang Long was send flying away and smashed onto the Massacre God Pagoda over a hundred meters away!

Smoke and dust surge out from Massacre God Pagoda as Wang Long’s body smashes open the wall of Massacre God Pagoda.


“Sect Head!”


Ancient Sword Sect people were greatly startled. The sect head, who was undefeatable in their eyes, was sent flying away by his opponent! This is unbelievable!

Wang Xinyi is the most startled and was unable to close her jaw for a while.

How strong is that guy who has claimed himself as a loose cultivator?

She feels like her brain is not enough!

Although Wang Long was sent flying away, his injuries were not heavy. The pain in his heart is a real pain!

He crushed a tooth, clenching his teeth before roaring, “I want to kill you!”

A small sword print appears between his brows as his strength rises to its peak!



Chapter 961   [Taking advantage of seniority]

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