MKW Chapter 960

Chapter 960   [Title below]

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Chen Keqing’s strength is very ordinary. But she has always been the eldest senior sister in Raising Immortal Palace Hall, and her position is very high.

Later on, when Massacre Shrine was established, Liu Yi was also not around. She and Poison Jasmine were the ones in charge of the matter of Massacre Shrine. While Poison Jasmine, who was weaker than her back then, is now way stronger than her!

Actually, Chen Keqing has always been very jealous of this matter, but who asked Poison Jasmine to be a spirit body and also a disciple of this perverted Liu Yi?

Being sneaked attack by Xiao Shiyi and getting knocked out, causing several disciples from Massacre Shrine to be angered.

“Your method is too despicable!”

“That’s right. You still have the cheek of calling yourself from the righteous path?”

Facing criticism from these disciples, Xiao Shiyi did not blush.

“Come on. Use a bit of your brain.”

Xiao Shiyi says with disdain, “This is a competition. Not only must one rely on technique to fight, but one must also rely on this.”

He points at his head, “This person of yours is unwarranted to be called the Law Protector Elder. This method defeated her. It looks like Massacre Shrine is merely so-so! Hahahaha!”

Xiao Shiyi laughs loudly, making the disciples from Massacre Shrine even angrier.

“Your Law Protector has already been defeated.”

Wang Long is also very satisfied, Wang Xinyi admitted defeat on her own, and when it is Xiao Shiyi’s turn, he defeats the opponent. This greatly increased the face of the Ancient Sword Sect.

This time, we must utterly stomp Massacre Shrine under our feet!

Wang Long asks, “Who is next?”

After waiting for a while, no one stepped forward.

“Could it be that Massacre Shrine doesn’t have enough people? The world’s number one sect doesn’t even have experts!”

The Massacre Shrine’s disciples look at each other. Chen Keqing’s strength was very powerful among them. And right now, the top experts of Massacre Shrine are not around.

Especially Poison Jasmine. Right now, she is not around, which is the misfortune of the Massacre Shrine! If she was around, how would she let the people from the Ancient Sword Sect be so arrogant!

But…isn’t the real sect head here? What the, how can I forget about him!

For a moment, those people’s gaze all land on Liu Yi.

“What? What are all of them looking at you for?”

Wang Xinyi also noticed those fiery gazes. Thus she asked Liu Yi, who had kept his hands in his pocket and not speaking.

Liu Yi sighs, “Alas….it looks like Massacre Shrine’s development was slightly wrong.”

“What. You also find Massacre Shrine unpleasant, right?”

Xiao Shiyi turned around and asked, “Didn’t you say earlier that you wanted to come to pay respect to Massacre Shrine? Now you realize that Massacre Shrine is nothing! Hahaha, why don’t you consider entering my Ancient Sword Sect? Now that we are the number one sect in the world!”

“It is not that I find Massacre Shrine unpleasant.” Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “I am only angry at myself…but what is the point of telling you. Let me fight the remaining battle.”

With that, he walks out from the group of Ancient Sword Sect people under the shocked gaze of Wang Xinyi and walks over to Massacre Shrine’s side.

“Actually, I am a small disciple from Massacre Shrine. Let me borrow your sword to use.”

Liu Yi blinks at Xiao Shiyi before taking a sword from the hands of a Massacre Shrine disciple by the side.

That disciple is in fear and trepidation, but in his heart, he is emotional,

This is the sect head. The sect head asked to borrow my sword! This, this, this is too awesome! In the future, this sword must become my family’s heirloom!

That disciple is very emotional while the Ancient Sword Sect people were stunned.

Wang Long frowns while Xiao Shiyi scolds rudely, “Good fellow. So you were a spy! To make you slip into my Ancient Sword Sect, you guys wish to learn my sect’s technique? Despicable!”

“What you say is too much.”

Liu Yi looks at the arrogant Xiao Shiyi, “To be honest, I rather look down on your Ancient Sword Sect’s swordsmanship.”

Xiao Shiyi is angered, “What did you say? A small disciple from Massacre Shrine dares to be so arrogant!”

Liu Yi says, “Hahaha, sword qi forming shape, it is nothing mysterious. What is there to be arrogant about?”

With that, he swings out a stream of sword qi with the sword. In the beginning, the sword qi is in a crescent moon form, but it swiftly transforms into a dragon that roars as it flies into the sky and disappears.


“Isn’t, isn’t this my sect’s technique?”

The Ancient Sword Sect people were all startled while Wang Xinyi covered her mouth.

Wang Long got a huge shock as he glared at Liu Yi, not knowing how this fellow obtained his sect’s technique!

How would he know that Liu Yi does not know how to transform his sword qi. That move that he used earlier was relying on his Fog Qi golden body. Using this powerful fog qi to wrap around the sword qi and change the shape of the sword qi. To be frank, it is just a smokescreen.

But the people from Ancient Sword Sect do not know this, thus they are very startled.

This sword qi transformation is very hard to practice. Among us disciples from the Ancient Sword Sect, even after training for several tens of years, it is very impressive to use the sword qi to form a small mouse!

Even if this person had just learned it, it is impossible for him to learn so quickly! Could it be that he is a genius?

“To steal my sect’s technique! Watch how I kill you today!”

As Xiao Shiyi speaks, he brandished his sword in anger at Liu Yi.

Sword qi flows out frantically and transforms into a five-meter tall enormous bear that instantly arrives in front of Liu Yi, slapping down its paw at him.

The enormous bear is formed from sword qi. All of its attacks are incomparably sharp! Whoever is slapped by it will definitely be sliced into two!

But Liu Yi only smiles. Even if Sword Qi Transformation is very mysterious but in front of him, an earth realm expert who only has 13 starjades is too weak.

Liu Yi did not even drink wine as he swung out his sword at the enormous incoming bear.

“A person needs to enjoy his life, do not let gold and empty cup face the moon.”

Liu Yi’s sword swings out a crescent moon that chops off the incoming palm of the bear!

This crescent moon expands as it flies out and quickly tears apart the enormous bear, chopping it into pieces.


Xiao Shiyi does not dare to believe that he saw. The sword qi bear that I condensed was easily destroyed?

But he swiftly adjusts his emotions and forms a seal. “Gather.”

The scattered sword qi starts gathering together and transforms into several Xiao Shiyi who charge at Liu Yi with their swords.

“Ask gentlemen how much worry can he have, an entire Jiangdong river flows eastwards!”

Liu Yi’s sword qi moved as a huge number of sword shadows flew out, scattering those figures!

Xiao Shiyi wished to secretly move behind Liu Yi and give him a life taking blow.

But at this moment, he is helpless as he realizes, that the sword shadow is like a swimming dragon which turns around and coils around Liu Yi’s body, blocking Liu Yi’s surrounding, making Xiao Shiyi unable to take action.

“You wish to rely on that move again?”

Liu Yi smiles faintly, “Let me give you a lesson. In the cultivation world, strength is the winner. Tricks will not help you in front of absolute strength!”

“Absolute strength, you?”

Xiao Shiyi gives Liu Yi a look of disdain. He does not believe that Liu Yi is stronger than him.

I am the most brilliant student of the Ancient Sword Sect! Master has said before that my talent is only second to Wang Xinyi.

Holding his sword, he gathers his sword qi in front of him! A sword formed from sword qi appears in front of him, which; he waves his hand and pushes it towards Liu Yi.

He follows behind that sword charging at Liu Yi together.

Liu Yi is smiling as he suddenly waves his hand and removes his sword formation. At the same time, he raises his hand, and that sword that had arrived in front of him, immediately turns around and rushes up to the sky!

This scene shocked Xiao Shiyi greatly. Why is the sword qi l no longer listening to me?

But at this moment, there is no longer enough time to adjust his sword qi anymore. He can only push his sharp sword qi onto his sword as he charges up to Liu Yi and sweeps his sword at Liu Yi’s throat.

The sword qi charges at Liu Yi, but he is calm like he does not mind it.

Liu Yi stretches out his right arm. Fog Qi Golden Body’s strength gathers around his right arm, which he uses to pierce that sword qi and grabs Xiao Shiyi’s head.

“Have a good dream.”

With that, Liu Yi presses down on Xiao Shiyi’s head with his hand and slams him onto the ground.

The earth trembles as a hold appears in the ground.

Xiao Shiyi’s body is embedded within, and he fainted.


Wang Long feels like there is something stuck in his throat, making him unable to spit it out or swallow it down.

This kind of feeling is uncomfortable. Wang Long is unable to understand how that person defeated Xiao Shiyi with a single move!

Especially when he completely ignored Xiao Shiyi’s sword qi earlier. His arm is perfectly fine, like he did not even receive an injury!

I did not see him summon out any protective treasure. How is it possible for him to block Xiao Shiyi’s sword qi head-on?

Wang Long is unable to understand.

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulder, “The winner has been determined. It looks like you guys only have one person left.”

“Very good.”

Wang Long finally cannot take it and step forward with his seven-star sword.

“I didn’t expect that a nameless kid would finally make me take action. Even if you die, you should feel relief.”

“Alas, what to do!”

Liu Yi blinks his eyes, “I still do not wish to die! I am still so young!”

Wang Long snorts coldly as he looks down on Liu Yi even more, “If you do not wish to die, then scram!”

“But even if we die, we must still protect our Massacre Shrine’s honor.”

Liu Yi suddenly smiles and says, “Because this is the honor that our disciples use their lives to defend.”

“What nonsense are you saying!”

Wang Long no longer waits as he swings his sword at Liu Yi.

The stars in the sky start falling.



Chapter 960   [Defend our honor]

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