MKW Chapter 959

Chapter 959   [Title below]

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Because she is angry at Liu Yi, Chen Keqing did not obtain his permission and immediately agreed to what Wang Long said.

Wang Long becomes delighted as he says in his heart, indeed a female. Just by provoking her, she bit the bait!

I have cultivated for over a thousand years as well as possess the seven-star sword in my hand. How can she be my opponent?

Wang Long is secretly delighted in his heart.For all things to be fulfilled, all we need is an east wind!

“Okay, then. Let us be a bit fair to prevent people from saying that it is a tournament fight after we won.”

[TL: err kind of lost on what terms to use but let’s use the judo tournament fight rules]

Chen Keqing says, “Both sides shall choose three people. If the three people from either side were defeated, then that side shall be considered as the loser. How about that?”

“Good, very fair!”

Wang Long is even happier now. How did this lass’s brain grow to be so stupid!

It looks like Massacre Shrine is destined to be defeated!

Although the surrounding Massacre Shrine disciples look to be very ferocious, and their sword qi is rather scary, in reality, their strength cannot make it and must be very weak.

Me and Shiyi, the two of us, can defeat all of them!

This Chen Keqing seems to be only a little bit stronger than Shiyi. But it is useless. I can easily defeat her!

Ancient Sword Sect. Today, this name shall resound throughout the cultivation world!

Wang Long points at his daughter, “Okay then. Xinyi, you shall start the first fight!”

Although Wang Xinyi is not that old, her talent is very high. If it were not because she did not focus on cultivation, her cultivation would have long exceeded mine!

Alas. How nice would it be if she would focus on cultivating? If only she had a man’s body, that would be even better!

But the gods do not have eyes and gave her a woman’s body!

But this is my Ancient Sword Sect! Let me use this opportunity to train my precious daughter. I shall let her know what the cultivation world is, that the weak are food to the strong!

When Wang Xinyi hears her father saying her name, she trembles.

Of so many people, why did he choose me…I do not have any competitive heart! Why does father not understand me…

“Xinyi, hurry up. Don’t make the Massacre Shrine wait too long and blame us for not having etiquette!”

With that, he uses his gaze to urge his own daughter.

Wang Xinyi’s inner heart is in a mess. She is helpless and can only carry her immortal sword and walks out from the group of people and stands in front of Chen Keqing.

Chen Keqing controls her enormous incarnation and places the guest hall to the side.

This way, the grounds become emptier, enough for fighting.

Seeing this scene, Liu Yi cannot help but think darkly in his heart. Like the old saying, Confucianism uses literature to distort laws while chivalry uses martial arts to break laws. 

This group of cultivators must have eaten the leopard’s courage and are bored. To run out to challenge and fight other people. This Wang Long, instead of staying in his own sect properly, he must lead his daughter to go about challenging people. Is he not afraid of meeting someone stronger than him who will snatch away his daughter to be their woman?

Talking about this, Wang Xinyi is rather pretty and is kind-hearted. Is this girl really that Wang Long’s daughter?

Could it be that Wang Long’s wife gave him a green hat to wear?

Amitabha…this thought of mine is too evil. Unacceptable, unacceptable.

At this moment, Wang Long is secretly delighted in his heart. I shall let my daughter perform well and startle the heroes of the world and let them know just what a genius looks like!

Wang Xinyi takes another two steps forward.

She pulls out her sword from its scabbard and frowns slightly like she is preparing to fight a war.

The people from the Ancient Sword Sect start to be delighted. With her talent, Wang Xinyi might not lose this round!

At that time, the Ancient Sword Sect will become famous!

At this moment, Wang Xinyi suddenly stabs her sword into the ground and cups her hands towards Chen Keqing, who is prepared and says, “I admit defeat for this round.”


The moment she said it, it scared several people.

Wang Long is so mad that his nose was askew. He wishes that he can go up and give his disappointing daughter a slap.

Wang Long steel his face with an ashen complexion but did not say anything. While Xiao Shiyi leaps up and says, “Junior sister, what are you doing!”

“Are you for real! Why did you admit defeat? Do you know that you have completely thrown our face!”

Wang Xinyi does not give in and says her thoughts, “Only by respecting others would others give you face. Why must we compete to see who is better? Could it be that those days of standing aloof from worldly affairs and drinking wine while performing sword-dance are no good?”

“Enough. Xinyi. If you do not wish to compete, then go to the side!”

In the end, she is his daughter. Although Wang Long is angry, he does not wish to scold her in front of the crowd.

“We lost this round. Shiyi, you go.”

Xinyi has thrown away our face. We must make another disciple from the sect snatch it back!

This task shall be given to Xiao Shiyi.

“Leave it to me master!”

Xiao Shiyi nods his head before walking out with an evil grin.

“Chen Keqing? Today it is likely that you are going to be defeated in my hands. Thus, remember my name. I am called, Xiao….”

Without waiting for Xiao Shiyi to finish, Chen Keqing waves her hand and cut off his words, “What you wish to call yourself is your own business. If you want to fight, then fight. Don’t say so much nonsense!”

With that, an enormous sword figure flies out from behind her. Holding its enormous sword, it chops down at Xiao Shiyi.

Xiao Shiyi laughs as he leaps into the sky.

The long sword was held in his head, and lifted his sword tip!

Instantly an enormous tiger form from sword qi flies out and bites down on the enormous person’s arm, making it retreat as it shakes its arm.

Liu Yi suddenly understood in his heart. So this Ancient Sword Sect sword technique is also the same, making the sword qi form shapes.

No wonder when Wang Long sees Chen Keqing’s technique back then, he was so surprised.

Especially when Through Heaven Sword Technique that forms the incarnation with sword qi is comparatively simple, but its might is very formidable.

While Ancient Sword Sect’s sword qi has endless transformation making it hard to determine the attacking pattern!

Especially this attack, it was very sharp, which broke Chen Keqing’s attack.

Although Chen Keqing is slightly astonished, she did not reveal it. After all, she has been the managing sect head for so long and had met several people who are sect stomping. There are countless varieties of techniques in the cultivator’s world, not to mention there are all kinds of techniques. Naturally, there will be one that is similar to Through Heaven Sword Technique.

But wanting to defeat me like this is still impossible.

Just as Chen Keqing has a lapse of attention, it was seized by Xiao Shiyi.

He immediately waves his sword, and several figures fly out.

These figures look the same as Xiao Shiyi. They are all avatars formed from his sword qi.

Every single avatar is holding a sword as they surround Chen Keqing and start attacking.

This Xiao Shiyi is very crafty. He did not continue to attack the enormous incarnation. Instead, he directly attacked Chen Keqing.

Chen Keqing had panicked for a moment. But she quickly calms down and raises her sword and casts a technique into the sky.

The sword of the enormous figure instantly descends in front of her and stabs into the ground.

This sword is like an enormous wooden door blocking the far away attack from the avatar.

When the avatar crashes into the sword, it immediately explodes into a storm of sword qi that distorts unceasingly.

“What a remarkable move.”

A few of the disciples from Massacre Shrine nod their heads and praise, “If he was not that arrogant, he is indeed a decent youth talent.”

“Watch my move!”

Hearing the commandment of the people, Xiao Shiyi is delighted in his heart.

But this girl in front of me seems to be quite thorny…

What should I do to defeat her!

Xiao Shiyi’s cleverness starts rising as he starts thinking of a method to defeat Chen Keqing.

Chen Keqing’s strength seems to be similar to mine. We are around the peak of 13 starjades.

Her attack pattern is very simple. I will have the opportunity to make use of it.

Thinking about this, Xiao Shiyi suddenly has a brilliant thought!

He suddenly tosses out his sword and starts urging the sword qi transformation.

Very quickly, that sword transformed into a white dragon. This dragon swims in the sky before coiling around the enormous incarnation.

Not only its body, but even its four limbs and sword were also all fixed in place.

“This sword qi transformation is powerful.”

“Ancient Sword Sect’s name is not in vain!”

The rest of the disciples from other sects start discussing it.

“Damn it!”

Chen Keqing is angered and hurriedly controls her incarnation to break through the restraint.

At this moment, Xiao Shiyi suddenly appears behind her and attacks her artery with his palm ruthlessly.

With this, Chen Keqing fainted and will not wake up for a while!

The surrounding becomes slightly quiet. After all, this is the Law Protector Elder of Massacre Shrine. Being so easily defeated by Ancient Sword Sect people is not logical! 

“Hahaha, senior sister, did you see this? I won, I won!”

The most delighted is Xiao Shiyi as he starts waving his hands happily.

Liu Yi frowns. Why has Poison Jasmine not appeared?

Could it be that she went out to the wildness to play? Or is she in seclusion thus does not know what is happening outside?

He is unable to guess the reason. Thus, he is anxious.

“Looks like it is one to one. We are now in a draw.”

Wang Long is very delighted as he strokes his beard with a hand while making an ASL sign for U. Those who do not know would have thought that this old man is cosplaying period times and is preparing to take photographs with other people.

Xiao Shiyi shouts arrogantly, “It should be time for the next match, right? Could it be that Massacre Shrine has no one else? Hahaha, with only this strength, you have the cheek to establishing a sect? Master, from what I see, why don’t we rout them all and seize this place!”


Chapter 959   [Vile character flourishes]

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