MKW Chapter 958

Chapter 958   [Title below]

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Liu Yi, after establishing the Massacre Shrine, how many days has he stayed here?

Even by using my fingers, I can count the number of days he stayed!

How can he be considered as a sect head like this! He is too irresponsible!

When we finally meet again after a long time, he is actually mingling into other people’s sect, leaving behind me and Poison Jasmine to do the demanding work!

This Ancient Sword Sect is also here to challenge our Massacre Shrine! Hmph!

The more Chen Keqing thinks, the angrier she gets. Her originally warm and smiling face was withdrawn as she swung her sleeve and said, “This one is the Law Protector Elder of Massacre Shrine; Nice to meet you, Sect Head Wang.”

“Law Protector Elder?”

Wang Long frowns as he mulls over it in his heart.

How could such a young lass be the Law Protector Elder of a huge sect?

Could it be that they found a disciple to fool me?

This damn Massacre Shrine. To look down on me. They cannot be forgiven!

The old man is so mad that he is trembling. He clenches his teeth as he says, “You puny lass, to dare deceive me! I, as the sect head of Ancient Sword Sect, actually don’t even have the right to see the sect head of Massacre Shrine? Such a big Massacre Shrine sent you to receive my Ancient Sword Sect? Are you looking down on my Ancient Sword Sect?”

As Wang Long speaks, he pulls out his Sevenstar Sword!

The disciples behind him follow suit as well. All of them pull out their own immortal swords as they stare at Chen Keqing murderously.

When the disciples from Massacre Shrine see this. You dare pull out your weapons?

Big brother is everywhere when there are too many turtles in the pond!

We did not seek trouble for you, and you ride up our head and shit all over the place?

The disciples from Massacre Shrine also did not hesitate as they placed their hands together and erupt out with intense sword qi!

Sword Qi Taking Form! An enormous figure floats up behind each of the disciples holding swords while confronting the Ancient Sword Sect’s disciples like tigers eyeing their prey!

The disciples from Massacre Shrine think in their heart, Spring wind blows as war drums beat. Who is afraid of who in this world?

If you guys dare to draw your swords, we dare to chop you!

A group of puny people dares to treat us as a dish?!

“This, what should we do…”

Wang Xinyi is anxious as they did not expect that these people would immediately pull out their swords the moment they meet like they are going to start a fight at any moment!

Dad, as well as senior brothers, are really…why are they so violent. Can’t they talk things through?

“Looks like this noble sect specially came here today to pick a quarrel with us, right?”

Chen Keqing crosses her arms. She is neither afraid, nor did she set up any technique as she smiles.

Although her smile did not carry any feeling, it still caused a few of the Ancient Sword Sect’s male disciples to be mesmerized.

This Massacre Shrine’s disciple is very pretty. Junior sister seems to be inferior compared to her!

“What you said is both right and wrong.”

Wang Long laughs, “I came here today is to establish the fame of my Ancient Sword Sect as well as to let the cultivators in the world know that your Massacre Shrine is nothing and has an undeserved reputation. Liu Yi is too arrogant and conceited. To establish himself as a senior. Today I came to tell him that there is always someone better!”

Liu Yi snorts softly and says in his heart, who knows who is the arrogant and conceited one.

It looks like this old Taoist will only give up after creating havoc in my Massacre Shrine!

Might as well. I shall let you see if my Massacre Shrine’s sword is sharp enough!

After deciding in his heart, Liu Yi crosses his arms as he stands by the side, waiting to watch a free good show!

“Is that so?”

Chen Keqing was unhappy with the words of this old man. She snorts and says, “Sect Head Wang, because you are older, I gave you some respect. But one must conduct oneself with some propriety. If you continue to take advantage of your seniority and prester endlessly, then do not blame me for not giving face. 

“How dare you rebuke when our Sect Head is speaking!”

To bootlick Wang Long, as well as to show off in front of Chen Keqing, a disciple steps forward and shouts to attempt to scare Chen Keqing.

But Chen Keqing’s expression did not change, and only smiles faintly.

“You are too arrogant! Master, let me help you teach her a lesson!”

With that, ignoring whether Wang Long consented or not, he had already leaped over with his sword.

Strong sword qi gathers on his sword, which he tosses at Chen Keqing.

This sword qi takes the form of a gale and blows at Chen Keqing. It is like the sharp sword qi is going to rip her apart!

Chen Keqing did not dodge as she stood in the storm.

Luckily the support of this guest hall is tall enough. Otherwise, this storm will definitely damage the room.

“Through Heaven Sword Technique!”

Chen Keqing pulls out her sword and waves it.

A figure transformed from sword qi stands behind her. It is over three meters tall, holds an enormous sword, and sweeps out on the spot.

That sword qi storm was broken by the sword, not leaving behind any vortex.

“How, how is this possible…”

That Ancient Sword Sect’s disciple is shocked as he did not expect that the move that he was proud of was so easily broken!

I practiced this move bitterly for many years. How could it be ineffective against a girl who looks strengthless?

“Ancient Sword Sect is only merely so-so.”

Chen Keqing withdraws her sword qi figure and says faintly, “If you only have this bit of strength, I advise you to not provoke my Massacre Shrine. Otherwise, the result will not be good.”

“Your  tone is rather big!” Wang Long berates, “Did you think that my Ancient Sword Sect has no one else?”

“If your talking about your tone, I’m afraid that I’m incomparable to your sect.”

Chen Keqing says truthfully, “Your strength is nothing much, but your tone is big. Your arrogance is even bigger! Ever since you entered, we have given in time after time! Your sect destroyed my barrier, insulted my sect head, and slandered my sect. From what I see, it is not us bullying your Ancient Sword Sect, but your Ancient Sword Sect thinks that our Massacre Shrine has no one.”

With that, she waved her hand.

The entire guest hall was lifted by Chen Keqing’s enormous figure that was transformed from sword qi and raised into the sky!

The people of Ancient Sword Sect were revealed under broad daylight.

“Since you are not a guest, then this hall does not welcome you!”

Holding the hall, Chen Keqing says coldly, “Towards the enemy, our Massacre Shrine has our own method of treating them!”

With that, she lets out a whistle.

This whistle immediately spreads out and soon resounds through the sky of the Massacre Shrine!

Very quickly, a red firework exploded above the head of everyone!

This is the warning signal of Raising Immortal Palace Hall, which represents that there is the existence of an enemy here. Almost at the same instant, enormous figures fly up into the sky!

These figures are all the disciples of Massacre Shrine who use their sword qi to form this enormous person. Massacre Shrine has a lot of disciples, and in a blink of an eye, the people of the Ancient Sword Sect realized that surrounding them are enormous disciples who are glaring at them with hostility while holding a sword.

Massacre Shrine has over hundreds of disciples. With them surrounding the Ancient Sword Sect, it is truly scary.

The disciples from Ancient Sword Sect become nervous. 

This battle array…seems to be too big… It is like they are going to send out armed forces to suppress us!

Xiao Shiyi himself also starts to feel a bit restless. This lady…seems to be very aggressive…will our Ancient Sword Sect be fine?

“Hmph! A group of small fry!”

While Wang Long laughs like he does not care.

He pulls out his seven-star sword and steps out bizarrely before waving out his hand.

“Seven Stars in the sky!”

The sky is originally clear and instantly fluctuates into pitch-black like the deep night!

There are only seven stars in the night sky. They are very clear, like lamps!

Liu Yi senses that the seven stars in the sky are formed entirely from sword qi! Every single star contains might. If the seven stars descend together at the same time, perhaps the entire Massacre Shrine will be obliterated.

Although that old man shows not respect to everyone, his strength is not bad.

This move of his reveals strength that is not weaker than Heaven realm!

He is also a famous old senior, I guess. It is a pity that he is too egotistical, thus making it hard for him to be a capable person.

“As long as I take action, this entire Massacre Shrine shall become history!”

Wang Long laughs, “You can forget about using human wave tactics!”


Wang Xinyi is very upset. Why did it still develop in this manner? Can’t everyone talk with each other?

Could it be that in the cultivation world, one must strive to become the number one? What is the significance of striving for number one?

Chen Keqing did not panic. Instead, she asks, “Then what do you wish to do?”

In the surrounding gathered the envoys from the rest of the sects who ran over excitedly to watch the show!

Although they are all of the same alliance, they still like to watch the liveliness of the Massacre Shrine. After all, this world number one that Massacre Shrine is holding is very eye-catching. If they can be pulled down by other people, then that will be an amusing event!

After all, watching a show is not against the law!

“Very simple. Today in front of the cultivators of the world, I, the Ancient Sword Sect sect head Wang Long only wish to prove a matter!”

As Wang Long speaks, he raises his seven-star sword as his voice raises by an octave.

“Today, the Ancient Sword Sect shall have an elimination team fight against Massacre Shrine! If my Ancient Sword Sect loses, we shall kowtow and plead guilty today and admit that the position of your Massacre Shrine! But if your Massacre Shrine loses, hahaha…”

Chen Keqing asks, “Then what will happen if we lose?”

The old man laughs, “If you lose, then it’s very simple. The position of number one will belongs to us, Ancient Sword Sect! And this enormous Massacre Shrine shall be ours!”

The cultivation world is a place where the weak are food to the strong. Although what Wang Long says is too much, no one criticizes him.

Without ability, Massacre Shrine indeed can only scram out of this place.

In this place, whose fist is the biggest, is the boss!

Those without power can only be trampled by others!

Chen Keqing did not even look at Liu Yi and replied, “Okay. Then we will do it like this!”


Chapter 958   [Who is number one]

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