MKW Chapter 957

Chapter 957   [Title below]

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When Wang Long finished, the disciples of the Ancient Sword Sect step forward as they control their own immortal swords like they are unwilling to be outdone.

While Chen Keqing’s expression did not change when facing so many immortal swords that are filled with sword qi. Instead, she smiles and says, “Since you are a guest, there is no need for everyone to be so ferocious. Since you came to my Massacre Shrine, then you are our guests. Why don’t you come in to sample some tea? If you have anything to say, you can slowly say. If you have any complaints, you can report it.”

Liu Yi mutters in his heart; senior sister is indeed tempered out from Massacre Shrine. Her way of speaking is becoming more and more refined. Not bad, this way is better. It displays the demeanor of my great sect.

Indeed when Chen Keqing puts it like this, a lot of the disciples from the Ancient Sword Sect feel that they are a bit unreasonable.

The moment they arrive, they start using their weapons while the other party welcomes them with a smiling face.

It feels like…the disparity is very big!

Seeing the situation is not beneficial to them, Xiao Shiyi asks his sect head Wang Long quietly, “Master…what should we do?”

Before Wang Long can speak, his precious daughter Wang Yinxi can no longer take it and says, “Since the other party treats us with due respect, naturally we should respond in kind. How can we still shout that we want to fight or kill them when they are being kind to us. Could it be that our Sect members are barbarians?”

“Junior Sister. Why is your thinking so pure!”

Xiao Shiyi sighs loudly like he is feeling rueful of why Wang Xinyi is so silly.

“This can very likely be a trap from Massacre Shrine, who are just waiting for us to bite the bait.”

“What? Could it be that senior brother is afraid of being embarrassed?”

Wang Yinxi thinks rapidly and says with a smile, “Looks like senior brother is quite fearful of Massacre Shrine. It looks like when you say that you were not afraid earlier, it was all fake!”

“Says who!”

Hearing his junior sister saying so, Xiao Shiyi becomes unhappy.

What do you mean, afraid! When have I been afraid!

“Xinyi, don’t make things hard for your senior brother.”

Wang Long finally cannot listen on and says, “He is just worrying that this is a scheme from Massacre Shrine. What if they are purposefully being friendly to us, waiting for us to lower our vigilance before launching an attack. Thus, we should be careful. 

Liu Yi says in his heart, this Sect Head from the Ancient Sword Sect gauges the heart of a gentleman with his own mean measure.

No wonder this sect is not famous.

As a sect head, how can one not have a modest and open-minded heart?

This brother’s heart is as small as the eye of a needle. No wonder he would find Xiao Shiyi to his taste.

Only the same kind would walk together!

“There is no need for everyone to worry. My Massacre Shrine has countless heroes here. We will not entrap anyone.”

Chen Keqing seems to see through the thoughts of the people from the Ancient Sword Sect. She promptly smiles and says, “If we were to do so, wouldn’t we be ridiculed by the heroes of the world?”

“What she said has some justification.”

Wang Long nods his head, “Okay, my Ancient Sword Sect shall meet your Massacre Shrine Sect and see what ability you have to declare yourself as the number one in the world!”

With that, he waves his hand and leads the rest of the Ancient Sword Sect people to lower their flying swords and land in Massacre Shrine.

“Wow…there are so many people here…”

“That’s right…it is different from Ancient Sword Sect…so bustling…”

When the disciples from the Ancient Sword Sect enter Massacre Shrine, they become like Granny Liu visiting the Grand View gardens.

[TL: it means a simple person being overwhelmed by new experiences and luxurious surroundings.]

Massacre Shrine’s scale is a lot larger than Raising Immortal Palace Hall. Especially by Massacre God Pagoda, sects from all places have stationed their envoys there, which increases the liveliness of the Massacre Shrine.

Looking at the disciples that are walking to and fro, Wang Xinyi cannot help, but praise, “Just how many people does this Massacre Shrine have…it feels like there are people all over the place. Did they accept so many disciples? Isn’t it said that this sect has just been established?”

Liu Yi laughs and says, “That is indeed the case but what Fairy Wang does not know is that Massacre Shrine is not an ordinary sect. Other than the disciples from Massacre Shrine, the envoys of major and minor sects around the world are also stationed here.”

“What are you joking about!”

Xiao Shiyi immediately shouts, “The affairs within every sect are classified as secrets. How would they let people from other sects come in and be placed in a certain position!”

From certain points of view, what Xiao Shiyi said is indeed right.

There are a lot of things in the sect that cannot be known by outsiders. Usually, the sects are afraid that other sects would send spies in while Massacre Shrine actually opens its door and welcomes them! What is this situation? It looks like the people from Massacre Shrine are morons!

How could this kind of sect become number one in the world? I do not understand!

Liu Yi can see through Xiao Shiyi’s thoughts. Massacre Shrine did not only rely on strength to become the world number one. It also relies on bearing.

If one does not have this bit of tolerance, how can one be able to sit in this position?

While they are having all kinds of thoughts on their mind, the disciples from Massacre Shrine jaw dropped when they see Liu Yi, who is mingling among the people from the Ancient Sword Sect.

When some of the disciples wanted to salute Liu Yi, they were stopped by him with a voice transmission.

What a joke. I joined them to watch a show. If I got exposed by these disciples, what show would I watch anymore?

Furthermore, I also wish to see how Chen Keqing and the rest handle the sects who came here to challenge us in the past when I am not around.

Just like saying a tall tree attracts the wind, since Massacre Shrine is currently so famous, it is unavoidable that there will be people who will get jealous.

Sects like the Ancient Sword Sect, who came here for sect stomping, is perhaps not the first one.

Shooting the bird that pokes out its head, these people wish to defeat Massacre Shrine and reach heaven in a single bound.

Which they think is easy, but how would they know just how much suffering Liu Yi experienced, just how many enemies had he defeated to bring Massacre Shrine to this day?

Massacre Shrine’s fame is fought out with real swords, real spears! From the outer pavilion sects to the inner pavilion sects, Liu Yi has fought all of them!

A disciple from Massacre Shrine leads the way for the Ancient Sword Sect people and leads them to the hall Massacre Shrine uses to welcome guests.

On the way, all kinds of sights, all kinds of social relationships as well as Massacre Shrine’s disciples who are practicing sword techniques truly open the eyes of the people from the Ancient Sword Sect.

“I didn’t expect that the interior of Massacre Shrine was constructed so extravagantly.”

As Wang Long walks, he mutters, “Giving Massacre Shrine this kind of fengshui treasure land is a waste. Why don’t I snatch this place after defeating them as my own cultivation land? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?”

Wang Long’s thoughts are great, but he did not know that this thought nearly attracted a calamity that will claim his life!

“Everyone this way, please.”

The disciple from Massacre Shrine is rather polite as he leads them to a rather large guest hall.

A statue of a man is erected in the hall. He is wearing black armor and a black helmet. He is holding a sword in his left hand while holding a spear in his right.

Seeing this, Wang Long feels strange and asks, “Which immortal is consecrated here? Could it be a battle god from the Heavenly Courts?”

“Hahaha, toast has guessed wrongly.”

Massacre Shrine disciple laughs, “Our Massacre Shrine does not consecrate any immortals or gods. We only consecrate our sect head! This one is the image of god of our sect head!”

“Sect head can also establish an image of God?”

Xiao Shiyi instantly laughs loudly, “Don’t make me laugh, okay?”

The moment he said it, all of the disciples in the hall instantly glower at him.

“Senior brother, please watch yourself when speaking.”

Wang Xinyi frowns as she looks at her senior brother, “This is other people’s home. How can you say such things.”

Liu Yi also feels the same way. This is my sect. Talking bad about me, in my own sect. Isn’t it just seeking trouble?

“That was originally the case.”

Xiao Shiyi says unconvinced, “He is a sect head. How is he qualified to possess an image of god! Even my master, who was a sect head of virtue and prestige, did not talk about creating an image of god! How can he possess the ability!”

“My Massacre Shrine sect head is undefeated throughout the world and even shoulders the task of resisting Qin Imperial Palace to save the six realms!”

Although he is facing a sect head, that young disciple did not even yield as he says loudly, “A person who is so powerful and has great merit, if we do not erect an image of God, then who should we erect for?”


For a while, Xiao Shiyi does not know what to say.

This person is quite impressive when speaking!

“Sorry. My senior brother did not mean it intentionally. Please don’t blame him.”

Wang Xinyi is afraid that the scene would become bad; thus, she steps forward to smooth things over.

Wang Long is unhappy as he feels that the vigor of Massacre Shrine had far pushed them down.

This cannot go on! We must turn it around!

“I am the sect head of the Ancient Sword Sect, Wang Long! With me here, you send a few disciple rank people to receive me?!”

His tone is very bad, making the few disciples from Massacre Shrine look at each other, not knowing what they should do.

At this moment, a female figure walks in.

Before she even enters, her fragrance enters first while her voice floats in with her fragrance.

“Ancient Sword Sect sect head. Excuse me for not going out to meet you. I hope that you do not blame me.”

Wang Long and the rest of the Ancient Sword Sect disciples look over to the voice and immediately cannot help but stare blankly.

Only to see a great living beauty walking in. When she walks in, her fragrance that was brought in pervades the nose of everyone, making the Ancient Sword Sect men become infatuated while the women feel jealous.

This woman, isn’t she that woman who used sword qi earlier?

When that woman enters, she subconsciously pauses when she sees Liu Yi standing among the crowd.

This fellow, why is he over there!


Chapter 957   [Granny Liu visits the Grand View gardens]

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