MKW Chapter 956

Chapter 956   [Title below]

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Liu Yi says in his heart. That’s great. What I want is this!

Although he is happy in his heart, he keeps his expression cowardy.

“Is, is this okay? You all…would not do anything to me, right?”

Seeing Liu Yi’s worried appearance, the people from the Ancient Sword Sect cannot help but laugh loudly.

“You are quite timid. Don’t be afraid; our Ancient Sword Sect does not eat people!” That female disciple from previously covers her mouth as she giggles, “Ancient Sword Sect is a famous sect. Furthermore, as for you small loose cultivators, what kind of items could you have is worth us taking action against you?”

“That, that is also true…”

Liu Yi nods his head thoughtfully. That serious expression of his makes some of the disciples laugh.

“All right. You shall follow us then.”

The Ancient Sword Sect Sect Head is delighted in his heart. He keeps his head high and chest out as he looks at this flustered loose cultivator.

I shall establish my sect’s prestige in front of these people and let everyone in the world know that Massacre Shrine is nothing. Our Ancient Sword Sect is the real big sect!

I have not come out for a long time. The people of this world are about to forget my name!

This is not allowed!

I, Wang Long, as the sect head of Ancient Sword Sect, must let Ancient Sword Sect become famous and once again establish itself in the cultivation world!

Thinking about all of these, the sect head Wang Long starts to feel a bit emotional!

“Follow beside me.”

His daughter is rather sincere. Seeing Liu Yi’s ‘cowardly’ appearance, she smiles at him and says, “We will not harm you. We are only going to Massacre Shrine together.”

When Xiao Shiyi heard this, he immediately said, “Hey, how can Junior Sister say such things? This time,  we are going to Massacre Shrine to find them for trouble! Otherwise, why would we travel from thousands of miles away? Junior sister. Let me tell you, at this moment; you cannot have a benevolent shortcoming! Let me tell you. Enemies are not worthy of our sympathy, understand?”

“But senior brother…”

Just as the girl wished to say something, she got cut off by Xiao Shiyi, who stretched out his hand, “Junior sister, I know that you are kind-hearted and are unwilling to vie against others. But right now, it is not time to be polite! Master’s grand goal is waiting for us disciples to help him! If you still have not fought and you start to feel sorry for your opponent, how can you succeed?”

“But…I feel that we have no grievance or animosity towards Massacre Shrine…”

That junior sister explains, “As the saying, it is better to squash enmity rather than keep it alive, there is no need for us both sides to reach this deadlock…can’t we just talk things out?”

Hearing his own daughter saying this, Wang Long cannot help but sighs, “Alas, Xin Yi. You are still too young! It is still Shiyi who understands my thoughts!”

“Disciple is willing to render my service to help master!”

Xiao Shiyi hurriedly expressed his loyalty and gained a deeper favorable impression from Wang Long.

Actually, Wang Long had already decided on this quick-witted disciple as his successor as the next sect head. Not only that, because he likes Xiao Shiyi a lot, he also plans to marry his daughter to him.

Although my daughter is very talented, she is too kindhearted. She believes anyone too easily and is unwilling to offend others. In this cultivation world, where the weak are food to the strong, how can one have such thinking?

That is why Wang Long wishes to rely on Xiao Shiyi and slowly influence his precious daughter.

“Alas, you can say whatever you like. After all, I am unable to persuade you.”

Wang Xinyi can only sigh before standing on her flying sword and says to Liu Yi, “Nice to meet you. I am called Wang Xinyi, a small disciple from Ancient Sword Sect. I am very happy to go get to know you.”

With that, she stretches out her hand, politely to Liu Yi.

This girl is not bad.

Thought Liu Yi in his heart as he stretches out his hand as well and plans to complete this social etiquette.

But unexpectedly, before the two of them can shake their hand, Xiao Shiyi by the side becomes unhappy.

He says in his heart, motherfucking hell. This girl is already mine! Who are you to touch her as you please?

Thus Xiao Shiyi did not give Liu Yi any face and coughs.


Hearing this cough, Liu Yi and Wang Xinyi can only withdraw their hands at the same time. Especially Wang Xinyi, as she looks at her petty senior brother awkwardly.

Liu Yi secretly raises his finger in front of his chest and makes a copper coin shape.

This meaning is very clear, which says that Xiao Shiyi’s tolerance is as big as a copper coin.

Seeing this, Wang Xinyi is unable to restrain herself and laughs out.

Now Xiao Shiyi has became angered.

“Xinyi, what are you laughing about? What is so funny?”

He thought that Wang Xinyi was jeering about his pettiness. Damn it. This girl that was decided as mine, can’t I feel jealous?

This Wang Xinyi, does she not have any score in her heart?

To joke with another guy in front of me. She does not have any honor and shame!

Who would want to marry this kind of woman if she was not beautiful and the daughter of the sect head!

Hmph! After I  become the sect head, I shall cultivate this woman!

After the Ancient Sword Sect has defeated Massacre Shrine and become the number one sect in the world, along with me becoming the sect head, wouldn’t there be countless women who like me?

Hahaha, that’s right. My future path is bright!

Thinking about these, Xiao Shiyi becomes happy again.

“In front is the Massacre Shrine.”

As Wang Long speaks, he points far away in front of him.

Everyone immediately looks over to see among the mountain range far away. A portion  of it is enveloped by fog without any clear reason.

One of the younger disciples says, “Master, that seems to the formation eye of Massacre Shrine’s illusion barrier.”

“That’s right.”

Xiao Shiyi did not wait for his master Wang Long to speak and says, showing off, “The current sects all like to make some formation eyes for themselves to hide from the sight of mortals. From my point of view, these cultivators are just scared.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, this brother is rather arrogant!

Although he is holding the principle of keeping a low profile in his heart, Liu Yi cannot help but mock, “This brother, it is not like that, right?”

“Oh? You, what wise opinion do you have?”

Xiao Shiyi looks at Liu Yi rudely.

Liu Yi’s temper has always been like this. If people respect him a bit, he will respect him back even more.

But when he meets pretentious pricks, he will not be polite to them!

“Although I am a loose cultivator, I still know the rules of the cultivation world.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he points at the dense fog far away and says clearly, “All the sects in the cultivation world, no matter if it is a big sect or a small sect, they all have rules to not be implicated with mortals. That is why the sects build illusion barriers in their surroundings to confuse the mortal’s line of sight, disallowing them to get close to the sect. Doing so is not because they are afraid of mortals but to abide by the principles of cultivators keeping away from worldly affairs. This is the most basic rule of the cultivation world. Could it be that you do not know it?”

This speech causes Xiao Shiyi’s face to turn slightly red!

He thickens his face and says with a red face, “Of, of course, I know! I am only saying so to test my junior brothers and sisters, that’s all!”

Liu Yi shakes his head as he says in his heart. This fellow has a hard mouth. He knows that he is wrong, but he does not admit to it.

This kind of person will find it hard to be a capable person, even if his cultivation is stronger.

The gaze of that sect head Wang Long towards him is like looking at his own son. It looks like this sect head will be disappointed in the future.

“Shiyi. Don’t say so much. Let us prepare to disperse the illusion barrier. After that, let’s give Massacre Shrine a huge surprise.”

“Understood, master. Watch us!”

With that, Xiao Shiyi takes the lead and descends from his flying sword. He then floats in midair and raises that sword.

“Junior brothers and sisters of Ancient Sword Sect, today it is time for our sect to shine!”

With that, he swings out his immortal sword, allowing it to fly above his head.

The other disciples also copy along as they brandish their own immortal swords!

These immortal swords instantly shoot out sharp qi downwards like machine guns.

This is the first time Liu Yi has seen such a sword technique!

But it appears to be a technique that uses their immortal sword to urge along with their sword qi, which is rather mystical.

These immortal swords surrounding the enormous mountain range as they wander all over the place.

The sword qi instantly falls densely like rain, hiding the sky and covering the earth.

While the very small illusion barrier is unable to block this kind of powerful attack.

Very quickly, the illusion barrier was broken as the huge Massacre Shrine reveals itself in front of everyone.

What comes into view first is a very tall Massacre God Pagoda which is almost a kilometer tall!

Seeing this pagoda, the people from Ancient Sword Sect cannot help but exclaim.

This pagoda is too majestic and extremely spectacular!

Clearly, they are very far away from the pagoda, but they still feel a surge of imposingness assaulting their senses!

“What an impressive tower…so this is Massacre Shrine?”

When the disciples of the Ancient Sword Sect see this, some of them cannot help but feel cowardly.

This Massacre God Pagoda is not ordinary. It carries a scary aura, which causes the crowd to feel nervous.

This Massacre Shrine…seems to exceed what we had thought!

While an enormous person slightly stands up, holding a large sword in her hand and shouts loudly, “Who dares to break into my Massacre Shrine! Report your name!”

This shout is really loud and scares the people of the Ancient Sword Sect.

“Sword Qi transforming into Form!”

Wang Long takes a startled gasp himself, “There is this kind of technique! It looks like this Massacre Shrine has some ability!”

The one standing up is none other than a girl. That convenient senior sister of Liu Yi, Chen Keqing.

After Liu Yi left, Massacre Shrine was jointly managed by Chen Keqing and Poison Jasmine together.

From the looks of it, Chen Keqing has become a bit more dignified.

“Although you have some ability, I shall let you know who is the real number one in the world!”

Wang Long uses his deepest voice and shouts, “Ancient Sword Sect is here to pay respect to the Massacre Shrine! Let us test how sharp your sect’s sword qi is!”


Chapter 956   [Sect Storming]

[TL: basically the same as dojo storming]

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