MKW Chapter 955

Chapter 955   [Title below]

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Lin Tong got a huge shock. This cannot go on. Isn’t this a sign of Liu Yi falling into the devil path!

With Liu Yi’s cultivation, if he became a devil, it would be bad!

Perhaps he will become the number 1 devil of the six realms!

This cannot do! No matter what, I must wake him up!

{Big idiot! Don’t make random guesses! Look at me!}

Lin Tong shakes Liu Yi’s arm with both hands while Liu Yi’s gaze is still sluggish like he cannot sense anything.

{Ahhhh! Big idiot! You natural idiot!}

Lin Tong is almost angered to death. She does not have any other method. Finally, she grabs Liu Yi’s head and kisses him on the lips.

Their four lips touch each other!

The two of them kiss like this while Lin Tong subconsciously closes her eyes. As she recalls how deeply she loves him, her kiss becomes more passionate.

In this manner, Liu Yi’s gaze becomes clearer. He lightly holds Lin Tong’s waist and goes from passive to taking the initiative and kisses her back deeply.

Being kissed by Liu Yi in such a domineering manner, it makes it hard for Lin Tong to enjoy.

Her soul starts shuddering lightly as she panics in her heart.

I am in the heaven realm. What if Liu Yi cannot endure it and starts having sex with me…

If he realizes that my strength is enough to recreate my real body after the sex…that would be bad.

If that happens, I cannot continue to thicken my face and stay by his side anymore…

Cannot..cannot let that happen…

Lin Tong subconsciously starts to push Liu Yi away.

But with Liu Yi’s current strength, how is it possible for Lin Tong to push him away so easily.

After pushing a few times, Liu Yi did not even budge, causing Lin Tong to start panicking slightly.

{Big idiot…cannot…}

She finally starts struggling and moves a hand to block between her and Liu Yi.

“Immortal Fox sister…”

Liu Yi’s hand kneads her waist, causing Lin Tong to start feeling excited.

But she still maintains her rationality and will not let this momentary happiness and give up!

She filled her voice with qi and said to Liu Yi, {Big Idiot….right now we cannot…it will harm me…}

Sorry, big idiot. I can only lie to you. Please don’t blame me…

“Sorry, Immortal Fox sister….”

Hearing this voice, Liu Yi becomes clear-headed. He shakes his head and starts chanting Buddha scriptures, allowing his buddha qi to wash away his unclean thoughts.

What is wrong with me? Why am I becoming less and less rational?

I nearly harmed Immortal Fox sister! Liu Yi. Impulse is the devil! Lascivious activities can lead to bitter consequences!

Liu Yi disdains himself firmly before looking at Lin Tong’s charming bare face.

Lin Tong is indeed very beautiful. With the bloodline of the Heavenly Fox and growing up in the Charm Fox clan, Lin Tong, who is proficient in charm techniques, can be claimed as the bane of all men.

How many lifetimes of fortune have I cultivated to obtain Immortal Fox sister’s love?

Thinking about this, he cannot help but embraces Lin Tong tightly.

Lin Tong also sticks into his embrace peacefully. This embrace is very warm.

“Immortal Fox sister. Thank you for accompanying me…” said Liu Yi softly.

If it were not for Lin Tong, I wouldn’t know what I would have turned into.

{Idiot. What are you saying.}

Lin Tong replies softly, {Is there a need to say such things between us?}

“Mm. What you say is right. It is me who is being pretentious.”

Liu Yi nods his head and holds Lin Tong’s hand.

{Where are we going to next?}

“Let’s go back to Massacre Shrine. We should go back and take a look.”


No matter where I go, Lin Tong will always follow me.

Thinking of this point, Liu Yi became a lot calmer.

The two of them hold hands as they leave this nightclub and fly into the sky.

Black Cavalry’s figure walks out from the darkness as she looks at the night sky and says softly, “The next task should start now. Ghost Monk, it is your turn.”

The moment she finishes speaking, the dirt beside her starts moving.

Following this, a white skeleton bone hand stretches out and starts climbing out from the ground.

Flesh and blood start appearing on this skeleton before being covered with silver battle clothes.

Following which, a tall monk whose bald head carries the ringed scars on top appears in front of Black Cavalry.

His face is covered with a skull mask hiding his face.

Around his neck is a necklace that seems to be infant skulls that are strung together. This makes him look as weird as one can imagine!

“Hehehe…leave it to me…”

“Don’t you look down on him.” Black Cavalry warns, “Nine-tailed Turtle already suffered a big loss to him!”

“Nine-tailed Turtle was too careless.”

Ghost Monk says sinisterly, “Otherwise, how would we be defeated by that person who had not even cultivated his God Race Undying body when we rely on our AI and entitization technology!”

[TL: don’t think entitization this word exist, but anyways, it is basically turning ‘data?’ into a thing that has material existence like that shield.]

“That person possesses boundless possibilities.”

Black Cavalry frowns, “If you think like this, perhaps you will end up like Nine-tailed Turtle.”

“Impossible. I shall use my fist to rout the Massacre Shrine! Lord Black Cavalry, just watch on.”

With that, he stomps his feet and immediately sinks into the ground.

“This impulsive person. He will fail.”

Black Cavalry sighs, “Sky Swordmaster. Help him secretly.”


A white sword lightly instantly stabs through the clouds and flies into the sky.

“Liu Yi, don’t blame me. I only wish to edit fate.”

After saying faintly, Black Cavalry turns into the shadow and disappears.


As Lin Tong cannot stay outside for a long time, when they are getting close to Massacre Shrine, Liu Yi lets her return back into his body to continue to nourish her soul.

Massacre Shrine is the old Raising Immortal Palace Hall, and its location is hidden among an enormous mountain range.

Other than cultivators, the rest of the people are unable to find this place.

Usually, there will be some cultivators who went to Massacre Shrine to visit or worship. But they are some loose cultivators.

While on his way to Massacre Shrine, Liu Yi noticed a long procession that was standing on their flying swords as they flew towards Massacre Shrine deep in the mountains.

Liu Yi instantly becomes delighted. This group clearly comes from some sect!

A total of over ten people. It seems like they are also experts as well.

The one leading the group is an old man with a long beard. He is wearing a gray Taoist robe and standing on top of a Sevenstar Sword while leading a group of disciples behind him.

Among the disciples are men and women as they follow behind the old man. As they fly, they chat with each other.

One of the slightly younger women asks, “Dad, why are we going to Massacre Shrine to cause trouble?”

Liu Yi had transformed into a small bird chasing behind them as he secretly listened to their conversation.

“Hmph, when talking about sword technique, if we the Ancient Sword Sect claim to be second, who dares to claim to be first?”

“That’s right. And now this Massacre Shrine that has just emerged, what a joke!”

A disciple follows up, “Today we came here to teach them a lesson. And let them know who has the real swordsmanship! An outer pavilion sect dares to proclaim themself as king. They even call themselves Massacre Shrine, what a joke!”

The girl says with some worries, “But I heard that Massacre Shrine had even defeated the inner pavilion sects…”

“Those inner pavilion sects still had not sent out their real experts!”

The old man says a few reasons, “While our Ancient Sword Sect had been established since the Spring and Autumn Period and had existed until today, we are widely known for our swordsmanship! Right now, this small Massacre Shrine dares to be so arrogant! If we seniors do not give them a lesson, they won’t know just how tall the heavens are!”

“That’s right; we should give them a lesson!”

“That’s right, that’s right. Let them know whose swordsmanship is the number one in the world!”

The disciples start agreeing one after the other, making the old man satisfied as he strokes his beard in delight.

Hearing her seniors and juniors say so, the young girl became slightly relieved in her heart.

“Junior sister, relax. Our Ancient Sword Sect’s swordsmanship is number 1.”

A guy who appears to be steady says, “I heard that Liu Yi self-proclaimed himself as the number one swordsman in the world. At that time, I, Xiao Shiyi, shall let him know how wrong he was!”

Liu Yi suddenly has some playful intentions in his heart. Taking advantage that no one is paying attention, he transforms and starts chasing after those Ancient Sword Sect’s Sword Immortals.

“Fellow Daoists, please wait a moment, wait a moment!”

The Ancient Sword Sect people stop the flying sword underneath them and turn around warily and look at Liu Yi.

That Xiao Shiyi guy immediately form sword seals and points at Liu Yi while shouting, “Who are you?”

That young and beautiful sect head’s daughter also tilts her head to look at Liu Yi curiously.

Growing up so big, other than her senior and junior brothers from her sect, she had never seen other males. This guy is really strange. Even his clothing is different from ours. Could it be that the cultivators outside all wear such attires? Their Taoist robe is strange…but it seems like it looks nicer than mine. But why are senior and junior brothers acting like they have seen a great enemy? Could it be that all the cultivators outside are all bad?

“Everyone, don’t misunderstand, don’t misunderstand!”

Liu Yi pretends to be afraid as he waves his hands and says, “I am a loose cultivator from the mountains. I don’t have any bad intentions. I only heard that Massacre Shrine is very powerful, that is why I came here to pay my respect!”


The Ancient Sword Sect people look at Liu Yi, “A loose cultivator from the mountains? Came here to pay respects?”

“That’s right! I heard that this Massacre Shrine was very impressive and proclaimed itself as number one in the world!”


A female disciple sneers and says, “What does Massacre Shrine count as to call itself the number one in the world? Hmph, in front of my Ancient Sword Sect, they dare to be arrogant?”

“That’s right. Today we shall let the cultivators in the world know what is called a real supreme sect!”

“That’s right, that’s right. Let the people of the world know!”

The Ancient Sword Sect people start echoing.

Even loose cultivators might belong to some small sects; thus, the sect head of Ancient Sword Sect asks, “Which sect do you come from?”

“Gold Mountain Gate!”

Liu Yi casually created a sect. After all, there are as many small sects, as many as an ox’s hair. No one can remember all of them.

“So it is a disciple from Gold Mountain Gate. Well met.”

The other party cups his hands towards Liu Yi, “Since all of us are heading towards Massacre Shrine, why don’t we travel together!”



Chapter 955   [Ancient Sword Sect]

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