MKW Chapter 954

Chapter 954   [Title below]

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The Red Scarf Army people all laugh.

If ‘obstructing official business’ is said to other people, it might indeed scare off a number of them.

But saying it to the Red Scarf Army, it is not effective.

Red Scarf Army is equivalent to the private army of the government. This privatized army had settled the problem of the large number of soldiers who had to be decommissioned as well as replace the government in preserving law and order in the territory.

Sometimes it is ineffective for police to step forth while the Red Scarf Army, an underground power, is more useful.

Especially when dealing with some gangsters, it is useless if police step forth. After being locked up for a few days, they come out and continue to break the law and commit crimes.

Red Scarf Army has strict rules. If they steal things, a finger will be chopped off. Steal one time, chop of one. Although it is a bit ruthless, it is indeed effective. Some recidivists who cannot endure it had lost a few fingers. Even if they wish to steal, they no longer have the ability. After all, they still need to have a hand, right?

Robbing? If they get caught by the Red Scarf Army, a leg will be broken. That is why in the future, if he wants to snatch items again, they have to ponder over it before deciding.

That is why the safety of North Dragon City is very good right now. Seeing the environment of this place, a lot of overseas businesses start investing in North Dragon City one after another, thus momentarily causing North Dragon City’s economic growth to increase!

That’s why Red Scarf Army does not care about ‘Obstructing official business.’

“Don’t waste your breath.”

One of the Red Scarf Army members says to Chen Debiao, “If you don’t have a guilty conscience, what is there to be afraid?”

“He, he is telling lies! He wishes to frame me!”

Chen Debiao is extremely anxious and no longer has the imposingness previously.

“Tell me, honestly.”

Chen Dahai ignores his uncle. He walks in front of the bar boss and pulls out a dagger. With a -dang- he stabs it into the table in front of him.

On the marble tabletop, the dagger was stabbed in a finger length deep, scaring the bar boss so badly that he nearly shit in his pants. Fucking hell. Too scary. Red Scarf Army is indeed a group of monsters! Whoever dares to provoke them is just asking for trouble!

“If you dare lie, this dagger stabs into your throat.”

Chen Dahai’s killing intent is scathing, scaring the bar boss into trembling.

“I, I will not dare…”

The bar boss says, “I, I have a USB in my office. Inside it is the recordings of all of my conversations with Chen Debiao…”

“Wang Youfa! How dare you!”

Hearing this, Chen Debaio becomes anxious and startled. He wishes to raise his hand and shoot this fellow!

But it is too late. Even if he kills him now, it is useless!

One of the Red Scarf Army members went in and brought out the USB before sticking it into the computer in the bar.

Very quickly, a voice that Chen Dahai is familiar with came out from it.

Every single transaction, every single price tag enters the ears of everyone’s ears.

Wang You Fa’s voice: “Chief Chen, a miss died from drug overdosed.”

Chen Debiao’s voice: “If she dies from a drug overdose, then she dies. Even if you toss it outside, no one will know.”

Wang You Fa’s voice: “But…what if they have  investigated me?”

Chen Debiao’s voice: “What are you afraid of? Aren’t I backing you? Who can investigate it? At that time, when we discover the corpse, I will conclude it as a case of suicide by taking drugs. Right now, this society is so messy. It is very common for a few misses to suicide.”

Wang You Fa’s voice: “Then I shall rely on Chief Chen.”

Chen Debiao’s voice: “Relax. I will not take your monthly present for nothing. I still understand the principle of taking people’s money to help them avoid calamities. But why is this month’s present so much less than the previous months?”

Wang You Fa’s voice: “Several misses were sick this month; thus, the business is not doing very good…”

Chen Debiao’s voice: “Do you need me to teach you? Can’t they still receive customers even if they are sick? Isn’t sickly beauties even better? Go and seek out a few more beautiful girls and pull them down! Damn it. I need to make more money to send my precious daughter overseas! I cannot leave her here to be defiled by Chen Pei…”

When the people present in the bar hear this conversation, not a single one of them does not have their hairs stand on their end as chillness runs down their back.

“Scumbag! You bastard!”

Rosa’s eyes turn red as she wishes that she could tear Chen Debiao into pieces!

He does not see us as humans! So much so that we are even lower than beasts!

Even beasts would get rest when they fall sick!

“What else do you have to say?”

Liu Yi sits there as he looks at Chen Debiao coldly.

“Chen Debiao. Like the saying, ‘What a person did, the heavens are watching.’ You have done so many shameful deeds, didn’t you think that one day you will receive your retribution?”

“Retribution? What retribution?” Chen Debiao suddenly laughs, “Where have I gone wrong? These people are nothing but pitiful bugs! Even if I did not take action on them, sooner or later, they will fall into this path! I am only speeding up the process! This way, they would be happy, and I can earn money! What can you have against it?”

As he speaks, his gaze lands on Rosa by the side, “All of you shouldn’t hate me. You all should thank me instead! Otherwise, other than a pretty case, what else can you do? It was me! It was me who helped you choose a correct and quick path!”


Rosa spits at him, wishing that she can eat his flesh and drink his blood!

This guy is too shameless! How can there be this kind of person in the world!

Chen Debiao shouts madly, “That is why I am not wrong! I am not wrong!”

Chen Dahai is unable to watch anymore. He roars out, “Enough!”

This voice causes the surrounding furniture to tremble as the glasses and wine bottles all scatter.

This time, Chen Dahai is truly angered.

The uncle whom I trusted, actually did such a thing!

He cannot be forgiven!

But, in the end, he is still my own uncle!

“Dahai…are, are you going to kill Uncle?”

Chen Debaio looks at Chen Dahai as he trembles.


Chen Dahai clenches his teeth. He suddenly turns around and pulls out his dagger. He then kneels in front of Liu Yi.

“Boss, like the saying, The son shall pay back his father’s debt! I was orphaned in my adolescence, and it was my uncle who raised me! That is why he is like my father! My father has committed a mistake, and I beg boss to let him leave! Let me take responsibility for this debt!”

With that, Chen Dahai raises his dagger and stabs between his ribs!

Liu Yi tosses out a broken glass that sends the dagger in Chen Dahai’s hand flying away.

He is angered. This Chen Dahai, why can he not think!

For this kind of matter, how is there meaning in dying for others!

If Chen Debiao doesn’t die, then how can those girls whom he had harmed receive their justice?

This fellow is silly!


While Chen Debiao is kneeling on the ground, strengthless to move.

He suddenly laughs bitterly and says, to Chen Dahai, “Dahai. I did not love you for nothing. Help me take good care of Wan’er.”

With that, he points his pistol at his forehead and pulls the trigger.

With a -bang-, the bullet flies out from his temple and ends the sinful life of this Chief Chen.


Even though Chen Dahai is a man, right now, his eyes cannot help but turn red.

“At least he still had a bit of integrity.”

Liu Yi sighs, “Bury your uncle properly. Do not let this kind of matter happen again.”

“Yes, boss…”

Chen Dahai nods his head as he bears with his tears.

Although it is almost equivalent to Liu Yi, forcing his uncle to his death, Chen Dahai does not intend to blame Liu Yi.

Boss is boss. No matter who committed this kind of mistake in the Red Scarf Army, boss will not tolerate it!

Heaven does not harbor evil intentions!

“He understood himself. Perhaps he could lessen his sin slightly.”

Liu Yi says, “I hope that in his next life, he can be a good person.”

“In the future, all of the members in the Red Scarf Army must take note!”

Chen Dahai endures his heartache as he orders the Red Scarf Army people, “All of you manage your own relatives, and you are not allowed to have this reoccur! Otherwise, they will be similarly punished!”


None of the Red Scarf Army members were not intimidated as they agreed one after the other.

“Dahai. Bring this girl back and arrange a suitable job in the conglomerate.”

Liu Yi looks at Rosa, who is crouching by the side, “Don’t treat her unfairly.”

“Understood, boss.”

“Oh, those girls who were harmed, send all of them to the drug rehabilitation center. After they successfully kick their drug addiction, compensate all of them with 200k each and let them nourish their body. As for those who died, compensate their families 500k each. This is what I can make up for.”

No matter how much money it is, the life of a person cannot be exchanged.

“As you order!”

“All of you go back first then. I want to be alone for a while.”

Liu Yi waves his hand, and Chen Dahai immediately leads the Red Scarf Army people and leaves, not forgetting to pick up that fainted bar boss.

“Brother Little Black…”

Rosa holds Liu Yi’s hand.

“Go back first and rest as well.”

Liu Yi does not have the mood to coax Rosa and can only make her leave first.

Seeing that Liu Yi’s mood is bad, the obedient girl did not say anything and only nodded her head before leaving.

Liu Yi sits in the empty bar on his own stone there.

Although the one who had died is Chen Dahai’s uncle, his mood is nowhere better than Chen Dahai’s.

He thought that he was able to establish a peaceful North Dragon City, but now he realizes that everything is not like what he had imagined.

{Big idiot. What are you thinking of now?}

Little fox Lin Tong flies out and lands on the chair by the side. She sits there and looks at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi asked, “Immortal Fox sister…am I…too naive?”

“What a joke. Why did you want to insult naive, this pure word!”

Lin Tong rolls her eyes, “You cannot be put alongside this word!”

“But…why did the Red Scarf Army that I established with great effort turn out like this. Furthermore, the wish to build into an ideal kingdom in the end still became like this. If this place was really a kingdom, wouldn’t I be a terrible king?”

Recalling Xiao Hong, who had fallen ill from sickness, he cannot help but laugh bitterly.

“What are you talking about. How is that related to you.”

Lin Tong glares at Liu Yi and says, “In this world, how could there exist a place that is completely filled with light. As long as there is light, there will be darkness! You can control this city, but can you control the heart of a person?”

“But am I suitable to be the Commander? Am I suitable to be a cultivator?”

Liu Yi’s eyes suddenly dim, “I feel like, the more I do, the worst it becomes…”

A faint thread of black qi slowly floats out from Liu Yi’s back.



Chapter 954  [In the end, good and evil will have their desert]

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      Shame because if he gained actual doubts about how he acts he could really grow, but apparantly he is God, the author really lets his in thoughts slip through when he includs off hand comments like “heaven is always right” like they are just a given.

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