MKW Chapter 953

Chapter 953   [Title below]

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The massive door flies away as several Red Scarf Army members walk in aggressively and surround the bar!

Following which three Scarlet Cloth Guards walk in, and the leader of them is none other than the surface leader of Red Scarf Army, Chen Dahai.

Different from the small gang leaders, the current Chen Dahai is carrying a dignified aura, which is something that others are unable to imitate.

The moment he walks in, numerous people in the building feel like they have to lower their heads.

“Dahai, you have finally come!”

Seeing Chen Dahai walking in, Chen Debiao becomes very emotional.

“Dahai, Ah Pei was murdered!”


Chen Dahai was startled, “Who killed my cousin! And wishes to touch my uncle! Motherfucking hell! I am going to chop you up and feed the fishes!”

The moment he becomes angered, everyone present feels their heart tremble.

At this moment, Liu Yi kicks the marble tabletop, which then tumbles as it flies toward Chen Dahai.


Seeing the incoming marble tabletop, Chen Dahai’s eyes brighten up as he stretches out his right hand and grabs hold of the marble tabletop with his hand!

This dense tabletop was stopped right in front of Chen Daha.

Seeing this, Chen Debiao becomes delighted in his heart. This nephew of mine is indeed reliable!

Liu Yi keeps his hands in his pocket as he says with a smile, “Not bad, Dahai. After not meeting for a long time, your skills have improved again.”

Hearing this voice, Chen Dahai got a shock.

He turns around as his expression undergoes a huge change.


With that, Chen Dahai walks over and hugs Liu Yi tightly.

“Boss, I have finally met you again. Damn it; I really missed you! Two days ago, when you set up a huge operation, I was unable to come back as I was busy overseas! It made me depressed!”

The Scarlet Cloth Guards, as well as Red Scarf Army members by the side, all saluted Liu Yi.

This scared Chen Debiao badly. What is this situation?

Why is my nephew calling that kid boss? Damn it. This is impossible!

Isn’t the boss of Red Scarf Army Chen Dahai? Could it be other people?

“Boss. What is going on here?”

Seeing Liu Yi here, Chen Dahai knows that today’s matter is not that simple.

Liu Yi sits back down as he taps the table by the side lightly while narrowing his eyes.

“Dahai. I have always trusted you, right?”

Chen Dahai nods his head and says, “That’s right. Boss handed over the Red Scarf Army as well as the Redstar Conglomerate to me. I am very thankful for your trust.”

“That’s right. Then do you still remember our objective?”

Chen Dahai immediately stands straight as he says clearly, “Wildfire illuminates the source, Red Scarf Shall Stand! As long as darkness exists, Red Scarf shall not fall!”

His spirit had been cultivated to perfection. His voice is deep and powerful, resounding repeatedly in the bar, so loud that even the deaf could hear.

Liu Yi nods his head and says, “Do you still remember that there used to be a police vice bureau chief in North Dragon City?”

“I remember. Wasn’t he Kou Guangping?” Chen Dahai nods his head, “I personally killed him. Of course, I remember!”

“Mm. Then you have not forgotten the reason why he died, right?”

“Of course!”

Chen Dahai nods his head, “That fellow was corrupt and abused the law. Furthermore, he had raped young girls; thus, his sin cannot be redeemed! Before I killed him, I had cut off his brother to make him unable to be a man in his next life!”

While they are talking, Chen Debiao turned pale from fright as he trembles. Liu Yi can see his uniform becoming wet from his cold sweat.

Liu Yi withdrew his gaze and asked, “Very good. If you meet this kind of person again, then what would you do?”




Not only Chen Dahai, but all of the Red Scarf Army members also shout at the same time!

The three cries are imposing and murderous, scaring those policemen into trembling.

Among the policemen under Chen Debiao, not many of them are clean. Hearing the Red Scarf Army shouting ‘Kill,’ all of their faces turn green.

Red Scarf Army was a black society group. But later on, they had somehow obtained the support of the government.

And later on, they become even more impressive. There are rumors that they had obtained the rights of life-and-death! They are allowed to kill corrupt officials!

This privilege is too big because what are the most powerful people in China?

It is government officials!

How scary of a matter it is to possess the right to kill corrupted officials!

It also means that if Chen Dahai wants to kill them, it is a matter of minutes!

In China, no matter if it was the gangs or officials, the people whom they are the most unwilling to provoke is the Red Scarf Army.

What they do not know is that the person who authorized the Red Scarf Army the right to kill corrupted officials was Liu Yi.

As the Law Enforcer of China, his rights are very big!

“Very good. Then you deal with this person yourself.”

With that, Liu Yi points at Chen Debiao, “Deal with him, now .”


Chen Dahai turns around and looks at his uncle as his frown deepens.

Actually, he more or less guessed it, but he does not dare to believe it.

“Dahai, I, I am your uncle…”

Chen Debiao looks at his nephew, not knowing what he should say as he trembles.

Chen Dahai became silent as he recalled back his youth when he rode on his uncle’s shoulder, the scene when he strolled around the place with his uncle.

Chen Dahai’s father had joined the army when he was young and later on, died in the Vietnam War. He was basically raised by his uncle; thus, his feeling towards his uncle is very deep.

Since young, he had always shown off to my friends that his uncle was a policeman. Because he felt that his uncle was a hero.

But now…

Chen Dahai is hesitating.

Liu Yi did not advise Chen Dahai. Instead, he turns around and asks Rosa, “Rosa, what is Xiao Hong’s job?”

Rosa’s expression is slightly dimmed, “She is in charge of receiving guests in the bar…”

“Did she wish to do this?”

“No…in the past, Sister Xiao Hong was a university student. She was only moonlighting here selling wine…later on, I don’t know why, she became addicted to drugs and to earn money to buy the drug, she started to work in this line…”

“I’ll tell you.”

 “This Sister Xiao Hong of yours was moonlighting by selling wine. The reason why she became addicted to drugs is that your boss gave her a cigarette that contained drugs. Just like how you have been tricked today as well as the countless girls who were tricked by the boss of this bar.”


Rosa is indeed startled. She had always thought that her boss was not bad. Usually, he was quite considerate of her. But today, after drinking his wine and fainting, everything that she had known had changed.

So in private, he did this shady business?

“Rosa. If it were not for me, you would have long been addicted to drugs.”

Liu Yi’s voice carries a bit of heaviness, “Furthermore, it is not only this bar, but the surrounding ones are the same. I don’t know how many girls were forced onto this unreturnable path.”

“They, they are too daring! Bastards! They should be killed!”

Rosa is truly badly angered. Especially when she sees the fainted Sister Xiao Hong, her heart is even more filled with grief and indignation.

We are only some weak girls. We don’t have other capabilities and only wish to come out and earn a bit of money.

Even if that is the case, we never wished to sell their bodies!

Even if we wish to sell our bodies, why would we want to be addicted to drugs!

That is a slow death! No wonder Sister Xiao Hong’s body would become weaker and weaker!

“Bastard! Bastard!”

Rosa kicks that fainted bar boss a few times but is unable to resolve her anger.

“Why would they have such courage!”

“Because someone gave them this kind of courage.”

Liu Yi laughs as his eyes land on Chen Debiao.

“Isn’t that right, Chief Chen?”

“I, I am not familiar with them…don’t you slander people!”

Chen Debaio’s face turned pale. Even if he dies, he will not admit to it.

“Don’t wish to admit?”

Liu Yi’s expression turned heavy, “Things have gotten to this stage, and you still don’t wish to admit?”

“I don’t understand what you are saying!”

Chen Debiao beseeches Chen Dahai, “Dabai. You must believe in your uncle. Uncle has always been a good policeman! I have never done those corrupted things! As for forcing an honest girl into prostitution and the likes, that is even more impossible! How would it be possible for me to do such things! Dahai, you understand, right?”

“But, I realize that I no longer recognize you.”

Chen Dahai sighs, “Since uncle says that you are wrongly accused, I shall wake this fellow up. After questioning, everything will be known.”

With that, he gives a Red Scarf Army member by the side a look.

That member immediately stretches out his strong arm and lifts the bar boss from the floor and slaps him!

This slap is very clear, and that bar boss immediately awakens from the slap. His cheek also swells quite a bit.

“Ah, who, who are you guys!”

When the bar boss realized that a group of unknown people had entered his bar and he was held by his collar in midair by someone, he became very flustered.

The Red Scarf Army member holding him says three words, “Red Scarf Army.”

The bar boss was instantly frightened. Mother h…why would the Red Scarf Army come here?

“Did, didn’t Red Scarf Army not collect protection fees…”

He nearly cries as he asks, “You cannot do this to me. I am backed by Chef Chen! Do you know who Chief Chen is? He is the uncle of your Boss, Chen Dabai!”

Chen Debiao, who was listening, turned pale as he shouts, “Nonsense!”

He steps forward, wanting to stop that bar boss from continuing to speak.

While two Red Scarf Army members immediately block Chen Debiao, not letting him go over.

Although Chen Debiao used to be a valiant policeman when he was young, the quality of a policeman is inferior to a soldier. Especially when Chen Debiao had stuffed himself with food for several years, growing a belly of fat. After becoming so fat, the quality of his body is no longer as fit as in the past!

He is unable to push aside the two Red Scarf Army soldiers in front of him and only feel like they are like iron pillars!

“You, you are hindering official business!”

Chen Debiao can only shout in fluster and exasperation.



Chapter 953  [Exposed]

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