MKW Chapter 952

Chapter 952   [Title below]

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Chen Debiao glares at the bar boss and berates, “What nonsense are you saying! Who backs this place! Let me tell you, don’t you dare frame others! Otherwise, I will add another charge of framing on you!”

The bar boss blanks out for a moment, not knowing what had happened to Chen Debiao today. Why has he suddenly had a change of attitude?

Every month I had handed over a sum of money. Don’t tell me that he will ignore me during the crucial moment?

But his son was just killed. Don’t tell me that he still will stand aside and do nothing?

That Chen Pei seems to only be Chen Debiao’s adopted son…

The bar boss became nervous again.

But even if it is a dog, after raising it for so many years, he should have some feelings for it.

Just as the bar boss breathed a sigh of relief, he suddenly thought of another matter, which caused him to tremble in fear.

It seems like there are rumors that Chen Pei seems to be secretly dating Chen Debiao’s daughter!

Chen Debiao will not interfere with this matter now! Even if Chen Pei is not a hoodlum himself, that ‘sister’ is only a senior high school student!

While Chen Pei had evidence of Chen Debiao’s crimes, thus he keeps submitting to humiliation and does not dare to say anything!

The bar boss’s heart rises again!

Fucking hell. This matter is too shitty! Why is it that everything was pushed to me!

“You as well! Don’t you dare quibble anymore!”

Chen Debiao points at Liu Yi and berates, “Right now the testimony and material evidence are complete, there is sufficient evidence of you committing murder!”

“Is that so?”

Liu Yi is still not panicking like the people surrounding him are not police but a group of cats and dogs.

“I want to see who dares to touch me!”

Liu Yi takes a step forward.

The two policemen in front of him seem to be unable to stand Liu Yi’s aura and subconsciously retreat.

“You wish to attack the police?”

Chen Debiao says with anger. He pulls out his sidearm, a semi-auto type 92.

The surrounding policemen also follow suit as they pull out their sidearms and point at Liu Yi.

It seems like as long as Liu Yi dares to take a step forward, he will be filled with bullets.

A gleam flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes, “Chen Debiao, you dare to fire?”

“Why would I not?”

Chen Debiao laughs nastily, “Let me tell you. Everyone here is mine. Even if I kill you, you will die for nothing. At that time, I will report that you attacked the police; thus, it was in self-defense.”

“You finally confessed.”

Liu Yi smiles, “It would have been nicer if you had done so earlier. Then there is no need for me to spend so much energy.”

“What game are you playing?”

Chen Debiao does not know why, but he feels that the guy in front of him is a bit different from normal people.

He is different from those murderers whom I usually catch. His eyes are different from those murderers. There is no cruelty nor madness. Instead, it is a kind of calmness that is deep and unmeasurable.

Just as Liu Yi prepares to say his identity, a gaudily dressed woman staggers over from the side.

The woman hugs the bar boss’s leg as she sniffles and implores, “I beg you, I beg you…please, please give me a cigarette…one stick, just one stick is enough…”

The woman’s figure is slightly dried up and skinny like she can be blown away by the wind at any moment.

Liu Yi can see that there is some abnormal black light in the woman’s body. His heart sinks; it looks like this woman will not live for long.

Seeing this woman, Rosa, who is by Liu Yi’s side, exclaims, “Sister, Sister Xiao Hong…”

“Damn it. Looks like Sister Xiao Hong’s drug addiction relapsed again!”

“Drug addiction?”

Liu Yi recalls the fellows back at the hotel. They had told him that the bars under Chen Debiao force the women to take drugs. After they become addicted to drugs, they would force them to sell their bodies.

“Damn it. Scram!”

The bar boss is blunt and kicks that Xiao Hong away.

“Fucking hell. If you want to smoke, then go, receive guests, and make money for me!”

“But, but recently my stomach has been very painful…”

“Fuck it. Do you understand what I said? If you are not dead, then go and receive customers!”

Liu Yi immediately understood that the smoke that they are talking about is none other than a drug that can be consumed.

This kind of drug costs around 4-5 hundred a stick. After being addicted to it, one will lose their entire family fortune.

Thus one must never get in contact with drugs!

“Damn it! If you want to lecture a person, then bring her back!”

Chen Debiao scolds, “Don’t lose face here!”

“I beg you. Give me a cigarette!”

Xiao Hong seems to see that this guy wearing police attire is easier to speak to.

She immediately crawls over and hugs Chen Debiao’s leg.


Chen Debiao was instantly angered as he kicked Xiao Hong away.

Xiao Hong’s head knocks onto a table and faints.

Chen Debiao scolds, “Damn it! Manage your people properly!”

“Fucking hell! You bitch!”

The bar boss is very mad. This woman nearly provoked a calamity for me!

He walks over and starts kicking Xiao Hong.

Rosa is unable to bear it and rushes forward to protect Xiao hong.

When the bar boss’s leg is about to land on Rosa, Liu Yi kicks the barstool beside him.

That one-meter tall barstool immediately flies over and smashes into the bar boss, causing him to cry out in pain as he tumbles on the ground.

The policemen were all startled as their pistols aimed at Liu Yi.

Chen Debiao immediately points his pistol at Liu Yi, “You still dare to commit a violent act! Raise your hands and kneel!”

Liu Yi crosses his arms and asks coldly, “What if I don’t listen to you?”

“If you don’t listen to me, then don’t blame me!”

Chen Debiao waves his hand, and two policemen immediately step forward. They grab Liu Yi’s arm and prepare to force him onto the ground.

Liu Yi only raises his arm and tosses the two incoming policemen away, causing them to crash into the furniture by the side.

The police takedown is not effective against him!

Chen Debiao frowns. It looks like this guy knows some kungfu!

But so what if he knows kungfu. I have a gun in my hand!

This guy cannot be left alive. Although Chen Pei died, he still left behind some evidence.

I must kill this guy! That way, with both of them dead, the case can be closed immediately. At that time, there will no longer be any trace left!

Chen Debiao did not hesitate as he pointed his gun at Liu Yi’s heart and pulled the trigger!

The sound of a gun being fired, shocked everyone.

The most startled one is Chen Debiao, as Liu Yi, who is in front of him, is perfectly fine as he stands there holding a bullet in his hand.

How is this possible?

Catching bullets with bare hands. Is there such a thing in this world?!

Who is this fellow!

Liu Yi stopped all of the policemen with a single move. 

He waves his hand and tosses away the bullet.

A wine bottle by the side explodes. Clearly, it was broken by the bullet!

How is this any different from a real bullet!

What is the background of this fellow? An inner force expert?

“Who, who are you?”

Chen Debaio finally panics. He trembles as he holds the pistol. Gathering his courage, he says, “Let me tell you, you better not mess around and obediently go back with us! Otherwise, I will send experts to deal with you!”

“Experts? What experts?”

“Hmph! Do you know of the Scarlet Cloth Guards?” Chen Debaio says bluntly, “Everyone from the Scarlet Cloth Guards are real experts. With these moves of yours, you couldn’t receive a single move from them!”

Liu Yi brightens up, “Oh? Scarlet Cloth Guards will care about you?”

“Kid, I’m afraid that you don’t know!” Chen Debiao laughs, “The leader of the Scarlet Cloth Guards is my nephew!”

“If you have the capability, then call them.”

Liu Yi makes a calling action.

“Dealing with you does not need the Scarlet Cloth Guards!” Chen Debiao gave the command, “Take him down, fire at will!”

Of the surrounding policemen, some hesitated while others did not as they pulled the trigger.

For a while, there was the sound of guns being fired in the bar.

Liu Yi kicks the marble tabletop in front of him. This marble tabletop is a meter wide and three-meter long.

The table was propped on its side and instantly shield the two girls who were behind it.

The bullets land on the marble tabletop and chip off some of the marble before being deflected.

“Is he a monster?!”

Seeing that heavy marble tabletop being kicked up, a lot of the policemen were stunned.

Just how great must one’s strength be to do such things!

“Your guns shouldn’t be pointed at the innocent people.”

Seeing these policemen who help the evil, Liu Yi feels uncomfortable in his heart.

It is these folks who spoiled the name of the police!

No matter what place it is, there will be these scums!

I am the Law Enforcer. The one who is tasked to clean up these rotten parts.

He grabs a wine bottle by the size and scatters it in his palm.

The broken glass shards were caught by Liu Yi with his hand before being tossed out by him.

Every single glass shard pierced into those policemen who had fired their gun. It causes them to cry out in pain as they hold their hands, making them strengthless to fire their gun anymore!

“Damn it…”

Chen Debiao turned pale from fright. He subconsciously pulls out his handphone and calls his nephew Chen Dahai.

“Da Hai! Quickly come and save me! I am at Zhanzhen Bar! There is an expert who wants to kill me!”

“What? Who dares to touch my uncle! Wait for me!”

Hearing Chen Dahai’s voice coming from the phone, Liu Yi mutters in his heart. Indeed they are relatives.

But in the end, there is a need for Dahai to show up; he must handle this matter.

Liu Yi sighs before pulling over a chair and sits down on it.

Rosa massages Xiao Hong’s head helping her lessen the pain.

The remaining policemen in the bar look at each other, not knowing what they should do.

“Wait for it. Your death date shall come soon!”

Taking advantage of the fact that his nephew is Red Scarf Army’s leader, a member of the Scarlet Cloth Guards, he is fearless. Thus he is waiting to watch Liu Yi being beaten down!

In less than 10 minutes, the door of the bar was kicked open!



Chapter 952  [Relative relationship]

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  1. [Chen Dahai turned pale from fright. He subconsciously pulls out his handphone and calls his nephew Chen Dahai.]

    the first ‘Dahai’ must be ‘Debiao’.. right..? XD i almost confused by the two.

    aand red cloth army, the bigger an organization, the easier they gone corrupt.. kinda sad.. but, well, Liu Yi mostly do hands-off approach.. and delegate matters to other people. an useful skill for leader, but sometimes, you got to check what they did.

    though, i hope its not our Chen Dahai… for real..

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  2. dammit I want to see the next chapter! just to see how that Debiao face would look like when he see his nephew talking respectfully of Liu Yi!

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