MKW Chapter 951

Chapter 951   [Title below]

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Rosa’s soul is muddle-headed as she follows a soul emissary. The two of them are walking towards the Yellow Springs of legend.

Along the journey, there are many demons and monsters wailing like ghosts and howl like wolves.

At this moment, on the east of her sight, an eye-catching white light suddenly lights up.

This white light is like a lamp, shining out a path of the road.

When the soul envoy sees that white light, he is shocked.

“Looks like your predestined life span has yet to end.”

With that, he pushes Rosa, “Walk towards that light and return to your mortal world!”

Rosa’s soul staggered before subconsciously walking towards the light.

Who, who is calling me?

Rosa looks at the light blankly, and at this moment, the figure of a man appears in front of her.

That guy is standing at the light beckoning to her.

“Brother Little Black…”

Rosa’s eyes brightened up and sped up her steps walking towards the light pillar.

Her steps become faster and faster, and finally, she floats up and is almost flying towards the light pillar at increasing speed like a moth charging towards the flame.


Seeing a white light entering Rosa’s body, Little Black uses his final breath and gently calls out her name before stretching out his hand, attempting to caress her face again.

Halfway through, that bone hand turns rigid.

Little Black sits there motionless.

Liu Yi vomits out blood staining the Charm Fox Sword in front of him.

{Big idiot…}

Lin Tong’s heart is aching but is helpless.

Liu Yi’s character is like this. No matter what others say, it is useless. As long as it is a matter that he insists on doing, even if he pays with his life, he will still go and complete it.

But Little Black was not sacrificed for nothing. Liu Yi also did not waste his own pain. Rosa is, indeed, slowly waking up.

As she blinks her eyes, Liu Yi hurriedly waves his hand and recalls Little Black as well as the Charm Fox Sword into his body.

“Brother Little Black…”

The moment Rosa wakes up, the first person she sees is Liu Yi.

She does not know that this guy is not her Brother Little Black.

Rosa cannot take it anymore and starts crying, “So-sorry Brother Little Black….I am no longer clean…”

Liu YI had seen everything that had happened from Rosa’s memories. He is angered in his heart causing him to clench his fist. But he still wearing a consoling smile as he says to Rosa, “No worries, sit down first.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he helps Rosa up and lets her sit on the sofa by the side.

Rosa leans into Liu Yi’s embrace as she keeps crying.

“I, I didn’t expect that the bar boss would be this kind of person…wuwuwuwu….Brother Little Black, please don’t shun me…wuwuwu…”

She is crying nonstop as she feels like she had let down Brother Little Black.

“No worries. In my heart, you are still clean.”

Liu Yi tore down the window curtains by the side and wrapped it around Rosa’s body, “In the future, don’t do this anymore. Do some proper job. There are no good people here.”

Rosa’s crying lightens as she looks at the bar boss lying on the ground and asks subconsciously, “But other than this….what else can I do…”

“Relax. I will arrange for you to work at Redstar Conglomerate.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, Little Black. I will help you take good care of this girl that you love.

“Thank you, Brother Little Black! You are the best!”

Rosa is very moved as she did not expect that with what happened to her, Brother Little Black did not shun her and is instead considerate of her.

Rosa is slightly excited. She quickly leaves Liu Yi’s embrace and moves her lips to kiss Liu Yi.

At that split second, Liu Yi is somewhat baffled!

He hurriedly turns on his Black and White world and greatly slows down the real-world speed.

Rosa’s movements became super slow as she slowly kissed toward Liu Yi’s lips.

Liu Yi is very hesitant in his heart. Should I dodge her or kiss her?

After all, she is the girl that Little Black likes while I do not have any feelings for her. Looking from either side, I shouldn’t kiss her! It lacks integrity; furthermore, it is not just integrity; it even lacks moral standing!

But if I don’t kiss her? Right now, Rosa’s heart is wounded. She only wishes to let the person she likes to comfort her. In her eyes, I am the person whom she likes.

If I do not kiss her, perhaps she might think that I am shunning her. That way, she will be even more upset and might even feel despair!

Damn it!

Why can’t I meet this kind of thing!

It looks like I must take good care of my pets in the future. I cannot let them leave behind lovers! Otherwise, wouldn’t I be cleaning up after them?

Little Black, you just had to die so straightforwardly. Why did you have to toss this terrible mess to me!

Liu Yi wishes to curse.

If Little Black can revive in the future, I must first give him a good beating to vent my anger!

But the current situation makes Liu Yi unable to make any choice and feel like his head is hurting!

Liu Yi suddenly had a brilliant thought. He stretches out his hand towards a locker by the side and waves his hand.

Moon Dream Sutra activates.

The locker topples and falls on the ground.

The loud sound scared Rosa.

She turns her head around and looks at the locker that collapsed on the ground and holds her heart.

“So-so scary…why would the locker suddenly topple. So strange…”

She suddenly recalls something as her face turns pale while she grabs Liu Yi’s arm. Seeing there is no Chen Pei’s figure in the room; additionally, there is a huge hole in the ceiling, Rosa cannot help but ask, “Brother Little Black! Where, where is that scumbag?”

Liu Yi randomly weaves a lie and says with a smile, “A powerful lightning struck him to death.”

“Serves him right!” Unexpectedly, Rosa naively believed him, “The gods have opened their eyes! Well struck!”

She faces the ground and spats.

“Brother Little Black, bring me away from here. I do not wish to stay a second longer!”

This place is Rosa’s nightmare!

She hates to be unable to escape from this place immediately. The further away, the better!

Just as the two of them prepare to leave, police sirens suddenly start blaring outside!

“Let us leave.”

Sensing that something is wrong, Liu Yi wraps the window curtain around Rosa properly before pulling her out.

After walking through the passageway, the crowd outside is in a huge mess.

A lot of policemen are walking around the place like they are finding someone.

While a male waiter suddenly points at Liu Yi and Rosa and shouts, 

“It is him! It is them!”

A middle-aged fat man in police uniform shouts, “Grab them! Don’t let them escape!”

Several policemen immediately surround Liu Yi and Rosa while that watier from earlier shouts, “It, it is them. I saw them kill Mr Chen!”

Liu Yi frowns. It looked Little Black was not careful enough when he took action.

Oh well. It looks like I need to clean up again.

Almost immediately, that fat man gave another order, “Bring them away! Arrest them!”

Facing the two policemen who are charging over like tigers and wolves, Liu Yi suddenly shouts, “Wait a minute!”

An imposing vigor spreads out, engulfing the entire bar!

The two policemen instantly blanked out as their striding forward steps subconsciously were withdrawn.

The fat man was also surprised as he looked at Liu Yi.

“Why are you guys arresting me?”

Feeling that Rosa by his side is shivering from fear, he grabs hold of her hand and squeezes to calm her down.

Almost like she believes in Brother Little Black, Rosa indeed calms down.

“When do the police need a reason when arresting people?”

The fatty shouts, “Arrest them!”

“Hey, police need evidence when arresting people.”

Liu Yi is not afraid. He raises his head and looks at that fatty, “On the contrary, I feel like you do not look like a policeman and more like a gangster.”

“Nonsense!” The fatty is angered, “You guys killed a person! There is no use trying to vilify! Since you guys have killed my son Chen Pei, then I shall make you pay with your life!”

As he speaks, his eyes turn red.

Liu Yi frowns lightly, his son Chen Pei? 

So that guy who did an unforgivable thing to Rosa is his son?

“Who are you?”

The waiter sneers, “You don’t even recognize this person. How did you mingle in the streets! This one is Director Chen, Chen Debiao of the local police station in this area!”


Liu Yi raises his eyebrow as he mutters in his heart, so this fellow is Chen Debiao? Very good. Instead of walking the roads of heaven, you entered the doorless hell.

I was about to seek him, and unexpectedly, he delivered himself to me.

Liu Yi glanced at the bar, which all the guests had run away and asked, “Chen Debiao. It is you who is backing this bar, right?”

“What nonsense are you saying. I am a law-abiding policeman!”

Chen Debiao says gloomily, “Little kid. Since you have killed a person, you need to pay with your life. You have killed my son also!”

With that, he pulls out a handcuff from his waist as he had already taken Liu Yi as a convict.

“Who gives you the rights?”

Looking at the silver handcuff, Liu Yi’s gaze does not have any fear.

“Chen Debiao, don’t you forget that it is the citizen who gives you the right; thus, you are the leader. If they don’t give you the rights, you are nothing!”

“Hahahaha! My rights are not given to me by any citizen!”

Chen Debiao sneers, “Furthermore, what rights do you have to talk about!”

“Whether or not I am the murderer is not up to you to decide.”

Liu Yi sneers as he looks at Chen Debiao, “On the contrary, it is you who should be worried. As the chief of the local police station, you secretly back bars, forcing honest girls into prostitution, selling drugs. Chen Debiao. Do you think that your hands can cover North Dragon City?”

“You bastard! You killed my son, and you tried to frame me?!”

Chen Debaio roars in anger, “Let me tell you, I have always walked on the righteous path. I have never had any dealings with these bars!”

At this moment, the bar boss ran out in a panic.

“Chief Chen, Chief Chen! This kid is very nefarious! He caused trouble in the place that you are backing as well and killed Chen Pei!”

Instantly the hall became silent.

Chapter 951  [I wish not to be human]

[TL: tentative title for now]

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  1. They are just now investing this guys curruption? He is a moron who shouts stuff like “police dont need evidence to arrest someone” and his corruption is blatantly exposed infront of the public. He is lost cause, but whoever is managing him is as well. Though i guess with the way China is this would fly as speeking out against him wouldn’t be tolerated.


  2. “Chief Chen, Chief Chen! This kid is very nefarious! He caused trouble in the place that you are backing as well and killed Chen Pei!”

    audience: AHHHH!

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