MKW Chapter 948

Chapter 948  [Title below]

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“Brother Little Black, why didn’t you come yesterday!”

Rosa sits beside Little Black and leans against her while holding a winecup in her hand.

Ever since he got to know Rosa in the bar previously, Little Black comes here daily.

Right now, Little Black is also famous in the bar. Rosa is basically his woman, and it is impossible for anyone else to drink with her.

Little Black’s speech is still not fluent. He looks at the red wine in his cup as he speaks slowly, “Have something going on…yesterday…”

“Hey, hey. Yesterday I missed you.”

Rosa pouts discontentedly and says to Little Black, “This time, I cannot forgive you. You must drink as punishment!”

With that, she pushes the winecup that she had drunk from in front of Little Black.

Little Black is somewhat lost in thought as he looks at the red wine swaying in the wine cup that is stained with lipstick on the edge of the cup.

“Go on, drink!”

Rosa leans in Little Black’s embrace and throws a tantrum.


Although he had come here daily, Little Black had never drunk the wine.

He had heard that this thing is not good, and after drinking it, one will lose their ego.

Little Black does not wish to lose his ego. Right now, what he is seeking is his own ego.

He wishes to find his true self as well as the meaning of his existence.

Little Black seems to have sunk into philosophy’s three biggest questions. Who am I, Where I come from, Where I do I go to?

These three questions had always distressed Little Black persistently, making him unable to understand.

But only when he is together with this woman would he relax and no longer think about the questions that he is not willing to think about, but cannot help but think of.

“Big Brother Xiao Hei!”

Rosa pouts again like she is a bit dissatisfied.

“How would a guy not know how to drink! You are brushing me off.”

“I….I really do not know…how to drink…”

Little Black hurriedly explains, “I….am not lying to you…”

“Nonsense. You are lying to me.”

Rosa becomes slightly unhappy as she pouts even more.

“I…am not…I…have never lied…”

Little Black has indeed never told a lie before. As Liu Yi’s natal pet, he still has not learned what lies are.

Rosa questions, “Then do you like me or not?”


Little Black nods his head. He is not a human; thus, he does not understand what is call avoiding a taboo topic.

Rosa instantly smiles as she looks at Little Black. Looking at her, Little Black feels like she is as beautiful as a lily blooming.

My heart seems to be beating faster.

“Then you must drink! Which man does not drink alcohol.”

Little Back questions, “Humans…all drink alcohol?”

“Of course. Especially men. All of them know how to drink!”

“I….am a man…”

Little Black picks up Rosa’s winecup and places it by his mouth.

“Big Brother Little Black! Let me see how good your capacity is!”

Rosa smiles merrily as she looks at Little Black with a trace of cheekiness in her eyes.


Since I wish to be human, then I should drink!

Thinking here, Little Black no longer hesitates. He tilts the wine up and opens that red lips of his lightly before draining the red wine within in one gulp.

The moment he drinks a mouthful, tipsiness instantly spread up to his head.

This is the first time Little Black drinks alcohol; thus, his capacity is bad.

After a mouthful, redness instantly covers his face.

Because Little Black’s appearance is no different from Liu Yi, his face turns red, making him slightly cute. This causes Rosa to be dazed seeing this.

“Big Brother Little Black…”


Little Black’s speech became slurred.

After drinking too much, the tongue will become big.

“I realize that you look very cute, hehe…”

As Rosa speaks, she scoots over and kisses Little Black’s cheek.

This causes Little Black to blank out as it is the first time he got kissed by a woman.

I do not…hate this…

This, is this the emotions of a human?

I like this girl. Then am I a human?

As Rosa leans into Little Black’s embrace, she says faintly, “Brother Little Black, you must come daily in the future.”

She has some grief in her heart. Why is Big Brother Little Black not bringing me away from this place?

It is not like I can leave on my own. After all, I still have a mother whose sickness needs to be treated as well as a younger brother whom I need to help pay for his university fees.

Little Black does not know what Rosa is thinking about. He is still intoxicated with that kiss.

After Little Black separated himself from Liu Yi, this is the first time he was kissed by a woman.

He is slightly panicking while enjoying the feeling.

Could it be that I am moved by this woman?

Is this feeling,  liking a person?

Little Black is unable to understand this question, but he wishes to know the answer to this question.

At this moment, while Little Black and Rosa are saying words of love, a guy wearing a leather jacket is drinking gloomily.

“Damn it!” He shouts very unhappily, “That girl is so tender, why can’t you let me touch her!”

“Alas, Young Master Chen. It is not that I do not let you touch, but this woman is backed by someone…”

The bar owner by the side makes a bitter face and points at Little Black.

“A few days ago, a few brothers touched Rosa, and in the end, they got beaten up by that fellow…my god. A large marble tabletop was thrown by him..”


The guy who was called Young master Chen is skeptical.

“Definitely…if I say any lies, then my little brother will never stand up again!”

The bar boss extend three fingers and says, “I witnessed it myself! Otherwise, how would I not make such a good girl receive other guests?”

“If that is the case, that is easy to deal with.”

Young master Chen pulls out a bottle of drugs from his pocket and waves it gently in front of the bar boss.

“This is the latest love drug from the USA. Make her drink it, then I can make her do anything I wish, hehehe…At that time, after the rice is cooked, wouldn’t she listen to me, Chen Pei, obediently?”

“Young master Chen has a good plan!”

“Very good. Later when that guy has left, make her drink during her break. Damn it. In the place where I am, how could there be any chaste honorable women!”

“I will do, according to Young master Chen’s order!”

That boss immediately nods his head as the two of them laugh sinisterly.

Little Black had just left Liu Yi’s body; thus, he does not know of the darkness in the human’s heart.

Just as he prepares to take the initiative to kiss Rosa, another girl who is working in the bar as well walks over and says to Rosa, “Rosa, the boss is calling you.”

“Got it.”

Rosa nods her head before saying to Little Black apologetically, “Brother Little Black, I shall go, take a look. Wait for me here.”

She stands up and walks towards the boss’s office.

Being in this kind of place, although Rosa does not need to drink along with other guests, she still needs to go up the stage to dance.

Thus she is wearing a red gown. The skirt is very short, revealing her pair of white tights attracting the gaze of the surrounding men.

Rosa’s figure is indeed not bad, and her face is also very beautiful.

If it were not for Little Black, this fiend, perhaps she would have been a big hit in the bar a long time ago.

At this moment, she knocks on the door of the office before entering.

“Boss, you are looking for me?”

Rosa sees the bar boss sitting in the office, holding two wine cups in his hand.

The bar boss laughs before pointing at the sofa beside him, “Come Rosa, have a seat.”

“Thank you boss.”

After Rosa sits down, she accepts the wine that the bar boss passed to her.

She does not have any wariness against the bar boss.

The bar boss looks at her and asks, “Rosa. You have come to my place for some time now.”

Rosa nods her head, “Yeah, almost half a month now. Thank you for your care all this time.”

“Hahaha, it is nothing. This is what I should do.”

The bar boss raises his wine cup, “A lot of guests in our place like your dance and a number of them come to watch you dance. In the future, you must also put in more hard work. This way, you can earn even more money and help your mother cure her sickness as well as pay for the university fees of your little brother.”

“Mm, I know. I will work hard.”

“Mm, for the cooperation with each other in the future, cheers.”


Rosa and the bar boss knock their cup against each other before she drinks a mouthful of the wine.

“Boss, my tolerance is not very good; thus, I cannot drink too much.”

Rosa only drinks a mouthful before placing down the wine cup.

“No worries. just a mouthful is enough.”

The bar boss laughs lightly as his smile turns evil.

At this moment, Rosa suddenly feels faint in her head.

She trembles as the wine cup in her hand dropped onto the ground and shatters.

At this moment, a guy walks out from the side and pulls Rosa’s fragrant body into his embrace.

This guy is none other than Chen Pei.

He laughs as he used his nose to smell Rosa’s fragrance.

“What s a pity that this girl is no longer a virgin. But she is still a top product.”

Rosa had a boyfriend in senior high, and that boy had snatched her virginity.

It is because of this; Rosa had abandoned herself, and, in the end, came to this place to earn money.

But when she got to know Little Black, she prepared to guard this guy. But it is a pity that in this place, everything will not go as she desired!

“Go out and help me keep watch. I shall enjoy my fine food.”

As Chen Pei speaks, he pushes Rosa onto the sofa before lifting her skirt and reveals the white panties underneath.

Her ample butt was revealed in front of the bar boss and Chen Pei. The bar boss cannot help but swallow his saliva and walks out of the door with regret.

“Baby, I’ll let you have a taste of a real man!”

Chen Pei is already impatient as he takes out his lower body and stabs in between Rosa’s slightly spread open legs.

Rosa, whose thoughts are in a mess, frown slightly as she lets out a soft moan while lying on the sofa.

This moan causes Chen Pei to be excited. Feeling the warmness of his lower body, he immediately starts moving with vigor.

“Brot-brother Little Black…”

But Rosa, who is lying there, is calling out the name of another person.

“Damn it! Still thinking of that lover of yours?”

Chen Pei ferociously attacked deeper, “But right now, you are under my crotch!”

Rosa, who is bewildered, shouts tenderly, “Brother Little Black….”

At this moment, Little Black, who is sitting outside sipping his wine, suddenly places down his winecup!


Chapter 948  [How to be a human]

[TL: lols sound so similar to ‘How to raise a dragon’ xD]

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