MKW Chapter 947

Chapter 947  [Title below]

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“Who are you?”

Ai Ling remains vigilant. She is a smart girl, and no matter when, she will not lower her vigilance!

The one who came out is none other than Lin Tong.

Hugging the fainted Liu Yi, her heart is in pain.

She raises her head, and her eyes meet Ai Ling’s eyes.

If not for this woman, my big idiot wouldn’t have fallen to this step.

Demon possessing body …just how big of a determination does he have!

Lin Tong cannot help but recall that foolish Liu Yi of the past who is one-track minded and always strives to carry out his own righteousness.

While now, for a woman, he had fallen.

Alas, big idiot. Is she really worth it?

Seeing the woman not speaking for a long time, Ai Ling immediately asked, “Quickly speak! Who are you!”

At the same time, she pulls out her blood sword and points at Lin Tong.

While Lin Tong is not cowardly at all as she holds her own Charm Fox Sword in her hand.

“I am his woman.”


Ai Ling is somewhat startled, and at the same time, a fit of very small jealousy emerges. But she did not notice, nor is she willing to notice it.

“Less nonsense! Why have I not heard him mention you before! Hmph! Where did you come from? Furthermore, you are emitting demon qi! Watch how I deal with you!”

Ai Ling does not like Lin Tong’s gaze. Furthermore, in front of this woman, she feels like she does not have any self-confidence.

Most importantly is that there is no confidence!

She is peeved as she swings out with her blood sword.

Unexpectedly Lin Tong uses her Charm Fox Sword to block and flicks away Ai Ling’s blood sword causing Ai Ling to be shocked!

How powerful is this woman to block my attack?

What Ai Ling does not know is that being in Liu Yi’s body, Lin Tong can draw upon Liu Yi’s power anytime and anywhere.

When she blocked Ai Ling’s sword, Lin Tong is using Liu Yi’s Fog Qi strength!

“Ai Ling. Don’t think that because my big idiot is pampering and indulging you, you can be undisciplined and out of control!”

As Lin Tong speaks, she waves her hand, and Liu Yi’s body immediately floats up before slowly landing by the side.

“If you wish to fight, I don’t mind teaching you a lesson!”

“Just you?”

Ai Ling says with disdain, “I can sense your strength. You have just achieved Heaven Realm .”

Ai Ling’s estimate is not wrong. Lin Tong’s cultivation had indeed just broken through the Heaven Realm. Furthermore, it is borrowing Liu Yi’s fortune that he had just obtained from the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum.

Heaven Dragon Mausoleum is indeed a valuable treasure. Not only did it strengthen Liu Yi, but it also allowed Lin Tong to have abundant gains as well!

As long as Lin Tong is willing, she can recreate her real body at any moment!

But if she does it, she will not be able to keep staying by Liu Yi’s side; thus, Lin Tong did not say anything.

She would rather be a little fox and be together with Liu Yi all the time.

But now she finally cannot take it and jumps out.

And it is because someone is bullying her big idiot!

“I indeed just achieved Heaven Realm.”

Lin Tong admitted to it, “But I can still teach you a lesson!”

“Your overestimating your own strength!”

Ai Ling felt that she should let this beautiful woman know the difference between heaven and earth!

Do you think that you are amazing, looking beautiful? I am also as beautiful as a flower!

She immediately raises her hand and prepares to summon god lightning.

Red lightning surges among the black clouds above.

Just as the god lightning is about to descend, Lin Tong raises her hand, and Liu Yi’s body flies up and floats above her.

Ai Ling got a huge shock. That god lightning cannot fall now!

What is she doing! To use Liu Yi as a shield!

Isn’t she Liu Yi’s woman? Why would she do such a thing?

At this moment, Lin Tong had already arrived in front of Ai Ling. At the same time, her fist smashes into Ai Ling’s stomach ferociously.

Ai Ling did not have her guard up and immediately collapsed, holding her stomach, unable to breathe properly.

“This punch is me helping my big idiot to hit you!”

Lin Tong says loudly, “Right now, there is no one to protect you!”

“You… cunning woman…”

Ai Ling had already understood what was going on. This beauty must know that I am unable to take action against Liu Yi; thus she feels reassured to brazenly use Liu Yi as a shield!

“We are both the same.”

Lin Tong bluntly adds, “I will not be outdone by your intelligence! Ah, wrong. Actually, you are a lot smarter than me! For big idiot to have his current standing, you also helped out a lot! But what you should never, never ever have done, is to forget him! Damn it…is this your punishment towards him?”

“I do not know anything!”

Ai Ling became angered as she glared at Lin Tong angrily, “Do you understand the feeling of forgetting everything? This guy! It is this guy! No matter how much I loved him in the past, furthermore, it is possible for me to sacrifice my life for him! But right now, I don’t recall anything! Do you understand my suffering?”

Lin Tong suddenly asked, “Do you wish to know?”

Ai Ling does not understand what Lin Tong’s question means.

“You can restore my memories?”

“I am unable to do that.”

“Then what do you mean!”

“I can bring you to see his memories,” says Lin Tong as she points at Liu Yi, who is asleep.

“See his memories?”

“That’s right. This was Princess Dragon Lotus’s ability, but now, he can enjoy using it as well.”

Thinking of Liu Yi’s heaven-defying dual cultivating ability, she cannot help but be somewhat jealous. But now is not the time to be jealous.

“If it is possible…please let me see.”

Right now, Ai Ling’s tone is more polite.

She wishes to know what happened between the two of them!

Why am I so unforgettable to Liu Yi. And why when I see him, I always feel heartache.

Could it not be a magic spell, but we were once in love with each other?

Ai Ling’s intelligence starts to be not enough.

“Okay. Then I shall help you.”

Lin Tong nods her head and suddenly transforms into a spirit fox. She then flies into Ai Ling’s body.

Drawing support from Lin Tong as a medium, Ai Ling temporarily obtained Liu Yi’s mind-reading ability!

She looks at Liu Yi as scenes instantly flash in front of her.

[TL: tried my best, but the following sentences below are very broken. so bear with some thoughts not being italic]


The first is the two of them meeting each other above River Song.

We look at each other.

“Today little girl has met gong-zi and feels like I am fated with gong-zi thus, I say these to gong-zi. I’m afraid that Gong-zi’s trip is inauspicious; this little girl does not feel relief.”

She had said such words.

While Liu Yi swings out his sword and rubs past my ear, “Demoness don’t think of confusing me. What I, Blood Emperor, have decided will never change.”

He starts fleeing in defeat!

Hmph! I already said such things, and this damn guy rejected me!

The scene changes. He is standing on a fighting stage with another guy.

He had already turned into a bloody person but still did not collapse.

“Liu Yi…give up…it’s enough…”

I am using voice transmitting to advise him to give up.

But he still stood up while I started crying.

“Why…why do you still stand up…”

“Because we agreed…”

He looks at me and smiles. That smile is very warm, making my heart feel warm and extremely comfortable…

It is like even if I die like this, I will be relieved.

The scene changes against, and now, the two of them are in front of a small pavilion by a lakeside.

“Lord, quickly take a look. There is a lake here! And there is also a pavilion!”

“Why don’t we live in seclusion in this, Wanzong Mountain!”

I am holding his arm as I ask, “Staying away from the mundane world, keep away from those annoying cultivation world! I, Little Lass, will also no longer go around stealing stuff. I will also no longer care about the Concealed Sword Pavilion. Let the two of us make our home here. We can build a small house by the lakeside, then I, Little Lass, will give birth to a bunch of kids for you. What do you think?”

While he only looked at me and did not say anything.

At that instant, my heart was painful…

How much did she wish to hear his answer, but she knows that he is unable to say it.

She is a smart woman.

If at that instant he had promised me, perhaps, everything would have been different.

The scene changes yet again. He is standing on his own by the lakeside as he keeps executing the Wine Sword Technique.

He crashes time and time again against the space-time crack but is knocked back.

“No! I won’t leave her alone there! I want to go back and find her!”

He struggles with all his might but is never able to succeed!

His expression is so anxious, and he had bitten his lips until blood appeared!

Is he trying to seek me?

The scene changes once more. This time around, it is fixed on top of a startling scene.

The spear he was holding had stabbed through my own stomach.

But she still tenderly hugged him with a love-filled gaze.

“Lord…forget about Little Lass…”

Her figure was immediately swallowed up by god lightning.

He stands there stupefied as tears flow out from the corner of his eyes.

///// (End)

These scenes assaulted Ai Ling, making her feel like something cold is leaking out from the corner of her eyes.

All of these…are real?

But why am I unable to recall these…

If all of these are real, then what did I do…

Ai Ling suddenly had some understanding of why she would feel heartache for Liu Yi.

I live for him and die for him.

In her mind, she cannot help but recall that guy in black and red robes.

///// (Start)

She is unable to see his appearance clearly and can only see that burning flame in his hand.

The flame is the appearance of Liu Yi.

“Who is he?”

“He is your enemy. It is he who caused your death.” 


Apologies Great God Sect Sect Leader…it seems like I am unable to kill this guy…

I must find the memories that I lost. Otherwise, my life will not be complete.

Ai Ling subconsciously stretches out her hand and caresses Liu Yi’s face.

In his dreams, Liu Yi unconsciously replied, “Little Lass…”

Ai Ling speaks to herself, “I promise you that I will find myself.”


At this moment, Time Traveller had brought Nine-tailed Turtle back to the destroyed underground Hunter’s Organization base in North Dragon City.

Black Cavalry kept sitting there, holding a black sword in her hand with her eyes closed like a statue.

Sensing the fainted Nine-tailed Turtle, Black Cavalry asks emotionlessly, “He got injured?”

Time Traveller Liu Yuling replies with timidness, “Yes…he got injured by that person…”


Black Cavalry only nodded her head and did not say anything else.

Liu Yueling gathers her courage and asks, “Can we…really change history?”

“We are unable to do it.” Black Cavalry suddenly opens her eyes and says, “But you possess his bloodline; thus, you can do it!”



Chapter 947  [Whose Bloodline?]

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