MKW Chapter 946

Chapter 946  [Title below]

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What is going on?

Noticing Liu Yi’s astonished expression, Nine-tailed Turtle smiles calmly.

“Right. You also possess an AI; thus, you can see my numbers.”

This guy also possesses an AI?

Impossible. In this world, there is only a single AI constructed, and that is Little Jade!

{Master. I have discovered an AI signal from inside the other party’s body!}

This is the first time fluster appears in Little Jade’s voice. So AI can also panic?

{Too scary…the other party’s intelligence level actually exceeds mine!}

An AI that is even stronger than Little Jade?

What a joke! How is this possible!

This current era does not possess this technology!

“Energy shield replenished!”

Just as Liu Yi is thinking, the energy shield that surrounds Nine-tailed Turtle is once again brimming with energy and has reached 100%!

What the fuck! One Desolate Flame from me only knocked off 10%! Furthermore, it was almost my full strength attack!

The energy is replenished so quickly as well. Isn’t this just heaven-defying?!

“Liu Yi. This enemy is strange.”

Ai Ling frowns and says, “Even my god lightning can’t do anything to him!”

With that, she waves her hand, and a red lightning bolt falls from the sky!

This lightning bolt strikes the top of Nine-tailed Turtle’s head but is blocked by a shield that lights up above his head!

“Energy shield’s durability  at 70%, energy replenishing!”

Yet another string of numbers appears in front of Liu Yi’s eyes!

Fucking hell! A realm crosser god lightning can only knock off 30% of its durability!

Is there any law and order here?

 Who is this person!

“We have met each other too early.” Nine-tailed Turtle says, “But letting you get to know a bit of our horror is also for your own good.”


This guy is not on his own? He has other companions?

Liu Yi glares, and his gaze meets Nine-tailed Turtle’s gaze.

He wants to see Nine-tailed Turtle’s memory and seek things from his memories.

Very quickly, scenes appear in front of Liu Yi’s sight.

He was being tied in the air by two snake tails, after which the Nine-tailed Turtle laughed as he used a black leather shoe to wack his body!

What the fuck!

Liu Yi instantly sweats in fear and immediately retreats from Nine-tailed Turtle’s memories.

“Hahaha, you wish to see my memory?”

Nine-tailed Turtle sneers, “We have long known of this ability of yours. We also possess the ability to break it! Let me tell you. In front of you, I am undefeatable!”

This sentence makes people uncomfortable!

Liu Yi immediately pulls out two Sunray Swords. Bearing the dense flame and light, he chops at Nine-tailed Turtle.

At the same time, a golden avatar emerges behind him. It is holding fire-god swords in five of its hands while the remaining hand is holding Charm Fox Sword. A total of eight swords keep chopping at the shield that the Nine-tailed Turtle created.

The energy shield’s durability swiftly drops, and even Nine-tailed Turtle’s expression also changes.

“Indeed, you are the devil in the legends. You have some moves. But, if you only think that I only know how to be beaten, then you are wrong!”

As he speaks, the nine tails behind him stretch up. Each of the snake mouths spits out a half pike!

Under the support of his strange ability, the nine tails carrying the spear points crazily attack Liu Yi!

What a strange technique!

Liu Yi cannot help but be shocked. At the same time, he subconsciously uses his eight swords to block the attacks from the snake-headed tails!

Sparks keep exploding out as the two of them are locked in battle!

While Liu Yi noticed from his peripheral vision that this brother’s energy shield’s durability is recovering at lightning speed!

What the fuck! Is there a need to be so perverted!

Liu Yi wishes to complain!

But he does not have any time to complain right now as he can only bitterly block the attacks from the Nine-tailed Turtle.

“Have you forgotten about me?”

At this moment, Ai Ling is holding a red sword in her hand, which she uses to stab at Nine-tailed Turtle’s heart.

Nine-tailed Turtle’s energy shield immediately appears and blocks Ai Ling’s sword.

Nine-tailed Turtle says impolitely, “Apologises, but the current you is not my opponent.”

“Don’t look down on my god race!”

As Ai Ling speaks, her pupils suddenly turn red as a bright moon instantly rises in the originally dusk sky!

Darkness instantly blanket the entire earth!

When the people in North Dragon City sees this, they start exclaiming.

“What? Why did it turn dark so early?”

“Strange. Could it be a solar eclipse?”

While a guy raises his head and looks at the moon in the sky and immediately exclaims, “Gods! It is a blood-red moon!”

At this moment, the moon that hangs in the sky is not the usual white moon but a blood moon that makes people panic!

Could it be that North Dragon City is about to face some dreadful calamity!

What everyone does not know is that at this moment, a huge fight is ongoing at River Song’s riverbank!

Ai Ling is letting out a horrifying aura like a death god that came from hell!

Such a beautiful woman actually carries this baleful aura that makes the surrounding people start sweating.

Scary…too scary…

Just where did this woman come from?

While under this blood moon, Ai Ling’s strength seems to have risen by multiple times!

Her sword releases eye-catching red radiance as it ferociously tears at Nine-tailed Turtle’s energy shield!

Liu Yi can see that the energy shield’s durability is about to run out!

“Damn it!”

A ruthless gleam flashes across Nine-tailed Turtle’s eyes while at this moment, Ai Ling’s blood sword had already torn through Nine-tailed Turtle’s energy shield before stabbing towards his heart.

At that critical instance, Nine-tailed Turtle dodges, and the blood sword stabs into his arm.

A snake-headed tail behind him instantly stabs through Ai Ling’s stomach with its pike, and fresh blood drips down the tip of the pike!

Seeing this scene, Liu Yi instantly erupted in anger, “Little Lass!”

Black clouds gather in the sky, and sinister wind blows!

He lets out a roar as his eyes turn yellow-white.

The five Firegod swords, as well as the two Sunray Swords in his hands, all suddenly change into white bone swords!

Furthermore, the bone swords are letting out golden radiance, which is the power of the avatar!

The demon in Liu Yi’s body erupted!

Ai Ling’s injury became the fuse. He jumps over as his eight swords stab towards Nine-tailed Turtle!

Nine-tailed Turtle clenches his teeth and turns around.

His arm around the shoulder drops off as eight of his snake-headed tails behind his back attack Liu Yi together with their pike!

Liu Yi dodges as his eight swords release a strange radiance!

The snake-headed tails were all chopped off by Liu Yi’s sword!

Nine-tailed Turtle got a huge shock as he hurriedly uses Shadow Step in fear and appears a hundred meters away.

When Liu Yi lands on the ground, cracks appear on the ground!

The bone swords let out hissing sounds like they are thirsting for fresh blood!

“Damn it! The play has turned big!”

Although Liu Yi had not cultivated the God Race Undying Body, the avatar power that he controls is too scary!

Nine-tailed Turtle is unable to block it. Along with his missing arm, he must hurriedly find a realm crosser who has mastered time to restore it!

“We will meet again someday!”

Leaving behind this sentence, he prepares to use Shadow Step again to leave.

But Liu Yi does not want to let him off. Although he had lost his reasoning, his intention of killing Nine-tailed Turtle had not lessened!

The avatar behind him suddenly inflates and transforms into an enormous demon which looks down at the far away Nine-tailed Turtle from high up in the sky!

The bone sword in the demon hand keeps extending, and very quickly, it transforms into 5 long bone spears!

Nine-tailed Turtle had escaped over a thousand miles away in a blink of an eye and appeared among the forest in the outskirts, far away.

A spear in the demon’s hand suddenly flies out and travels the thousand-mile distance!

“What the fuck!”

Nine-tailed Turtle seems to sense the bone spear. He did not have time to use Shadow Step and can only leap to the side in a flurry.

The bone spear stabs into the ground with a pfff.


Just like an explosion, bone spears erupt out from the ground around that bone spear. These bone spears are over 8 meters, all like a densely packed forest!


Two of the bone spears stab through Nine-tailed Turtle’s stomach and right leg, causing him to cry out in pain.

“What, what scary power…”

“My King is indeed, powerful!”

The aquatic race exclaims!

This kind of move is too destructive!

At this moment, the demon in the sky took out the bone spear in its hand again.

Nine-tailed Turtle starts to despair as he feels like today is his death date!

At this moment, the figure of a girl suddenly appears in front of him!

This girl is none other than Liu Yueling!

She raises the clock-like object in her hand and clutches it.

The time of the bone spear immediately turns static and stops in midair.

“Let us go!”

Liu Yueling pulls up Nine-tailed Turtle before glancing back at Liu Yi.

“We will take revenge!”

The two of them disappear at the same time without a trace!

“They actually escaped!”

Ai Ling purses her brows somewhat unwillingly, “Where did these people come from. The power that they use is strange…”

Liu Yi stands there, letting out a low roar.

The demon in the sky is holding the remaining three bone spears seeking for the figure of the enemy.

Looking at him, Ai Ling’s expression turns complicated.

This guy has always been so calm.

Even when he faced the provocation from the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas, his sense of propriety was always there.

The moment he saw me being injured, he instantly erupted!

Could it be that this guy truly loves me?

But…why am I unable to remember him?

The feeling of forgetting about him, makes me feel very unhappy, very unpleasant…

Ai Ling suddenly feels her heart is in pain.


When there is a small gap of time present, a small fox suddenly flies out from Liu Yi’s heart and lands on the ground before transforming into a human form.

Seeing her, Ai Ling is shocked.

This woman is very beautiful and seems to be even more beautiful than me!

So strange. Why would such a beautiful woman exist inside Liu Yi’s body?

Hearing her voice, Liu Yi’s expression started to relax. The enormous demon in the sky disappears as he falls into the girl’s embrace.

Ai Ling asked vigilantly, “Who are you?”


Chapter 946  [Playing big]

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