MKW Chapter 945

Chapter 945  [Title below]

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Seeing Liu Yi’s slightly fiery gaze, Heaven Dragon King is not in a hurry to tell him. Instead, he turns around and asks that demi-dragon in bone armor, “You all are planning to leave this place and live outside, right?”

“That’s right, my noble Heaven Dragon King.”

That demi-dragon nods his head, “We have completed our mission and no longer have qualifications to live in this holy land.”

“I bestow upon all of you the right to live in this place forever.”

Heaven Dragon King smiles and says, “All of you are the owners of this place now. After a few billion years have passed, there will be endless new creatures being born here. At that time, all of you will be the patron saints of this place.”

“Real, really?”

That demi-dragon is emotional as tears flow down his face.

“Of course.” Heaven Dragon King nods his head before waving his hand, “All of you go back. I shall speak with my successor alone.”

“As you order!”

The demi-dragon leads his people away, and now there is only Liu Yi, and the remnant soul of the Heaven Dragon King left.

Liu Yi says, “They have left. Senior can speak now.”

“Actually, the treasure that I wanted to pass to you is this Heaven Dragon Mausoleum.”

“What? The Heaven Dragon Mausoleum?”

“That’s right.”

Heaven Dragon King’s remnant soul nods his head, “Heaven Dragon Mausoleum was created from my lifetime cultivation forming its own exclusive small world. Right now, I pass you this world. You can let this world give birth to its own creatures or bring in other creatures into this world. The more believers among all of the living beings in this world, the stronger you will become!”


Hearing this, Liu Yi finally understood the significance of the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum!

It is a heaven-defying tool!

Liu Yi’s expression suddenly changes. If I send the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum into the Asura realm, wouldn’t that be even more heaven-defying?

A day in the Human realm is 10 years in the Asura realm! A hundred in the Human realm is a thousand years in the Asura realm!

Hahahaha, I am a genius!

After a few thousand years, wouldn’t this Heaven Dragon Mausoleum be full of vitality!

Too great! Let’s do it!

Almost like he could read Liu Yi’s thoughts, Heaven Dragon King suddenly smiles.

“But when I pass you the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum, it cannot leave your body. The moment it leaves your body, you will no longer receive the power from the believers.”


Liu Yi became gloomy; it looks like this world is not that good.

But I can find time to stay a few thousand years in the Asura Realm, but that is a bit too hard to endure …

It looks like I can only continuously add new creatures before going to the Asura Realm. That way, they can become a part of this world.

Thinking to here, Liu Yi twists his Netherghost Ring and releases all of the Netherghost Soldiers before giving them the ability of freedom of movement.

In the future, these Netherghost Soldiers will be part of this Heaven Dragon Mausoleum World. More or less, they can give me a bit of power.

3 thousand earth realm cultivators are not a joke!

The more Liu Yi thinks, the happier he becomes. This Heaven Dragon Mausoleum is the most valuable treasure for a cultivator!

I must accumulate as much believer power as possible!

Perhaps dry land will rise in no time at all.

After millions of years have passed, dinosaurs will appear.

But…it seems to be a bit too slow…

With a curious attitude, Liu Yi asked Heaven Dragon King, “Are there any methods to accelerate the evolution process of this world?”

“Of course. But it is slightly difficult.”

Heaven Dragon King says, “This Heaven Dragon Mausoleum can strengthen it’s holder’s qi, and at the same time, the holder can use his own qi to nourish this Heaven Dragon Mausoleum! Otherwise, how did you think this world evolved so quickly? It is because I used my own qi!”

“Then…if I wish to let mankind be born and enter the feudalism civilization, how much qi would I need?”

“You are too greedy!”

Heaven Dragon King’s lip twitches, “Only after exhausting all of my qi did I allow this world to be born as well as possess a few billion years of lifespan. If we calculate, a realm crosser can let this world evolve by a million years. If you wish to evolve to this kind of standard, at the very least, it will need the absorb a few hundred realm crossers’ only then it is possible!”

“What the heck! Where can I find so many realm crossers….”

Liu Yi is flabbergasted and starts to feel his head hurting.

“Naturally, it is impossible in the six realms.”

Heaven Dragon king smirks, “Wait till you enter the Nine Layers of Heaven and capture a few immortals or a few gods to feed Heaven Dragon Mausoleum, wouldn’t that be an easy matter?”

This Heaven Dragon King is a savage!

Liu Yi does not know what to say, but it does sound like a rather good method.

“Why don’t you feed Ai Ling to the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum!”

A girl’s voice speaks up in Liu Yi’s ear. Ma Yixuan’s figure seems to form a transparent soul in front of Liu Yi. She then stretches out her hand and caresses his face while whispering into his ear.

Hearing this voice, Liu Yi instantly got frightened!

Fucking hell! Why would this thought emerge!

He hurriedly waved his hand and scattered that damned soul!

Vengeful soul!

Liu Yi is very gloomy in his heart. Why did I get touched by this!

“Okay. I can pass down to you all of this.”

Heaven Dragon King sighs, “My life shall end here. I can only rely on you to fulfill my wishes.”

He stretches out his hand and pats Liu Yi’s on his shoulder, “Remember. You must help to pursue God’s Emperor! This is the sole task I pass to you. I’m counting on you!”


Liu Yi is covered in sweat. The mission that Heaven Dragon King gave me is to pick up girls?

Is this the legendary imperial orders to pick up girls?

“My remnant soul still has some qi..I’ll help you evolve this Heaven Dragon Mausoleum one last time. This is the last thing that I can do.”

As Heaven Dragon King speaks, his body slowly starts dissipating.

“Remember, carry that part of me and live on well!”

After saying the last sentence, his body completely disappears from this Heaven Dragon Mausoleum.

Liu Yi immediately sensed his surroundings, undergoing enormous changes!

The seawater starts boiling as an enormous section of dry land starts rising from the ocean and appears in front of Liu Yi.

Following which a large number of aquatic creatures climb onto the dry land and slowly start evolving.

The enormous dry land overlord, the dinosaurs start appearing on the dry land!

The moment these overlords over, it is like the world had entered the Mesozoic era!!

[TL: Mesozoic era basically consists of Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous era, which is the geological era 250-65 million years ago.]

What a powerful Heaven Dragon King!

Even if it was just his remnant soul, it still possesses such powerful cultivation!

It can let this entire world evolve almost 600 million years! Just how heaven-defying was he!

600 million years is equivalent to 60 realm crossers!

How nice would it be if I consume such powerful cultivation!

But thinking of how cruel his Demon Sword Technique is, Liu Yi decided to forget about it.

Although Heaven Dragon King had died, he had transformed into this entire world. It can be said that this world is him; thus, he is still alive.

If he got consumed by my Demon Sword Technique, that would be even more painful than dying. After all, he is the grandfather of my master. I must respect him!

Thinking to here, Liu Yi turns around and kowtows three times respectfully toward Heaven Dragon King’s Tomb behind him.

“Heaven Dragon King, I will help you fulfill your wish! If I do not successfully pick up God-Emperor, I swear that I am not human!”

The sky suddenly starts raining, making Liu Yi sad; it must be the Heaven Dragon King crying from being emotional!

That’s right. I am simply the current era’s Lei Feng.

After thinking for a bit, Liu Yi decided to bring his master into his world to live.

He must be bored in the East Sea Tomb. The gods will not notice him here as well.

Liu Yi did not continue to stay in Heaven Dragon Mausoleum. Now that he is the current master of Heaven Dragon Mausoleum, with just a thought, he immediately flies out from this Heaven Dragon Mausoleum and lands outside.

After Liu Yi flies outside, the enormous palace starts becoming smaller and smaller. Very quickly, it shrinks until it is around the size of a Rubik’s cube and assimilates into Liu Yi’s solar plexus!

Liu Yi can sense clearly that there seems to exist a world in his solar plexus!

Power immediately flows towards his entire body from his solar plexus!

Very quickly, his entire body is filled with endless power!

His 5 sun jades are completely filled!

Furthermore, due to the exchanging of soul fragments with Ma Yixuan, Liu Yi’s ghost qi had achieved perfection, and his sixth sun jade started flickering with radiance.

From the looks of it, wanting to open the ninth sun jade is not that far!

When my sixth sun jade is complete, my God Transformation will achieve around 27starjade strength. At that time, adding some assortment of ability, it will just enough for me to fight against a realm crosser!

Liu Yi! Work Hard! Success is just around the corner!

At this moment, from the riverbank came a girl’s startled cry, “Liu Yi!”

Liu Yi immediately looked over and instantly got a huge shock!

As he sees his people were all beaten down while a guy with nine tails behind him is madly attacking Ai Ling!

Liu Yi immediately activates his truth eyes and notices that guy’s real body!

So it is a hybrid descendant of a turtle and snake spirit!

But what technique is he using? Clearly, his strength is around mine, but he is fighting against Ai Ling, who is a realm crosser!

“Oh, it looks like the real host has come out.”

The one who is attacking is none other than Nine-tailed Turtle.

Taking advantage that Liu Yi is not around, he came out and bullied all of Liu Yi’s army. Finally, he took action against Ai Ling, who was watching the show.

Ai Ling had lost her essence blood and did not even have her God Race Undying body.

Without this technique, Ai Ling is unable to cope with Nine-tailed Turtle’s ability!

“Little Lass! Let me help you!”

Seeing that someone actually defeated Ao Susu and the rest and even took action on his Little Lass, Liu Yi immediately became angered!

He flashes and appears in front of Nine-tailed Turtle.

“Desolate flames!”

Liu Yi immediately enters the God Transformation state as his cultivation instantly strengthens to around 26 starjade. He then sends out a Glorious Sun Palm at the Nine-tailed Turtle’s chest!

“Defensive shield!”

A girl’s cold voice rings out, and following which, Liu Yi’s palm hits a curved defensive shield!

The defensive shield bends slightly but did not get broken!

A string of numbers floats in front of Liu Yi, “Defensive shield energy left 90%, refill it.”

What the fuck?


Chapter 945  [What is this final wish?]

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