MKW Chapter 943

Chapter 943  [Title below]

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Liu Yi’s flying speed is very fast, and soon, he reaches the light. After this, he flies out from the hole and enters the real interior of the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum!

The moment he entered, Liu Yi’s jaw dropped from shock.

Good fellow! The interior of this Heaven Dragon Mausoleum is too big!

Inside the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum is a vast ocean. Every direction he looks towards, he is unable to see the end.

Furthermore, this Heaven Dragon Mausoleum is filled with life. Liu Yi can see that there are a lot of aquatic creatures frolicking in the ocean.

A gigantic whale suddenly leaps from the ocean high up and waves its tail before splashing back into the ocean.

What the heck…

Is this a mausoleum? It is an ocean world!

It is a vast maritime space. The seawater is so blue that it is transparent and very beautiful.

Liu Yi looks as far as he could see and realizes that far away, there seems to be a small island.

He transforms into his human form and flies towards the island.

After flying for over three minutes, Liu Yi finally reaches above the island.

The island surface area is only a hundred square feet with a tombstone erected on it.

A few ancient characters were carved on the tombstone, <Heaven Dragon King’s Grave>.

You create such a huge scene outside, but in reality, the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum is so small!

Liu Yi shakes his head before turning around and descending towards the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum.

At this moment, the originally calm sea surface suddenly starts surging.

Liu Yi saw a group of humanoids starting to drill their way out from the water!

The reason why he says that they are humanoid creatures is that they are neither human-shaped nor dragon-shaped…if one must insist, it is more towards Liu Yi’s first stage of dragon transformation.

There are demi-dragon people in the ocean?

“How dare you trespass my Heaven Dragon Mausoleum! You are too daring!”

A demi-dragon who is covered with fish-bone armor roars as he points his trident at Liu Yi, who is in the sky, “Today I shall use your blood to honor the noble Heaven Dragon King!”

While they are speaking, thousands of demi-dragons emerge in the surrounding. All of them are holding a long spear pointing towards Liu Yi in the sky.

What the heck? What is this god damn situation?

Shouldn’t I receive the inheritance of Heaven Dragon King after entering the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum? Why did a group of…demi-dragons emerge?

“Hey, hey. This is a misunderstanding…”

Liu Yi hurriedly prepares to explain when those demi-dragons start attacking.

These long spears swiftly arrive in front of Liu Yi. Liu Yi hurriedly uses his avatar. His avatar emerges, holding six shields blocking his surroundings.

Every single shield is large. Six shields protect Liu Yi in their center.

These spears clash onto the shields.

The Monarch Shield should be indestructible. Especially when these demi-dragon people only roughly possess the strength of an earth realm. 

But what shocked Liu Yi is that cracks appear on his shields!

Several spears had even stabbed into the shields and easily tore into Liu Yi’s defenses!

“How …what technique are these demi-dragons using?”

The demi-dragons guarding this place start shouting, “Kill the trespasser!”

“We swear to die protecting the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum!”

Liu Yi hesitates in his heart, not knowing if he should kill these demi-dragons.

After all, they are the people who guard the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum. I should not kill these people just to obtain the Heaven Dragon Inheritance.

Although Liu Yi merged the demon sword into his body, he had some semblance of control and was unwilling to kill the innocent.

He is Liu Yi, not Ma Yixuan!

At this moment, when he is hesitating, the voice of a woman suddenly rings out in his ear, “Kill all of them! Kill all of them….”

This voice is very familiar. It is like Ma Yixuan is speaking to him.

“These people are ants! They are blocking your path! Kill them all, and you can obtain the inheritance of the Heaven Dragon King! At that time, if Buddha blocks, you can kill Buddha, if the devil blocks, you kill the devil! What does a Realm Crosser count as! Even your loved ones will no longer be snatched away by others!”

While the voice is speaking, Liu Yi’s eyes slightly start to turn red.

Every single sentence is like a small hand hooking his heart, making him begin to stir.

That’s right…after killing these people, I can obtain the Heaven Dragon King’s inheritance…

After all, their life and death have no relationship with me. So be it if I kill them all!

The heart moves along with his thoughts. The moment this thought flashes across, a red light suddenly flies out from Liu Yi’s back into the sky.

Very quickly, an enormous demon figure faintly appears in the sky.

This demon of Liu Yi is even stronger and more savaged compared to Ma Yixuan’s.

This demon is similar to the flame devil that Liu Yi had seen in Ruyi Sect. It has six eyes and six arms.

But looking from this angle, it is somewhat similar to Liu Yi’s avatar.

A sword-like horn grew out from the center of the demon’s forehead. The shape is also like a crescent moon carrying powerful suppression.

In midair, it spread open its six arms before letting out a loud shout.

This shout is very startling, causing the entire sea surface to start surging!

Those demi-dragons who were preparing their lances look at that scary demon in the sky, and their expression changes.

“Gods…what is that…”

“It, it looks scary…”

The demi-dragon in bone armor holding a trident once again shouts, “Brothers don’t be afraid. That is nothing but an illusion!”

This shout of his has a good effect. The rest of the demi-dragons, once again, eagerly prepare to attack.

At this moment, the demon suddenly spread open its hand as golden-red light emits from its palm!

Five golden-red spears appear in its hands. They are Firegod Spears that were created from God Fire Dragons! Every fire-god spear is over ten meters long with the carving of a fire dragon along the spear body.

The demon prepares to sweep a fire god spear at the demi-dragons below!


At this moment, Liu Yi suddenly wakes up and shouts as he forcibly changes the direction of that demon’s attack!

The fire-god spear that was heading towards the demi-dragons was tossed into the seawater a hundred meters away.


A section of the seawater was evaporated away!

A large flame mushroom cloud soars up the sky like an atomic bomb!

Back then, during WWII, Japan started to go downhill during the later stages. They start to be routed on multiple battlefields but were still unwilling to surrender.

Later on, the USA became unhappy and used two atomic bombs to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The two areas instantly became scorched earth. Back then, it scared the Japan imperials causing them to hurriedly surrender!

The might of the atomic bombs is doomsday grade. Within the radius of a hundred meters, everything turns into ruins, not even a blade of grass grows!

That fire god spear of Liu Yi’s similarly possesses such power!

The demi-dragons were badly frightened as they trembled while hugging each other.

This is too scary! He is the emissary of doomsday!

At this moment, Liu Yi is floating in midair as he pants.

He did not expect that he would lose control!

Not to mention creating an enormous demon and nearly exterminating all of these innocent demi-dragons!

Damn it…it must be due to consuming part of Ma Yixuan’s soul. That is why such a situation happened!

A part of my soul was also consumed by Ma Yixuan…I’m afraid that with her Soul-Sucking Technique, very soon she will grasp some of my techniques…

Damn it. The next time I meet Ma Yixuan, she will become even stronger!

This news.. does not make me happy…

Looking at the trembling demi-dragons underneath, Liu Yi waves his hand and recalls the scary demon that he had released.

“Everyone, don’t be afraid. I will not kill you.” Liu Yi explains patiently, “The reason why I came here is to accept Heaven Dragon King’s inheritance.”

“Scary demon…we, we will not let you the approach Heaven Dragon Mausoleum even if we die!”

As they speak, these demi-dragons surround the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum, not letting Liu Yi approach.

These demi-dragons are wholehearted.

Liu Yi laughs as he suddenly transforms into an enormous golden dragon.

“I am the successor of the Heaven Dragon King.”

This golden dragon is over a hundred meters long with four dragon claws.

“This, this is fog power…”

The demi-dragons look at each other before kneeling and paying respect to Liu Yi.

“We did not know that the successor of the Heaven Dragon King had come! Lord, please forgive us!”

“No worries. It is me who did not explain from the beginning.”

Liu Yi transforms back into human form and lands on the island.

“Lord, we have waited for you for many years.”

These demi-dragons are all very happy, “After you have accepted the inheritance, we should also leave this Heaven Dragon Mausoleum and live in the world outside.”

Liu Yi looks at the leader of the demi-dragon who is wearing bone armor and asks, “Oh? So you guys are not people from the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum?”

“No. In the beginning, we lived in the ocean outside. But because we are a mix of human and dragon blood, we were always rejected by both sides. The dragons hate us while humans do not like us. In the end, we were nearly exterminated. Luckily the Heaven Dragon King saved us! Finally, when he died, my grandfather, who was also the tribe leader, swore to guard his tomb until his successor came. Thus the entire race moved into this place.”

“So, that is the case..”

Liu Yi nods his head. These demi-dragons are really loyal!

“But…how should I receive Heaven Dragon King’s inheritance?”

Liu Yi looks at the endless ocean and only feels his sight being dark and does not understand.

“Leave this to us!”

The demi-dragon leader pat his chest, “Let us help lord summon the Heaven Dragon King’s remnant soul!”

Remnant soul?

Before Liu Yi can ask them, the half-dragons raise their spear before spreading their tights and start dancing a series of baffling dances while muttering a chant!

What the heck…so there is also this!

If I had killed all of them just now, wouldn’t I be unable to find the Heaven Dragon King?

Fucking deceptive! Luckily I am a good person!


Chapter 943  [Demi-dragon race]

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