MKW Chapter 942

Chapter 942  [Title below]

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This pair of enormous arms grab the sides of the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum palace. After which, the arms tremble as the entire palace was actually bit by bit lifted it from the river!

Ma Yixuan says confidently, “Heaven Dragon Mausoleum is mine! No one can take it away!”

“How dare you touch the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum!”

“How dare you t!”

The three dragon kings immediately lead their subordinates’ armies and charge towards the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum and start attacking the two enormous arms.

But their attacks are like tickling the demon and has no effect. Finally, it instead angers the demon, causing it to open its mouth and roars.

A storm sweeps down and blows away the three dragon kings and their subordinates!

“Hahaha, you wish to stop me?”

Ma Yixuan laughs non stop while at this moment, Liu Yi finally takes action.

He flies up and steps on top of the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum.

His body is like thousands of kg as he lands on the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum and immediately causes the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum to sink.


With a loud sound, the entire Heaven Dragon Mausoleum once again struggled free of the hands of the demon and fell into the river creating enormous waves.

“Damn it!”

Ma Yixuan is very unhappy as she did not expect that her technique would be so easily dealt with by Liu Yi.

She controls the demon in the sky and makes the demon wave its arm. The sharp as knives claws immediately sweep at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi raises his head and takes a look. Every single finger of that demon is as sharp as a knife-edge. An avatar immediately emerges from behind his back. The avatar is holding six Monarch Shields in its hand. When gathered together, it forms an even larger black shield that blocks the claw.

When the claw hit the shield, it creates eye-catching sparks.

“How scary.”

Watching the two of them crossing blows with their technique, none of the crowd is not shocked.

If it were other people, being struck by this demon claw, they would be turned into slices!

Perhaps among the numerous people present, the only one who can fight against Ma Yixuan is only Liu Yi, this expert!

“Do you think that I cant break your shield?”

Ma Yixuan snorts as the demon in the sky, suddenly opens its bloody mouth and breathes out dark red swords. They fell on Liu Yi’s shield, like rain.

Although Monarch Shield is indestructible, under this kind of attack, it will use up its durability!

“The moment the shield is broken, you will die!”

Ma Yixuan laughs non stop while Liu Yi is calm. He suddenly opened his right palm in front of him.

“God Sword Protecting Body!”

Five fire-god swords fly into the sky and start revolving.

The five swords revolve slowly like a lotus flower blossoming!

When the sword rain that falls from the sky hits the five swords, they are all smashed.

Liu Yi’s God Sword Protecting Body can be considered as very powerful as it can both attack and defend. It is an abnormal skill.


Liu Yi urges the God Sword Protecting Body to continue to rise.

The five swords keep getting closer to the enormous demon and finally reach its mouth.

Liu Yi formed a sword seal, and the five swords suddenly spread apart. Among them, four swords stab into the eyes of the demon!

The demon is immediately in pain as it grabs its eyes with its hands screaming in the air.


Liu Yi controls the final sword to stab between the brows of the demon!

The demon scream became even louder, but its vitality is too powerful and did not die. It only struggles in the air scattering the clouds.

“Old classmate, where are you looking?”

Just as Liu Yi is about to use his full strength to attack the demon in the sky, Ma Yixuan had appeared in front of him without him knowing.

A finger from her right-hand stabs into Liu Yi’s solar plexus causing Liu Yi to frown.

An acute pain came from his solar plexus!

“Soon, you will become my food. Back then, didn’t you like me? Now you can be one with me.”

As Ma Yixuan speaks, she smiles merrily as she activates the Soul-Sucking technique!

Liu Yi’s soul was immediately sucked over to Ma Yixuan’s body through his solar plexus!

Luckily his soul is powerful enough; otherwise, it would have been completely sucked away!

But despite that, a small piece of his soul was torn. Although it is not big if this goes on, sooner or later, his entire soul will be swallowed up!

This cannot go on!

Liu Yi uses the Demon Sword Technique and starts pulling at Ma Yixuan’s soul!

The moment her soul was sucked into his body, a different kind of pleasure instantly occurred!

Liu Yi became a lot more comfortable. In between this pain and pleasure, he does not know how he should react.

Ma Yixuan’s expression also changes greatly. Realizing that her soul was being consumed by Liu Yi, she hurriedly increased the power of her Soul-Sucking technique!

The two of them, one using the Demon Sword Technique while the other using the Soul-Sucking Technique. Tearing at each other’s soul in this way, like two wild beasts consuming each other to allay their hunger!

Ma Yixuan starts to be unable to take it when they have almost torn away a third of each other’s souls.

Her face is pale as a piece of white paper without any hint of blood.

She knows if this goes on, she will die in Liu Yi’s hand!


She screams as the demon suddenly stretches out its arm slapping the two of them directly.

Their bodies were blasted apart at the same time. Liu Yi crashes into a wall of the palace. Luckily this palace was protected by unknown magic and was not damaged. Otherwise, if something happened to Heaven Dragon Mausoleum, he would feel heartache.

Ma Yixuan also retreated. At this moment, both parties are very weak.

The demon is no longer under control as it suddenly opens its mouth and starts shooting blood light from its mouth at Liu Yi.

“Damn it!”

Ai Ling, who had been observing by the side, no longer stood still. Almost subconsciously, she raises her hand and points at that demon.

Blood-red god lightning immediately strikes that demon’s head causing it to scream and disappear.

Although it did not die, it can’t gather its body temporarily; at the very least, it solved the desperate situation.

“Realm crosser?”

Ma Yixuan, who was recuperating, got a huge shock over her strength the moment she saw Ai Ling take action.

“How could there be a realm crosser! Damn it!”

“Hmph! Since you know my strength, why are you not fleeing!”

Ai Ling feels strange. Why would I take action and help him?

But at the same time, she feels that Ma Yixuan is very hateful.

“Otherwise, the next god lightning will strike you!”

“Hmph! Liu Yi, consider yourself lucky!”

With a realm crosser around, Ma Yixuan no longer dares to be arrogant.

She is a smart woman. She knows that while the green hills last, there will be wood to burn!

There will still be opportunities to kill Liu Yi in the future! There is no need for her to pay with her own life!

Thus she transforms into a ray of blood light and shoots to the sky, escaping as she leaves River Song’s riverbank.

“She was only this much.”

Ai Ling crosses her arms and shakes her head, “This woman still wishes to be a queen. How silly.”

While Ao Susu and the rest look at this beautiful girl like they see a weird creature.

How powerful is she to send that demon which Liu Yi was fighting so bitterly away with just a single move!

No wonder Liu Yi does not dare to take advantage of her. So she actually possesses the strength of a realm crosser.

“Phew..I am lucky.”

After sitting on top of the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum for a while, he gives Ai Ling a smile, “I owe you yet another life.”

“You are saying strange things again.” Ai Ling glares at Liu Yi, “This is the first time I have saved you. And it is also the last time.”

“You clearly have feelings for me. Why are you still denying it.”

Looking at Ai Ling, Liu Yi asks, “Even if you have forgotten your memories, your feelings are still there.”


“If that is not the case, why would you save me?”

“I only find that woman displeasing! Hmph!”

Ai Ling crosses her arms and turns her head away, no longer looking at Liu Yi.

“My King. The timing for Heaven Dragon Mausoleum is almost over!”

South Sea Dragon King kneels in front of Liu Yi and requests loudly, “Please quickly enter Heaven Dragon Mausoleum and receive the inheritance of Heaven Dragon!”

“I know.”

Seeing Ai Ling turning her head away, Liu Yi can only smile bitterly.

It looks like I still need to break in the relationship between Ai Ling and me.

Liu Yi sighs before flying down to the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum. Looking at this enormous golden imperial king’s palace, he starts thinking about how he should enter it.

But the entire palace is blended into one. There are no doors nor windows. He does not know how to enter.

“My King!”

North Sea Dragon King points at a dragon head that had its head raised and says, “There seems to be an entrance in that dragon mouth! Perhaps you can enter Heaven Dragon Mausoleum from there!”


Liu Yi saw that dragon head. Its mouth is open. If he transforms into his dragon form, he should be able to enter.

“I’ll go in and take a look. Stand guard.”

He sits down in a lotus position.

At the same time, golden mist flows out from his nose before flying into the air.

Right now, Liu Yi possesses five sun jades; thus, his strength has greatly increased.

That golden mist pervades the River Song causing the entire River Song to look like it is filled with a fantasy tint.

“So beautiful…”

Ao Susu’s gaze turns blurred, and even Ai Ling is also slightly stunned seeing this.

What technique is this? It looks very beautiful.

Ss they are finding it pleasing, the golden mist suddenly starts surging before gathering and forming into the shape of a four clawed golden dragon.

“I am going in!”

The golden dragon lets out Liu Yi’s voice. It turns its body and drills into that dragon’s mouth!

Liu Yi’s mist real body is neither too small nor too big. It fits the dragon’s mouth perfectly.

He flies in swiftly, but what shocked him was that the seemingly normal-sized dragon body outside is actually endless at this moment! It extends into the depths!

It looks like this Heaven Dragon King is proficient in some space-time magic. That is how he can make this endlessly vast inner space!

As Liu Yi is feeling amazed, a light appears in front of him!


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