MKW Chapter 941

Chapter 941  [Title below]



Nine-tailed Turtle’s expression changes, “I have given up all of my fate!”

“Unless you have comprehended Destruction of all Affliction or are fundamentally incapable of transcending reincarnation, you will never break away from your fate!”

[TL: From chapter 727. P.s, I have edited all six powers’ names so that they make more sense so please take a look. This affects chapter 750 and 883 as well so if you want to do click on the link to reread.]

Gui Tongtian says, “You are only borrowing a power to temporarily hide your fate. But in the end, you are still in the center of fate. Your previous incarnation and current life are all in my hands!”

“This, this is impossible…”

Nine-tailed Turtle trembles, not daring to believe all of this.

With Gui Tongtian’s ability, if he knows of my fate…then can the future still be saved?

“So that is the case…so that is the case…”

As Gui Tongtian calculates with his fingers, his expression changes.

“500 years ago, I could no longer see the future. Unexpectedly, I can see it through you!”

Nine-tailed Turtle roars, “Since you have seen it then you must stop!”

“Hahahaha, why should I stop?” Gui Tongtian laughs, “I, Gui Tongtian will be the emperor ordained by heaven and be the future Great Cosmos God! The entire six realms will be controlled by me! I shall nurture the most sinister demonic god and at that time, all of you who do not obey me shall be exterminated from this world!”

“You madman!”

“The weak are prey to the strong! This is the law of nature!” Gui Tongtian snorts coldly, “You guys call yourselves Super Hunters right? Very good. Then let me destroy all of you one by one!”

“Enough Gui Tongtian. It is time for me to end this game with you.”

Nine-tailed Turtle suddenly sneers, “Do you think that you have seen through everything?”

Strings of numbers suddenly fly out in front of his body. These numbers assemble together before swiftly covering Nine-tailed Turtle’s body.

In a blink of an eye, a semicircular protective cover appears in mid-air, partitioning Gui Tongtian’s technique!

At the same time, the remaining numbers assemble together to form a strange handgun. Nine-tailed Turtle holds it in his hand and points it at Gui Tongtian before firing it.

Gui Tongtian’s arm instantly exploded. The might of a single bullet possessed such destructive ability!

“Damn it!”

Gui Tongtian turned pale with fright as he hurriedly gathered his qi and exerted it around his missing right arm, attempting to restore his right arm.

But he realizes that a remnant of destructive power still exists in his right arm making it impossible for his arm to be regenerated back!

“What, what is this?”

Gui Tongtian had truly become afraid. At this moment, Nine-tailed Turtle’s figure appears in front of him. At the same time, the handgun in his hand had transformed into a greatsword which is slicing towards him.

With such close distance, Gui Tongtian finally sensed the horrifying destruction power in the sword.

This is a kind of power that he has never seen before! He has also not discovered it in the Knowledge of Past Lives!

“Damn it!”

Gui Tongtian subconsciously dodges. Although he possesses the heaven-defying Wooden Ghost Doll, he senses that if he gets killed by this sword, the Wooden Ghost Doll will not work!

“Where can you hide?”

Nine-tailed Turtle changes from his earlier weak-looking appearance. Right now he has lured the arrogant Gui Tongtian into being tricked thus he had taken an arm from him. Right now, he must seize the opportunity and continue to attack and take Gui Tongtian’s life!

Holding that strange sword, he once again got close to Gui Tongtian stabbing towards him.

Gui Tongtian hurriedly stretches out both hands and uses his darkness power to create a protective shield in front of him.

Even if this protective shield has no problem blocking an atomic bomb, it was easily broken by that sword!

Seeing the broken shield, Gui Tongtian is alarmed as he trembled in fear.

His darkness power collapsed at the first blow from the opponent!

What is this power? Why am I unable to block it!

“Gui Tongtian, your death date has come.”

As Nine-tailed Turtle speaks, his sword suddenly splits into two and chops at Gui Tongtian.

However, Gui Tongtian suddenly opened his mouth as he breathed out a black mist into Nine-tailed Turtle’s face.

Nine-tailed Turtle immediately screams in pain as a string of numbers suddenly light upon his cloak.

<Eliminating virus! Elimination rate, 10%…..20%……>

As a voice rings out in Nine-tailed Turtle’s ear, Gui Tongtian takes this opportunity and disappears from this darkness space-time.

After the poison is completely eliminated, Nine-tailed Turtle stands up again and says coldly, “Hmph! Without succeeding in cultivating the God Race Undying Body, you will never be the opponent of us Super Hunters!”

“AI. Show me the image of the fight outside.”

<Yes master.>

The AI replied emotionlessly in Nine-tailed Turtle’s ear. Following this, a scene that no one else can see appears in front of him. On it displays the scene outside of this darkness space-time.


“Old Classmate. If you only have this bit of power, then perhaps today shall be your death date!”

Ma Yixuan lifts up a leg and on the leg is a stream of red light.

That high-heels that is carrying the stream of red light appears, about to kick Liu Yi on his neck when Liu Yi pushes the empty air with his hand.

Moon Dream Sutra activates and Ma Yixuan’s body is pushed away, landing on the ground far away.

“Ma Yixuan, seeing that you are Yuanyuan’s older sister, I will not kill you. It is best for you to come to see the truth. The evil path is not the proper way.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he starts to enter God Transformation.

Nine suns emerge from his back and brighten up the sky.


Ma Yixuan spits in disdain. “What rights do you have to speak about me?”

With that, she lets out a sharp hiss.

Blood clouds immediately cover the entire sky as a terrifying demon face becomes intermittent among the clouds.

Indeed, Ma Yixuan has learned the Sky Demon Great Technique.

“The path that I chose is different from your significance.”

Liu Yi sighs gently, “If possible, I also did not wish to walk this path. It is a pity that I no longer have the opportunity to regret.”

Liu Yi looks at Ai Ling who is standing by the side. Her existence has already accomplished in disturbing the space-time. Those who are fixed in fate can never return back to the space-time where she exists.

Thus, Even if I wish to return back in time to change history, it is impossible. After all, I am not the real Spirit Vein nor the Great Cosmos God.

“Who does not know how to say things that are pleasant to hear?”

Ma Yixuan ridicules, “Let me tell you. I, Ma Yixuan, shall be the one who becomes the queen! At that time, I shall make all men kneel down under my feet!”

“Crazy woman.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he grabs River Song by the side with his left hand.

The river water in River Song immediately flies up like a dragon sucking up water and surges in front of Liu Yi.

“Shape Change!”

Liu Yi uses Moon Dream Sutra and starts to knead the water into other forms!

Instantly this water transforms into the shape of an enormous truck floating above everyone’s head.

“Mysterious Ice Qi!”

Liu Yi instantly freezes the water causing a realistic ice truck to appear in the air. It is then controlled by Liu Yi with Moon Dream Sutra and smashes towards Ma Yixuan.

“Parlour tricks!”

Ma Yixuan does not have any cowardly intention. She did not move as the demon in the sky stretched out an enormous arm and grabbed hold of the incoming ice truck with its hand.

With a cracking sound, the durable frozen ice truck was crushed by the demon’s claw.

Ice fragments turn into frost and snow floating down all over the place.

“Your demon is refined even better than Liu Haisheng’s.”

Liu Yi raises his head and looks at the demon that revealed it’s arm.

“What does Liu Haisheng count as?”

Ma Yixuan sneers, “Men are too weak. Only women can rule this world!”

“Isn’t your ambition too big?”

“Why can a woman not have big ambition?”

Ma Yixuan smiles charmingly, “There was Wu Zetian in the past, today there shall be a Ma Yixuan. Right. Old classmate, do you know why I never agreed with your pursuit of me, in the past?”

“You pursued her before?”

Ai Ling glares at Liu Yi in surprise, “I cannot help but suspect your preferences!”

“Coughs, it is all in the past….”

Liu Yi coughs drily and feels a bit embarrassed.

“It was because you are trash, did you know that?”

Ma Yixuan snorts coldly and ignores their buffoonery as she continues and says, “Recall back then. Not a single good point and you still wished to pursue me. How was it possible? You had overestimated your capabilities. While the current you still have arrogance and conceit!”

“Alas, looks like I never left a good impression on an old classmate.” Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “After all, we are old classmates, do give me a little bit of face.”

“Face? Face, needs to be obtained by you.”

Ma Yixuan’s gaze turns severe, “Furthermore, you are the fake spirit vein! You cultivated to this standard so easily! As for me, just how much suffering did I have to go through to obtain my cultivation! Liu Yi! What character or ability do you have!”

“You feel that you were very unfortunate?”

“What do you think? In this world is there anyone who is more miserable than me?”

Ma Yixuan smiles coldly. Her smile is filled with chilliness and ruthlessness, “I swear that I will snatch back what I have lost! I lost my Gold Spirit Body but the heavens are still fair. I also know that my younger sister is also a Gold Spirit Body. The fake spirit vein cannot be stolen away but Gold Spirit Body can be stolen.”

“Ma Yixuan! You are mad!”

Liu Yi immediately frowned, “You are not letting off your own younger sister!”

“Younger sister? That is nothing but a bloodline relationship.”

Ma Yixuan laughs coldly, “Those who can accomplish big things will not be bothered about trivial matters. I am a person who is going to be a Queen. Not to mention my younger sister. Even if it was my parents, if I can obtain benefits so what if they die for me?”

“Please allow me to call you a pervert.”

Liu Yi sighs in his heart. This woman has turned mad.

Looks like in her heart, there is only her left.

“For me, you should also contribute your soul to me as well. As long as I obtain your soul, this Heaven Dragon Mausoleum will be mine.”

“So you still have designs on the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum.”

Liu Yi turns his head and looks at the enormous palace floating in the center of the river.

“It is a pity that this does not belong to you.”

“Whether or not it belongs to me, soon you will know!”

Ma Yixuan gives Liu Yi a very charming smile as a pair of enormous arms extends out from the sky.


Chapter 941  [Heaven Dragon Mausoleum is mine!]

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