MKW Chapter 940

Chapter 940  [Title below]


Liu Yi looks at Ma Yixuan who is clenching her teeth when his expression suddenly becomes distracted.

He recalls when he faced his heart devil back then where he mistakenly entered another fate path.

In that fate path, his girlfriend was Ma Yixuan.

Perhaps if Ma Yixuan had chosen to accept my purse back then, then everything would be different.

I would not have been beaten up by the school hooligan boss, met Immortal Fox sister nor stepped into cultivation.

Could it be that Ma Yixuan was my destined nemesis instead?

“Today, this Heaven Dragon Mausoleum is mine! I want to be the noble Heaven Dragon King!”

As she speaks, she suddenly opens her mouth and spits out a blood sword.

Spitting sword from mouth! This is a technique that ancient sword immortals would know!

Spitting a sword from the mouth is a technique that sword immortals have. They use their own qi to change their immortal sword into the size of a needle and conceal it in their mouth. They would then suddenly spit it out at crucial moments.

The moment the sword left the mouth, it starts growing back to its original size.

If caught off guard, this move will take away a life. It is a good move for killing and protecting oneself!

Ma Yixuan actually knows such a poisonous move that suits her personality!

But if Liu Yi would be hit by the attack so easily, he would not be Liu Yi.

He immediately waves his right hand, using Moon Dream Sutra on the blood sword.

After it is not a magic tool thus Liu Yi easily snatches control of it.

He waves his hand and that blood sword immediately changes direction and flies into the sky.


John is the USA’s top pilot!

Currently, he is carrying out a secret mission. He is flying the current most advanced invisible fighter soaring above the airspace of China.

The USA is fond of doing this and has done it a lot of times.

They would frequently deploy some fighters over and secretly fly under the nose of China and thus look down on China’s radar technology.

Although they got locked on by China’s radar a lot of times, the USA still perseveres unremittingly and continues to carry out this matter!

John’s fighter had been installed with the latest invisible technology and is claimed to be unseen by radar at the present stage!

He has flown above the airspace of North Dragon City in delight.

From his view, China’s airspace is like a lady not wearing any pants. He can enter as he wishes!

“Stupid China Monkeys, I shall let you guys know what a real plane is!”

He pilots his fighter as he thinks in his heart how to leave a bit of surprise for China.

But at this instant, the plane suddenly sounds an alarm!

It is not the warning of being locked-on but something is approaching at high speed!

John turned on his radar but did not see anything!

“What is getting close to me! A guided missile?”

Before he understands, a scarlet blood sword pierced through one of his wings, smashing it to pieces!

“My God! What weapon is that!”

The plane starts falling and the warning nearly scares John into panicking.

He hurriedly pressed down on the eject button and bailed out from the plane.

Looking at the falling plane, he is alarmed.

“That weapon is so god. In the future, I will no longer dare come!”


How would Liu Yi know that the sword that he casually tossed out would frighten a USA pilot?

At this moment, he and Ma Yixuan are fighting!

When crossing blows with Ma Yixuan, Liu Yi feels alarmed.

Her cultivation is too powerful and is almost as strong as him who had not entered his God Transformation!

Furthermore, Liu Yi feels that she is still holding back something. He has not used God Transformation while she also had not used the Sky Demon Great Technique.

The two of them seem to have some apprehension about each other as they keep probing each other.

As Ma Yixuan keeps creating blood swords to attack Liu Yi, she mocks him with words, “Old classmate. Your improvement is quite quick. Looks like there are indeed some results after you have fallen into a devil.”

“My body is indeed a devil.”

Covering his body with his avatar, Liu Yi uses his four Firegod swords as well as Sky Splitting Golden Spear to block those blood swords that appear suddenly.

Although the blood swords look ordinary, they are filled with devil aura.

If he accidentally got hit by the blood sword, it is possible that his body would be corroded.

“But my heart is still human.” As Liu Yi blocks, he says calmly, “Although your body is human, your heart is a devil.”

“Hmph, another sermon?” Ma Yixuan snorts, “Old Classmate. I am sick of listening to it, do you understand? So shut your mouth and obediently die!”

As she speaks, she pulls apart her hands as she uses a Concealed Sword Pavilion technique.

Blood sword after blood sword appears in front of her. Until there are countless of them.

These blood swords are still increasing.

Very quickly, the sky is covered with red blood swords causing the rest of the people who see it to feel alarmed.


Ma Yixuan points and the densely packed blood swords’ tip all point towards Liu Yi before shooting at him rapidly.

Liu Yi frowns as his avatar raises its weapons before hitting out Glorious Sun Palm: Thousand Shadow!

The omnipresent sword rain meets the omnipresent palm shadow!

The blood swords in the sky keep exploding like red fireworks. One after another blossom.

The people by the sides were stunned seeing these as the two of them are so powerful.

They fight until the sky and earth are turning upside down like the end of the world is coming!

While they are fighting, a short guy is sitting in the darkness as he smiles sinisterly.

He is holding an unusual pot in his hand. The pot is tortoise shaped and the tortoise head is stretched out. Its mouth is open as black aura keeps flowing into the tortoise mouth.

“The fiercer you guys fight the better!”

Holding the tortoise pot in his hands, the madness in his eyes became clearer and clearer.

“Wait till I have gathered enough aura, this entire world shall be transformed by me!”

At this moment, the darkness where he is located was suddenly like it was torn apart as a male figure walked in from outside.

The guy hiding in the darkness instantly got a huge shock as he exclaims, “Who?”

“Hahaha, you were indeed hiding here.” The person who entered strokes his beard, “Looks like what Lord Black Cavalry guessed was right.”

“Lord Black Cavalry?”

That guy stretched out his hand and started calculating. After calculating for a while, his expression turns even uglier.

“Strange…I am unable to calculate your fate!”

“I am a person who discarded my fate.”

The guy puts his hands in his pocket and says faintly, “We are nothing more but survivors who hide in the space-time crack. We have even forgotten our names. I only have a code name and that is Nine-tailed Turtle.”

“Space-time crack…”

The short guy suddenly understood something as he laughed loudly, “Hahaha, I understand! I understand now! So it was like this!”

“Gui Tongtian! Your plot shall end here!”

Nine-tailed Turtle’s gaze turns severe as he berates, “We have shouldered everything and come back to stop you!”

“Perhaps that is not just the case!”

Gui Tongtian only smiles, “Since you came from the future then you should know. The greatest enemy of this space-time is not me but another person.”

“We will also stop him.”

Nine-tailed Turtle snorts coldly, “But before that, I shall send you to hell first!”

“You can be considered to have some ability to break open my darkness space-time.”

Gui Tongtian put away his tortoise mouth pot and placed his hands in his pocket. He smiles and says, “But I can only praise you a little bit.”

“Hmph! My strength is something that you cannot imagine!”

As Nine-tailed Turtle speaks, nine tails shoot out behind his back!

On the tip of every single tail is a snake shape making it look very weird.

The nine tails start charging towards Gui Tongtian biting towards him.


Gui Tongtian takes out an ancient bell that looks very ordinary and taps the bell with a finger.

A sound wave spreads out before resounding in the entire darkness.

Nine-tailed Turtle’s body immediately turns sluggish, unable to move.

“This Prajna bell can halt all movements.”

Holding that ancient bell in his hand, Gui Tongtian laughs and says, “Even if you came from the future, it is impossible for you to withstand this supreme magic tool.”

Nine-tailed Turtle’s tails stop in front of Gui Tongtian. As long as it moves a little bit more, it can strike Gui Tongtian.

Just as Gui Tongtian thought that the other party had no other method to attack him, giving him time to slaughter him as he wished, the nine snakehead tails which were locked in place suddenly moved again and instantly tear at his body.

Gui Tongtian’s eyes widened as his skin instantly turned black. This is the symptom of being deeply poisoned.

“No one can neutralize my Nine-tailed Turtle’s poison.”

Nine-tailed Turtle snorts coldly and says, “We have long known of your magic tools. We have also found methods to break through them. The battle attire that we are wearing all possesses the effect of breaking your magic. Your Prajna’s bell has turned into a trash!”

While Nine-tailed Turtle is speaking, Gui Tongtian’s body starts rotting as a cracked palm-size wooden doll drops onto the ground.

“Shit it is a Wooden Ghost Doll!”

“That’s right. It is indeed a Wooden Ghost Doll!”

Gui Tongtian’s figure appears on the other side as he laughs and says, “The Wooden Ghost Doll can die for me 9 times a day. Every time it dies, it will increase my strength by nine times.”

As he speaks, a thick arm suddenly stretches out from the darkness and pinches the neck of Nine-tailed Turtle as it raises him up.

This arm seems to also possess some strange powers. With it holding Nine-tailed Turtle, Nine-tailed Turtle immediately feels strengthless as his nine tails also droop down.

“So you are a hybrid monster.”

Gui Tongtian places a finger on Nine-tailed Turtle’s forehead before laughing, “The father was a turtle spirit while the mother was a snake spirit. You’re a bastard.”

“I am going to kill you!”

Nine-tailed Turtle immediately roars while that arm smashes his body fiercely onto the ground before raising him up again.

“I have already calculated your fate.”

Gui Tongtian’s smile deepens.


Chapter 940  [This is called black ops]

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