MKW Chapter 939

Chapter 939  [Title below]


This blood sword is swift and fast not giving Liu Yi any chance to react!

But Liu Yi had experienced countless fights thus it is not easy to ambush him.

He instantly opens his black and white world which instantly slowed down the speed of that blood sword. He uses Moon Dream Sutra with his right hand and instantly stops the blood sword in midair causing it to float in front of him.

“Who are you! Don’t hide yourself, come out!”

Liu Yi roars loudly like thunder causing the surrounding people to feel pain in their ears.

Some people are thinking, what a good Dragon King of the Four Seas. Indeed is tyrannical and fierce!

With him around, the glorious period of the Four Seas is just around the corner!

“Alas, we have not met for a long time. Classmate Liu’s strength has improved yet again.”

A stream of blood water floats up from the ground and forms the figure of a person.

This person is none other than Ma Yixuan!

She is wearing a blood-red qipao which has a very long slit, making it faintly possible to discern the black panty that she is wearing.

She is also wearing a pair of high heels. Her hair is also tied up with a hairpin.

If she did not expose so much of her thighs, her dress-up would be rather elegant.

Especially since her figure is also not bad. What should be flat is flat, what should be curved is curved. With her wearing a qipao and high heels as well, she is very attractive.

But Liu Yi’s heart is not stirred by this woman because he knows that this woman is poisonous!

“Where did this woman come from?”

Ai Ling who is standing by the side frowns, “To be so demonic! Furthermore, she also has a blood aura but it is not the strength of the god race…”

She is unable to see through the technique that Ma Yixuan is using. Especially since Ma Yixuan also does not know what kind of technique she is cultivating. The qi in her body is very randomly mixed up with all kinds of qi interweaving together.

Although Liu Yi is also using multiple different qi and fusing them together, he possesses Nine Yang God Qi. It is like a large dyeing vat which turns all the qi in his body into one.

Ma Yixuan does not have this kind of strength and must be envious of it.

Ma Yixuan narrows her eyes at Liu Yi, “Dear, both of us are old classmates. I cannot allow you to enter the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum on your own. Shouldn’t you let me enter and take a look as well?”

The other dragon kings instantly question East Sea Dragon King.

“Old Fourth, what is going on?”

“What are you doing? Who is this woman?”

East Sea Dragon King only laughs and says arrogantly, “Fellow brothers to be honest, I am tired of being the East Sea Dragon King. I also wish to have a seat as the Heaven Dragon King!”

“Muddlehead ah.”

South Sea Dragon King berates, “In the past, I thought that Heaven King inheritors no longer existed thus I become greedy for something that I shouldn’t be greedy of! Today is a lesson! The Heaven King descendant has appeared so we should follow the ancestral teaching and assist the king!”


East Sea Dragon King snorts, “As the saying goes, ‘Are those who are princes and generals nobler than us?’ Bloodline and the likes are utter nonsense! This kid does not have the ability or capability, based on what can he become the Heaven Dragon King! I governed the East Sea properly and contributed so much for the Four Seas! Right now, it is going to become a wedding dress for another person? Hahaha, I am unresigned! This Heaven Dragon King position is mine! Leader Ma, quickly tells me the method to enter Heaven Dragon Mausoleum, I want to go in, I want to become the Heaven Dragon King!”

“Aiyah, what East Sea Dragon King says is right.”

Ma Yixuan nods her head, “Bloodline and the likes are utter nonsense. Since that is the case, it does not matter if one is not a dragon. This girl also wishes to be this Heaven Dragon King.”


Hearing what Ma Yixuan says, East Sea Dragon King got shocked!

With how scheming he is, how would he not understand the meaning of what Ma Yixuan had said!

Because he understands, that is why he is afraid and feels horrified!

“Le-leader Ma…so you were using me all this time!”

He roars as he stabs a silver spear at Ma Yixuan.

“Stupid brute.”

Ma Yixuan snorted but did not move.

An enormous palm suddenly falls from the sky and slaps onto that East Sea Dragon King.

The ground trembles fiercely like an earthquake had happened.

A lot of people are unable to stand still from the shaking. While the enormous arm that falls from the sky was withdrawn swiftly. East Sea Dragon King’s body is embedded into the ground as blood covers his entire body. He stretches his hand towards Ma Yixuan unwillingly.

“E-even if I…become a ghost…I-I…will not let…you…off…”

“It is a pity that you no longer have this chance.”

As Ma Yixuan speaks, she makes a grab with her hand.

East Sea Dragon King’s body was sucked over towards her dainty hand before being grabbed by her in her hand.

In a blink of an eye, East Sea Dragon King’s body swiftly dried up! Even his soul was not spared!

“Old Fourth!”

“Fourth Brother!”

“Ahhhh! You demoness!!!”

Seeing East Sea Dragon King die, the rest of the three dragon kings were startled and angered. Their eyes nearly pop out as they roar while preparing to charge at Ma Yixuan.

Ao Jie and the rest faint from sorrow.

Liu Yi roars, “Stop!” to stop them.

“You are not her opponent! You are throwing away your lives by going up!”

“But, but…this demoness has killed our Fourth Brother!”

South Sea Dragon King starts crying.

“Relax. Although the East Sea Dragon King was very ambitious, he is still a citizen of my Four Seas.”

Liu Yi pats South Sea Dragon King’s shoulder, “I will give him justice.”

“My King!”

The dragon kings kneel down, “You must take revenge for Ao Han!”

Ao Han is the East Sea Dragon King’s name.

Liu Yi nods his head.

“I know. Leave it to me. I will not let you guys call me ‘King’ for nothing.”

Ma Yixuan tosses East Sea Dragon King’s corpse to the side as she pouts and says, “Tsk, this old dragon is not delicious.”

“I didn’t expect that you had learned such an evil technique!”

Liu Yi frowns as he walks forward in front of Ma Yixuan, “You possess a spiritual body but did not put it to use properly. Instead, you went and learned this evil technique. It was wrong of you.”

“Old classmate. What you say is interesting.” Ma Yixuan smiles gently, “Didn’t you also cultivate the demonic sword into your body? Do you think that I cant see it?”

Liu Yi is startled in his heart. What discerning eyes does she have? She can through this?

But what she had used earlier should be Sky Demon Great Technique which is Liu Haisheng’s technique!

That means that Liu Haisheng’s missing corpse should be related to her!

Furthermore, she possesses a soul-consuming technique thus she managed to learn Liu Haisheng ‘s technique!

Indeed she is an impressive woman. To become stronger, she is willing to do anything!

But thinking about it, I am also no different from her.

Liu Yi looks at Ai Ling who is standing by the side. The reason why I let the demonic sword technique enter my body is to snatch back Little Lass.

As for Ma Yixuan, it is for her ambitions.

“That is why I say that there is no difference between the two of us. There is nothing much to choose between the two of us. What qualifications do you have to tell me off? My old classmate.”

Ma Yixuan crosses her arms as she looks at Liu Yi with icy arrogance.

“Where is the compassion, duty, proprietary and integrity that you were talking about in the past? Where is that conceited aloof appearance? Let me tell you what I, cannot stand the most is that hypocritical righteous manner of yours! Take a look at the current you. You have fallen into a demon, the lowest existence! Quickly look at your appearance, don’t you feel that you are laughable?”

“For the woman I love, I don’t mind even if I turn into a devil.”

Liu Yi raises his fist and says it word by word, “As for you, Ma Yixuan, is there any man who is willing to sacrifice their life for yours? Don’t you feel that you are the funny one?”

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!”

What Liu Yi said stabbed into Ma Yixuan’s anguish causing her eyes to turn red as she roars!

An enormous demon also appears in the sky. It tears apart the clouds as it lets out a deafening roar!

Looking at the sky demon in the sky, Liu Yi thinks in his heart.

What a formidable demon. Looks like Ma Yixuan’s strength has already exceeded Liu Haisheng’s.

This pitiful ambitious and ruthless Liu Haisheng who was the reincarnation of God Race King Wuli became food for a woman.

I had always thought that my nemesis was Liu Haisheng. But from the looks of it, he is nothing but the mantis stalking the cicada unaware of the oriole behind him.

Ma Yixuan plotted and unexpectedly accomplished this stage. I cannot help but admire her.

Liu Yi’s gaze meets Ma Yixuan’s gaze.

Scenes immediately appear in front of him.

////   On the rooftop in middle school, Liu Yi is crazily beating up a group of hooligan students while Ma Yixuan was kneeling in front of him trembling.

The scene changes and Ma Yixuan enters the Great God Sect before becoming Great God Sect Law Protector Jiang Qini’s disciple.

She endured humiliation as part of an important mission by Jiang Qini’s side until she finally engulfed Jiang Qini who wished to obtain her spiritual body.

In the end, she did not manage to preserve her gold spirit body and it was snatched away by Great God Sect Sect Leader!   ////

Seeing this Liu Yi was instantly startled!

Where did the Great God Sect Sect Leader come from? Not only is he so overpoweringly strong, but he can also snatch away the power of a spirit body!

Furthermore, Ma Yixuan is fine other than becoming somewhat weak.

Too scary…this enemy is too scary!

Liu Yi subconsciously clenches his fist.

Apart from this, he also sees the strong hatred that Ma Yixuan has towards him!

She apparently believes that Liu Yi’s existence is the cause of her falling into such a state!

“What are you doing?!”

Ma Yixuan suddenly screams causing Liu Yi’s mind-reading technique to break.

“You are peeping into my heart?”

Ma Yixuan’s face turns pale as the hatred in her eyes deepens.

No one likes other people seeing what they are thinking in their hearts. This is even harder to take than standing in front of other people naked!

“Ma Yixuan. The reason why you have become like this can only be blamed on you. What is the use of hating me?”

Liu Yi feels very unhappy to be resented by others for no good cause.

“Hahaha, because it was all caused by you!”

Ma Yixuan suddenly laughs coldly as she crosses her arms and says slowly, “I wished to become a woman who possesses authority and influence. But everything, it was wrecked by you! Liu Yi ah, Liu Yi. Why do you keep going against me? You caused me to fall to such a plight, where I am neither a human nor a ghost. Thus, I will not let you off!”


Chapter 939  [When classmates meet, they become exceptionally green with envy]

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