MKW Chapter 938

Chapter 938  [Title below]


“Let me try again!”

As East Sea Dragon King speaks, he opens his mouth.

River Song’s river water immediately started gathering in his mouth.

The surging river water forms a water pillar and pours down East Sea Dragon King’s mouth crazily.

This move is not new. Liu Yi saw this move a long time ago, used by Ao Ri.

Dragon Swallowing Water.

After swallowing down nearly half of the river water, East Sea Dragon King roars at Liu Yi!

The river water rolls into a waterspout which smashes towards Liu Yi.

The momentum of the water overflows the sky like it can swallow up the entire River Song’s riverbank.

While Liu Yi stands there motionless like a mountain peak.

He is smiling faintly as he stands there. He then swings his hands at the descending waterspout.

Moon Dream Sutra!

That waterspout was like it had been torn apart before rolling back together and charging back at the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas.

The four enormous dragons were misshapen from the attack. Luckily East Sea Dragon King stopped his attack early thus it did not cause a dispute between close people.

“Big brother, it seems like we can only work together!”

“Right. Let’s work together and kill this bastard!“

The Dragon Kings of the Four Seas can see that on their own, they are not Liu Yi’s opponent. No matter how hard an earth realm expert fights, they can only be chased and beaten by a heaven realm expert.

Not only chased and beaten, but they are also oppressively beaten up.

The four enormous dragon circles together in the sky. Finally, they twine together and finally open their dragon mouths breathing out their own qi at Liu Yi.

Wind, fire, lightning, water.

The four different attributes qi fuse together and form a powerful storm, once again sweeping at Liu Yi.

The Dragon Kings of the Four Seas’ strength complement one another. With them combining their strength together, they actually possess the strength of a heaven realm!

Liu Yi stands there as an avatar emerges from Liu Yi’s back!

The moment this avatar appears, the weather immediately changes.

This avatar has six enormous arms that hit out Glorious Sun Palms at the same time!

Illusion Extermination!

The six illusion exterminations merge together and instantly scatter the four dragon kings’ combined squall!

After the palm wind scatters the squall, it hits the dragon kings.

Although the dragon king’s body is very powerful and strong, it is unable to take this attack.

They instantly cry out in pain as they keep twisting their body in the sky creating huge gales.

With the strength of a single person, Liu Yi fought against the four dragon kings causing the dragon kings of the four seas to suffer defeat after defeat. They are not his opponents at all.

“Ahhh!!! Damn it!”

South Sea Dragon King got beaten until he was angered. He trembles and flies high up into the sky.

“I want to flood North Dragon City!”

In response to this, the other three dragon kings hurriedly chase after him and start summoning clouds and rain in the sky.

Very quickly, black clouds blanket the sky of the entire North Dragon City and start raining.

Every single raindrop is as big as a soybean and starts pitter-pattering as they rain down.

“Wow, such heavy rain!”

“Strange, wasn’t it bright and sunny earlier? Why is it suddenly raining!”

The people in North Dragon City were drenched and started muttering in anger.

It is really once in a hundred-year torrential rain. Among the rain is also some hail that smashes onto the cars, buildings causing terrifying sounds.

This rainfall is almost like it is going to emit smoke. Almost in an instant, the rainwater started rising. The cars on the road were half-submerged in the rainwater.

River Song’s water level also rises by quite a bit. If this goes on, the entire North Dragon City will suffer a flood.

“Stubborn pig-headed!”

Liu Yi snorts and leaps into the sky, instantly appearing in midair above the layer of clouds.

Above, the four dragon kings are still casting their spells. They had steeled their heart to flood North Dragon City.

Liu Yi placed his hands together.

Nine Yang God Qi in his body starts revolving as streams of white smoke flies out from his head and rises to the sky.

Very quickly, nine small suns shoot out from Liu Yi’s back. The nine small suns soon merge into a single sun that hangs behind Liu Yi’s back.


Liu Yi roars as a sun tattoo appears between his brows.

The golden light shines brightly in the sky. That single sun releases a robust strength!

The black clouds underneath were all scattered and the four dragon kings in the sky are unable to bear with this kind of illumination. They keep twisting their body before screaming and falling from the sky.

The four enormous dragons fall from high up in the sky onto River Song’s riverbank.

“Royal father!”

“Lord Dragon King!”

Ao Jie and the rest were all greatly shocked as they hurry forward to check the dragon kings’ injuries.

The flesh body of a dragon is comparatively stronger. Although they had received such an attack, they still have a single breath of life left within as they lay on the riverbank on their last gasp.

Liu Yi also descended from the sky and with a boom, he landed causing a huge amount of dust to rise.

The stands there as the black coat he is wearing flutters with the wind.

All of the people from the four seas were all shocked when they saw him.

This person is too scary! He is too heaven-defying!

“Could, could it be that…we are destined to die here…”

South Sea Dragon King’s face is covered with hatred. Hating himself for challenging this guy with East Sea Dragon King!

Why could I not tolerate my temper back then and negotiate with this guy, and hear out his terms….

If I had listened earlier, we would not end up like this.

“Has everyone calmed down?”

Liu Yi’s hands are in his coat pocket as he walks up to the dragon kings. He then pats East Sea Dragon King on his head and says, “Now can we negotiate?”

“What… what do you want…”

South Sea Dragon King says hurriedly. Looks like we can still preserve our lives!

“We are all dragons. There is no need to harm each other.”

Liu Yi says, “Our enemies are very clear and they are the gods from the Nine Layers of Heaven. Don’t forget how the Heaven Dragon King died. The reason why I want to subdue the four seas and become the king of the four seas is to complete my master’s wish and defeat those gods.”

“Your, your master?” The dragon kings look at each other, “Who is your master?”

“Han Yuxin.”


The eyes of the four dragon kings nearly drop out.

Han Yuxin? Isn’t he the tomb guardian of the Dragon Mausoleum? The sole inheritor of Heaven Dragon?

So, so the River Song Dragon King is actually his disciple?!

No wonder he is so heaven-defying!

“Why, why didn’t you say so earlier!”

South Sea Dragon King’s attitude towards Liu Yi immediately changes as he says respectfully, “If you had said so earlier than we wouldn’t have fought! God, it is failing to recognize a familiar person!”

“Oh? Why do you say that?”

“Wha, you are not aware of is our ancestor’s teaching?” West Sea Dragon King adds, “Us four dragons are protecting our own secret treasure of the four seas. Waiting for the real owner of the four seas to appear. Only the disciple of the Heaven Dragon can enter the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum. No matter how many years have passed, as long as the disciple of Heaven Dragon appears, our four seas will immediately treat him as the king!”

“That’s right! That is indeed our ancestor’s teaching!”

South Sea Dragon King nods his head, “We have waited until the arrival of this day. The dragons of the four seas…finally are going to rise again!”

While they are speaking, the four dragon kings look at each other before transforming back into human form and kneel down in front of Liu Yi.

“My King, please accept our worship!”

With the four dragon kings kneeling down, how would the rest of the soldiers and generals dare to be slow. They rapidly kneel down as well.

For a moment, everyone in River Song is kneeling.

The Red Scarf Army as well as River Song aquatic army were all delighted. Their boss is indeed powerful. After a few blows and a few sentences, the four seas were subdued by him!

Following boss is indeed right!

“Very good.”

Liu Yi did not decline. He straightens his back as he starts carrying a king’s aura.

“Compatriots from the four seas, we have been bullied for too long.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he points at the sky.

“Many years ago, our noble Heaven Dragon King challenged the gods but was besieged by the gods and killed. His long-cherished wish is to ascend to the nine layers of heaven and defeat the gods so as to restore the might of the four seas. Right now, this wish shall be realized by me, Liu Yi, for him! From now on, I, Liu Yi, am your king!”

Speaking finish, he puts on his dragon crown on top of his head. He puts on his Dragon Emperor Armour as the scarlet cape flutters behind his back.

All of the aquatic army immediately says respectfully, “My king inspires awe among the four seas, prosperous king’s fate!”

“Very good!”

Liu Yi is satisfied in his head. His gaze lands on the four dragon kings again.

“Fellow dragon kings, let us prepare to enter the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum.”

“As you ordered!”

South Sea Dragon King, West Sea Dragon King as well as the North Sea Dragon King immediately take out the Four Seas Secret Treasure that they carry on themself all the time.

Liu Yi receives them one by one and gathers the four secret treasures together.

The dragon kings’ gazes turn feverish. Heaven Dragon Mausoleum! The treasure that they had guarded for thousands of years is finally going to be opened!

After the four secret treasures were gathered together, they immediately let out a sharp noise like a whistle before shooting up into the sky.

The four secret treasures fly into the sky before dispersing all over River Song.

Immediately the entire River Song’s riverbank becomes untranquil!

River Song’s river water starts boiling over while the aquatic army starts escaping so as to avoid being implicated!

An enormous imposing palace slowly appears in the center of River Song!

Water continuously descends down like a waterfall while the palace’s appearance becomes more and more distinct!

The entire palace is cast from gold. After emerging from the water surface, golden light shines all over the place!

While nine enormous dragon sculptures are also revealed like it is making clear that this place is entrusted to these nine enormous dragons!

“This…this is Heaven Dragon Mausoleum?”

The dragon kings were all stunned while the aquatic army was unable to speak. All of them cover their mouth as astonishment appears on their face.

After Heaven Dragon Mausoleum appears, a few water flowers remain at the top of the palace forming a few words.

<Heaven Dragon Mausoleum appear, All Nine Heavens be frightened.

Heaven Dragon’s descendant is the only one who can enter.>

“Indeed only the descendants from Heaven Dragon can enter.”

Liu Yi nods his head and immediately walks towards the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum.

At this moment, East Sea Dragon King who had not spoken from the beginning suddenly shouts, “Leader Ma. If you still do not take action now, when are you?”

This voice causes Liu Yi to frown as he subconsciously turns his head and looks over to see a blood sword already in front of him!


Chapter 938  [Heaven Dragon Mausoleum]

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