MKW Chapter 937

Chapter 937  [Title below]


When the flame flies up from this palm, it forms into an angry fire dragon. it then charges up to the sky into the clouds. It keeps rolling around and finally pushes away the cloud layer before revealing its malevolent head and roars down.

Two balls of red flame spray out from its nose carrying dense threatening intent.

“You wish to start a war?”

Ao Susu raises her fire lance and points at the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas, “If you want a war then let’s go! We are not afraid of you!”

“Hahaha, what a violent lass.”

The North Sea Dragon King strokes his beard and says with a laugh, “Is the negotiation this time really with swords drawn and bows bent?”

“Susu, sit down.” Liu Yi pulls Ao Susu and makes her sit down.


“No worries. I feel that the West Sea Dragon King wants to perform a show for us. Watch carefully.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he raises his hand into the sky and clenches his hand.

That roaring fire dragon instantly extinguishes and not a single spark of the flame is left.

The West Sea Dragon King’s expression undergoes a large change. The fire dragon that I created disappeared on its own? What is going on? This is impossible!

South Sea Dragon King speaks again, “River Song Dragon King. We are giving you a chance by negotiation. I advise you not to refuse the toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit!”

“Oh?” Liu Yi looks at South Sea Dragon King, “I am very curious. What is the toast and what is the forfeit.”

“The toast is to comply with our Four Seas.” East Sea Dragon King laughs, “From then on you will be our subordinate. This way, our Four Seas will not punish you. Both sides can coexist together peacefully in the future. We will also confer you a title letting you become an honored sir within our dragon race!”

“That’s right. We can bestow you the surname Ao!” South Sea Dragon King says arrogantly, “No ordinary person can obtain this surname e. Only a real dragon can, you understand?”

Liu Yi did not agree immediately and instead asked, “Then what is the forfeit?”

“The forfeit is simple.” West Sea Dragon King laughs, “Be killed by us! Be exterminated by us! I heard that your family is in North Dragon City? Let me tell you. If you do not submit to us, we shall launch a flood and submerge the entire North Dragon City!”

Liu Yi did not move but the table in front of him suddenly split into two. All of the dishes on the table fall onto the ground and break.

Although Liu Yi is still sitting there, a powerful aura is spreading out from his body which instantly flooded the entire River Song’s riverbank.

The expression of the four dragon kings instantly change. This aura…this is the aura of a heaven realm expert!

The four dragon kings are only Peak Earth Realm experts and none of them have achieved the strength of a heavenly realm cultivator.

The moment this heaven realm aura spreads out, they were all terribly startled.

Heaven Realm Expert…why is this small River Song Dragon King a Heaven Realm Expert?

“Old Four. How, how did you provoke a Heaven Realm cultivator!”

South Sea Dragon King’s earlier self-confidence is gone. He looks at East Sea Dragon King with deep worry, “What on earth are you thinking…”

Although the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas had always been overbearing, they do not dare to face a Heaven Realm expert.

The gap between heaven realm and earth realm is too big. In normal times, they do not even dare to think about it.

“I, I didn’t know that he was in the Heaven Realm…”

East Sea Dragon King’s face is also pale as his dragon face is currently green.

Only now did he understand why that ambitious third daughter of his would work for Liu Yi.

Fucking hell…a heaven realm expert…don’t mention the East Sea. Even if the Four Seas gather together, we are still not his opponent!

“Don’t, don’t be afraid!”

West Sea Dragon King forcefully calms himself and says, “As long as we unite together…we, we can defeat him! Don’t forget, we still have hidden troops!”

“Righ, right, right! We still have hidden troops!”

East Sea Dragon King immediately sprays a stream of water mist into the sky.

The water mist forms an enormous flower and is very eye-catching and beautiful.

At this moment, the entire River Song’s water surface starts rolling.

Following which by the thousands and tens of thousands, the army of the shrimp soldiers and crab generals emerges from the water as well as countless yaksha.

For a moment, the surrounding was covered by the enemy army.

Those who do not know would have thought that they are filming a movie here. Where else would they see such a huge scene?

“Are you comparing numbers?”

Liu Yi laughs and claps his hands. The water wave instantly rolls even fiercer!

Cambarus, yaksha, shrimp soldiers, and crab generals!

Every single River Song’s water army bore out of the water and collided into the Four Seas water army formation, causing confusion and disorder.

These are not over yet. Armored cars suddenly drive up from the surroundings as armed Red Scarf Army jumps off. They are all carrying firearms that were pointed at the water army of the four seas.

The number of Red Scarf Army people is not small. Liu Yi had specially transferred over a lot of people from the surrounding cities.

For a moment, River Song’s riverbank is filled with people and the number of people of the Four Seas is clearly not enough.

Liu Yi twists his ring and 3000 Netherworld soldiers walk out. Each of them is wearing black armor and a ghost saber as they guard Liu Yi’s surroundings.

“They, they are all earth realm experts…”

The Dragon Kings of the Four Seas are all knowledgeable people and immediately see through the strength of those Netherworld soldiers.

“Why…why would there be so many earth realm experts!”

“How are we going to fight! We are unable to defeat all of them!”

“Risk it all!”

West Sea Dragon King raises a lance made from flames and attempts to charge at Liu Yi.

Like the saying, ‘Capture the king first’, West Sea Dragon King only wishes to surprise attack first and take down Liu Yi.

The flame on the flame lance is very hot. A lot of the surrounding shrimp soldiers and crab generals are unable to take it and shout that they are going to boil while escaping in all directions.

Liu Yi sneers as he grabs hold of that flame lance with bare hands.

In a blink of an eye, the flame lance was instantly frozen into an ice lance!


West Sea Dragon King got a huge shock as he did not expect that his attack would be so easily blocked!

The flame lance got frozen. This is how strong the might of heaven realm is!

Fucking hell…are you for real! When has such a powerful cultivator appeared in the mortal realm!

Could it be that he is an expert from the inner pavilion? But how is it possible for them to attack the Four Seas!

North Sea Dragon King immediately shouts, “We must attack together!”

His suggestion clearly obtained a unanimous pass. The four dragon kings instantly transform into their dragon forms before rising to the sky.

The four dragon kings have four different colors. South Sea Dragon King is green, West Sea Dragon King is red, the North Sea Dragon King is black while East Sea Dragon King is silver!

The four dragon kings are using their real bodies to haunt the sky causing black clouds to cover the sky densely.

“Liu Yi! Surrender immediately!”

South Sea Dragon King’s voice is like thunder, “If you do not surrender, we shall flood North Dragon City!”

While he is speaking, blue lightning flashes out of the black clouds and struck the waters of River Song.

At the same time, hail smashes down pelting the ground.

Luckily the Red Scarf Army is wearing a helmet, thus they were not injured by the hail!

At the same time, a squall rises sweeping the River Song’s riverbank.

A lot of Red Scarf Army members are unable to stand stably. At this moment, Liu Yi stomps his foot as a powerful force erupts out.

The squall got scattered by this force.

At the same time, he stretches out both his hands and aims at the black clouds in the sky before pulling paper.

The black clouds that densely covered the sky were forcibly pulled apart to the sides like a curtain.

The sun revealed itself again shining down its eye-catching rays of light.

“What…what power…”

The Dragon Kings of the Four Seas were flabbergasted.

This is the first time someone breaks the cloud and rain summoning that they cast at the same time!

The originally arrogant Ao Jie and the rest no longer dare to speak at this moment. Afraid that Liu Yi t would look for them!

Too scary…how come this fellow is so powerful! Why did we provoke such a powerful enemy!

“Dragon Kings of the Four Seas!”

Liu Yi raises his head and looks at the four enormous dragons dancing in the sky.

“Looks like our negotiations have completely broken down! But if you guys dare to touch North Dragon City then do not blame me for being impolite!”

“Go die!”

South Sea Dragon King is unresigned. Being arrogant for an entire lifetime, today a small River Song Dragon King actually rides up his neck and bullies him which makes him angry!

Stepping on black clouds, he opened his mouth and breathed out a stream of blue lightning at Liu Yi!

Liu Yi snorted but did not move.

He raises his right hand and uses Unbreaking, using his flesh fist to receive this lightning!

When the lightning strikes Liu Yi’s hand, it turns into black smoke.


South Sea Dragon King got a huge shock. He did not expect that the lightning backed by his full power did not even leave behind any trace of injury!

Just how did this guy cultivate!

Even if he had attained Heaven Realm, it is impossible for him to receive my all-out attack unscathed!

His self-confidence starts to crumble.

“Have a taste of my spell!”

West Sea Dragon King spins a circle in the air and following which an omnipresent firestorm falls from the sky.

The sky instantly reflected red as the temperature also rose by a bit.

“Moon Dream Sutra!”

Silver lights erupt from Liu Yi’s eyes as a crescent moon appears between his brows.

At the same time, he raises his hands upwards.

River Song in front of him instantly starts rising like an upside-down waterfall forming an enormous water screen above the crowd!

When the falling firestorm meets the water-screen, it is immediately extinguished!

“Gods! This is…the mountain and sea moving technique!”

West Sea Dragon King nearly dropped down from the sky in shock!

“Watch me! Wind come!”

North Sea Dragon king opens his dragon mouth and breathes out a stream of squall.

The squall becomes more and more intense and finally becomes a startling typhoon that devastated River Song’s riverbank before twirling towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi still did not move. He faces the incoming typhoon and gets into a horse stance before slapping out with his right hand.

“Broken Glass!”

The space in front was shattered by Liu Yi! Following which a black hole appears and sucks the typhoon, tearing it apart!

“How scary…”

The dragon kings were badly frightened!


Chapter 937  [Waring the Four Seas!]

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  1. the power is offchart!!!

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  2. So wait they know he is heaven realm so out of their league, so they call reinforcements to stand a chance. Up to there their logic hold up, but he then summons a larger and stronger arm, and suddenly they think they can attack head on? Why!? The situation got worse for them not better, it makes no sense at all to attack head on.
    Also doesn’t Liu Yi have that gold dragon king armor that is proof he is the most worthy of being king or something, why isnt he wearing it? Also wouldn’t using the mist technique be the most appropriate?


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