MKW Chapter 936

Chapter 936  [Title below]


As East Sea Dragon King speaks, he starts crying.

“Brothers, I do not know why the East Sea was assaulted this time. I do not wish to cause inconvenience for older brothers. Thus, I used a secret method to pass this news to the Southern Heavenly Gates hoping to let the Heavenly Court take control of this matter.”

“This ought to be the way.”

North Sea Dragon King nods his head, “Heavenly Court currently has jurisdiction over our four seas. It is right for them to step forward when something happens to us.”

“That’s right. This is what I thought so as well!”

East Sea Dragon King immediately nods his head, “But when my message was passed to the Southern Heavenly Gates, can you guess how the Heavenly Courts replied?”

“Oh? What did they say?”

“Heavenly Court says that this is an internal dispute of our Four Seas thus they let us deal with it on our own! Heavenly Courts have many affairs and will not interfere with this matter!”


The other three dragon kings were angered, “This damn Heavenly Courts! Controlling us but not caring about our safety! This is preposterous!”

“I have long not seen eye to eye with the Heavenly Courts! Back then if Heaven Dragon King had struck down the Nine layers of Heaven, who knows who would be the king of heaven! Would it be their turn?”

“Hmph! They are nothing but the watchdogs of the gods!”

“Sooner or later we will settle this debt with the Heavenly Courts!”

Seeing the reactions of the other three dragon kings, East Sea Dragon King becomes delighted in his heart.

“That is why, brothers, we shouldn’t count on the Heavenly Court. At this moment, us dragon kings should unite unanimously and open the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum to strengthen our Dragon Palace’s strength!”

“What you say is right.”

As the big brother of the Four Seas Dragon King, North Sea Dragon King finally nods his head, “Since that is the case, let us take our four sea’s secret treasures and gather them together, and open this Sky Dragon Mausoleum. When we obtain the treasure, we shall fight our way to the Heavenly Courts and let the dragon race of the four seas have a change of fortunes! It should be time for me to sit on the golden chair of Heavenly Court!”

“I am afraid that it is not possible.”

South Sea Dragon King stroke his beard as he thinks in his heart. Why would it be your turn to sit on it?

But on the surface, he puts on a serious expression while saying slowly, “Even if we can summon out the Sky Dragon Mausoleum, we do not have a way to enter.”

“There is no need for you to worry about it.” East Sea Dragon King smiles profoundly, “I have found the method to enter the Sky Dragon Mausoleum.”

“Oh? You have?”

The other three dragon kings were instantly shocked as they look at their fourth brother.

East Sea Dragon King nods his head and says, “As long as we open the Sky Dragon Mausoleum, I can let us enter together!”

“Hahaha! That is great!”

North Dragon King instantly laughs loudly, “Good brothers, thank you for assisting me in becoming the Sky Dragon King. When I become the Heaven Dragon King, I will lead you guys to glory as well. From then on, the world shall belong to us four brothers, hahaha!”

“We shall depend on older brother!”

When the other dragon kings cup their hands together, South Sea Dragon King smiles with greater delight.

“Good, good, good. Then why are you still not taking out the secret treasure!”

South Sea Dragon King smiles merrily and says, “Let me first…”

East Sea Dragon King has an awkward look, “Big brother please wait!”

South Sea Dragon King instantly becomes dissatisfied, “What is the matter, fourth brother? Do you have an opinion?”

“No, it is not that. Big brother. It is that…a few days ago…I lost the East Sea secret treasure…”


The rest of the dragon kings instantly got a shock as they stared at him strangely.

“You lost the East Sea Secret Treasure! What is going on!”

“Alas…misfortune in the family clan ….”

East Sea Dragon King sighs, “This East Sea Secret Treasure was stolen by my daughter and gifted to the River Song Dragon King.”

“What!” The rest of the dragon kings can no longer sit still, “Then what are you waiting for? We must snatch it back from that River Song Dragon King!”

“What brothers say is right.” East Sea Dragon King nods his head, “Thus I have gone through much hardship to arrange to have a negotiation with the River Song Dragon King at River Song’s riverbank.”

West Sea Dragon King roars in anger, “River Song riverbank? Isn’t that their territory? Why are we not having the negotiation on our side?”

“It is just to let them lower their vigilance.” East Sea Dragon King says, “Actually that River Song Dragon King does not know that we have set up an inescapable net on the riverbank of River Song. At that time, it will be his death.”


South Sea Dragon King nods his head, “At that time, us brothers shall go all out!”

“Everything shall comply with Eldest Brother’s instructions!”

“The Four Seas shall conquer the world!”


While all of this is secretly going on, a figure stealthily arrived at the riverbank of River Song. He gazes at the river water.

“This is the place where the Sky Dragon Mausoleum shall be opening soon right? Lord Black Cavalry. Please feel reassured. I, Nine-tailed Turtle will save the future.”


At this moment in the afternoon.

Ao Susu is standing by Liu Yi’s side. As she does not understand she asks, “I do not understand. Why did they want to have the negotiation on our side.”

Liu Yi arrived at River Song’s riverbank on time. He only brought along three people. Ao Susu, Military Blade as well as Ai Ling.

River Song’s riverbank is very big. Some places do not allow citizens to casually enter.

So as to not affect the citizens, Liu Yi specially instructed the Red Scarf Army to set up roadblocks in the surrounding.

A large black square table is set up in front of Liu Yi.

The table is created from Liu Yi’s Darkness power. On top of the table is the Szechuan cuisine that Liu Yi had bought from a restaurant. Since this is a negotiation, then it needs to be a bit formal.

He sits on one end while Ai Ling and Ao Susu sit by his sides. Military Blade is standing by the side like a guard.

“It is very simple.” As Liu Yi speaks, he plays with the Netherworld Ring that he is wearing on his finger. “The mysteries within are clear with just a guess. Heroine Ai Ling. You are exceptionally intelligent. Why don’t you explain to our Susu?”

“Tsk! I am not your secretary!”

Ai Ling rolls her eyes at Liu Yi but she still explains to Ao Susu. “This is the part where East Sea Dragon Palace is intelligent. They have purposefully chosen here. At that time when we set up an inescapable net here and think that we are in control of everything, we will not be aware that the East Sea has buried a bomb here.”


Ao Susu looks underneath her, “There is a bomb buried under here?”

“Hahahaha. Not a bomb but it is like one.”

Liu Yi picks up a piece of chili chicken and places it in Ao Susu’s bowl and says, “If I did not guess wrong, the four seas have long ago arranged multiple people to ambush this place.”

“This group of despicable people!” Ao Susu instantly stands up as she pulls out her fire lance, “Let me go and seek them out!”

“Keep calm and don’t be impatient.”

Liu Yi stops Ao Susu and makes her sit down, “Since they have come, we should make them comfortable. We shall wait and see.”

“You can keep your composure.” Ao Susu pouts, “Forget it. Since you already put it like this, what is the point of me being anxious? Like the saying, ‘The emperor is not worried but his eunuchs are’ I do not wish to be a eunuch. Go be one yourself.”

Liu Yi instantly started sweating. What the hell, who wants to be a eunuch! This girl is becoming more and more clueless!

At this moment, the clouds in the sky suddenly change. Following which, Liu Yi sees a few dragon figures twisting among the clouds.

“Looks like the guests have arrived.”

Ao Susu no longer eats anything as she holds her fire lance while standing by Liu Yi’s side.

Liu Yi shakes his head. This girl is a natural-born warrior.

She cannot sit still even for a moment.

On the contrary, Ai Ling is sitting still as she drinks the champagne that Liu Yi prepared.

Military Blade also silently becomes vigilant. His right-hand touches his waist where his daggers are.

“River Song Dragon King!” The black clouds soon spread apart as a thunderous roar came from the clouds, “How dare you still be so rude seeing the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas! You are still not kneeling down!”

Hearing this voice, Liu Yi cannot help but laugh.

“When have the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas been so noble?”

He says loudly, “Since it is a negotiation, then it means that the status of both sides is the same.”

“What a joke!”

A familiar voice came from the clouds.

The owner of the voice is none other than Ao Nuo’s second sister, Ao Jie.

Although the Third Princess Ao Nuo had returned to River Song, Liu Yi did not let her appear to prevent awkwardness.

“A mere River Song Dragon King and you dare to bargain with the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas?”

While they are speaking, a few golden beams descend from the black clouds.

The Dragon Kings of the Four Seas as well as a few formidable warriors of the Four Seas appear in front of Liu Yi.

Ao Jie stands there with her arms crossed as she speaks to Liu Yi with disdain, “You are sick of living. Say it, what do you wish to do this time?”

Liu Yi did not say anything as he continued to sit there eating.

Ao Jie berates, “Did you not hear me? This princess is asking you a question!”

Liu Yi places down his chopstick and uses a napkin to wipe his mouth and says with a smile, “I am the River Song Dragon King.”

Liu Yi says slowly, “What is your identity? Can you make the decision for the Four Seas? Could it be that you are the Queen of the Four Seas?”

“I, I….”

Ao Jie became speechless due to Liu Yi’s words.

Queen of the Four Seas…although she wishes to be one, behind her is the four Big Dragon Kings!

She does not have the ability nor the capability!

Hearing this, South Sea Dragon King waved his hand, “Ao Jie withdraw! Let us chat with this kid!”

“Take a seat and have a bite.”

Liu Yi points at the Szechuan cuisine in front of him, “These were made by Aromatic Chuan Floor. The Szechuan cuisine there is number one in North Dragon City. If ordinary people wish to eat it, they must first make a reservation.”

“We didn’t come here to eat.”

East Sea Dragon King sat down and did not look at the spread of food.

East Sea Dragon King asked directly, “Liu Yi what is the meaning of you invading my East Sea!”

“This duck’s blood and beef tripe in spicy soup are not bad. Why don’t you give it a try?”

Liu Yi pushes a bowl of large steaming soup in front of East Sea Dragon king.

East Sea Dragon King slaps the bowl flying away causing the duck’s blood and beef tripe in spicy soup to spill out.

Liu Yi raises a hand and grabs the air.

The duck’s blood and beef tripe in spicy soup that is about to spill out immediately flows back into the large bowl. The bowl then straightens and lands back on the table.

Liu Yi says calmly, “Wasting food is a sin. I didn’t expect that the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas are such wasteful people.”


West Sea Dragon King slaps the table fiercely jolting all of the dishes on the table to fly all over the place.

While Liu Yi presses down his palm and those bowls land back on the table calmly.

“Who do you think you are!”

As West Sea Dragon King speaks, a ball of scarlet flames appears in his palm!


Chapter 936  [Swords drawn and bows bent]

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