MKW Chapter 935

Chapter 935  [Title below]



The gaze of the crowd lands on Ai Ling. Just how much money did Lord Dragon King owe this woman to be so patient and accommodating?


Ai Ling also does not know the meaning of what Liu Yi is saying as she stares at Liu Yi in surprise.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Nothing. So what is the plan for the four seas.”

Liu Yi also does not know how to explain this question. He can only dodge the question and ask Ao Susu by his side.

“They have sent over an envoy.”

Ao Susu gives Military Blade a look and he immediately nods his head before stepping forward and says, “Currently, we will take down the East Sea soon. All of the East Sea soldiers are hiding in the barrier in the East Sea Dragon Palace. I believe that as long as Commanding Officer takes action, their barrier will be broken. At that time, the entire East Sea Dragon Palace will be obliterated. After which we shall take the East Sea as our headquarters. From there, we will continue to expand our army and strengthen our River Song Dragon Palace’s strength. At that time, the other three seas will no longer be our opponent. Becoming the king of the four seas is just around the corner!”

“Becoming the king of the four seas? I didn’t expect that the ambition of yours was not small.”

Ai Ling looks at Liu Yi engrossed, “What? Could it be that you wish to become the most supreme Heaven Dragon King?”

Liu Yi turns around and looks at Ai Ling, “What? How did you know of Heaven Dragon King’s matter?”

Ai Ling pauses. She also did not know why this thought suddenly emerged in her mind.

Furthermore what causes her to be most afraid is that she had a thought in her heart.

She wishes to use her strength to support this guy to become the Dragon King of the four seas.

If he wishes to become the Heaven Dragon King, she shall help him become the Heaven Dragon King.

If he wishes to become the Supreme God, she shall help him become the Supreme God.

As long as this guy thought of it, she is willing to sacrifice her life to help him achieve it.

Strange…why, why would I have these kinds of thoughts!

This isn’t rational! This shouldn’t happen!

Ai Ling stands there silently not making a sound.

Liu Yi did not chase for an answer. Instead, he instructed the Military Blade.

“Military Blade, send an envoy to the East Sea Dragon King, I wish to have a chat with them.”

“Want to negotiate?”

Ao Susu does not understand, “The current circumstances are advantageous to us. Even if we are going to negotiate, it should be them who raises it first, right?”

“Yeah. But I wish to understand how the people of the four seas are currently thinking.”

“Understood. Since Commanding Officer had instructed, I shall handle it.”

Military Blade nods his head before leaving to find an envoy to send over.

During the duration of the war, it is a common thing for both sides to send their envoys to each other.

Xie Kui is from Cambarus Tribe. Because he is comparatively more flexible and quick-minded, he was sent to the East Sea by Military Blade to send word.

At this moment, he is currently kneeling in the hall of East Sea Dragon Palace feeling uncomfortable in his heart.

Clearly, we are the stronger party but I have to kneel down in front of these people. Infuriating!

But right now I am an envoy thus I should have an envoy’s etiquette.

No matter what, the one sitting on the golden dragon throne is also the Dragon King of East Sea. Forget it. I have already kneeled down. I’ll just treat it as I am paying respect to a dead person.

“River Song Dragon King wishes to negotiate with us?”

Ao Tian who is sitting by the side of his wife instantly frowns after listening to Xie Kui’s proclamation of Liu Yi’s message.

Right now the circumstances are obviously advantageous to River Song Dragon Palace. Why did they take the initiative to raise the terms of negotiation?

“Negotiations? Hmph, looks like you know fear!”

Second Princess Ao Nuo crosses her arms and gives the kneeling Xie Kui a disdainful look, “Tomorrow the Four Seas assistance army shall arrive. Your River Song army alone is not our opponent. After knowing this news that is why River Song Dragon King became afraid and sent you over to deliver this message, is it?”

“This River Song Dragon King plays a good scheme.” The first princess Ao Li also sneers, “Do you think that our East Sea is all idiots?”

The old Dragon King sits there not making a sound as he looks down silently.

“Everyone don’t be impatient.” Xie Kui kneels there replies without insults, “I am only delivering my Lord Dragon King’s intention to negotiate. Sirs just need to let me know if you consent or not. There is no need to mock and ridicule.”

“Hmph! You dare to be impudent in my East Sea!”

The second princess Ao Nuo immediately glares, “Men, drag this impudent fellow out and behead him!”

Two crab generals immediately step forward, preparing to drag Xie Kui away.

While Xie Kui stands up calmly and only smiles instead.

“As the proverb says, ‘When two armies are at war, no beheading of envoys.’ Could it be that East Sea which is famous for your brilliant fighting prowess treats envoy in this manner? If this spread out, aren’t you afraid of being the laughing stock of the world?”

“You, what huge guts you have!”

Ao Nuo roars, before pulling out her longsword and stabs at Xie Kui.

Xie Kui has no fear, instead, he laughs loudly, “River Song Dragon King will take revenge for me!”

“I will send him to accompany you!”

Just as Ao Nuo’s longsword is about to stab into Xie Kui’s chest, East Sea Dragon King suddenly roars out at this moment, “Ao Nuo, stay your hand!”

Hearing this Ao Nuo immediately withdraws her longsword while turning around and looks at her royal father puzzled.

“Go back and tell River Song Dragon King that tomorrow at 12 pm, he shall wait for us at River Song’s riverbank. At that time, we will proceed there.”

“Thank you East Sea Dragon King. Then I shall take my leave now!”

Xie Kui cups his hand before turning around and leave.

“Royal Father. Are you letting him leave just like this?”

Ao Nuo is somewhat anxious, “We should kill all of River Song people to the last one!”

“There is no harm in taking a look before deciding.”

East Sea Dragon King who is sitting on the dragon throne says slowly, “River Song Dragon King is a talented person. He should be used by me. East Sea Dragon King? Hahaha, I am tired of being it. I also wish to try being this Heaven Dragon King.”

“So that is the case.”

Only then did the people in East Sea Dragon Palace understand East Sea Dragon King’s intention. Indeed it is Lord Dragon King who has rigorous schemes and deep foresight!

“The four seas…will be mine…”

As East Sea Dragon King speaks, he walks off the Dragon Thrown and returns to his temporary imperial residence.

At the same time, a woman in white is sitting inside his temporary imperial residence.

The woman is very beautiful and looks very pure, she has a kind of seductive appearance between her brows.

“I have done in accordance with what you said.”

That East Sea Dragon King says to that woman, “Leader Ma, what’s to be done afterward?”

“There is no need for you to worry.”

That woman is none other than Leader Ma Yixuan of Sole Sect.

“As long as you do what I say, this Four Seas Dragon King will be yours.”

“I hope that you are not lying to me.” A trace of sharpness flashes across East Sea Dragon King’s eyes, “Otherwise, you will know the consequence.”

“We are at this crucial moment and you are still suspecting me?”

Ma Yixuan steps forward lightly as she gently caresses the East Sea Dragon King’s cheek before saying softly, “Aren’t our interests bound together?”

“That is good then.”

East Sea Dragon King nods his head, “I have arranged a meeting place with your sworn enemy. The remaining matters shall be up to you.”

“Of course. Don’t forget about your matter.” Ma Yixuan smiles, “This Liu Yi is not only my sworn enemy. He is also yours.”

Her body transforms into a white light before disappearing from this residence.

“Hmph, this woman’s ambition is very big.” East Sea Dragon King sneers, “As for who is using who, no one knows yet.”

Just as he prepares to rest a bit, from outside came the voice of his guard.

“Reporting to Dragon king, the other Four Seas Dragon Kings have arrived.”

“Oh? They came very quickly. The chess pieces have arrived.”

East Sea Dragon King walks out of the residence to another courtyard.

The moment he enters, he immediately puts on a smiling expression.

“Fellow brothers, I trust you have been well since we last met!”

“Hahaha, Old Fourth, we have not met each other for a long time.”

“Is it only when you meet trouble then you recall us three older brothers?”

The ones sitting in the courtyard are none other than the Dragon Kings of the other three seas.

These few dragon kings are all imposing. Wearing the dragon crown on their dragon heads as they watch the East Sea Dragon King walking in.

“Fellow brothers, little brother’s recent days are indeed no good.”

East Sea Dragon King withdraws his smile and says while scowling miserably, “That River Song Dragon King is bullying intolerably! He has seized River Song Dragon Palace as well as slaughtered the dragons in Heilong River. Now, he has bullied me at my East Sea Dragon Palace!”

West Sea Dragon King’s temperament is irritable. He directly slaps the table and shouts with anger, “Absolutely disgraceful!”

“Just a small River Song Dragon king dares to challenge our Four Sea Dragon’s might! Where is he! Wait for me to bring his head back!”

With that he prepared to walk out with wide steps and was immediately stopped by the other three dragon kings.

“Second Brother keep calm and don’t be impatient…”

North Sea Dragon King speaks femininely, calmly and slowly, “It is not too late for us to  listen to fourth brother’s opinion first before planning next.”

“That’s right. Old two. What are you anxious about?”

South Sea Dragon King says loftily, “A small River Song Dragon King shouldn’t spoil the situation. It is rare for us brothers to gather together. Why don’t we have a drink first and let that fellow hop around for a few days!”

“Brothers, brothers. Listen to what fourth brother has to say first.”

East Sea Dragon King smirks in his heart but his expression is firm.

“Although that River Song Dragon King is just a hopping clown and not worth mentioning, this little brother feel that it is an opportunity!”

“Oh? What opportunity?”

The other three dragon kings turn around at the same time and look at the youngest dragon king.

“I feel that we had guarded that Dragon King Mausoleum for too long, right?”

East Sea Dragon King says slowly, “Right now is the opportunity.Us four seas have once more gathered together. We should take out the four seas secret treasure and combine them together and open that Dragon King Mausoleum!”

“Dragon King Mausoleum? You have the thoughts of opening it?”

The South Sea Dragon King pursues his brows, “That is a place which we have protected for many generations. How can we embezzle it?”

“Second brother. How long ago was that.”

East Sea Dragon King laughs, “Thousands of years have already passed. I’m afraid that Dragon King Mausoleum is already overgrown. It was our dragon race’s most valuable treasure. Why should we let it keep lying undiscovered? Why don’t we take it out and divide evenly among us brothers? It can also allow us four seas’ dragon race to strengthen our prestige!”

A gleam flashes across the North Sea Dragon King’s eyes as he questions, “Fourth Brother, why did you suddenly have thoughts about Dragon King Mausoleum?”

“Hahaha, let me slowly explain to the three of you..”


Chapter 935  [Dragon King of the Four Seas]

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