MKW Chapter 933

Chapter 933  [Title below]


The two policemen are clearly wearing different uniforms from the regular uniform. Even their police badge location is slightly off.

If a person was nervous, they would not see this flaw.

But to Liu Yi, this flaw is very clear.

Furthermore, of the two of them, exposed under the service cap of the brother on the right is a bit of red hair. Clearly, he had dyed it!

So these brothers want to play Buddha jumping over the wall?

That woman hugs the quilt in fear while the red-haired policemen take out his handphone and keep taking photos.

Not bad. This is the first time I see people using a handphone to take evidence.

“See, see this. This is iron-ironclad evidence!” That redhead is slightly stuttering while he waves his handphone as he excoriates Liu Yi, “To-to-today we are ca-catching you!”

“Go on, catch me.”

Liu Yi smiles merrily at the two ‘policemen’, “But first you must show me your credentials.”

The two policemen hurriedly look at each other before that redhead shouts, “We-we-we are de-deployed urgently. So-so-so we di-di-didn’t bring o-o-our credent-dien-dientials! Di-din’t you see that I-I’m wearing po-police u-uniform! H-how would a-an ordi-dinary person da-dare to we-wear this!”

After which he glares at Liu Yi, “D-don’t think of acting shamelessly! Le-let me tell you! If yo-you confesses th-there will be leniency! If you re-re-resit it will be severe!”

Liu Yi raises both his hand and says obediently, “Okay then police comrade. I confess. I confess everything!”

“Th-th-that is more li-like it!”

The redhead nods his head, “I-immediately confess.”

Liu Yi immediately says, “I had forgotten to lock the door earlier. After bathing, just as I planned to sleep, a female pervert suddenly rushed in and hugged me before undressing herself, wanting to molest me.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he starts tearing, “These two police comrades, you must decide for me. I am still a virgin child. My innocence nearly got smeared by this woman!”

The two policemen were stunned.

Fucking hell, why is it that our comrade has suddenly turned into a female pervert out of a sudden?

“He-hey. Th-this is wrong…”

The redhead scratches the back of his head, “Th-this sequence seems to be wrong…”

“Nonsense! Of course it is wrong!” The other guy slaps the back of his head fiercely, “This fellow is teasing us! Don’t you hear!”

“Ho-how dare you!” The redhead immediately became angry as he glared at Liu Yi, “Ho-how dare you toy with us law-law enforcers! You are trying to act shamelessly? Do-d you believe I, I will arrest you now!”

“How can you say such things. I already confessed everything, my police comrade.” Liu Yi hurriedly says, “Didn’t you say that if I confessed you’ll be lenient! You guys cannot lie!”

“Le-less nonsense!” The redhead curses, “If, if you do-don’t confess then we shall arrest you!”

“I already confessed.” Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “When this woman came in, she immediately behaved as a rogue. She also wanted to take off my clothes. I resisted with all my might that is why I managed to save my innocence. How did the two of you become policemen? You take my taxpayer money and don’t work? I got molested and you all don’t care?!”

“You are making bogus accusations! Framing others!” The other guy says fiercely, “Do you know what you are doing is against the law? Be careful about adding more crime! When you become sentenced, you will be sentenced at least eight years!”

“Ah? Then how long would you be sentenced if you pretend to be policemen?” The smile on Liu Yi’s face became deeper, “I am rather curious. Why don’t the two of you tell me?”

The two policemen’s faces turn pale as the other guy is the first to react.

“Good fellow. So you saw through us already. Are you trying to mock the two of us?”

“Fu-fu-fucking hell!” The redhead also curses, “Ma-make me w-wa-waste my energy!”

“It is you guys who were asking for it.” Liu Yi’s voice starts to turn cold, “Of all things to do, you guys play Buddha jumping over the wall. If it was those who had suddenly become aroused and fucked this woman, you guys can be considered as helping the citizen to get rid of evil. This lord did not even touch her and you wish to frame this lord?”

“You call yourself lord? Who do you think you are?” The tall guy snorts before pulling out a dagger, “Little kid. Today you are unlucky to fall into us brothers’ hands! If you do not hand over some money, you can forget about walking out of this room on your feet!”

The redhead kicks that woman, “St-still not putting on your clothes? Why are you still exposing yourself!”

Only then did the woman react. She immediately rushes to put on her skirt.

But she is a bit unwilling as she looks at Liu Yi’s body. This guy’s body is not bad…How nice would it be if I took advantage and snuck a few touches! Such a pity!

Liu Yi sighs, “Alas, I was in a good mood and now it is spoilt by you.”

The tall guy waves his dagger in front of Liu Yi, “If you do not wish to regret even more then hurry up and hand over your money! Where is your wallet? Take out your wallet!”

Liu Yi stands up causing the two ‘policemen’ to stare at him vigilantly,

“So you have changed into robbers?”

The tall guy says fiercely, “So what if I rob you! Still not handing over your wallet?!”

Liu Yi is calm as he turns around and looks at that redhead and asks with a smile, “Brothers have you guys watched a kungfu show before?”

“Se-se-seen before.”

“Do you like it?”

“Li-li-like it…”

The redhead is a bit suspicious. Why did he ask this for?

Liu Yi winks at the redhead. “Then let me perform it for you guys.”

The redhead subconsciously replies, “Su-su-sure…”

Liu Yi instantly shoots out his hand as fast as lightning and grabs hold of the tall guy’s index finger which is holding onto the dagger and twists it ruthlessly.


The tall guy instantly screamed as his index finger was broken by Liu Yi.

The dagger which is falling was caught by Liu Yi in his hand. He then pressed it against the redhead who had not reacted yet.

“Big-big bro-brother…”

The redhead’s reaction is not slow. He immediately kneels down in front of Liu Yi.

“W-we are wrong…we-we don’t have eyes to re-recognize Mt-Mt Tai…sp-spare us…”

The woman is also badly frightened as she immediately turns around preparing to run out of the door.

Liu Yi waves his hand and the dagger nails onto the door in front of her with a -dang- scaring her into falling on her ass.

“Go-go-good gods….”

The redhead is also badly frightened. Shooting wild goose all day long and today we were finally pecked in the eyes by the wild goose! We have kicked an iron plate!

“Didn’t you want money? How much do you want? Go on and tell me.”

Liu Yi crosses his arms and looks at the three of them who are playing Buddha jumping over the wall.

The redhead took out this wallet, “Do-do-do not dare to…gi-give you everything…”

“Why would I want your money!?”

Liu Yi does not know how to react. Today he had finally met an outrageous person.

“How long have you guys been in this business?”

“Not long, not long. I only just started today!”

As that woman explained hurriedly, Liu Yi glared and berates, “Shut up! Did anyone ask you!”

The woman became silent from fear, no longer daring to make a sound.

Liu Yi asked the redhead, “You speak!”

The redhead replied honestly, “Tw-two years…”

“How much can you earn a month?”

“Th-this de-depends on si-situation.”

The redhead calculated and said, “So-so-sometime we meet a fat sheep, th-then we can to get more. So-so-sometimes we meet th-those poor people then ca-can’t earn much.”

“Give me an average!”

“Ro-roughly tw-twenty thirty thousand a-a month…”

“Oh, you guys can be considered as high income?”

“St-still okay…”

Liu Yi instantly became annoyed, “This is okay? Are you guys trying to anger the poor to death?”

“Don’t d-dare to…” Redhead hurriedly says, “Th-this money still ne-needs to be split into two. The ma-majority needs to be hand-handed over to Chief Chen-chen. The sm-smaller port-portion is then spl-split among us. E-each of us wou-would get th-three to four thousand…”

“Chief Chen?”

Liu Yi frowns and feels like he has met yet another case which the Law Enforcer needs to make an appearance.

“Which Chief Chen?”

The tall guy bears with the pain and shouts, “Second Dog! Shut up!”

Liu Yi kicks him in the head causing him to faint.


He shouts causing redhead to immediately start speaking from extreme fear, 

“It, it is th-this local police station Chen-chen Debiao, Chief Chen…”

“Chen Debiao?”

Liu Yi takes out his handphone and gives Chen Dahai a call.

But the call did not connect. Perhaps Chen Dahai is busy.

He can only settle for the second-best and call Guan Yihua.

“Xiao Hua. Do you know of a chief in the local police station in North Dragon City called Chen Debiao?”

“Of course I know!” Guan Yihua did not even think and directly said, “Isn’t that Dahai’s uncle? I had heard before that in the past he was a small policeman in a local police station. Later on, when Dahai had risen up, he also got promoted and became the chief of a local police station.”

“Oh?” Liu Yi’s frown instantly deepens. This matter is related to Chen Dahai?

“Where is Chen Dahai?”

“Dahai went to Vietnam to shoot monkeys a few days ago. The tops are saying that there is a group operating as drug pushers but it is inconvenient for them to take action. Thus this dirty job was tossed to the Red Scarf Army.”

“Then when will he come back?”

“He should be back on Wednesday of next week.”

“Okay. At that time, ask him to come and look for me. I am in North Dragon City.”


After Liu Yi hangs up the call, that redhead is stunned by what he had heard.

“You…you…you..are a person from the Red Scarf Army…”

Who else could call Chen Dahai by his name…

Chen Dahai is quite famous in the underworld. These gangsters can don’t know who the president is but they must know who Chen Dahai is!

Redhead is not stupid. He already understood what is going on!

Fucking hell…this time around we lit a lamp in the toilet and sought death!

Liu Yi asked, “Other than accepting your money, what did this Chen Debiao do?”

As the redhead trembles as he says, “He-he al-also co-cover a few businesses…”

“I-I heard that…the pe-people inside….fo-focus on de-deceiving fe-female guests into t-taking drugs…after getting them a-addicted to dr-drugs, a-after running out of m-money, these women can-can only li-listen to them and go-go receive guests…”


Liu Yi cannot help but wish to curse people. Originally he thought that North Dragon City is considered peaceful but unexpectedly there is such a dark matter.

Looks like it is time for Law Enforcer to take action. After the four seas matter is settled, it is time for that Chief’s head to fall!


Chapter 933  [Chen Debiao]

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